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Yagami route translation

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june 2

Yuki: Yagami...
Yuki: Yeah! I've decided on Yagami!!
Yuki: If it's Yagami from the same class, it will be easy to talk to him and make requests, and neither of us will have any weird hesitation.
Yuki: If it's Yagami, we can work hard together...
Yuki: I guess...
Yuki: It's fine!!
Yuki: Yagami has a foul mouth, but he's surprisingly helpful.
Yuki: I'm sure he'll work hard with me!
Yuki: Even today, he was up early waiting for me in the classroom and looked for the armband with me.
Yuki: Besides, it's kind of comfortable talking to Yagami.
Yuki: I feel relaxed when we joke around with each other, I mean...
Yuki: Yeah! I feel like we'll make a really good combo.
Yuki: But... Yagami doesn't beat around the bush.
Yuki: He might flat out refuse, saying 'not gonna do it.'
Yuki: Wait, why am I getting discouraged!?
Yuki: It's only natural to be worried.
Yuki: If he refuses, I'll deal with it then.
Yuki: Alright! I'll go see Yagami right away.

(club wing hallway)
Yuki: Here I go...
*knock knock*
Yuki: Yagami! I have something important to talk about.
light music appreciation group member: If you're looking for Yagami, he's not here yet.
Yuki: Oh, I see.
Yuki: Excuse me...
*door closes*
Yuki: Umm... Yagami, where could he be...?
Yuki: Oh. Maybe.

Yuki: Got it. Found you, Yagami!

CG: Yagami with headphones
Yuki: He's listening to music again.
Yuki: Then, let's get right to it...
Yuki: ...
Yuki: He looks kind of serious.
Yuki: Before, he was more excited and seemed to enjoy listening to it.
Yuki: ...
Yuki: The volume is so loud, maybe it hurts to hear it?
Yuki: Alright.
Yuki: I'll quietly get close...
Yuki: ...Huh? There's no sound.
Yuki: Wait, he's not listening to anything...?
Yuki: Hey! Take off the headphones!
end CG

Yuki: ...After all, there's no sound.
Yagami: ...!? My headphones!!
Yuki: Uwah!?
Yagami: Don't touch them all of a sudden!!
Yuki: Huh? Oh...

Were you sleeping?

(decision: Sorry...)
Yuki: Sorry...
Yagami: Huh? It's you, Asahina.
Yuki: Yeah...
Yuki: Sorry, Yagami. Suddenly taking your headphones.
Yagami: Huh?
Yuki: Well, you always have them, they must be really important to you, right?
Yuki: Suddenly taking them was wrong.
Yuki: I was just trying to mess around a little.
Yuki: I didn't think it would bother you that much.
Yagami: H, hey.
Yuki: Sorry! I'm really sorry!!
Yuki: I really regret it!!
Yagami: Hey, wait...
Yuki: Yagami, I'm sorry!!
Yagami: Argh!! Shut up for a bit!!
Yuki: Huh...
Yagami: Geez... Is it something you gotta grovel over?
Yagami: What? Hey. Don't make me out to be the bad guy.
Yuki: It suits you.
Yagami: Hey.
Yagami: Listen, Asahina. I'm not a little boy who gets angry at every little thing like that.
Yagami: If you get it, quit bowing.
Yuki: Yeah... I already stopped...
Yagami: Don't be so picky.
Yagami: Geez, I already said stop apologizing.
Yuki: Yeah, alright.
Yagami: ...So, what? Did you come here for something?
Yuki: That's right!
Yuki: Hey, Yagami! Will you be my Bell One partner?
Yagami: Me?
Yuki: Yeah! You!!
Yuki: Please!!
Yagami: Fine.
Yuki: I know you have a lot of stuff going on, but it's a terrible time for the school right now...
Yuki: Huh? It's fine?
Yagami: Yeah. That's what the panda guy was saying, right?
Yagami: I'll do it with you.
Yuki: Huh...?
Yagami: What's with that? Did you think making me your partner was that high a hurdle?
Yuki: Yeah. Kind of...
Yuki: I kind of thought you might refuse.
Yagami: Hah. Idiot.
Yagami: 'Cuz I owe you.
Yuki: Owe?
Yagami: Yeah.
Yagami: You remember when the music club guys falsely accused me of stealing a violin, don't you?
Yuki: Oh, that!
Yuki: Wow... Yagami, you have a strong sense of duty.
Yagami: 'Course I do. I pay back my debts.
Yagami: That's what a man does.
Yuki: Yeah! That's right.
Yuki: I remember, when I first met you, you talked about not creating debts.
Yagami: Right.
Yuki: Good! Then, Yagami. Thanks!
Yagami: Leave it to me.
Yuki: Thank goodness. You said okay.
Yagami: I'm with you, so you can chill out.
Yuki: Yeah!
Yuki: You know, Yagami, you may be always be late, but I guess you're not irresponsible about this.
Yagami: Hey.
Yuki: I'm glad I asked you!
Yagami: That's great.
Yagami: But you didn't have to add the part about being late!
Yuki: Ow!!

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