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gh & gh2 clippings

This gallery is a bit more organized that the B's Log scans because we collected Cool-B for a while and thus know exactly where each article was from. This gallery starts with GH2 original short stories and the associated art, then scans by issue, and then a section of unsorted scans.

gh2 cool-b stories

Be sure to check out the GH2 short stories for full English translations of all the short stories shown in this section!

may 2005

july 2005

september 2005

november 2005

january 2006

march 2006

january 2010

march 2010

september 2010

january 2011

march 2011

may 2011

july 2011

september 2011

november 2011

january 2012

july 2013

march 2014

may 2014

may 2015

september 2015

assorted cool-b scans

These were purchased as lots of magazine clippings, so I have no idea which specific issue each article is from. They're split up into individual articles, at least.