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Waaaay back when, Spray asked fans of GH2 to submit questions to the character Twitter accounts for possible inclusion in the fanbook. There were tons of questions, of course, but only a few could be selected for each character. We were lucky enough to have several of our questions chosen for the book! These are marked with a ♥ at the beginning. :D

If you're interested in the original Twitter event, you can read the translations of the initial event and the character reactions too!


All New Character Messages
Question by question answers to questions from fans!!

Special character messages only in the official visual fanbook! A number of questions received on the official Twitter were picked up! Everyone from BL School answered the questions!

Asahina Yuki

Q: Do you have a method for tolerating hunger when you can't eat? If so, please tell us!
A: I hide sweet buns in my bag. But since my stomach makes such a huge rumble when I'm hungry, usually someone gives me something to eat. Ehehe.

Q: You love to eat, but are there any foods you dislike?
A: I love all delicious foods! But I guess I don't like foods that taste bad, or that are stinky, or bugs.

Q: Please tell us your secret for not getting discouraged!
A: When I eat my fill of delicious food, my worries usually disappear!

Q: Which of your duties in the student council are you best at?
A: Changing the fluorescent lights! Since I've changed so many. I'm able to change them really fast now.

Q: Yuki-kun, your hair sticks up a little, is that a deliberate hairdo? Or is it just messy hair?
A: It's already like this when I wake up.

Q: When you play rock-paper-scissors with Professor Ito, how long do you keep getting draws?
A: We did that before. At first there were a lot of people watching since we kept drawing, but everyone got bored and left because there was no resolution. In the end, I don't know how long we played.

Q: What path do you want to take in the future?
A: Gourmet exploration! But when I said that, everyone laughed at me....

Sagimori Kuya

Q: You wear a frilly shirt, so it that your interest? Or is it that of a member of your family? What are your casual clothes like (what style)?
A: It kind of seems like everyone's interested in my clothes, doesn't it? I got this shirt as a present from Kakuko-sama because she thought it suited me. By Kakuko-sama, I mean my great-grandfather's younger sister, and my guardian in case of emergencies in Japan. Kakuko-sama is the only family member I have in Japan right now. She is 92, but is a very vigorous old woman who worked for many years as the headmistress of a girls' school. I'm good at waltzing, so when I go see her, she always begs me to be her dance partner. By the way, the clothes I wear are mostly presents from others. My pajamas are a birthday present from my older sister, and my father gives me a new suit every year. The rest I get often from my designer friends. So, my style is all over the place.

Q: You seemed to have stayed in various countries, Kuya-san, so if you have a place you want to take the gourmand Yuki-kun, or something you want to feed him, please tell us. A tout a l'heure.
A: Salut! And with that greeting, I want to say France, but with Yuki's interests, I think Italy might be nice. We'd eat tons of delicious meat dishes in Milan, and then we'd go to Rome. Then in Naples, we'll have our fill of raw oysters and pizza. Yuki would definitely like freshly made mozzarella cheese. And Taiwan would be good too. We would walk around together trying out the various food stalls. It would be really fun!

Q: You always seem busy, Kuya-san, so we want to know what a day's schedule for you is!
A: Is a weekday okay? I get up at 6am, update FB and write emails, then take a shower and have breakfast. I go to school and after classes and student council work are over, I come back and have dinner. After that, I run for training for about an hour, then hang out with friends. After bedtime, I write letters and emails and go to bed at about 1am. I'm not that busy!

Q: You always have a white rose attached to your lapel and you even have one in the student council room, so are white roses your favorite? If you have another flower you like, or flower meaning you like, please tell us.
A: I was often told white roses suit me, so I ended up liking them. But I don't know enough about flowers or flower meanings to decide on a favorite. Sorry! Only, when I took a good look at heather flowers, I really felt a kinship, so it was a bit of a shock when I learned the meaning.[note!]Heather's meaning is solitude, loneliness, and betrayal...

Q: Why did you start liking the stars? And, you compared Yuki-kun to Regulus, so what star would you compare yourself to?
A: I love the stars because they shine no matter where you go! But, when I was little, I thought of myself as a comet tracing a long, long orbit. I was a star that close to Earth for just a short time, then always travelled alone. Well, I'm not as pessimistic now, though!

Takato Masatsugu

Q: What do you think is the part of Asahina's body that feels nicest to touch?
A: Should I interpret that question to have a sexual connotation? In that case, I like Asahina's abdomen. It's not very toned, but his skin protected from the sun is rather flexible and smooth and fits comfortably in my hands. Especially below his navel, his lower abdomen, slightly soft with firm muscle beneath, is so lovely I want to pet it forever.

Q: Please tell us about the situation that has made you feel the most charmed!!
A: Recently, I saw Asahina grinning and writing "Takato Yuki" in the margin of his notebook. He turned red and suddenly kissed my forehead, shouting "I just sucked out your memory! You won't remember anything, Takato-san!" I was honestly charmed.

Q: Please tell us the origin of your pen-name.
A: It's simple, expensive->cheap, east->west, so it's Anzai. For the first name, I randomly opened a book I was reading at the time and took it from a sentence on that page. (Note: Takato's family name is literally made of the kanji meaning expensive and east - he just chose the opposites for his pen name. The first name of his pen name is Samatsu, which means trivial.)

Q: We'd like your thoughts when you were doubted by your cute underclassman that "maybe he's going out with a married woman."
A: Even though that doubt had nothing to do with jealousy, no matter the implication, it was irritating. If he's going to make a ridiculous mistake, I want him to be at least a bit jealous.

Q: How long have you been wearing glasses? How many pairs do you have? Do you use computer glasses? Do you want to wear contacts? When you take off your glasses, how well can you see?
A: I've had glasses since I was 8 years old. I have 4 pairs at the dorm, and 3 at home, including ones I don't use. Of course I use computer glasses. Contacts put a burden on my eyes since I have a bit of dry eye, so I don't want to wear them. My visual acuity in both eyes is 0.3, so it causes problems in my daily life if I take them off.[note!]Roughly 20/63, between rows 3 and 4 on a Snellen chart. It doesn't really translate into an eyeglass prescription, though.

Jokawa Kiyotada

Q: Your family in Russia is pretty distinguished, so do you maybe have a Russian name too, apart from your Japanese name?
A: I do. It's Михайл (Mikhail), but it's a boring name, so I like my Japanese name better. My grandfather calls me Миша (Misha).

Q: What do you do about food when Sonoda-kun isn't around?
A: When it comes to food made by someone other than Eiji, I can eat it if I add enough seasoning for me to taste it. Only, when the person who cooks it sees that, they get pissed, so I don't go out much. At times like those, I just eat it even though it's unappetizing.

Q: Please tell us more about "Hocus Pocus," the SNS Durak manages! Who mainly has the job of managing it?
A: I made the whole basic concept and planned the rules, and I had the guys in the game association put the program together. I leave the normal management to the AI and have the game association do the maintenance. I sometimes tinker with it though.

Q: Your long hair is really beautiful, but is there a reason you grew it out?
A: There's no deep reason. If I get bored, I'll cut it. Do I look like the type who would make a votive offering? But Yuki-kun says my hair is pretty so I should keep it, so I'll keep it the way it is for a while, I guess.[note!]He’s referring to gankake - a Buddhist/Shinto prayer that includes doing a penance as an offering for a prayer to be granted. As an example, Matsuoka gave up cutting his hair as an offering to pray for Hiroya’s recovery.

Q: You had a match with Yuki-kun about wearing a dress or not, so in the end, who won? And what was it like to wear a dress?
A: I would never lose such an important match. The result of the match has to be what makes the audience most excited.

Q: When did you grow so tall?
A: Since I was 11, I guess. After the accident, I was asleep so much I was sick of it, so I was surprised I grew so much in that time. I haven't really stopped yet, so maybe I'll still get taller?

Sonoda Eiji

Q: What is that colored piece of cloth with Bell something written on it that you have wrapped around your waist with your apron?
A: Oh, that? It's the school's custom apron with Bell Liberty embroidered on it. As a special bonus, I'll reveal the whole thing.

Q: How much trial and error did it take until you were able to make food that suited Joker-san's sense of taste?
A: Do you really want to know? I analyzed a ridiculous amount of seasonings, and had his taste tested. I really had a heck of a time until I arrived at a dish he called delicious and that wouldn't damage his health. Well, I was able do it since I'm a genius.

Q: Since you want Le Guide Culinaire in the original language, how much French do you know? Are you studying it now?
A: I want to study there. I've got the French that's necessary in the kitchen down pat, but I guess I need to study the rest a little more.

Q: You have to get to the cafeteria early in order to serve food at lunchtime, so what do you do about class then? Are you exempt from class before lunch?
A: BL School uses a credit system, so I've reduced my classes before lunch. If there's preparation only I can do, I do it a day ahead, and give the recipe and instructions to the lunch ladies, so I have them prepare the basic dishes according to that. I personally prepare all of the special dishes.

Q: If you have a most recent episode where you were taking to Yuki-kun and you thought "oh, maybe I really am an annoying man...", please tell us!!
A: I really hate to do this, but it's written here (pg 92).

Chiba Hayato

Q: When you had your first date with Yuki-kun, you had on a simple t-shirt and jeans, different from your normal uniform. Who did you get advice on your outfit from?
A: I used Sonoda as a reference, who said "if my partner wore a Hawaiian shirt on a date, I'd break up immediately."

Q: Has Joker-sama asked how far you've gotten with Yuki-kun and stuff? And has he given you love advice?
A: Yeah, he's always asking. He's given me good advice many times. Sometimes, well... he says surprising things, but in the end it makes Asahina smile, so it must have been correct.

Q: You've had matches with Sagimori-sempai, so what kind of duels were they? How many times have you won or lost?
A: It's a loss if your opponent's sword touches your body. Myself fights trying to split his head open. As for winning or losing, myself has won... I'd like to say, but right now we're even, or maybe he's a little ahead. I know it's myself's fault for losing my cool when provoked, but I get irritated when I see that frilly outfit. And his speed is really something.... But soon, I'll definitely beat the stuffing out of him.

Q: Chiba-san, how long have you been doing kendo?
A: I've been doing it for over 10 years.

Q: If you were on a deserted island and you could have only one thing, what would it be?
A: A nata (Japanese hatchet). If I had one, I could carve a wooden sword, and bring down wild boars. I might even be able to beat a bear.

Minase Arata

Q: There's a uniform and a summer uniform, but what outfits do you spend midsummer and midwinter in, Arata-san?
A: Whether it's summer or winter, I guess I have a lot of clothes with zippers, like track suits and hoodies. So that it's easy for Maro to get in. It's hot in the summer, so I put an icepack in the pocket.

Q: Aratan, what do you do first thing in the morning and right before going to bed?
A: I pet Maro while I'm falling asleep. It's become a habit, reaching out my hand while half-asleep and patting. So when Maro isn't sleeping next to me, I get tense and can't really sleep....

Q: Aratan, what is you favorite food that your grandmother makes?
A: Udon. It's soft and springy. Since there isn't much broth, it's easy to eat, even though I don't like hot food. Overall, I eat more sweet and salty-sweet things than at home, so that's what I think of as my grandma's flavors.

Q: Arata-san, where is your house? Is it a city or town, or is it a place out in the countryside?
A: I guess there's not really cities in the prefecture. My house is an apartment near the station. It's a normal residential area but although there aren't any around my house, if you go a little ways, there's fields. There's nothing particularly distinctive... oh, there's Lake Biwa.

Q: Since becoming lovers with Yuki-kun, have you accidentally shown your true self in front of everyone?
A: No. But recently in the cafeteria, I was talking to Reo-Reo and I accidentally answered with no enthusiasm and he asked me "does your stomach hurt or something?" Reo-Reo spends a lot of time with Yuki, but he's kind of dense, so it's a bit of a relief.

Kasahara Tomo

Q: You're always saying normal is best, so when you imagine a "normal romance", what is it like?
A: I've never thought about it deeply, so it's difficult to answer now that I'm asked directly. I guess it's because I don't really know much about romance. I, it's not that, is it? Is it like in a morning drama series where they were always together since they were little and they support each other when life is tough?

Q: Where is the best place to go when you cut class?
A: The nurse's office. Because Dr. Matsuoka lets me cut class 100%, and when Yuki comes to get me, he's tactful and lets us be alone together.

Q: What do you think of Professor Ito? Have you ever thought things like he's kind and mother-like?
A: Professor Ito worries about me a lot, and is really considerate of me, and I'm grateful. He's way nicer than Professor Sakaki. But I don't really know if he's like a mother or not. I'd understand if it were older brother-like, but I haven't had the experience of what a mother is like.

Q: Right now he's your guardian, but in the future, is Kazuki-san going to adopt you? Will you become the heir of Suzubishi?
A: I'm not going to be adopted. I refused the offer of being adopted by the family that took Brother in. I think it's plenty that Kazuki-san, a direct heir of Suzubishi, has become my guardian.

Q: Do you know Suzubishi Kazuki-san's age?
A: Age? The same as Professor Ito... come to think of it, he's not, is he? Don't ask me, shouldn't you ask Professor Ito or Dr. Matsuoka?

Q: You eat a lot of candy, so do you have any cavities?
A: It says on the wrapper that it's made with xylitol so it's safe for teeth.

Yagami Reon

Q: Please tells the thing you have the most fun doing with Yuki-kun!!
A: After all, being in the band was the most fun, but it's broken up now, so.... Recently, falling asleep listening to him humming next to me, I think those times are nice too.

Q: Please tell us your favorite type and cut of meat!
A: That's sirloin! My favorite way to eat it is as a steak. Asahina says he likes meat that melts in your mouth, but the fun of chewing and chewing and having the meat juices overflowing is the best part.

Q: What is your father's name? And what is he like?
A: Yagami Tatsuhiko. He's a professor teaching piano studies at a music school. He's the least talkative in the family. No matter where my mother is in the world, he sends her a bouquet on her birthday, so, well... they're happy together, I guess?

Q: Do you have a favorite songwriter? We'd be happy to hear your favorite classical composer. And the reason.
A: I have favorite bands, but I don't feel like I like or hate specific songwriters. The ones I've had the chance to play the most are Beethoven, and J.S. Bach's violin sonatas. The ones I'm always asked to play are Paganini's 24 Caprices and Zigeunerweisen.

Q: Your family seems to be rich, so does your house have a pool?
A: No. There's a garden, but the maintenance is left to a gardener. As for rich people things, there are several soundproofed practice rooms. My father uses the whole basement and it's the biggest room. Well, it can't be helped since there's a grand piano in there.

Sakaki Sojiro

Q: Why did you decide to live in the staff dorm? Have you ever wanted to leave the school island?
A: On top of having more freedom than at the Sakaki home, there's no cost for the staff to live there.

Q: Professor Sakaki, you seemed to be really close with Nao-nii-san, so did you hang out together on weekends?
A: Even if I invited him to go drink, he didn't drink. And even when he made the invitation, he was the kind of guy who would fall sick that day, so I can only imagine what it would have been like.

Q: Professor Sakaki, we'd like to know about how your mornings go from the time you wake up until you go to work. Do you have anything you do as a habit every morning?
A: After I get up, I go jogging for about 5 to 10 kilometers before going to the school. I also finish my breakfast along the way. Since I don't take time to commute, I have more time in the morning than other salarymen.

Q: You're a math teacher, so why do you wear a lab coat?
A: It's simply to avoid getting stained by chalk. Black shirts get dirty easily.

Q: Please tell us what appetizers you recommend to go with sake!
A: I want to say that what goes best with Suzubishi Brewery's sake "Suzu no Ne" (Sound of a Bell) is salt, but the correct answer is that it goes with anything delicious.

Q: Is there any student who has ever gotten 100 points on your test?
A: None yet. But it's not impossible.

Q: Please tell us more about your cigarettes, Professor Sakaki. And how many do you smoke in a day?
A: The brand is the biggest in Japan. Recently, the places I can smoke have been restricted, so I only smoke about 5 per day.

Okazaki Ken

Q: What is written on the sleeve of your hoodie (including the part that's hidden)?
A: It says "MARS", where famous aliens are said to live! Actually, the special material this hoodie is made of liberally uses NASA technology and is waterproof, fireproof, and dust-proof!

Q: Have you ever gone to the occult shop off-campus? If you did, what did you buy there?
A: I'm glad you asked. There are several occult shops I shop at regularly, but among them, the one near the school island has a very wide variety of items. It's an occult shop with a venerable history as generations of students who like the occult have utilized it. A popular item there is the mystery bag that might contain fragments of OOPARTS! Right, just the other day I obtained an interesting plant growing kit from an overseas occult colleague by trading cursed goods I bought at that shop. It could be hiding that legendary evil plant... (the rest is omitted)

Ito Keita

Q: A question for Professor Ito. It seems you have your driver's license, so have you gone on a drive with your special person yet? Has that person said something about your license?
A: I went through the trouble of getting a license, but somehow, they don't seem to want me to drive them very much. They seem to be worried about me, but I wonder if that's really it.

Q: A question for Professor Keita. When did you decide to become a teacher? And why?
A: I first thought of it around the time of graduating BL School, I guess. It was because I wanted to repay the school somehow. After that, I put in a lot of effort to become a teacher.

Matsuoka Jin

Q: When Ito-kun decided to do his best to become a teacher, did you give him any advice? If you have any advice for Ito-kun, who's just become a teacher, please tell us!
A: It seems his friends helped and supported him with studying for the staff examination. I only learned about his dream for the future when he came to the school for his student teaching. I guess I told him that he should stay like himself from his school days.

Q: Dr. Matsuoka, who is your special person? Please tell us at least a little about them.
A: My special person is a researcher my age. We live together in a place where it's possible for me to commute to the school by motorcycle. Things happened and there was a time when he was ill, but now that he's recovered, he's returned to his research position.


Q: Do you like Japanese curry? How many days after making it do you think curry is most delicous?
A: Indian curry is delicious, but I love Japanese curry too. Letting it rest overnight makes it even more awesome.

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