joker's c87 story

Yuki struggles to understand Joker on a deeper level, which leads to all sorts of craziness. :D

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Joker-san was always thinking about something.

It had been several months since we became lovers. Joker-san's likes, dislikes, things that made him happy, things that made him annoyed, things he wasn't interested in, I learned them somewhat in the time we spent together.

But even if you gave him something that made him happy before, or did the same thing that made him happy before, Joker-san wouldn't necessarily always give you the same reaction. Just as I'd imagined, there were times he'd be happy, and times he'd react exactly the opposite. There were still a lot of things I didn't really know about Joker-san.

But that didn't mean at all that I was unhappy with our current relationship. Joker-san was very kind, smart, cool, always made things fun for me, didn't care about our genders or anything, and I thought there could be no better lover. That's why the more time we spent together and the more I came to love him, I wanted to know more about him and get closer, so much I couldn't stand it.

I thought that was normal, since we'd become lovers, but it didn't seem that way for Joker-san. Joker-san had said that since he couldn't understand himself, there was no need to try to know his partner. As long as being together was fun, that was enough. But after all, I felt my heart wanted to know more. If possible, I wanted to know everything about my beloved Joker-san. Was it wrong to think that?

"Do you want to know about me that much?"


There was a sudden voice behind me. Jumping, I turned the chair I was sitting in around, and there was Joker-san's handsome face, he even had his usual amused grin. This was Durak's room, so of course Joker-san was there. But I was so deep in thought I hadn't even noticed the door opening. And that he'd come up so close...

"Did you read my mind...?"

I thought no way, but with Joker-san, it was possible he could have a strange power like that.

"Of course not. Well, it's true I am good at guessing other people's mental states during games, but of course I don't have ESP. I just heard the words from your mouth, that you want to know about me."

I blushed with Joker-san in front of me. I was a bit embarrassed that I had said what I was thinking. Joker-san smiled mischievously, looking at my face.

"If you want to know that badly, why don't you try it?"


This was a bit of an unexpected development, since I had thought Joker-san would deny me, saying I didn't need to know him.

"Then, for starters, why don't we switch?"

As he spoke, Joker-san took off his jacket and then suddenly began taking off my jacket.

"Huh? J, Joker-san!?"

"Oh, did you imagine something naughty? But, too bad, it's not that."

I was in shock and he quickly pulled away and went to the closet in the Durak room. He turned around and held two BL School uniform jackets, one black and one red. Joker-san handed me the black jacket and put on the red jacket. I tried on the black jacket, and somehow it was the perfect size for me.

And then Joker-san took the student council armband from my jacket and put it around his own arm, grinning.

"If we try switching our roles, we might learn something."


My trial Durak experience began the next day.

The moment I slipped the sleeves of the black jacket over my arms, I was full of expectations of how fun it would be. But, from barely the start of the day, I dearly regretted switching.

The work Joker-san did in Durak was harder than I imagined. Checking documents, discussing the allocation of budgets, detailed regulation and issue resolution for each club, dealing with proposals, and even details about the dorm. Durak's work covered everything from clerical to physical. I hadn't thought Durak was in charge of so much since recently, some of the work had been given to the student council.

Even though we switched positions for only one day, there was still a pile of work that needed to be done that day.

"Yuki-kun, check this again. This application to use the martial arts hall is a double-booking. And, the money column doesn't match here."

And Sonoda-san didn't overlook any little mistake in the work. The other member of Durak, Chiba-san, was stuck to my back like glue the whole time, just waiting for a command from me any time now, and I couldn't relax at all. Did Joker-san really work in these conditions all the time...!?

I'd never seen Joker-san overwhelmed by work before. Since all I'd seen was him bored and playing around, I was surprised that he completed this amount of work. Once again, I was impressed by Joker-san's superiority. But being impressed wasn't going to decrease the amount of work.

"Are you having fun?"

The door opened without a knock and Joker-san, wearing the red jacket I wasn't used to seeing, came into the room with his usual bright smile. I breathed a sigh of relief that he'd finally come to switch back. But Joker-san went right past me and got up on a chair in the corner of the room.

"What are you doing?"

"What? I came to put in a new fluorescent light. This sort of chore is the student council's work." With that, Joker-san began to switch out the light while humming. "Still, being student council president is surprisingly fun. Sagimori-sempai and Takato-sempai looked really upset though."

It looked like Joker-san was in a better mood than usual and completely enjoying being student council president. I could understand Takato-san, but just what had he done in the student council to make even Kuya-san look upset?

Not just the student council. If I made the work pile up like this, it was likely to hurt the management of Durak. I quickly raised the white flag.

"I give up, Joker-san! I can't finish this amount of work! Let's go back to normal!!"

"Huh? You've had enough? But it had just gotten fun. I was thinking let's switch for at least another two weeks."

"You've got to be kidding me. Three days would be impossible, much less a week."


Joker-san wrapped his arms around my body as I made my tearful plea and gave me a gentle squeeze. Just that suddenly calmed my panic at being overwhelmed with work. Gently petting my hair, Joker-sama asked, "So? Do you understand me a little?"

"I understand that even though you look like you play around every day, you actually do an incredible amount of work, but..." But that wasn't what I really wanted to know. Like, more internal stuff...

Maybe this time he did read my mind, since Joker-san's smile became a little troubled as he watched me. "Umm, so this wasn't it. Then let's try the next one!"

Two hours later, for some reason, I'd been taken along for Joker-san's next plan and I found myself regretting the situation I'd put myself in even more.

"Wh, what are we doing here!!!!!!!!?"

The wind whooshed by in a terrible roar. An unobstructed sky spread out before my eyes. We were up in a Cessna at an altitude of four thousand meters. The instructor stood behind me, stuck to my back. I had listened to the procedure and precautions. But the situation I was suddenly in hadn't completely sunk into my head. I couldn't accept what was about to happen to me, and I looked at Joker-san next to me for help.

"Are you ready?" Joker-san was smiling as brightly as usual in his jumpsuit. I desperately shook my head no.

"I, I can't. I can't jump from here, no way!"

There was no way I could be mentally prepared, and my heart thumped loudly.

"It'll be fine. You don't die. You wanted to know me better, didn't you? Then, let's skydive♪"

With that cheerful declaration, Joker-san jumped out of the door. Right after him, the instructor at my back let go of the edge of the door he'd been gripping.


I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die!

I wasn't able to enjoy the expanse of blue sky spread out before me at all. I kept screaming at the top of my lungs the entire time until I reached the ground.


"I... I thought I was going to die..." I was fine with roller coasters, but this was at too different a level...

After landing, I fell to the ground with my mind blank and the tips of Joker-san's shoes came into view.

"Ah, that was fun♪ So? Did you learn something?"

Learn? ...Wait, that's right. He brought me here because I wanted to know about Joker-san. It was in order to relive Joker-san's past. But still, what was this!?

"Um, Joker-san. Normally...since you had that accident, isn't jumping out of a plane traumatic?"

"Not at all. It's not traumatic. I ride in planes without a problem."

I see... The nonchalant way he said it was almost disappointing, and I felt tired all of a sudden. Even though my teeth were still chattering, I somehow raised my head and Joker-san was looking at me with a bright smile.

"Listen, Yuki-kun. I'm really happy you want to learn about me. Until now, I thought it was only natural that there were things that other people couldn't understand about a person and couldn't be gotten across. So I thought it was pointless to try and learn those things."

My chest tightened at hearing Joker-san's usual pet theory. But Joker-san continued with a gentle smile as if to erase my unease.

"But, since I started going out with you, my feelings have changed a little. I've come to think that I want to indulge your feelings of wanting to get to know me and I want to tell you about myself even if it's just a little, as you wish."

Huh... Joker-san did? It made me really happy that the change in his feelings came about because of dating me.

"To be honest, I don't really know how I should tell you about myself. So It thought that trying to experience the same thing together like this would get it across a little, but I guess this really was too intense."

"Ha...haha..." Joker-san's ideas always went to extremes, and I forced a laugh. I still couldn't really move the muscles of my face from the shock of skydiving for the first time in my life. I wanted to immediately let Joker-san know my happiness that he was thinking of me in his own way, but I couldn't get the words out very well.

"Ah, but I guess this wasn't the same as relived experience. I enjoyed this descent."

I watched Joker-san chuckle as usual, enjoying this ridiculous experience, and I felt I didn't really care anymore about my fixation about getting to know him. Since, even if I didn't understand Joker-san, if he smiled and had fun in the end, that's all I needed to make me happy too.

"Joker-san..." My stiff face broke into a smile naturally.

"Next time, I'll have to think of a better way." Joker-san's arms stretched out and he gently embraced my still trembling body. Then, he whispered softly, bringing his lips to my ear. "Yuki-kun. Actually, I have a way that will teach you about me more simply, and will make your shivering disappear. Do you want to try it?"

"What is it...?" I asked Joker-san, comfortable being in his arms holding me tight and half-leaning on him.

His lips touched my earlobe.


That one word was like electricity running through my body and I suddenly turned red from head to toe. Feeling my heart start to pound, I silently nodded in Joker-san's arms.


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