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character emails

A couple of times a year, subscribers to the Spray newsletter receive emails from their favorite character. One of the custom emails is for the new year, so we've collected up as many as possible here.

If you happen to have the new year email from Chiba, Arata, Tomo, or Yagami, please send it to us! :3

yuki's email

Subject: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Sonoda-san made stollen December of last year (of course he charged for it!), so we all ate it little by little every week. My dad's stollen is delicious too, but Sonoda-san's is so full of rich dried fruit that the juicy sweetness oozes out and you get the feeling like 'this is really special!!'

Just remembering it makes me drool.

So everyone felt satisfied and everyone worked diligently on the year end spring cleaning.

The effect of delicious food is amazing.

When I told my dad the story, he got fired up with competitiveness and now the two of them are trying to think up the most delicous bread recipe. After break is over, I'll bring it to school and let everyone eat it. Look forward to it!

Let's do lots of things next year and make it a wonderful year!

Asahina Yuki

kuya's email


Happy New Year!

What should I do with you this year? Eating lunch at a restaurant you said you wanted to go to, teaching you how to surf, going on trips, there's too many things I want to do with you!

Just thinking about how I want to spend the days with you, I get so excited I can't stand it. I hope it's the same for you.

That's right. Did you know I'm in London right now? When Big Ben's bell announced midnight, welcoming the new year, an incredible number of fireworks went off! Oh my, it was spectacular and awesome. I'm sure you would like it if you saw it.

If possible, I want to watch fireworks while welcoming the new year like this with you. I would be so happy seeing something so beautiful with you!

Definitely someday. I want to spend a new year like that with you.

Well, for now, we have to treasure spending time with our families!

Well then! See you in the new term at school.

I bought lots of delicous black tea and cookies, so let's have a tea party in the student council room!

lolv xoxoxoxo

kuuuuya Sagimori :)

takato's email

Subject: New Year's Greetings

I wish you a happy New Year.

How are you welcoming the new year? Are you lazing under a kotatsu again? Ordinarily, I would say I'll drag you out... but this year, at least, I wish I were spending it under the kotatsu like you...(;´ρ`)

After all, I'm welcoming the new year in India like this, forced to come by my mother and stepbrother. With the everyday parties with crowds of people, as expected, my stomach and mind are exhausted。・゚゚・(>△<;)・゚゚・。

It's unbearable how much I miss quiet, peaceful time with you.

I'll somehow find an opportunity and hurry back to Japan, so let's go to a peaceful shrine for the first shrine visit of the new year.

So, best regards this year too(^ー゚)ノ

Takato Masatsugu

joker's email

Subject: С Новым годом [note]Note: 'S novym godom' or Happy New Year in Russian. :3

In Russia, the New Year comes while Christmas is still going on. New Year's parties are more exciting than Christmas.

Actually, the adults who drank the night away all fell asleep as soon as it was New Year, so now I'm really bored.

I wish you were next to me right now.

I wonder if there is some magic that would summon you here in an instant.

Mm, after all, I can't stand it, so after sending this email, I'll call you.

Then, we'll keep on talking until winter break is over.


sonoda's email

Subject: Happy new year!

Bonne Annee!

Did you already eat the special New Year's meal I gave you at the end of the year?

I know it's a masterpiece, but I want fly there from France right now to watch you enjoy eating it.

When I imagine it, I can't stop getting a ton of ideas for new dishes of New Year's cuisine, so look forward to the end of break.

Wherever you're fat on New Year, I'll make even fatter.

Sonoda Eiji

P.S.: After all, I can't wait till the end of winter break, so send me pictures of you eating.

sakaki's email

Subject: Happy New Year

Happy New Year.

Did you finish the winter break homework before the end of the year?

Slack off during New Year and you're likely to cry the day before class starts.

It's true the sake drunk at New Year's is delicious, so I do understand that you're feeling relaxed.

If you feel like getting a little exercise, come over here.

To sober up, for the first shrine visit of the year, I'll take you to a shrine that improves academics.

It's up to you what's in your New Year's gift.

Sakaki Sojiro

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