b's log short stories

from 2013-2014

This is a collection of short stories from B's Log magazine that were published from 2013-2014. They were reprinted on the Gakuen Heaven 2 data file CD that came with preorders from Visual Art's, so luckily you don't have to hunt down a ton of old magazines to read these!

Almost all of these are a bit more sexy than the usual GH2 stories, which makes them quite fun. :D

A Usual Morning

B's-LOG 2013 May

Kuya: Good morning! Nice weather today, isn't it!
Yuki: Wah!!!????

Monday. 7am.
I went to open the dorm window and Kuya-san was doing a handstand on the railing of the veranda. To put it accurately, he was hanging upside down in the air with a sheet wrapped around his hips.

Kuya: Are you surprised!?
Yuki: ... What are you doing, Kuya-san, over there?
Kuya: A shock to wake you up!
Yuki: I've already been awake for a long time.
Kuya: ... Damn!
Yuki: Is that all?
Kuya: Yeah!
Yuki: Bye.


Kuya: Wait! Yuki! Don't close the curtain!
Yuki: Can't be helped.


Kuya: Oh! You are nice after all!
Yuki: I can't ignore it, since it's my room. So? How did you get to the veranda?
Kuya: Yeah! I came down from above, using the sheet as a lifeline.
Yuki: Oh... Your room is right above mine....
Kuya: But I miscalculated.
Yuki: ... You didn't have enough sheet.
Kuya: Good guess! Are you a genius!?
Yuki: Anyone could tell from the way you looked.... By the way, did you know your belly button is showing?
Kuya: Don't tickle! I'll fall!
Yuki: Are you pretending to want tickling?
Kuya: Stop! I really will fall! I'm at my limit!
Yuki: Well, your face is all red....
Kuya: Help me! As a snack, I'll treat you to a chocolate croissant that's limited to 20 at the school store!
Yuki: Really?
Kuya: And I'll throw in Vietnamese coffee! Your favorite, full of condensed milk.
Yuki: Okay! Then....


Yuki: It may tickle a little bit, but please don't move.
Kuya: ... Hey, Yuki? Where are you holding?
Yuki: Anyway, I think I'll untie the sheet. Umm, it's tied weird....
Kuya: Wait, that position is bad. Idiot, don't rub. Hey....
Yuki: It can't be helped. I'm sorry to press my face into your hips, but if I don't I can't reach the knot. We're both men, endure it.
Kuya: Enduring... I'm enduring....
Yuki: Right, right. Mm... that's no good... then maybe from over here....
Kuya: ! Don't put your hand between my legs!
Yuki: It won't untie. Stay still.
Kuya: Staying still... enduring... enduring... urgh.
Yuki: Urgh?
Kuya: Enduring... it's impossible!!!!
Yuki: Wah!? Wait, if you struggle...


Kuya: Gyaaaaaaah...!
Yuki: He fell!? Wai, are you alright!? Kuya-san, Kuya-san!!!
Kuya: I'm fine! I just got stuck in a tree!
Yuki: Just? But this is the second floor....
Kuya: The, then, I'll go on ahead! After school! We'll meet again in the student council room!
Yuki: Huh? Ahead? Aren't you limping!? And your face is all red, if you got hit, you have to put cold on it. And your clothes, you're still in pajamas! Hey!

Even though he was staggering, was he really okay, that guy!?
... Oh well. He'd manage somehow. It was Kuya-san, after all.

Yuki: Well then, I have to get ready for school too.

Nutritional Supplement

B's-LOG 2013 June

After school. The student council room.

Yuki: Um, where is the application from the kendo club again?
Takato: Over here.
Yuki: Thank you. And....
Takato: If you're looking for the stamp, it's here. I put the red ink pad in the top-most drawer of your desk.


Yuki: Oh, you're right. ... Alright, finished. Now that this is done....
Takato: Give preference to the track club. There are some flaws in the application from the swim club, so since it's being returned, it can wait for another day.
Yuki: ... Takato-san?
Takato: What is it?
Yuki: Before, how did you know what I was thinking?
Takato: I didn't?
Yuki: ... Am I that simple?
Takato: Considering the order of work, it was easy to guess what you wanted. Well, it is true you are simple however.
Yuki: You didn't deny it.
Takato: My doctrine is not to tell unnecessary lies. Here, this is the application from the track club.
Yuki: Thanks. So? About how many papers are left?
Takato: If you finish the track club one, we'll be at the halfway point for today's portion.
Yuki: Still that many? Ah... I wonder if we can finish today.
Takato: It would be bad if we don't finish today, student council president. You don't want to be slandered as incompetent any more by Durak, do you?
Yuki: That's true... ugh, when I think that there's still so much, I'm suddenly hungry....
Takato: Then, please try opening the rice cooker.
Yuki: Huh? Is there something in there!?


Yuki: Whooooa!!? What is this, cheesecake?
Takato: It's more like a steamed bread, rather than a cake.
Yuki: May I eat it?
Takato: Go ahead. A hungry Asahina is not very useful.
Yuki: Alright! I love you, Takato-san! *munch munch*... It's delicious!
Takato: I'm glad. Well then, as soon as you finish eating, get back to work....
Yuki: This tangy taste isn't just cheese... *munch munch*... Oh, it's yogurt. This has a perfect balance of sweet and tangy. Takato-san, will you try it too?
Takato: No, I...
Yuki: Here, say ah.
Takato: ...... urk
Yuki: What's the matter?
Takato: Nothing.... Shall we indulge?

*bite munch... lick*

Yuki: Huh, wai... mm... ph!


Takato: ... Thank you.
Yuki: T, T, Takato-san...
Takato: Yes?
Yuki: Just now, did you... lick my finger?
Takato: What about it?
Yuki: What about it... well I was a bit surprised... or rather, you don't normally lick, do you? Other people's fingers.
Takato: It's trivial.
Yuki: ... Really?
Takato: Then, let's get back to work. Now that you've finished with your nutritional supplement, please work briskly.
Yuki: Nutritional supplement, but Takato-san, you only had one bite.
Takato: Just what I need is enough. That's common sense, isn't it?
Yuki: I guess. I'm better with a full stomach.
Takato: That's because you're a child.

So saying, a rarely seen smile came to Takato-san's lips.

Joker-san's Lover

B's-LOG 2013 October

Durak's Room.

*knock knock*

Yuki: Hello, I've brought the documents from the student council.
Yuki: (Huh, Joker-san is sleeping....)
Yuki: Excuse me....
Yuki: (He's not on the sofa or anything, but he's sleeping slumped in the chair at the desk, so he must have been really sleepy. Maybe he was busy with Durak's work, or maybe he spent all night studying for a test? For sure, Joker-san is really smart. Which means, maybe he didn't study all night?
Yuki: It would be bad to wake him, so I'll just leave the papers. Gently, gently.
Yuki: Looking at him, Joker-san is handsome. Didn't he say he was part Russian? His face is different than a Japanese person's, and his hair is beautiful, and his eyelashes are so long....)
Joker: ... zzz, zzz
Yuki: (He's fast asleep.... Maybe, right now, I could sneak a look under his eyepatch and he wouldn't find out....)
Joker: Mm....
Yuki: No, no, he would definitely notice that. I'll leave the papers and go back before I want to do something unecessary.)


Joker: ... Come... closer....
Yuki: Huh...? Uwah....
Yuki: (Huh, huh? Right now, Joker-san is hugging me?)
Yuki: J, Joker-san!?
Joker: Mm... Ivan..., ... zzz....
Yuki: (Did Joker-san sleepily mistake me for someone? And, just now, he said the name Ivan. Could it be someone from Joker-san's family? O, o, or a lover!?)

*pet pet*

Yuki: (Not only has he not noticed me, he's even petting my hair....)
Joker: Mm... silly, don't lick me there....
Yuki: (Wh, wh, what do I do? He looks like he's still asleep, but the arms holding me are surprisingly strong and I can't move.

*pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet*

Yuki: (He's petting wildly.... Somehow, it keeps feeling better and better...)
Joker: ... Hehe, hehehehe.
Yuki: Huh?
Joker: You're so cute, Ace-kun.
Yuki: Oh, Joker-san, you were actually awake!!
Joker: Since the middle. Well, you were just like Ivan.
Yuki: Who is Ivan?
Joker: He was a Samoyed dog I had when I was in Russia.
Yuki: Oh, a dog... I see... haha, haha.
Joker: Yeah, the feel, the smell, it brought back memories.
Yuki: (I see, a dog..., thank goodness. ... Wait, thank goodness?)

Litmus Paper

B's-LOG 2013 November


Sonoda: Oh, Yuki-kun, will you help me a bit?
Yuki: What is it?
Sonoda: Sit here.
Yuki: (I wonder what it is...?)
Sonoda: Yuki-kun, how is this?


Yuki: !!!! *drool*...
Sonoda: 90 points... there. Then next, how is this?


Yuki: !!!! ... *gulp*
Sonoda: Hmm... I see, 80 points. Then how about this?


Yuki: ! ...
Sonoda: Tsk... 45 points.
Yuki: Um, Sonoda-san, just what is this?

For a while now, he had delicious looking food under dome plate covers, and was opening and closing each one in turn in front of me. At first, I thought he was giving me something to eat, but immediately, he put the dome back down....

Sonoda: Oh, this? I'm observing your face the moment you see the food.
Yuki: Observing my face?
Sonoda: By comparing your face the moment you see the food, whether you smile, or drool, or gulp, I was finding out how many of the dishes I made I can sell in the cafeteria. Since your face is easier to read than other people's.
Yuki: Then wouldn't it be more accurate if you gave me a sample to find it out if it's delicious or not...?
Sonoda: That won't work. You can't choose to sample at the cafeteria. Since the decision is only by looks and smell, this is fine. Besides, with regard to taste, I made it so of course it's delicious, there's no need to test it!
Yuki: Am I litmus paper or something...?
Sonoda: That's a good way of putting it. Thanks for being a reference. See you later.
Yuki: "See you later", wait... is that all? You could at least give me one taste....
Sonoda: Well, you're in the student council.
Yuki: Of course I know that because I'm in the student council, you, as part of Durak, won't let me eat your food. But showing it all to me and not letting me eat even one bite is too much!
Sonoda: Well, you may be right. Anyway, you were helpful, so I'll give you a macaron as thanks.


Yuki: (Ah, it's so delicious.... The macaron that melts in my mouth and the fruit cream inside are balanced perfectly.... I've never eaten such a delicious macaron.... Ah, I want to always taste it like this....)

Sonoda: Hold it, you. You've been licking my fingers for a while.
Yuki: ! Oh, sorry. It was so delicious, it just happened.
Sonoda: Heh. Were my fingers that delicious?
Yuki: ... Um, well, uh....
Sonoda: I'm a lot more expensive than the dishes at the cafeteria here. But if you still want to try me....


So saying, Sonoda-san licked his fingers covered with my saliva as if they were delicious... or rather, extremely sexily.

Sonoda: You're pretty delicious yourself. Although a little childish.

Cute Creature

B's-LOG 2013 September

After school. Courtyard.

Yuki: Huh? Chiba-san... and a cat? I wonder what they're doing.
Yuki: (That's a dreadful glare... wait, is he picking a fight with a cat?)
Cat: (trembling)
Yuki: (It's completely scared....)
Yuki: Chiba-san, no bullying cats!
Chiba: ... urk
Cat: Meow!
Chiba: Tsk.
Yuki: You mustn't bully little animals.
Chiba: ... I'm not bullying.
Yuki: Then what are you doing?
Chiba: It's none of your business....


Yuki: What is this? A slice of fish...?
Chiba: It's not mine.
Yuki: No, however you look at it, just now, it fell out of your hand.
Chiba: It's your imagination.
Yuki: My imagination, then, where did this fall from? The sky?
Chiba: The sky.
Cat: ... Meow...
Yuki: ......
Yuki: (Oh, I see. So he was waiting for his chance to give it food.)
Yuki: Chiba-san, over here, over here a bit. Come away a little.
Chiba: What?
Yuki: Just do it. And crouch down, lowering your eyes.
Chiba: Oh....


Chiba: It came...!
Yuki: Chiba-san. Control, control your excitement.
Chiba: Y, yeah.

*step step. stare*

Chiba: Hey, it's not eating.
Yuki: It's wary. Wait a little longer.


Chiba: It ate!
Yuki: After all, it was hungry. It's really gobbling it up. Did you bring that from the cafeteria?
Chiba: Yeah. Sonoda shared it with me... it fell from the sky.
Yuki: You're still saying it was from the sky.
Chiba: It was from the sky!
Yuki: (His sentences aren't connected... oh well.)
Yuki: Then, do you want to try petting that cat?
Chiba: What!?
Yuki: It's fine now, isn't it? The kittens here are all used to people.
Chiba: ... No thanks.
Yuki: Why?
Chiba: If I came to like it... it would be bad.
Yuki: (Chiba-san...!)

Favorite Smell

B's-LOG 2013 July


Yuki: Oh, I'm so hungry...
Yuki: (If I don't have a meal before going to the student council, I'll break down....)
Yuki: Alright, I'll have yakisoba bread as a snack! I'm sure it's in my bag...


Yuki: Time to eat!
??: Kyukyuu!
Yuki: Uwah!? Maro...!? Wai, you... that's mine... don't take it!
Maro: Heh heh heh!!
??: Maaaro. No.


Maro: Kyuuungh
Yuki: Arata-san!
Arata: Sorry, here, your yakisoba bread. Have it back.
Yuki: Thank you! Aaah, welcome back, my yakisoba bread! I'm glad I hadn't peeled off the wrapper yet.
Arata: You're having a snack before dinner?
Yuki: Yes! I'm going to the student council next, but I got hungry....
Maro: Kyuukyuu!
Arata: Right, right, here's beef jerky for you, Maro.
Maro: *munch munch munch*
Yuki: Is Maro a glutton?
Arata: Yeah. People food is bad for him so I don't give it to him though. It's like he can tell by the smell, and he strikes.
Yuki: You like it too, Maro? The smell of the sauce... *sniff sniff*... Aaah, this savory smell... I can't stand it.
Arata: Hyahaha, Ace-kun's nose is twitching, just like Maro's!
Yuki: Ehehe, well I am pretty confident about my nose. Come to think of it, you too, Arata-san....

*sniff sniff sniff*

Arata: Huh? What, what, what, do I smell?
Yuki: Yes! Your hair smells nice. A bit sweet...
Arata: Ah, I guess it's the shampoo. It has bergamot and honey, and stuff.
Yuki: You use kind of luxury stuff, don't you.
Arata: The chlorine in the pool damages my hair so I use organics.
Yuki: Wow... it smells really good.... It's even wafting from your neck...
Arata: .... Hey, stooop, you're embarrassing me.
Yuki: Oh, sorry! You just smelled so good.
Arata: Nevertheless, I'm surprised you noticed. Is it that smelly?
Yuki: No, no, it's not smelly! When I passed by you after your morning practice, it made me kind of happy.
Arata: Hmm....
Yuki: I like the smell, so I always want to be smelling it.
Arata: ... Ace-kun, is that how you really are?
Yuki: Eh? What is?
Arata: It's obnoxious that you're so unconscious of it.
Yuki: Huh? I'm sorry, did I say something weird?
Arata: Mm, rather, here. In apology for Maro's mischief earlier, I'll give you your favorite creme caramel.
Yuki: Yay! Thank you! Oh? But is it okay?
Arata: I thought I'd have it for a snack, but I have to go do club activities already. Look, look, it smells nice like egg and vanilla.

*sniff sniff*

Yuki: Aaaaah, I'm so happy!
Arata: Yeah, yeah. After all, Ace-kun has more appetite than desire. Bye, see you later.
Yuki: Oh, okay. It was delicious!

The world is overflowing with nice smells.
Today, I'm happy and I'm full.


B's-LOG 2014 January

During class.

Yuki: Hey, Tomo, don't sleep. The professor will scold you.
Tomo: zzzz...
Yuki: He won't wake up.... He really does sleep soundly.
But this professor's class sure is boring.... Even without being Tomo, I can understand wanting to fall asleep.
I couldn't sleep so brazenly in Professor Sakaki's class.


Yuki: (A whistle? I guess some class is having PE on the track...)
Tomo: ......!!


Tomo: R, ready!!
Yuki: (Hm? Tomo suddenly stood up?)
Teacher: What? Kasahara, I wasn't pointing at you. Were you dreaming and half asleep?
Students: Hahaha
Tomo: Oh, sorry...
Yuki: (It's rare for Tomo to be half asleep without being woken up by being hit with chalk....)

The next day.

Yuki: Tooomo. Class is over. Hey, you're still asleep.
Yuki: (Alright, in that case... I'll try this!)
Yuki: *fweep!*
Tomo: R, ready!! ...... Wait, huh? Oh it's you, Yuki.
Yuki: Oh, you did wake up after all.
Tomo: What you mean, after all.
Yuki: Recently, during class, you reacted to the sound of whistle blowing in the distance and woke up, didn't you? So I borrowed a whistle that was in the student council room and tried it out.
Tomo: You're too thoroughly prepared.
Yuki: It blew from up close this time, but even though before in class it was such a faint sound, I'm surprised you reacted.
Tomo: It's an old habit...
Yuki: Habit?
Tomo: I may not look it, but I do have experience with track. So my body has ended up reacting unconditionally to the sound of a whistle.
Yuki: So it's true that you're in the track club.... I didn't believe it.
Tomo: It didn't really matter if you believed it or not.
Yuki: Nevertheless, you're just like a dolphin at an aquarium, reacting to the whistle.
Tomo: I'm not a trained animal....
Yuki: Oh! Since you always wake up with a whistle, as long as I have this, I can manipulate you whenever.... Hehehehe, I'm looking forward to the next time you're asleep.
Tomo: You... you're looking pretty sinister. In that case, I'm confiscating this whistle.
Yuki: Wah!
Tomo: *fweep fweep!* Terminated.
Yuki: Oh, I was just blowing into that whistle.
Tomo: Are you the type who's worried about indirect kisses? This is a boys' school, so never mind that. More importantly, my sleep is precious... so, goodnight... zzzz.
Yuki: He fell asleep again, blowing on the whistle...
Yuki: (Next, we're switching classrooms, I wonder if it will be okay...)
Yuki: Oh well.

Give Me Your Hand

B's-LOG 2013 August

*ding dong dang dong*

A classroom.

Yuki: *yawn* Class is over! Alright, time for after school!
Yagami: That late already? I guess I'll do that before going to my room.
Yuki: Yagami? What are you doing in the classroom?
Yagami: Huh? I have a live show tomorrow Saturday. I'm preparing.
Yuki: Wow. Yagami, you're in the light music appreciation group, right? You have live shows with those members?
Yagami: We're renting a live venue. If you're interested, wanna come?
Yuki: Um..., if I remember correctly, your band plays death metal....
Yagami: Yeah. What's with you. You still don't understand the greatness of metal?
Yuki: Uh, yeah. It's nois... no, since it's for the experienced, maybe it's a bit too high of a hurdle for someone like me who's ignorant of music.
Yagami: Well, that's true. It may be at a high level at first, but you should just feel it rather than thinking about it. First of all...
Yuki: Y, Yagami! More importantly, didn't you have to prepare?
Yagami: Yeah. That's right. If I don't do it right away, it's not gonna dry.
Yuki: Dry? Wait, you mean this polish? You're going to put it on!?
Yagami: Yeah. You could say it's to protect my nails, well, it just motivates me.
Yuki: Wow. So there's black polish. Can I watch?
Yagami: It's not really that interesting.
Yuki: It is. Since I don't have any sisters, it's new to me. ... Yagami, you're surprisingly skillful.
Yagami: What do you mean surprisingly. I'm a guitarist.
Yuki: Sorry, sorry. But you're really painting them pretty.
Yagami: ... Well, that should do it.
Yuki: Let me see your nails.
Yagami: Fine, but don't touch them, okay? They're not dry yet.
Yuki: It's fine. I won't touch the nails. Uwah. Your nails are hard!
Yagami: It's normal if you play the guitar.
Yuki: Amazing. But now that I take a good look, your fingers are so long and pretty. It doesn't seem out of place at all to have polish!
Yagami: ... Don't stare so much.
Yuki: Look. If I hold it like this, doesn't it look couple-like?
Yagami: Wha!? Don't be an idiot!?
Yuki: May I have your hand, my lady... it's like, although your nails are black and your skin is tan.
Yagami: Don't be ridiculous. Let go of my hand.
Yuki: Then why don't you try shaking it off?
Yagami: Dammit, if I move clumsily, I'll strip the nails!
Yuki: Haha, since you can't use both hands, you can't grind your fists into my head.
Yagami: You bastard, grinning like that....


Yuki: Uwah! Don't stand so suddenly!
Yagami: If you think I only use my hands for fighting, you're too soft.


Yuki: Ow! R, right in the shin!
Yagami: Don't underestimate my footwork. If you work up the guts again, come to tomorrow's live show.
Yuki: I'm sorry I got carried away....
Yagami: I'll email you the place, so absolutely come.
Yuki: Yeah... I look forward to it....
Yuki: (How will my ears bear it....)

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