gh2 events & misc

comiket, agf, etc

This section includes items that were available only at special events in Japan (Comiket, Animate Girls' Festival, etc), plus any miscellaneous items like preorder bonuses, limited edition goods, and general goods.

hot hot winter heaven

A combination GH and GH2 short story book, with original illustrations for each pairing!
except the most important one because Sakaki was left out of this book wtf

animate girls' festival

Jumbo acrylic keychains available only at AGF2014.

other event items

Images 1-4: Bromides available during a GH2 cafe collaboration event.
Images 5-6: Comiket clearfile and b&w illustration.


A set of nine general sale bromides from the Visual Art's website.

preorder sketches

These are beautiful sketches of selected CGs from GH2, available only as preorder items for the PC game. The crappy thing is, you'd get a set of four random ones with a preorder, and there's seven total! Thank god for recycle shops. :p

Also, who picked these images? Three each with Arata and Sonoda but none with Kuya, Takato, Yagami, or Tomo?!?


Bonus postcards included with various magazines.

assorted scans

Row 1: Various preorder bonus items.
Row 2: General sale goods.
Row 3: Game and book covers.
Row 4: Spray Delicious Calendar (2013-2014 school year).