prank call

Kuya/Yuki short story

A little story from the Stellaworth preorder booklet. It has one for each character (well, almost...) and this is the one with Kuya! Prank Call really doesn't work as a title, but that's what they called it and the title's in English, so just roll with it. XD

prank call

"Aaaah! I'm so happy!!

"It was really delicious!"

While doing student council work, I had gotten a merciless craving for a certain world famous fried chicken. Once it had entered my mind, I somehow couldn't stand it.

I told Kuya-san about it and he said, “In that case, when we're done with this work, I'll treat you to chicken!” And so we finished our work at mach speed, jumped on the bus, and arrived at the restaurant in front of the train station.

In the basket was a large pile of chicken bones. It had been a long time since I'd tasted these spices. Even though we'd invited Takato-san, he'd turned us down, saying no thank you to junk food. Too bad; it was so delicous.

Kuya-san's cell phone rang.

"Oh, Masatsugu. We're still at the restaurant."

"The chicken is reaaaally delicious!" I went and from the speaker I heard Takato's cold voice.

"How long are you going to eat? It's time for the last bus."

... Damn!! We got so caught up in eating that we forgot the bus schedule!

Thanking him, we hurriedly ended the call and ran at full tilt to the bus stop. But, cruelly, the last bus to BL School had long departed.

"What'll we do..." I muttered dumbfounded, and next to me, Kuya-san took out his cell phone.

"It's me. Sorry, Masatsugu. Please send the notification that we're spending the night out."

Ending the conversation, Kuya-san gave me a bitter smile.

"Anyway, now we can at least avoid the situation of having the student council president and vice president of BL School staying out without permission."

Just as I would expect from Kuya-san! That was one relief.

"Well then, all that's left is to make reservations for tonight. Shall we go to a manga cafe or a karaoke box?" I said, thinking of how it would work out with my wallet, but Kuya-san looked at me in surprise.

"What are you talking about? If we're going to stay somewhere, it's going to be a hotel."

"A, a hotel?"

K,k,k,k,Kuya-san! That's so bold!! Th, then, we were staying at a hotel. Anyway, I couldn't tell Kuya-san I didn't want to go to a hotel with him.

But, isn't it too sudden for that? Well, we were lovers, so it was going to happen someday, but so soon! I hadn't mentally readied myself!

"What's the matter, Yuki, your face is red?"

"W, well, a hotel..."

"...... Oh."

He must have noticed my demeanor, because right before my eyes, Kuya-san's face grew embarrassed.

"No, I didn't mean a hotel like that..."


Th, that's right. There were normal hotels too. Rather, there weren't just hotels where I added “love” in my head, or those weren't the normal ones. ... Urgh... I was so embarrassed by my misunderstanding....


"But that kind might be good too," Kuya-san muttered in a whisper.

His cheeks grew red. My face, I was sure, was already red.

"Shall we go?"


It was thirty minutes later.

Side by side, Kuya-san and I stood a little away from the inconspicuous entrance and stared.

It was a lot to think about, wasn't it? A love hotel. To put it bluntly, we were interested.

But it was really awkward to go in.

Doing student council work and eating fast food chicken; from that sort of average day, we were suddenly at a love hotel. With emotions of mixed embarrassment and guilt, I was somehow really uncomfortable....

"Let's go."

I started at Kuya-san's voice which was just a little lower than usual. Holding my hand tightly, Kuya-san began to walk.

Nevertheless, my legs didn't move.

"What's the matter?"

What was the matter? I was frightened of something.

"Yuki, you don't want... to do it with me?"

I immediately shook my head side to side. Because I was flustered, I shook it vigorously.

I wanted to. Those were my honest feelings. I'd had enough of going out with Kuya-san. Wasn't it about time to go further?

Up to now, Kuya-san had made the invitation several times. Even I had as well. Nevertheless, something would interrupt and we'd never gone all the way. I'd had enough of strengthening my resolve. Or rather, I should have had enough of strengthening my resolve. I should have... but somehow, like this....

Unconsciously, I looked up at Kuya-san. Perhaps because of surprise at my pathetic look, his grip tightened.

"You're... making such a face."

"I'm sorry...."


He suddenly pulled hard on my hand.

"If you don't hate it, I want to do it," he muttered, and Kuya-san walked straight ahead. Seeing the side of his face full of determination, I couldn't say anything, and we passed through the entrance of the hotel.


We went into the room and before I could even hear the sound of the door shutting, Kuya-san was embracing me.

His arms were so strong I couldn't move my body. And besides that, Kuya-san was silent. It made me nervous since Kuya-san was normally so bright and talkative.

But I understood. Kuya-san was serious.

Well, his body was very warm. And embracing like this, I could hear Kuya-san's breathing growing ragged, and the sound of his heart pounding violently.

It was the same for me. The sound of my own heart rang annoyingly in my ears, and I was so excited it hurt.


Burying my face in his collar, I called his name in a muffled voice, and his arms loosened slightly. When I raised my chin to look at his face, I was suddenly kissed. And it wasn't just a simple kiss. It was a deep kiss as if he was pouncing on me.

I was surprised and his tongue forcefully entered my mouth. I thought he was going to run his tongue around in my mouth, but he entwined his tongue with mine and sucked hard.

Before I knew it, I was clinging to Kuya-san. His arms were wrapped around my back, firmly returning the embrace. He licked at my tongue, prompting me to move my tongue the same way.

I was engrossed and continued kissing Kuya-san. As we did that, I didn't know which of us started it, but we drew close and began to grope each other's bodies through our clothes....

Somehow, it was like I didn't really understand what I was doing anymore. My head was dizzy and little by little, even staying standing was getting difficult.

At that moment, my cell phone rang shrilly. It was a call.

I unconsciously broke from the kiss and turned my head toward it.

"Leave it."

With that murmur in such a serious voice that it gave me a shock, I was forcefully kissed again. It was as if those hot lips numbed my mind to the core and I no longer cared about the phone.

But that sound trying to summon me wouldn't stop.

It stopped once, then rang again. Stopped and rang, stopped and rang... five times. Did it have to be so persistent?


I called him uneasily, but it seemed Kuya-san had grown stubborn and wouldn't stop his movements.

But when my phone stopped ringing, next, Kuya-san's phone rang. At that attack of calls that did not understand when to give up, our excitement vanished in a twinkle and we both knew it.

"The phone... I'll answer it."


At last the arms around me released me. With a great big sigh, I turned around and picked up my bag that I'd dropped on the floor and took out my cell phone. It didn't indicate a name and I didn't recognize the number.

"Yes. Hello...."

"Asahina-kun. I finally got through."


I couldn't believe it was the RA. Why? Takato-san had said he'd send notice that we were spending the night out....

"I heard from Takato-kun of no bus. I have car. So, I will go pick you up."

"Huh... But it's late...."

"It's fine. Where are you?"

Where... I couldn't say. I absolutely couldn't say. No matter what, it would be too awful to say “we're both at a love hotel.”

Silently, I looked at Kuya-san. Kuya-san looked up at the ceiling. “Oh great...” I heard him mutter, but I felt the same way.

"... Then, we'll be in front of the station in 15 minutes, thanks...."

As I heard Dora-chan's cheerful voice say “I understand,” I ended the call. The moment the call cut off, aaallll the strength drained from my body and I ended up sinking to the floor. Kuya-san also sighed heavily and squatted on the floor.

For a moment, we remained in stunned silence.

"... This is kind of just like us."

Hearing his voice, I looked up and Kuya-san was smiling. At the sight of that gentle face smiling bitterly, an irresistible feeling welled up from the bottom of my heart.

I love this person, I thought.

More than when we kissed, more than when we embraced, I felt it much more strongly now. From the bottom of my heart, I loved Kuya-san so much, I couldn't stand it.

"Really," I answered and as I spoke, I laughed.

I laughed for a while, and Kuya-san seemed to cheer up, suddenly standing up.

"Oh well! I'll make my first time with you more memorable! Doing this like it's an installment plan is no good!" Kuya-san declared in one breath and glanced at me. And seemingly as an afterthought, he added, "I'm not going to admit defeat." But the words "this is such a disappointment" were much, much more clearly written on his face.

But, I'm sure it was the same for me.

At this point, I regretted all the boring stuff we did before coming here. Yeah. I'd wanted to do it. I'd wanted to go all the way with Kuya-san. Fine. Next time, we'd absolutely do it.

... But, I wondered why somehow, I had the hunch that the next time would be a failure too....

Because of that, I had the feeling that our first time would be a ways off.

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