First Call

Yuki/Yagami short story

This is Yagami's story from the Stellaworth preorder booklet! It takes place shortly after the end of Yagami's route, with Yagami leaving the school for a few days, and Yuki missing him. This is a really sweet story that shows a softer side of both boys. :3

First Call

'Bye, I'm going.'

The entryway of the dorm was full of people in the evening. Yagami, who didn't have much besides his instrument, put on his shoes as if he was just going out for bit.

'After all, I'll see you out,' I said, and Yagami suppressed an astonished laugh.

'Idiot. I'm just leaving for a little bit, don't exaggerate. Besides, it's nearly time for your beloved dinner.'

It had been three days since I'd seen Yagami off...


"Nothing, huh..."

I checked my cellphone right after coming back to my dorm room, flopping down on the bed. But the email I eagerly awaited from Yagami never came.

Any time I had a moment to spare, I just looked at my cellphone. After waking up, on the way to school, during breaks, between student council jobs. It was the first time I'd checked my cellphone so frequently.

Yagami had told me not to call, since he didn't know if he'd be able to answer or not. So since I had to make do with email... he should at least reply.

Now that I thought about it, I'd seen Yagami just about every day since the first day I came to school, since he was in the same class. Lots of things had happened and we'd spent a lot time as more than just classmates... The distance between us was so small that if I smiled, he'd immediately return it. So, merely not being able to see him for a few days felt like he'd gone off somewhere really far away.

"...After all, I wish I'd gone with him."

Since Yagami's house was about two hours from here by train, if I felt like going, I could go see him right away. But the distance wasn't the problem. This time it was special. Even though I actually wanted to go with him, Yagami really wanted to pretend things were the same as usual, so I thought I had to match that.

"...I wonder if Yagami's okay. Let me just hear your voice saying you're okay..." I whispered towards the dark screen of the cellphone. I sighed uncharacteristically. Holding the cold, unresponsive phone, I tossed and turned on top of the bed.

I had kissed Yagami here just this last weekend. While we had kissed lots of times since becoming lovers, I felt recently we'd finally relaxed enough to enjoy kissing.

'Mmph... idiot. Geez... I can't breathe...'

'I'm not really sure, but, look, go like this... we should kiss with our mouths open...'

At first, the kiss was just pressing our stiff lips together, but it slowly relaxed and our breath mixed, I traced the inside of his mouth with my tongue, bit lightly... Yagami reacted the same way to my assertive kiss, even as he swore at me.


I'd gotten excited remembering Yagami's stifled sighs and his the way his face screwed up, trying to endure it. Even though I wasn't thinking about what came after that. Yagami was likely to kick me to death if I carelessly mentioned I wanted to do this and that...

"More importantly, I'm worried about Yagami right now."

But anyway, Yagami would laugh saying, 'Idiot. You're worrying too much.'

Maybe I would calm down a little if I could hear his voice saying 'idiot.' ...Did I kind of want Yagami to abuse me? I wasn't really into that sort of thing, though.

But I wanted to hear it if it came from Yagami. I really wanted to hear it.

Well, even though it was always the same word 'idiot,' I realized it meant different things. There were times when he was really making fun of me, times when he was embarrassed and pretending to be tough, and times when I could tell he was amazed and treasuring my feelings... It was like I'd gotten addicted to Yagami's 'idiot' with different meanings at different times.

Next time, maybe I'd record him saying 'idiot' and set at as my ringtone.

At that moment, the phone in my hand rang. It was perfect timing, just like a punchline. The caller was...


I jumped out of bed the moment I thought I saw Yagami's name on the screen. I pressed answer and started talking.

'Uwah. Ugh... Dumbass, don't yell all of a sudden.'

It was Yagami. It was Yagami. It was Yagami!! Even though I hadn't seem him for just three days, I felt really nostalgic. But I was happy!! "Yagami..."

'What? You sound pathetic. Are you hungry again?' The voice coming through the phone was odd. It sounded husky in my ears and kind of sexy. 'Hey, hey. What's the matter? Can you hear me?'

I was entranced by your voice... if I said that, he'd immediately end the call, so I didn't say it. "I can hear you. You too, Yagami... can you hear my voice?"

'Hah. Don't worry. I can hear you fine.' Thank goodness. He could hear me. Yagami's voice was bright. It had probably all gone well.

"I see. I'm glad."

'...I guess. It wasn't a big deal at all.'

"Yeah... yeah..." I was glad. I was really glad. That Yagami seemed well. I was sure there was a part of him that was acting tough, though. Still, he called me like this.

'Oh... and...' It was unusual for Yagami to hesitate. 'Sorry. For not really contacting you...'

This respectful Yagami was rare. I imagined his embarrassed face on the other side of the phone and my expression softened on its own.

"It's fine. Well... of course I was a little lonely, not getting any replies."

On the other side of the phone, 'Ugh...' I heard the mumbled reply.

"Since it's you, I thought it would be best to contact you after it was safely over, right?"

'...Yeah. There were lots of things that would be annoying to explain, so it's better after it was all over.'

"Yeah... It's all over."

I felt like I wanted him to rely on me more though. Since we were lovers. I knew Yagami didn't want to show me his weaknesses or his ugly side. But I intended to always be with him, close enough to tell those things, even if he was hiding them. So...

"Hey, Yagami. Are you holding the phone to your right ear?" It might have been sudden, but I spoke what I'd been wanting to say the whole time.

'No... It's my left ear, but what about it?'

"Then, change it to your right ear."

'My right ear? What is this...?' He complained but did as I asked. I could tell from the sounds on the other side of the phone.

'I changed it,' came the blunt reply and I gently took a big breath.

"Hello. I'm Asahina Yuki."

'Huh? Dumbass... what are you saying?'

"Just listen."

It must have been surprising. Having his lover, me, introduce myself. But I'd been thinking about it the whole time he was gone. What I most wanted to say in Yagami's ear. So I wanted him to listen without laughing.

"I love your music. From now on, if you hear a painful sound, I'll shout it even louder than that sound as many times as I have to." I heard a gasp. I focused all my attention on the other side of the phone and continued talking. "So whenever you're worried or hurt, I want you to listen carefully. I want you to remember me."

I could hear it from the other side of the phone. A bit of a pained gasp, that was such a small response that I wouldn't have heard it if I hadn't been straining to hear.


Yagami's voice was hoarse. And I felt like it was just a little choked and trembling.

"I love you, Yagami." At the end, I made a kiss towards the cellphone. So that Yagami could hear clearly on the other side of the phone, I made it a loud smooch like in foreign movies.


It was coming. He'd definitely shout 'Don't do embarrassing things!!' with all his might.

I braced myself, but the silence continued. "...Yagami?" Huh? What was the matter? I listened carefully, wondering if the call was properly connected...

'...Thanks.' It was a barely audible voice that nearly disappeared into the noise. Like it was at a distance that the phone could barely pick up.


Wait, it hung up.

Was that Yagami's voice just now? I'd never heard it like that before. Like a kid saying thanks while being embarrassed. I was dumbfounded and my cellphone notified me that an email had been received.

"Uwah!?" Since I still had the phone up to my ear, the electronic tone sounded right in my ear. "Now an email? From Yagami?" I hurriedly called up the email screen with my fingers, wondering what it was.

'Are you an IDIOT!? Dumbass!! You IDIOT IDIOT I don't!! You're too embarrassing...'

For a while, I stared at the cellphone screen.

"Yagami, this... one 'idiot' became 'I don't'..."

I was sure he'd been overwhelmed with emotion and pounded out the email. My whole face relaxed and I hugged the phone to my chest and flopped onto the bed.

"After all, Yagami's 'idiot' is the best!" It was no good. I was smiling. I couldn't stop. I wondered just what face Yagami was making... Just thinking about it made my whole body swell with feelings of wanting to hold him.

Yagami... I want to hurry and see you!!

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