gh2 artbook

official fanbook

This is the official Gakuen Heaven 2 fanbook, which contains artwork, character profiles, route information, short stories, and other supplemental materials for the game. I've scanned each page as a whole instead of separating the artwork into individual illustrations, mainly because they're too damn small due to being crammed together on the pages. This book was clearly a rush job and it's riddled with typos and inconsistencies - there is a HUGE list of corrections available on the publisher's website. Nice job, guys. :x

If you're interested in higher quality versions of the GH2 artwork, I suggest checking the other gallery pages. Similarly, if you're curious about the short stories, every single one is translated into English already. You can find them all (plus a bunch that aren't included in this book!) on the GH2 short stories page. :D

Please be aware that this book is full of spoilers for Gakuen Heaven 2!