belong to me?

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Yuki isn't the only one who's a bit of a monster. :D

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belong to me?

I focused the stream of air from the dryer on Arata-san's wet hair, taking care that the hot air wasn't concentrated on any one place. I carefully dried it so that the wet locks of hair untangled smoothly.

"It's not too hot, is it?"

Arata-san sat on the floor leaning against me, with his face against my chest. He looked sleepy, maybe because he'd just gotten out of the bath.

"Mm... it's fine. Thanks."

He tilted his head a little. He wanted me to dry the right side more. I aimed the air there, combing his soft hair with my fingers.

Before, Arata-san didn't like being touched. But since we had begun to spend the night together, he had started to lean against me like this, even settling in my arms. Since he wasn't the kind of person who came seeking attention, I wanted to congratulate myself for coming up with the pretext of drying his hair.

"Okay, now please lower your head a bit."

Arata-san lowered his head and his hair spilled over his neck, exposing the nape. It was so shockingly white, my breath nearly hitched in my throat. I couldn't stay silent and I flusteredly opened my mouth.

"Arata-san. Your hair's gotten long."

"...I'll have to cut it soon. What a pain..."

I wondered a little at the drowsy reply. "A pain? Do you cut it yourself?"

"Yeah. Well enough."

He cut it himself. It was true, now that I looked, that the ends of his hair were a little uneven.

I'd realized when we first started going out that Arata-san was a bit careless sometimes. In contrast to his usual laid-back attitude, he was efficient when it came to tidying his room and cleaning, and he was thorough with the way he washed his body and shampooed. He didn't take off and scatter his clothes like me.

But, he cut his own hair. Well enough. I thought hair was a pretty important part of personal appearance, but that was fine. I didn't really know how to judge. Well, that was also part of what made Arata-san interesting, I guessed?

"Arata-san, why are you letting your hair grow out?"

"I said I'll cut it."

"No, that's not what I mean. I was thinking if it's annoying, it would be better if it were shorter. For instance... like Chiba-san's."

"Hayaya...? Mm... if it were that short, it would be more annoying to cut it myself."


I didn't quite get it. I supposed it was because I had never cut my own hair. But if Arata-san said so, he was probably right.

"Besides, changing your hairstyle is a pain. I haven't had it any longer or shorter since before I was in grade school."

Arata-san as a kid, huh. I was sure he must have been really cute.

"My hair grows out fast, so my mom always left my hair like this so she didn't have to take me to the salon all the time."

"Wow. When I was a kid, I went with my dad to the barbershop."

"Hmm. I've never been to a barbershop. It's easier for me to do a good-enough cut on my own hair."

"I see..."

Things had gotten kind of gloomy. When I was a kid, I had an arrangement with my dad to go the barbershop once a month. And not just the barbershop. Mornings started early at the bakery and he couldn't take long holidays, but still, I had a lot of memories of time spent with my family.

But Arata-san had said his parents were busy both working, so I guess he didn't have a lot of those kinds of memories.

"Oh, but..."

Looking down, Arata-san shrugged lightly.

"It's cold, so I should leave it without cutting it a little longer."

Arata-san got hot and cold easily. Also, he didn't like scarves, so he often had Maro wrapped around his neck.

"With the length it is now, the hair covers the back of your neck." I lightly flicked the hair on the nape of his neck with my fingers. I got a glance of his bare white skin from the gap in his hair.

...This might be my chance.

Suddenly remembering a scheme I'd been hiding in my heart, I kissed the back of his neck.

"Eek!?" Arata-san's body slumped. Leaning way forward, he glanced over his shoulder at me, glaring. "Wh, what...?"

Even though he glared at me with his face turning red, his teary eyes had the opposite effect on me.

"Sorry. I couldn't help it." It was no good. I was grinning. "Um, actually, for a while now, I wanted to try leaving a hickey on you. That's what I was thinking."

"...A hickey?" Arata-san's brows furrowed. I could tell he was reluctant and uneasy from the way his eyes wavered slightly.

"That's right, a hickey! It's every man's dream! But you wear a swimsuit in the club, and I wondered if there was any place where people wouldn't know. I've been looking the whole time!"

I was torn. I didn't want to bother Arata-san. But I wanted to try it at least once as his lover. At my declaration, Arata-san's stiff shoulders suddenly relaxed.


"It'll be fine. Since it's so long, your hair will hide it and no one will see."


I leaned forward and tried to kiss Arata-san again, but he twisted his body and escaped.

"Absolutely not on my neck. It tickles..."

I chased after Arata-san and pushed ahead, pressing my lips to his neck. I knew. It didn't just tickle. When I touched there, Arata-san felt good.


"Arata-san... just a little... *smooch*"


The breath that escaped Arata-san came from his throat unconsciously. I set the dryer on the floor and embraced Arata-san. I placed a hand on his cheek and turned him towards me, and pressed a kiss to his lips.


Arata-san twisted away even further. Our lips parted and Arata-san asked, averting his gaze, "Why do you want to leave something like a hickey...?"


Since I hadn't expected him to ask why I wanted to leave a hickey, I ended up at a loss for words. "Why? Well, because then I can really feel that you're mine?"

"...Weirdo. You want a body like this?" Arata-san's lips twisted into a smile. I'd seen him smile like that many times before we had become lovers. I didn't want to let it happen.

"It's not 'like this.' I want you, Arata-san."

It was a childish declaration on purpose. But Arata-san turned to face me fully, as if refusing the answer.

"...How can you say you want me so easily? I'm not something you can have no matter how much you want..."

Arata-san's lowered lashes moved up and down as if they were trembling. I felt like it was just for an instant, then it disappeared, but I tried tightening my embrace a little.

"Maybe it's not easy, but I want you so much I can't stand it. That's why I want to leave a hickey, like placing a charm on you to 'become mine.'"

"A charm... Are you in grade school?"

Even though his words were sarcastic and he had an uneasy smile, the tension disappeared from his face. I felt relieved and brought my lips to his neck again.

"Arata-san, stay like that, don't move..."

"Ngh...! Ungh... ah..."

Arata-san's body shivered with just my tongue touching his neck. When I realized he was letting me do it, heat welled up inside my body. I tried sucking lightly and the body in my arms jerked even more. I was seized by the impulse to want to bite like that.

"Yu... Yuki, after all, not on my neck.... If you do that anymore, I'll go crazy...."

At the pleading voice, I quickly relaxed my grip. But it was okay for him to go crazy. I wanted Arata-san to show me every side of him.

Arata-san, who had escaped me by leaning back, had ended up face-up on the floor and I leaned over him, forced to give up on his neck.

It would be better to hold off on his neck.

"Alright. If your neck is that bad, I'll find another place."

It was okay. Actually, I had an idea for another place.

"...What are you grinning for?"

"Arata-san, you're so flexible."

I stroked his thigh through his pajamas. Since diving demanded beautiful movements, Arata-san never missed his daily stretching. Thanks to that, his joints were very flexible and allowed him to get into very cramped positions.

"Like before, when you had your legs over your shoulders. Our bodies were pressed perfectly together and I realized we were connected as deep as possible. It felt incredibly good."

As if he was remembering that time, Arata-san's face flushed red all the way to his ears. "Wha... Moron! Don't shamelessly say embarrassing things like that!"

I paid no attention to his fists beating on my chest and traced my fingers from his outer to inner thigh. "Since you can open your legs 180 degrees, then let's say, if I put one at the base of your thigh..."

"I'm sleepy, so I'm going to bed!"

I must have taken the conversation too far. Arata-san pushed on my shoulders and tried to crawl away.

"Huh!!? You don't have club tomorrow, do you? I was all fired up to have sex!"

It wasn't fair. No matter what, it wasn't fair. It was absolutely impossible to just say goodnight under these circumstances!! I had really been looking forward to today!

Anyway, Arata-san must have absolutely wanted to. Letting me into his room was the best proof of that.

"Hey, hey, Arata-saaan. Let's do it."

"Let go..."

Arata-san squirmed and tried to get away but I tried coaxing, snuggling my cheek against his chest. I could tell his heartbeat was racing through the hoodie he was wearing as his pajamas.

"Hey, Arata-san. Is it that you don't want to do it with me?"

I watched him carefully, imploring. Arata-san didn't say anything, he only shook his head slightly.

"Thank goodness."

Becoming lovers with Arata-san had awakened a bit of unfairness in me. If my honest words swayed Arata-san, then I would be free with them. I'd get him on board with my objective with innocence. It was easier to get a negative answer than a positive one, wasn't it?

I wrapped my arms tightly around Arata-san, who was still shaking his head. I smoothly slid my hand to his inner thigh.


Arata-san gasped. I could feel his muscles trembling with tension through the cloth of his pajamas. I already knew that there, where sunlight never hit, his skin was far whiter, smooth, and softer.

"I want to leave a hickey. I want to leave a mark that shows you're mine..." I whispered in his ear and Arata-san finally stopped shaking his head.


It was morning when I came to. I... was in Arata-san's bed. I'd fallen asleep there.

I felt something silky against my collarbone. I moved my eyes to look down and there was Arata-san's head. I wanted to pet his soft hair and I reached out.

"...Good morning, Arata-san."

Arata-san's head moved. His hair brushed my nose. The next instant, I felt a jolt of pain from my collarbone.

"Ow-ow-ow-ow!" I cried out unintentionally and Arata-san suddenly raised his head.

"Oh, sorry. I don't know my own strength."

"No... I was shocked more than hurt."

What was that just now? Was Arata-san sucking on my collarbone? Arata-san moved off of me. I got up too and noticed Arata-san had already changed into his track suit.

"...It's payback for last night."

Payback? I looked down, puzzled, and saw that the spot on my collarbone had turned a little red. Was it a hickey?

"...If you thought you were the only one who wanted to leave a hickey, you were wrong."

He quickly turned his back to me. His ears had totally turned bright red.

Then, huh? Arata-san too?

When I realized that, I hugged Arata-san. He stiffened in my arms and I kissed the nape of his neck through his hair. The smooch reverberated in the room that was lit dazzlingly by the morning sun.


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