Gakuen Heaven 2 translations

short stories

We've been spoiled with many, many short stories featuring a variety of characters. Or rather, pairings, since these are all couples stories about Yuki dating the other boys. Alas, no Sakaki stories yet (ever ;___;) but at least everyone else gets some representation here, including less popular characters like Yagami and Arata!

Many of these stories are illustrated, and the artwork is included at the top of the story where applicable. :3

gh2 official fanbook

title description
Fragment of the happiness Yuki, flustered after sex, distracts Tomo by asking him if he has any hobbies. And so, the quest to find a hobby begins...
too sensitive Sonoda flips between confidence and worry so easily, even though Yuki adores him - but the resulting disagreements only make their relationship stronger. ♥

winter comiket 2014 book

title description
The Lovers and the Kotatsu Kuya and Yuki fool around under a kotatsu in the student council room, but...
An Extravagant Day Off Takato takes Yuki on a special - and very expensive! - date.
Dive! Yuki worries about not understanding Joker well enough...
Tasty Tasty Sonoda loses his sense of taste (and his mind), but why?
Lucky Accident!? Chiba and Yuki get trapped in an unheated cabin during a blizzard! And then?
belong to me? Yuki wants to make Arata his own, but underestimates his lover. :3
First Trip Tomo and Yuki visit Kyoto over winter break.
A Place for You to Return Yagami performs in a tuxedo, which Yuki finds quite attractive...

stellaworth preorder booklet

title description
Prank Call Kuya and Yuki stay out too late and decide to stay... at a love hotel!?
I'm into you. Takato 'helps' Yuki study for his English final. Ahem. :9
Lying Lover Joker does something drastic to earn Yuki's trust... or does he? :D
A Lover's Domain Sonoda disappears suddenly, causing Yuki to search for him in a panic...
the first date Chiba and Yuki go on their first official date!
A Place to Relax Tomo and Yuki stay up late to study for finals, and then...?
Reply to... Yuki sends Arata lots of emails, but is upset because barely gets any replies.
First Call Yuki eagerly awaits a phone call from Yagami.

animate girls' festival 2014

title description
What I Want to Show. What I Don't Want to Show. Tomo/Yuki story from Animate Girls' Festival 2014
electrostatic kiss Kuya/Yuki story from Animate Girls' Festival 2014
Additional Time Joker/Yuki story from Animate Girls' Festival 2014

b's log magazine exclusives

title description
Yuki & Friends 16 preview stories from B's Log (2012-2013)
B's Log short stories a collection of mini stories from B's Log (2013-2014)
New Year's Call mini Joker/Yuki story from B's Log (February 2014)
A Shared Umbrella Chiba/Yuki story from B's Log (June 2014) ~ #1 of a 5-part series
Can't Take My Eyes Off You Joker/Yuki story from B's Log (July 2014) ~ #2 of a 5-part series
Sweet Time Tomo/Yuki story from B's Log (August 2014) ~ #3 of a 5-part series
hide in a shower Yuki/Arata story from B's Log (September 2014) ~ #4 of a 5-part series
One More KISS!!! Kuya/Yuki story from B's Log (October 2014) ~ #5 of a 5-part series

cool-b magazine exclusives

title description
Back to Back Approach Yuki/Yagami story from Cool-B (November 2013)
So Cute! Sonoda/Yuki story from Cool-B (July 2014)
Spring Heart Crying In a Cuckoo Takato/Yuki story from Cool-B (September 2014)
Fall Festival Kuya/Yuki story from Cool-B (November 2014)
Home & Away Joker/Yuki story from Cool-B (March 2015)
Let's Have Another Entrance Ceremony Tomo/Yuki story from Cool-B (May 2015)
Summer-Tinged Bare Skin Yuki/Arata story from Cool-B (July 2015)