fragment of the happiness

tomo's fanbook story

The GH2 fanbook contained two new short stories, one for Tomo and one for Sonoda. This is Tomo's story, and it's honestly one of the best out of the many GH2 short stories. All the other boys make brief appearances, there's a nice (if abbreviated) sex scene, and Tomo and Yuki are just so sweet. ;___;

fragment of the happiness

"Welcome. ...Yuki, what is it?"

He opened the door for me, and when I stood silent, looking at the inside of the room, Tomo peered at my face curiously.

"Oh... I was just thinking that you keep your room so tidy."

Thanks to us being neighbors, we often came to each other's rooms using the balcony. So, I just ended up staring, since it had been a while since I'd looked at that scene from the doorway.

"What's with that polite remark? It's my room just as you've always seen it."

Tomo looked shocked and quickly urged me to come in. I sat on the side of the bed as usual.

"You say it's tidy, but it's just that I don't have anything. As I recall, your room has too much food everywhere."

With a strained smile, I leaned back against the edge of the bed and gave a stretch. Even though it was different from my own room, it was very comfortable here. After all, this was Tomo's room and maybe it was because Tomo was here with me.

Even in this school with lots of amazing people, Tomo was a rare person that I didn't need to be polite with. Of course he was my classmate and best friend, and childhood friend, ... and we were lovers.

Tomo understood without me saying anything. Of course, since he wasn't the type to run around doing everything, it was a little different than fussing over me. Maybe it was more like casually worrying. Maybe it was because of the environment he'd been raised in, but he'd probably gotten good at reading a mood in that place.

Even now, before I said anything, he pulled the curtain so that the sun wouldn't hit me, changed the direction of the air conditioning, and handed me a drink without a word. I'd only realized that about Tomo since we became lovers and started going out.

Tomo stared at me as I felt happy at the small realization.

"Wh, what?"

"No... You're just grinning..."

Was I making an expression like that? More than anything, my heart skipped a beat, seeing Tomo's face so close. I was indescribably embarrassed and I didn't know where I should look. I could feel my face getting red and when I looked back at Tomo like that, he touched my cheek with a fingertip.

Tomo leaned forward and I followed suit, nearly falling towards him. Before I knew it, my embarrassment had turned into a feeling of want.


"Wanna do it?"

Even at times like this, after all, Tomo guessed what I wanted to say. He anticipated what I was too embarrassed to say and made the invitation.


Our lips met the moment I nodded. He pressed hard against me and I opened my lips a little. Tomo felt soft against me. His extremely hot breath hit the inside of my mouth.

I felt myself melt at the feverish heat inside Tomo, who hardly ever put his feelings into words. It was like it was flowing into me and making my chest tighten so much it became hard to breathe.

Tomo was already leaning over me and I yielded to him as he pulled himself over me and I collapsed on the bed. Tomo's lashes trembled in my vision made hazy with rising heat. As I stared, he licked my neck with the tip of his tongue.

My neck tingled like I'd been shocked and an erotic sound unconsciously escaped my nose. Seeing that, a smile that he never showed in the classroom suddenly came to Tomo's lips and he kissed me again.

At that smile, this time I felt a throb not in my chest, but lower. I wrapped my arms around Tomo's neck and my face got even redder. When he stopped kissing, I naturally stretched my neck, chasing Tomo's lips. I wanted more kisses. Tomo's kisses felt good. And, if my lips weren't covered, I would start making extremely embarrassing sounds.

During this, Tomo was completely different than when we were classmates. He was so relaxed and skillful that I wouldn't think he was the same age, and he took the lead easily.

The movements of his palm that was caressing my neck became gentle, and it felt so good it was like my back was floating. As he ticklishly touched me with his outstretched fingertips, his other hand slid under the hem of my shirt. As if Tomo knew every place that felt good on me, just a little bit of stimulation made sounds slip from my lips.

When this happened, the rest was at Tomo's pace. I ended up at his mercy. Tomo buried his face in the gap of my open shirt and smoothly traced my chest with the barest tips of his lips.


I automatically covered my mouth in embarrassment at the sound I made and Tomo looked up at me.

I couldn't look away from his heated glance, completely different than usual. Probably no one but me knew this expression of Tomo's. Tomo's hidden face that only I knew, it was mature, but it was still different from when he was serious, doing director's work.

And his glance told me his passionate, wholehearted feelings that were only for me. I could tell just by looking at his face that Tomo wanted to do this with me.


"What is it?"

"Mm... I was thinking I'm happy doing this with you."

"In that case, I think I'm a hundred times happier than you."

Tomo smiled, looking a little relieved. I was filled with even more happiness and wrapped both arms around Tomo's neck, holding him tight. We both smiled, embracing each other.

"Then, I have to make you happier."

So saying, Tomo used both hands to begin teasing my body. From lower body to chest, and nipples. My body was tortured by those gentle but passionate caresses until I couldn't stand it. Because of that, my thighs hit Tomo's crotch and I ground my hardness against him. At the same time, I could clearly feel Tomo's hardness and I couldn't stand it.

Writhing and begging for kisses, I embraced Tomo's body even tighter.


At the sensation of fingers petting my head as if combing my hair, my blank, foggy mind became clear.

Tomo's arm was damp with sweat as he gently held my body close. He had a considerate gentleness that was completely different than just a little while ago. It was very embarrassing.

It was better to be in the middle of doing it with Tomo. We became obsessed with each other, like we were addicted, and lost any composure to think about anything else. But once it was over and we were naked, lying on the same bed next to each other was kind of... unbearably embarrassing.


I turned my face towards his voice and Tomo was looking straight at me. What was with his relaxed face? It wasn't fair that he could have an expression like that even though we were the same age.

"Was it good?"


Idiot. There's no way I could say that in this situation! I nearly complained out loud reflexively and flusteredly wrapped myself in the sheet that had been pushed to the edge of the bed, and turned my back to him. Behind me there was a chuckle.

I got even more embarrassed and tried to change the subject somehow. "H, hey, Tomo! Do you have any hobbies!?"

I looked back and Tomo was blinking in surprise. He seemed taken aback by the sudden question.

"Huh, hobbies?"

"I've been wondering for a while. Is there like anything you're in to?"

"...No, not really."

"What, there has to be even a little something. Like some track athlete you like who's your idol."

"No... It's true I do track, but it's just because I like running..."

Tomo was unexpectedly baffled by my question. It was a spur of the moment topic change, but I'd always wondered about it.

Tomo's room just had the bare minimum for his school life and he didn't even have a single poster up that would show his interests. He had only a single personal item, a photo frame with a picture of himself and Nao-nii. Maybe I unconsciously felt a little sad with Tomo's room being like that.

"Speaking of, Yuki, do you have any hobbies besides food?"

"Whatever, I like eating and finding delicious things, it's a fine hobby! Eating delicious things and discovering delicious things makes every day fun and lets me be cheerful."

Watching me insist so seriously out of the corner of his eye, Tomo's lips curved into a strained smile, stunned, and he scratched his head. His grumble of 'ummm' meant maybe he really didn't have any hobbies.

I got an idea and leapt out of bed.

"Then, why don't you try to find a new hobby?"

Tomo, who was still laying in the bed, looked up at me with wide eyes.

"Find a hobby?"

"Yeah, if you don't have any, you should find a new hobby. Then every day can be even more fun than before!"

"No thanks. That's too much work..."

"Don't say that. I'll help you look too!"


And so the next day, I dragged Tomo along and asked every student all over the school if there were any good hobbies. But we didn't really find any good idea that Tomo wanted to try.

"...I'm surprised there aren't any hobbies that anyone can do."

Disappointed by the lack of results, Tomo spoke listlessly, the stick of the lollipop in his mouth waving.

"It's because there's a lot of students at this school who've mastered an art. Since they go all out to master it, they don't have time to concentrate on other hobbies, do they?"

"Well, that's true. The sports guys aren't even in the same universe as hobby. Then maybe the cultural club students..."

Before I could finish speaking, I heard a familiar voice.

"Hey, hey, I heard, Asahina-kun! You said you're looking for a new hobby!?"

I didn't even have to turn around, the owner of the voice was Okaken. Next to me, Tomo looked even more put out.

"In that case, ask me. I'll introduce you to all the mysteries of the world! It will definitely add a new color to your hobby life!"

"Not us, it's a new hobby for Tomo..."

As if he wasn't listening to my words at all, Okaken started talking about UFOs, other dimensions, UMAs, ESP and how to make that ability blossom, on and on for a long time.

"...And so, just knock on the door of our occult research association and a new stage will open up before your eyes! Actually, I'd like to give you a more detailed explanation, but I have to go check the readings on the Geiger counter. Well then, join the group any time!"

Okaken hurriedly ran off after one-sidedly rattling on.

"Haha, that wasn't the detailed explanation...?"

I forced a smile at Okaken's usual talk. I wondered if, without that, there wouldn't be a few more people in the occult research association. I turned back to Tomo, saying of course you're not into the occult either, and Tomo was leaning against the wall in the hallway, completely in nap mode.

"...Huh? Is it over?"

All I could do was force another smile at Tomo's attitude, like it had nothing to do with him.

"Umm, if not the occult, I wonder if there's any other hobby that would suit you...?"

"Then consider gambling. I'll gamble with you." Joker-san called to us from behind with his usual grin.

"You're just saying that because you want to entertain yourself. Don't do it, he'll just strip you of everything you own." Sonoda-san, who was next to Joker-san, warned us, looking appalled. "Instead, how about considering cooking? It will be useful in the future and everyone loves a man who can cook."

"Cooking! That would be nice, Tomo!" I grabbed Tomo's arm, urging, but he just yawned.

"Nice, you say. You just want to be given a share of the food. I don't have to make anything, as long as I'm at this school I can eat delicious meals, so I don't feel the need to make them myself."

That was true, but... I had thought it was a good idea.

He turned down gambling and cooking, so we headed towards the club wing.


"Since you're in the track club, you should run."

That's what Chiba-san said bluntly just as he was coming out of the kendo hall. That was true, but it was a little different than a hobby, Tomo said, and rejected it...

"Then play kabaddi with me! Kasahara-kun, since you're fast." Kuya-san made that proposal at the student council room.


"It's the national sport of India. It's a combat sport that's like a combination of tag and dodge ball..."

"I'll pass." Tomo immediately interrupted Kuya-san's explanation as he began to talk happily. It had seemed a little interesting, though.

"Then, what about fishing?"

It was just the kind of suggestion that Takato-san would make, so I thought it might be a good one. Fishing pole in hand, waiting quietly until a fish bit, that might have been perfect for Tomo.

"Fishing is profound and pleasant. You consider the topography under the water, infer the fish living there, and change your tackle for each type. You consider which tackle and bait is most suitable from the infinite tackles you can create from the combination of rod, line, and hook..."

Realizing that Takato-san had started to get long-winded, I glanced at Tomo. Sure enough, he was stifling a yawn, eyes half open and looking annoyed.


"Why not do music?"

We tried talking to Yagami in the club wing and his suggestion was definitely the most student-like hobby.

"You could start playing an instrument or singing right away, and I could even teach you a little..." Yagami suddenly fell silent and his eyes narrowed. "I say that, but he looks pretty unenthusiastic about it..."

"Buzz off."

It was true that I couldn't really imagine Tomo in a band, though.

"How about having a pet? They're fluffy and cute."

That was Arata-san's suggestion, with Maro and surrounded by the school cats.

"Well, animals are cute. I've never had one before though." Oh, it looked like Tomo was showing a little interest.

"After all, animals are soothing!"

Urged by my push, Tomo tried to pet the head of the yawning cat that was right next to him. But the next moment...


The cat caught Tomo's hand before Tomo could even touch it. Maybe the other cats noticed that cat's mood was ruined, but they immediately moved away from Tomo.

"Nyahaha. They don't like you."

It looked like the pet plan was no good either...


We'd spent all day after school walking around, but in the end, we hadn't found a hobby Tomo could take up. We went back to the dorm and leaned tiredly against the railing of the balcony that straddled both of our rooms.

"Umm, we really didn't find anything..."

I was disappointed, and Tomo plopped his hand on my head.

"It's okay. I'm not the type to have my own hobby in the first place, and it's not something I have to hurry and find."

"Well, that's true... But I was thinking I wanted you to have more fun every day..."

"Thanks. I'm reeeally happy that you felt like working so hard for me. But even without a hobby, I already have plenty of fun every day."


I looked at Tomo next to me. Tomo's gentle smile was aimed right at me and I could tell his feelings were sincere. "Yeah. It's the truth. Just being able to spend every day with you like this makes me more than plenty fulfilled and happy."


Tomo's hand clasped mine. I squeezed back and he kissed my forehead. He pulled me into an embrace and I leaned on him.

Probably, Tomo never had any intention of finding a hobby from the beginning, but he accompanied me all day for my sake. But if being with me made him happy, I guessed it was okay like that. Now, I hoped he found a hobby eventually, without rushing. Now, more than anything, I was just happy that Tomo was happy.

As we looked out at the scenery from the balcony with the sun completely set, I could feel his warmth and suddenly Tomo spoke up.


Still holding hands, I followed Tomo's gaze. Lots of stars were twinkling brightly in the cloudless night sky.

"Come to think of it, I wanted to see the stars..."


"Yeah. Way back then, Nao-nii read us lots of books about constellations and stuff."

That was right. There were a lot of books about constellations and astronomy among the books we'd pestered Nao-nii to read to us in that park. Nao-nii didn't just read to us, he taught us about lots of things that weren't even written in the books. Maybe Tomo remembered the same thing, since a nostalgic smile came to his lips.

"Of course I remember."

"Back then we made a promise. That someday the three of us would observe the sky together."

That was right. But of course we had gone back to our own homes in the evening and couldn't go out at night. Maybe we could have done it if we had stayed together until we were a little older.

"I'd completely forgotten about that promise."

"I'd forgotten until now too. The wish to have Brother with us can't come true, but today we can finally fulfill that promise."

"It's okay. I think Nao-nii is watching too."

"I hope so."

As Tomo looked at the starry sky, he had the happiest smile I had seen all day.

I see, so that was it. Maybe I hadn't wanted to give Tomo a hobby. I had just wanted to see Tomo smile like this.

Feeling my mood suddenly brighten, I gave Tomo's hand in mine another squeeze.

"Yuki, will you look at the stars with me from now on?" Tomo asked me, turning his gaze from the sky. I gave him a big nod.

"Of course. Let's always look at them from now on."

I grasped the balcony with my free hand and, stretching, moved close to Tomo's face. Tomo tilted his head a little and we kissed, with our backs to the night sky.

I pledged that we would always be together. He didn't put it into words, but I was sure Tomo pledged the same thing.

The gentle kiss was warm and just that touch made us really happy.

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