too sensitive

sonoda's fanbook story

The GH2 fanbook contained two new short stories, one for Tomo and one for Sonoda. This is Sonoda's story, and it has the fine distinction of not only being long as hell (and super cute!), but it's also the only bit of GH2 media to contain explicit sex. So enjoy this rare and lovely treat! :D

too sensitive

That kisses feel good, that skin touching skin feels good, Sonoda-san taught me it all. Sonoda-san was my older lover. He was good at cooking, cool, and was a complicated person, like he had a maze in his heart.

"Yuki-kun, I love you."

There were days he'd give me kisses, lazily, with the composure of someone older, but then...

"Anyway, you think I'm annoying, don't you?"

He'd sulk like that, and get discouraged, and make the kind of statements Joker-san called annoying.

But, as for me, I loved both the Sonoda-san who snorted proudly and the Sonoda-san who moped. Which Sonoda-san would it be tonight?


He gently pushed me down on the bed as he whispered sweetly. Even though we'd spent the night many times like this, I always got excited like it was the first night.

"Mm... Sonoda-san..."

His handsome face was right in front of me. He gently kissed me, slowly, sexily, with lowered eyelids.

I wondered if it was because he had a sensitive tongue that could analyze any flavor, but I thought Sonoda-san was really good at kissing. I wasn't familiar with stuff like that with anyone apart from Sonoda-san, so I couldn't compare to anyone else, but that's what I thought.

Our lips pressed together and just with the tips of our tongues touching, my body was gradually getting hot. His tongue gently entwined with mine and I shut my eyes, unable to help myself.

Very carefully, delicately, gently, Sonoda-san touched me. Like eating a feast, little by little. Like a dissolving candy, my body and mind melted at the tantalizing caresses.

"...Mm... ah..."

At the pleasure I was being given, my breath became gasps and hoarse sounds came from my lips. He traced my upper jaw with his tongue and it felt so good I thought I'd go crazy, and somehow, I felt afraid. There was the feeling of something approaching slowly but steadily. I readied myself for it, feet on tiptoe on the sheets. Right before I felt like I would burst with a snap, Sonoda-san always moved his lips away.

"...Ngh, hah... hah... Sono... da... san?"

With my heart fluttering with excitement, I was sure I was giving him a begging, lewd look, maybe.

Sonoda-san stared at my face and laughed teasingly. "You really are cute..."

His voice, which was lower than usual, held a smile, and my cheeks grew hot with a blush. In contrast to his teasing tone, Sonoda-san's eyes were very sincere. Rather than sincere, you could say he was serious. Like when I was doing some dangerous work, he was anxious about me, even sometimes letting me get a glimpse of his worry.

He observed me intently, making sure that the kisses he was giving me were okay like that, or that his fingertips that were caressing my hips weren't making me uneasy.

I thought Sonoda-san must really love me. Enough that he couldn't live without me. I'd recently started to feel that way. I felt such strong affection at his glance that my chest tightened, and I pulled Sonoda-san's cheek close. "...I love you, Eiji... san..."

I called his name that I had a hard time saying because of embarrassment, and with my eyes lowered, I kissed him. Sonoda-san looked a little embarrassed but smiled happily. "I know that. I know everything about you."


"If I taste you like this... see?"

As if to prove it to me, he wound our tongues together deeply. Gasping, I petted his hair.

But why...? Why did he suddenly get discouraged, or get confident?

Maybe it was guilt over betraying everyone. Or maybe it was because of the trauma of his father suddenly disappearing, I didn't know. As I was thinking about it, his hot tongue reached my neck and chest.

With my flushed body, I returned the caresses on Sonoda-san's wavy hair and limber back. My fingertips trembled increasingly from being touched, and I buried them in his skin.

"...Ngh... mm..."

As I received so many caresses, the part that hadn't been touched yet began to react. Before I could feel impatience, Sonoda-san anticipated my needs and parted my legs. He always gave me what I wanted before I could even think that I wanted it. Maybe it was because he really watched me closely.

"...Ngh... ah..."

He gripped the heated part in the palm of his hand and shudders of pleasure ran along my spine. I grimaced and I glimpsed an animal-like wildness in Sonoda-san's eyes.

But at times like this, Sonoda-san acted like a gentleman. He never suddenly clutched at me. No matter how hungry he was, he had the composure to behave like a gentleman who never forgot his table manners, and like he was carefully taking time to prepare the ingredients, he cooked and ate me elegantly.

That's what he offered to me, a clumsy respect.

"...Does it feel good?" He asked at my ear, even though he knew the answer. With my cheeks stained with a blush and downcast eyes, the core of my body got even hotter.

Adding seasoning with embarrassing words, Sonoda-san lewdly cooked my body.

"Your hips are moving, Yuki-kun."

"...Please don't say that..."

"Are you embarrassed? You're so wet..."

With my spine trembling with shudders, I unconsciously lifted my hips. Instead of begging, I gave Sonoda-san lots of kisses. My eyes narrowed with embarrassment, with so much love it hurt, and with pleasure.

As he licked my earlobe, Sonoda-san's fingers creeped to my behind. His beautiful eyes searched for me earnestly.

"...Ngh! Aaah..."

Inflamed by the gently penetrating fingers and the hot glance, I cried out loudly. I covered my mouth with my palm in embarrassment. As his fingers slowly moved, Sonoda-san moved my hand that was covering my mouth.

"Don't hold back. Let me hear your voice more."

"...Ngh, but, they'll hear it next door..."

"It's okay. If it's as loud as before, only I can hear it."

"B, but... if you do any more, it will be impossible to hold back..."

I shut my mouth tight and clung to Sonoda-san. Thinking of a way to respond to his request, I sucked on Sonoda-san's earlobe. I couldn't cry out if we were kissing, but then Sonoda-san couldn't hear it. So instead of his mouth, I kissed his ear.

"...Ngh, mmm, ...ungh..."

Sonoda-san's cheeks reddened. I didn't realize, but by kissing his ear, maybe even my faint breathing that he didn't usually hear was getting to him.

"Haah... ngh, hah... haah... ngh."

Sonoda-san sped up his fingers to match my breaths. They pushed up to the place that felt good and I unthinkingly bit his earlobe.

"Oh... s, sorry..."

"It's fine... Keep doing that."

"...Ngh, huh...?"

"Your kisses, they feel good, so keep doing it."

I didn't know if it was a lie or the truth. But having Sonoda-san tell me it felt good made my feelings soar. I gave him lots of kisses and licked with all my might like a puppy or kitten.

"Mm, mmm... hah, Sonoda-san..."

When I had wet even the back of his ear, I couldn't stand it, my inner walls smoldered with heat. Just fingers wasn't enough. I was getting frustrated with just gentle caresses. I watched Sonoda-san intently, pleading.

As if he had been waiting for my silent entreaty, Sonoda-san slowly pulled his fingers out.

"...Ngh... hangh..."

My backside twitched as if lonely and desiring a lewd heat. Impatiently, I spread my legs and waited for Sonoda-san. Sonoda-san's heat pressed against the place his fingers had been caressing just a while ago.


Even though the first time, I had thought it wasn't arousing there, now just feeling Sonoda-san's heat made pleasure run through me. My whole body was expectant and I shuddered. I wrapped my arms around Sonoda-san's neck and begged softly. "...Can't wait... anymore..."

"For what?" Sonoda-san's smile was slightly mean.

I begged again, even though I felt so intensely ashamed that tears welled up. "...Please, put it in already... aaah..."

The moment I whispered, Sonoda-san slowly went in.

Every time he moved, I felt like I would cry out loudly, and I desperately held it back, holding his earlobe in my mouth. As Sonoda-san used his hips, he skillfully caressed my nipples and hips. Being aroused all at once, I climbed even higher.

"Ah... agh... Sonoda-san, Sonoda-san..."

"It's Eiji, isn't it?"

My cheeks got hot with a blush at being reminded to correct myself. With my mind and body being driven to the edge, I couldn't do anything but call his name. But, as if Sonoda-san understood my desire, he sped up his thrusts and handled my organ with a firm grip. With him thrusting up over and over into the most sensitive place, my whole body arched up with a jerk.

"You're... ready to come?"

I couldn't use words anymore and, clinging to Sonoda-san, I nodded desperately. My arms squeezed tight and I heard Sonoda-san's hot breath. Sonoda-san was feeling lust too. The moment I realized that, I ended up squeezing inside to make it feel even better.

"...Ngh, ugh..."

Sonoda-san's tight voice excited me. I had just tried to take a peek at his expression when a wave of pleasure overwhelmed me. I closed my eyes and dug my nails into his back.


I climaxed, releasing thick, milky fluid on my belly. A little after, Sonoda-san's back also shook with trembles.


We felt a satisfied exhaustion, finishing at about the same time. Maybe to hide his awkwardness, Sonoda-san embraced my body, leaning on me limply. I felt shy too, but I was intoxicated with happiness as I accepted his weight.

"Mm... Haha..."

While we were still feeling the aftershocks of pleasure, at times like these, we were silent. I was embarrassed, but I really liked this moment. When our eyes met and we smiled at each other shyly, we didn't need any words.


Slowly, Sonoda-san pulled out of me. Sonoda-san kissed me and petted my hair over and over, holding me close preciously, and asked, "Did it feel good?"


"It was really good for me too."

"...I'm embarrassed, but... I'm happy."

We whispered to each other as if to hide our embarrassment and cuddled together in the bed, cheek to cheek. It was like the bed had become a candy, a sweet world for the two of us.


"Are you really okay with me?"

I blinked. Sonoda-san was staring at me worriedly. I gave him a smile, Sonoda-san who always ended up entering a maze of negative thoughts.

"What are you saying? I love you because you're you. I don't want anyone but you, Sonoda-san." I gently touched Sonoda-san's cheek to soothe him. Just with that, Sonoda-san's eyes narrowed in happiness, like a cat in a sunny spot, and he held me tightly.

I thought this was what was annoying about Sonoda-san, but I also thought it was cute. But if I said that, he'd end up going deeper into the maze, so I'd keep those feelings close inside my heart.

As I petted Sonoda-san's back, I whispered good night in his ear, and with a kiss, I closed my eyes.



I woke up at the sensation of a kiss.

I looked up, and there was Sonoda-san with an exquisite smile, lit by the dazzling morning sun. I remembered last night and my cheeks grew hot. The sensation of the sheet wrapped around my feet was ticklish.

"Good morning, Sonoda-san..."

"It's about time to get up. If you don't get up, I'll attack you again."

"Huh... Ah, ahaha! Don't."

He pushed me down with a thud and kissed my neck. We made out playfully as I kicked my hands and feet. Sonoda-san was chuckling too. "I found a new weak spot on you yesterday. It's here, isn't it?"

"Ah... ahaha, please stop..."

Suddenly, our eyes met and we both became serious. I didn't know who closed his eyes first, and we pressed our lips together, trying to suck each other in.


The tips of our tongues touched and the lingering memory of last night made my lower body tingle. At the dull ache, I felt like I wanted to skip class and stay lazing in bed forever.

I opened my eyes and Sonoda-san was looking at me. It was his usual glance as he observed me. But today something was different. He seemed somehow surprised and was pondering something.

"...What's the matter?" I pulled my lips away and asked.

Sonoda-san shook his head, saying it was nothing, and put his arms through the sleeves of the uniform shirt he was wearing around his shoulders. Before I knew it, he had dressed and was looking back at me from in front of the door.

"Then, I'm going on ahead. Don't be late."

Every morning, Sonoda-san went to the school cafeteria before class. It seemed he went to check the stock of ingredients and direct the preparations for lunch.

"Alright. Be back soon..."

"Yeah. See you at lunch at the cafeteria."

The door shut with a thump and Sonoda-san left. As I sensed that I was the only one who'd been left behind in the world of last night, loneliness suddenly filled me.

I thought I needed to get up, but I lay on the bed where Sonoda-san had slept. Taking in the scent of Sonoda-san that might have still been there, I felt a little comforted as if I was in his arms.

'Are you really okay with me?'

Sonoda-san's words and worried look after the act came back to me. When we were touching each other, even though we were happy, just by moving apart a little, we became worried. I was sure he felt that way even more than I did.

Sonoda-san fell down a hole in the maze he was in, ate a mushroom and got big, and was drowning in a sea of tears, like Alice looking for her way home.

I wished he'd stayed with me more and not worried. I closed my eyes and kissed the sheet, then got out of Sonoda-san's bed.


Afternoon classes ended and I went to the cafeteria with Tomo.

"You're kind of tired, aren't you?"

"Huh!? Th, that's not true!!"

I was extremely flustered at Tomo suddenly asking something like that. Had he maybe found out that I was with Sonoda-san yesterday? I hadn't told Tomo about Sonoda-san, but maybe he had somehow realized...

"I see. Then good."

I was truly relieved that Tomo didn't dig any deeper, and I changed the subject. "I, I wonder what the daily special is today?"

"It's katsudon." Tomo pointed at the board in the hallway with the daily special.

Katsudon, huh. Of course it was one of my favorite dishes, but for some reason, I didn't really feel like katsudon today. Maybe it was because of the surprise at what Tomo pointed out, but somehow, today I wanted to eat refreshing cold things.

As I stood torn in front of the ordering counter, Sonoda-san appeared with a tray of food in his hands. "Here, this is for you, Yuki-kun."


"Japanese-style chilled plum capellini with gelee. It's a special dish for you."

On the tray was light meal of thin spaghetti mixed with a perfect balance of brightly colored minced plum and shiso and ginger. On top, it was studded with crushed jelly, shining with a golden color and smelling of dashi.

"Wow. That's just like Sonoda-san. He really knows you well."

I looked at Tomo, startled. I wondered if he'd found out after all. How much had he found out? I wasn't really sure if Sonoda-san noticed or not from his expression, and he tilted his head. "That's just like me, what does that mean?"

Tomo pointed at me. "That you realized the summer heat is getting to him."

"Huh? The heat is getting to me!?" I was taken aback at Tomo's remark.

"Yuki, you weren't aware of it...? This morning at the cafeteria you ate nothing but salad, and generally, you're always much more excited at lunch, aren't you?"

Oh, was that why he had asked me if I was tired before? Sonoda-san nodded, impressed by Tomo's opinion and he smiled brightly at Tomo. "You're pretty observant of Yuki-kun."

"Well, we're classmates. You too, Sonoda-san, even though you don't spend all day with Yuki, I'm surprised you realized the heat was getting to him. After all, is that the intuition of a genius cook?"

I blushed at Tomo's observation. I could never say that we'd been together until morning. But since Sonoda-san had gone to school ahead of me in the morning, he couldn't have seen me at breakfast.

So how had he realized? I asked, also curious. "I want to know too."

But Sonoda-san looked uncomfortable and looked away from me.

"...I don't want to say."

I unconsciously stiffened at Sonoda-san's attitude. Even though I'd become friends with Sonoda-san and we'd talked and gotten to know each other a lot, having him say it like an arbitrary refusal like that didn't feel good. So I ended up speaking harshly too.

"So, do you feel guilty about something that you can't tell me?"


I grew even angrier when Sonoda-san didn't cleary deny or explain it. Just what was the reason Sonoda-san couldn't tell me? If my relationship with Sonoda-san had been public, maybe I could have questioned him more directly about it. But Tomo was next to me here in the cafeteria.

"I've had enough." I thrust the tray Sonoda-san was holding back at him and started walking towards the exit.

"Wait a minute, you don't have to get so angry about it."

I ignored Sonoda-san's voice calling to my back and stepped out into the hallway.


After school, or rather, right after I left the cafeteria, I regretted what had happened at lunch.

It was also the fact that it happened in front of Tomo and other students, but it wasn't good that I'd gotten angry at Sonoda-san unprovoked, without even listening to any more explanation. He hadn't given me a proper explanation, but I should have thanked Sonoda-san for noticing the heat had gotten to me and making me a special dish, but instead I'd ended up arguing...

I headed to the Durak room, deciding I'd apologize. I knocked and opened the door, but only Joker-san was there.

"Hey, so I heard you broke up with Eiji?"

I was startled by those ominous words and Joker-san approached me, breaking into a bold smile. With a thud, my back was pushed against the door. "Huh, wait, what are you doing?"

His dazzlingly handsome face drew close. My heart unconsciously skipped a beat, and at that moment, he tilted my chin up. "Then, why don't you go out with me? I can make you happier than that annoying guy."

Joker-san knew about my relationship with Sonoda-san since we'd started dating. Sometimes he would say similar things half in jest to me to harass Sonoda-san. But right now, he was in a much more serious mode.

"Wh, what are you saying? We didn't break up just because we had a spat! I was just coming here to apologize..."

"Huh? Really? From Eiji's attitude, I was sure you'd broken up."

"That's... not true, wah..."

Suddenly, Joker-san's face was close enough to be within kissing distance.

Then, the door was thrown open and my body was caught in the arms of someone behind me.

"Kiyo, what are you doing? If you go any further, it will be beyond the level of a forgivable prank." Sonoda-san, who had appeared, jerked Joker-san aside. Sonoda-san was so angry that he seemed ready to explode, but Joker-san wasn't worried at all and just smiled mischievously.

"What? You've been so depressed it's annoying, so I thought I'd make you an opportunity."

"What opportunity!? It's none of your business!"

At Sonoda-san's threatening attitude, Joker-san reluctantly raised both hands in a gesture of surrender. "Yuki-kun, did you consider switching from Eiji to me when I was urging you to make a choice?" Joker-san asked with a smile and I answered without hesitation.

"I didn't. The one I love is Sonoda-san."

Sonoda-san's eyes widened in surprise. Joker-san looked at me gently with a smile in his eyes. "You really have strange tastes, choosing someone so difficult."

"I don't think he is. I love Sonoda-san and to me, he's the best boyfriend. As for today, I shouldn't have gotten unreasonably angry, but I think it's because of how much I love him that we could have a fight." I looked up at Joker-san and smiled. "Since I know it's because he loves me so much, the annoying things, and the disagreements... It's a weird way to put it, but it's worth it. It's worth it and it makes me happy."

"...Yuki-kun..." Sonoda-san's arms tightened as he embraced me. Joker-san chuckled, seeing us like that.

"Alright. In deference to your bravery, I'll concede for today." So saying, Joker-san stood to the side of the open door and ushered us into the room with the palm of his hand, like a doorman. "You two feel free to use the room. You're going to make up now, aren't you? The cupid of love who's in the way will clear off."

"Thank you, Joker-san!"


Thus, we were alone in the Durak room.

We sat a little apart on the sofa in an awkward silence. That distance was lonely, but somehow we couldn't move closer together. I steeled myself and looked up.


"Um, hey..."

We both started speaking at the same time and our eyes met.

The next moment, there was laughter between us. Like this, the mood made it easy for us lovers to simply make up.

Sonoda-san spoke apologetically with downcast eyes. "Sorry about lunch... I had a childish attitude."

"No, I'm the one who should apologize. Even though you made food for me, instead of thanking you, I got angry, I wasn't acting like myself..."

"Because Kasahara was with you?"

"...That's part of it. I ended up panicking because it seemed like Tomo found out we were going out, and, um..." Even my ears went red as I told him in a small voice. "Tomo wondered if I was tired and I misunderstood that maybe he was pointing out... what you and I did yesterday..."

Sonoda-san's cheeks reddened slightly too. He touched my cheek with an embarrassed bitter smile. My heart started pounding at the warmth of the palm of his hand. Before I knew it, the distance between us had disappeared.

"Me too, I took that attitude because I was jealous of him. I was kind of annoyed that he knew you so well."

"You were jealous of Tomo, Sonoda-san?"

"Not just him, I'm jealous of everyone who's close to you. Well, there's a lot of guys who are interested in you at this school. I'm always worried that you might end up leaving me for one of them someday. Because that's how attractive you are."

I shook my head in embarrassment when he called me attractive. "That's not true. No matter what happens, I'll be devoted to you, Sonoda-san." I told him with certainty.

Sonoda-san said thanks and lowered his eyes. "Even though I know that in my head, I get worried."

"You're much cooler than someone like me, Sonoda-san. Besides, there's lots of amazing people at this school, but to me, the best one is always you."


"Really really."

At my warning look, Sonoda-san suddenly held his head. "Argh, I wish I hadn't said I was jealous. Sorry, after all, I am annoying."

"I don't think so. Besides, knowing that you love me enough to get jealous makes me happy."

Sonoda-san's eyes went round and he turned bright red. Before he could start talking in circles again, I held him tight.

My eyes saw the ordinary world. But to Sonoda-san's eyes, it was a maze full of pitfalls. Attractive rivals and a sad past appeared and disappeared like a grinning cat. He'd become a giant during a sweet night, and shrank during a trivial argument, he was always in a maze.

I was truly happy that he loved me so much.

We had a fight that would have seemed to onlookers like we did nothing but praise each other, and then made up. As we felt happy and smiled at each other, I remembered something.

"Will you tell me now how you knew the heat had gotten to me?"

Sonoda-san shut his mouth. His gaze wandered uneasily.

"No... After all, maybe I don't want to say it."

"Huh? But we're alone, so isn't it okay to tell me?"

"If I tell you, you'll probably be creeped out."

"I won't."

I shook his arm, begging. Sonoda-san spoke hesitantly, looking unenthusiastic. "You know that I have an excellent sense of taste. So that's how I knew. When I kissed you and stuff, I could tell by the subtle difference in your flavor..."

"...Flavor?" I stopped in surprise.

Sonoda-san nodded apologetically.

It was true that Sonoda-san had a golden palate. Now that he mentioned it, when he'd kissed me in the morning, Sonoda-san looked like he was thinking about something. Did that mean that was when he had checked my flavor?

"You can tell my health by my flavor!?"

"By the taste of your saliva, sweat, and body fluids and stuff, I can tell if you're tired today, or excited... and stuff..."

Of course he couldn't talk about that in the cafeteria. But, more importantly, the idea that he had been tasting my body fluids the whole time when I was doing that sort of stuff with him made me so embarrassed I couldn't stand it. My face was bright red and I didn't know how to react, and Sonoda-san lowered his face to hide.

"...Look. After all, you got creeped out. That's why I didn't want to say it."

"No, I just never thought it would be an answer like that. I'm like a little surprised, or something..."

"...You think it's perverted..."

"I don't! It's just a little bit way beyond what I imagined! It's amazing that you can do a health check with a kiss! That's just like you, Sonoda-san!" I tried my hardest to encourage Sonoda-san with everything I could think of to say. Compared to having a distance between our hearts, cheering Sonoda-san up when he was sulking was nothing.

"Do you still want a lover like me?"

"Of course?"

Sonoda-san finally got his confidence back and pushed me down on the sofa. I looked back at Sonoda-san whose relaxed smile had returned and I thought maybe I'd also gotten a little better at seasoning Sonoda-san. Like a chef preparing food.

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