so cute!

Sonoda/Yuki story from Cool-B (July 2014)

Sonoda-san really IS so cute. Eeeeee. :D

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so cute!

What kinds of things did I collect when I was little? Models of airplanes or trains? Superhero toys?

I couldn't remember all of it, but I was embarrassed to have stuff that someone would laugh at as cute. Because I was a boy.


I woke up to the morning light and Sonoda-san, who had spent the night with me, was already up. He was lying on his stomach, writing something down in a notebook. It must have been a recipe idea. Even though he was a student, he was a cook with the attitude of a professional chef.

Our bare arms brushed seductively on top of the sheets warm with our body heat. Noticing I'd awakened, Sonoda-san turned his gaze toward me.

"Morning, Yuki-kun."

"G, good morning...."

Last night, I had kissed that face many times. I had spent the night in Sonoda-san's dorm room and we'd had sex. It wasn't our first morning together, but this moment was really awkward.

While I was wondering where my gaze should settle, Sonoda-san brought his face close. Knowing what he was going to do, I opened my lips slightly.

"Thanks for the treat last night," Sonoda-san said teasingly, after giving me a kiss that recalled the night time.

"Thanks? You're the one who made the food."

"I mean you. You were very delicious."

My face grew red at the lewd banter. It was true I had been an ingredient yesterday. I had been carefully selected by his skill, seasoned just right, and I had been loved with passionate caresses until even my bones melted.

Since he was older, even if I tried to compete with him, he'd end up smoothly peeling away the skin of my bluff like that of a blanched tomato. And of course, he even demonstrated his brilliant skill in bed, not just in the kitchen.

You said before that you're popular, Sonoda-san.... For me... it's a first, but I suppose lots of girls are familiar with it. Since you're the type who samples a ton of food in order to make a single dish.

From the beginning, it was a match between a pro who had already seen victories and an amateur. But as lovers, I couldn't really afford to lose.

As I hid my face with the back of my hand, I bluffed, not having learned my lesson.

"I... I enjoyed the meal too."

"Really? It was worth giving you my very best service. Let's do the full course next."

"...Huh, wait, last night was just the half course?"

Seeing my dismay, Sonoda-san broke into a smile. "Your face is cute."

The answer had nothing to do with my question.

He placed a kiss at the edge of my lips, his shoulders shaking as he remembered something. His soft curls tickled my ears and it felt nice.

"...What is it?"

"I was remembering the way you looked before. ...You looked so desperate." Sonoda-san laughed lewdly.

Even my ears got red, and I pretended to push him away. "You're terrible.... Laughing."

"I said you were cute. I wasn't making fun of you, I was excited." Sonoda-san suddenly traced my chest with the back of the pen he was holding.

My heart pounded at the seductive whisper, "I could even get excited now." Sonoda-san tilted his head, as if to continue with 'wanna do it?'

Annoyed at being continually teased at his pace, I picked up Sonoda-san's pen.

Cute, cute, Sonoda-san called me. But I was a boy, so having him keep saying that to me was embarrassing.

I tried a counterattack. "Sonoda-san, you're the one who's cute."

"How so?"

"Like this pen and stuff." Sonoda-san's pen had a panda mascot on it.

The cool and composed Sonoda-san was slightly flustered. "I just happen to have it."

"That's a lie. Your room kind of has lots of cute things..."

When I said that, Sonoda-san looked up at his dorm room. The little knick knacks and miscellaneous goods had the kind of adorable designs that girls would like.

He turned away and his cheeks pinked. "Shut up. It's your imagination."

"That's not true. When we go on dates in town too, you stop at the girls' departments. Your handwriting is pretty too. And the way you decorate your illustrations of food is cute." As I talked, the more I felt I was getting to the truth. "Sonoda-san, you like cute things, don't you?"

After a silence, he scratched at his head in defeat. "...That's right."

"I knew it!"

"Oh, geez. I was trying to hide it from you." Sonoda-san covered his face, looking embarrassed. Seeing the way he looked, like he was at a loss, made my heart pound. "I was self-conscious about it though, you know. I would be embarrassed if people found out and they made fun of me. Especially Kiyo."

"So you like cute things, Sonoda-san."


"Then, when you call me cute, you're not really teasing me."

Sonoda-san sulked, his eyebrows raising. His mature face in profile got even redder. "...That's right."

A full smile spread across my face, and I kissed his cheek.

Sonoda-san was so cute!

My love swelled for this older genius cook.

A long time ago, I had been embarrassed to have cute things, because I was a boy. But I was starting to understand now. The feeling of someone being cute. The feelings of embracing someone cute, snuggling their cheek, not wanting to be apart, I wanted to collect them much more and more.

I wanted to decorate the whole room with cute Sonoda-san, and I gazed at him, grinning.

"Oh, look, you're even laughing..."

"I'm not. I'm not trying to make fun of you."

"Then you're excited?"

"It's love. I really like you having girly tastes."

"At least say something like I have high feminine abilities or that I understand feminine instincts. It's kind of depressing..."

Just that pouting voice made my heart flutter, like a signal to start the party. It was fun to kiss him, call his name, and even cheer him up. I was sure I could do a good job of making him smile. I made it a promise.

And when I saw that cute shy smile, I fell in love again.

I hoped we'd have many repeats of 'time to dig in' and 'thanks for the meal' at the same table.

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