Gakuen Heaven translations

short stories

There are many short stories associated with the original game, and they're hidden in a variety of places. This section is small for now due to our focus on GH2, but more stories will be added over time!

winter comiket 2014 book

in an adult way Kazuki takes Keita out on a special date, but...

trading card bonuses

Mini stories available in multiple short parts as inserts in Gakuen Heaven card packs. The mail-in bonus from each card set included mini booklets with each character's story printed as a whole.

card set 1 description
Keita with Kazuki Why is Kazuki late for a shopping trip with Keita?
card set 2 description
Keita with Kazuki Kazuki's always tired recently, and Keita's starting to worry...
card set 3 description
Autumn Fruit Kazuki shows off his mature, sexy side.

other stories

Valentine's Day pins super-mini stories included with gashapon pin badges!