I'm into you.

Takato/Yuki short story

Takato helps Yuki study for his English final, but... 8D

I'm into you.

"...I'm sorry, Takato-san."

It was after school. I'd come to the student council room with a heavy heart, and the only thing Takato-san had said to me was a short 'ah.'

It was the same as usual, but it made me feel he was a person whose expression never changed. Still, from his slightly different tone of voice and the expression in his eyes, I could somehow tell that he had immediately realized why I was depressed.

"I have a make-up test..."

"I see," said Takato-san, with his expression not changing after all. But I felt he had a little bit of a bitter smile. At the same time, I sensed he felt regretful and apologetic.

--Because he was a person whose expression never changed, that I could sense things like that was probably because I was dating him. Or maybe, that person who kept everything secret had been changing little by little. Whichever one it was, I was happy...

"Asahina? Are you happy about having a make-up test?"

"Oh, um..." I guess I must have been grinning. I flusteredly closed the door and looked for an excuse. "The make-up test is just for English. For the rest, I got better than average... although, it was just a little better."

That's right. They were my first final exams at BL School. I didn't want to get failing grades as student council president, so Takato-san and Kuya-san helped me study. This result was thanks to that. Honestly, I thought I had tried really hard. But.

"Nevertheless, you have a make-up test just in English?"


Takato-san had taught me my worst subject, English. And it had been a long one-on-one session. Since he'd helped me so much, I'd wanted to get a good grade on English, at least.

But, after all, that was bad. That was really risky the day before the test...


It was the day before the first term final exams. I was studying desperately. My worst subject, English, was the first period on the first day, and I didn't know if that was lucky or not. But after all, Takato-san had been teaching me constantly for a week. I wanted to show him my best, so I was seriously working hard.

I sat on the chair at the writing desk and Takato-san stood behind me. Those were our usual positions while studying for the exams. Takato-san was just like a private tutor watching me study like that.

"Takato-san, I don't really understand the meaning of this sentence structure."

"Oh, this..."

I held up the textbook as I asked about the part I didn't understand, and Takato-san peered at it. The front of his shirt touched my shoulder. It was just the right side, but I felt enveloped in his warmth and it made my heart skip a beat. I unconsciously gulped at the scent of Takato-san that wafted around me.

...Come to think of it, we hadn't done anything for nearly a week. It might have been my first time dealing with something like that since I started dating Takato-san.

Takato-san's voice was right at my ear. Pointing out the spot in the textbook, he explained the sentence. Takato-san's explanation was very easy to understand. Still, it just wasn't getting into my head.

I replied as if I understood, but my eyes were following Takato-san's fingers rather than the words in the textbook. He had lovely fingers. Those same fingers that were always turning pages in books, on my body...

Wait, what was I thinking!?

My heartbeat was getting faster and faster. I didn't think my face had gotten red yet, or I wanted to think that, but my ears had kind of turned red. Besides... I kind of had the dangerous feeling I was getting restless, or tingly there. I should move away a bit. I should stand up and say I was going to the bathroom... and calm down, maybe.

"So, Asahina."

He spoke at my ear again. Takato-san's voice calling my name was really close. His moving lips slightly brushed the edge of my earlobe, and just that made my back melt.

"I'm helping you study because you said you didn't want to get a failing grade."

With his fingertip still pressed to the textbook, Takato-san, who was leaning against the back of the chair I was sitting in, touched my shoulder with his finger. He smoothly slipped it down, tracing down my chest, and touched me though the shirt...

"T, Takato-san!?" My voice as I unconsciously called out sounded oddly shrill.

The movement of the finger that was softly stroking the edge of my nipple through my clothes stopped. I could definitely feel the warmth of his finger through the thin shirt. That alone made my body tense up.

"...Ngh." My stifled voice sounded unusually sexy even to my own ears.

Takato-san moved his body slightly away, keeping his finger on my chest where it was. I heard a small sigh from above my head, but I couldn't even turn around. "Despite that, what are you doing being so lewd?"

"L, lewd..."

I wanted to respond, but I couldn't. Takato-san was right. I hadn't been able to get the English into my head this whole time.

This whole time, I had been thinking about Takato-san.

Takato-san, who had moved away, embraced me tightly as if enveloping my whole back. He removed his finger from the textbook and touched my chest with both hands. My body ended up trembling, unable to stand being groped through the shirt.

Takato-san's fingers. His beautiful long fingers. I loved those fingers. When those fingers touched me, it was enough to make my heart pound.

Still, groping me so lewdly...wasn't Takato-san the one who was lewd?

"What is it?"

With a laugh in his voice, he inserted the tip of his outstretched tongue into my ear. He teasingly traced the shell of my ear with his slick, hot tongue, and my back arched on its own at the shivery sensation.

"Um, Takato-san..." I couldn't hold back and turned around. Takato-san's face was really close. The face that watched me steadily was extremely calm, serious, and didn't look at all like he was thinking lewd things.

But even with his expression like that, his hands were groping my body even then.

He unfastened one, two, shirt buttons. But he didn't do anything more. Even though I could feel his fingers through the shirt, only the air came in and touched my skin. The chilly sensation made me so impatient I couldn't take it.

"Your first final exams as student council president begin tomorrow, and first period is English, your worst subject..." Takato-san spoke with a completely serious look, then paused.

He continued, "What will you do, Asahina?"

Unlike his face, which showed no desire, his voice was low and husky and filled with heat.

He was waiting. For me. For me to want him. First, before anything, for me to choose him.

"...Just once..."

There was no way I could bear something like that. We hadn't done anything for a week already. We were alone in my room, and Takato-san was so close. I stretched out, wanting a kiss. Just before our lips touched, I saw Takato-san's eyes smile slightly.

"Yes. Well done."


But, well... it hadn't ended with one time. Maybe it was the same thing as wanting to clean excessively before a test. Or maybe it was that thing about a sense of guilt adding spice.

Anyway, we'd done it. We did it lots. Takato-san had called me lewd, but he was plenty lewd himself. No, rather he was more lewd than I was.

'What is this, private tutor play?' he'd asked. How could I think about this when he was being serious and teaching me...

Well, I had been aroused too. We'd kind of done it until I passed out, and when I woke up it was morning. That I was worn out for the first period, English, was only natural in a sense. I had reaped what I sowed.

As a result, I'd gotten slapped with a make-up test and was stuck looking pathetic like this in front of Takato-san.

Takato-san came up to me, who was dejected and hanging my head. He stood in front of me and and plopped his palm on the top of my head, petting as if to say 'there, there.'

"It can't be helped. You made an effort in your way."


He combed his fingers through my stiff hair. That sensation soothed my depressed feelings, but.

"This is my responsibility too." I could sense the restlessness in the calm voice. I looked up with a gasp and Takato-san was looking down at my face. There was a dangerous light in his eyes behind the lenses.

"I'll have to teach you again until the make-up test." Takato-san removed his hand from my head. He reached out over my shoulder to the door behind me.

"Fully and thoroughly." Takato-san was smiling.

--And behind me I heard the sound of the door locking.

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