kazuki with keita

trading card set 1 bonus story

A cute winter story gives Kazuki the chance to show off his domestic skills. :D

Kazuki with Keita

Sunday. Kazuki and I had agreed to go out today. But Kazuki still hadn't arrived.

It was already 15 minutes past the time we were supposed to meet. Late... was late, but the time was too vague to call him slow. If it were spring or autumn with good weather, or this was my room or the dorm lobby, anyway, if it were a little warmer place, I probably wouldn't have minded.

Where would I go with Kazuki today? He planned to buy shoes and I was going to get a new sweater, so we'd go to one shop, and then the other... I hadn't asked what kind of shoes Kazuki wanted, but I guessed sneakers. Or maybe dress shoes to go with a suit. If I were Kazuki, which would I pick? What I wanted was a natural color, simple sweater, but since Kazuki knit his own, I was sure he'd nitpick everything when I chose one.

I completely forgot that it was past time as I thought about that.

But it was a cold winter morning right now, and I was waiting for Kazuki in front of the school's main entrance with the wind blowing from the ocean. Anyway, I was cold and ended up wanting Kazuki to hurry up.

Of course I wanted to see him soon... there was that too...

Winter had just begun, but this morning I was feeling particularly cold. The cold wind blowing from the ocean chilled me from the feet up. I moved away from the pillar I was leaning against and tried walking in small circles. I brought both hands to my mouth and blew my breath on them. I hadn't noticed it when I left the dorm, but standing still it was really cold...

"Keita. I'm sorry I'm late." A voice suddenly called from behind me. At the same time, a soft-looking white thing was lowered in front of my eyes and lightly draped around my neck.

This was...

"Kazuki?" I turned around and there was Kazuki. He looked like he'd run in a hurry, his cheeks were red and he was a little out of breath. He was gently wrapping a soft, warm scarf around my neck. It was a pure white, fluffy scarf knit from mohair yarn.

"Kazuki. This..."

"I'm really sorry for being late. I ended up late beause I wanted to finish this in time."

"Oh no... that's fine."

This was hand knit by Kazuki... wasn't it? Even though I had been so cold before, around my neck it was toasty warm. But I had the feeling it was a bit long. It was wrapped around once, but one end of the scarf dangled loosely below my knees.

Kazuki handed me a large paper bag as I looked down at the end of the scarf with a bit of astonishment. "And there's this. I don't mind if you buy a new sweater, but please wear the one I knit too."

I opened the bag and inside was a pure white sweater knit from the same yarn, and even a pair of matching mittens. I put my hand inside the bag and it was soft and warm. With this, I didn't need to buy a new sweater.

"Kazuki, thank you. I'm... incredibly happy."

At my words, Kazuki smiled brightly, seeming really happy.

Well... of course I was happy. Kazuki was a classmate going to school with me, but he was also actually the director of the school. He was incredibly busy, but he had knit a sweater and mittens for me.

But despite that, after all, this scarf was a little too long.

"Kazuki... You didn't have to work this hard, you know...?" I looked up at Kazuki with puppy-dog eyes and held out the dangling end of the scarf. This really was working too hard.

But Kazuki looked unconcerned despite my amazement and took the end of the scarf from my hands. "This is how it should be. You use this scarf like this." Wah... Kazuki... He wrapped the end of the scarf he had taken from me around his own neck... "Two people use one scarf. Isn't it nice?"

"Nice..." Oh no, I... didn't know what to do. No... it wasn't that it really bothered me, but I felt this was a bit... extremely too embarrassing. No matter how long, two people wearing one scarf would naturally end up with their bodies pressed together. No, I mean I didn't really mind being pressed together, that was fine... but going out in town together like this was...

"Kazuki. This is... crazy. I'm too embarrassed like this..."

"You're embarrassed?"

"I'm embarrassed. I can't go out like this..."

As I said that, Kazuki's arms softly embraced me. With both arms he hugged me, really light and very gentle, and then he suddenly tugged me close.

"Kazu... ki..."

"Then let's not go out. I want to stay like this with you all day today."

"Huh? But... Kazuki. I don't mind, but what about you? Weren't you going to buy shoes?"

I'd been hugged this way many times before, but being held by Kazuki like this still made my heart pound. I was embarrassed and wriggling restlessly and Kazuki's arms tightened around me.

"The shoes don't matter. If I can stay with you like this, I don't need anything else."

"Kazuki..." My body relaxed. When Kazuki whispered so sweetly and hotly, I... lost my ability to say anything back.

Kazuki held me at the main entrance, with snow beginning to fall lightly, and I hugged him back equally tight. The two of us held each other like that for a while, and finally Kazuki whispered quietly in my ear. "Will you come to my room? Or should I go to your room?"

Both were good, but my chest was tight and I didn't know how to respond. Still embracing him, I gently nuzzled my cheek against Kazuki's.

~ The End ~

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