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If it didn't fit neatly in another category, it's here, at least for now. If any of these sections get too big, they'll be moved to their own pages.


There's only one set of GH2 bromides, so they get to stay on this page. :)

preorder sketches

These are beautiful sketches of selected CGs from GH2, available only as preorder items for the PC game. The crappy thing is, you'd get a set of four random ones with a preorder, and there's seven total! Thank god for recycle shops. :p

Also, who picked these images? Three of Arata, three of Sonoda, none with Kuya or Takato or TOMO ffs?

character goods

row 1: Special summer goods available only through the Visual Art's shopping site.
row 2: Various preorder bonus items.
row 3: General sale goods.

other scans

Game and book covers.