scans & cg images

I'm happy to show off some of this lovely artwork, but please read these guidelines first:

~ All images were scanned/edited/captured by Rahenna and are free for your personal (icons, signatures, etc) use.
~ Do not add these images to gallery sites such as Minitokyo, Animepaper, Zerochan, etc.
~ I generally do not watermark images, but a select few (promo items, magazine exclusives) are marked.

gakuen heaven artwork

Keita's story. ♥ Also includes artwork from Okawari and from the anime. :3

Marugoto artbook


Heaven Heaven

Heaven on the Earth

Summer Heaven

Winter Heaven

Gakuen Henbon

official fan club

anime settei

musical pamphlet



gakuen heaven 2 artwork

Yuki's story. ♥

official fanbook

preview booklet

events & misc

mixed/special galleries

Anything that didn't fit neatly under one of the main games. Magazine scans are a mix from the entire series and CG packs are in their own section for now. :3

B's Log magazine

Cool-B magazine

Game Pierce magazine

CG packs