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a few days later

Yuki: Hey. Yagami.
Yuki: I wonder where he went?
Yuki: The show is tomorrow and I wanted to talk to Yagami a little more.
Yuki: Umm...

Yagami: This isn't working. Let's quit for today.
Yuki: Huh? Why?
Yagami: Cuz it's not working.
Yuki: But we just started, it hasn't even been ten minutes?
Yuki: The show is tomorrow. Shouldn't we meet for a little longer?
Yagami: Shuttup. We should stop.
Yuki: Oh no... I can't accept that. Is everyone else okay with it?
Tajima: ...
Yagami: Yonezawa-san. You get it, don't you?
Yonezawa: ...Yeah.
Yagami: It's useless to continue. So we'll quit here for today.
Yuki: Wait...
Yuki: Wait a minute. You say we're going to quit for today because it's not working with Yonezawa-san on drums?
Yagami: Humph. That's pretty blunt.
Yuki: Oh... Sorry...
Yuki: But, it's true it might not be going well, but how is it going to help to stop rehearsal?
Yuki: Are you going to give up on the show tomorrow?
Yagami: Huh?
Yuki: Then shouldn't we practice even more?
Yuki: There's still time!
Yuki: Yonezawa-san and Tajima-san, don't keep quiet, please say something!
Yuki: You too, Yagami! It's not like you to give up!!
Yagami: Listen up, Asahina...
Yagami: You really are an idiot.
Yuki: What!?
Yagami: Who said anything about giving up? No one said a word about that.
Yuki: Huh? But...
Yagami: It's not working for Yonezawa-san today.
Yagami: Today, get it?
Yuki: Oh...
Yagami: Tomorrow will be fine. So don't panic.
Yuki: No... I wasn't really panicking...
Yagami: Then take a look in the mirror and chill out.
Yagami: Alright, Asahina? We've rehearsed every day until now.
Yagami: We've gotten to the point where we're happy with how we sound.
Yagami: Then, what would it help if we got it perfect a day ahead?
Yagami: It won't, idiot.
Yuki: O, oh...
Yagami: Then, I'll be going.
Tajima: Thanks.
Yonezawa: Sorry.
Yuki: Um...
Yagami: Oh, Asahina. While you're looking in the mirror, practice looking cool.
Yuki: Practice looking cool?
Yagami: Yeah. You said the vocalist was the face of the band, dumbass.
Yagami: If that face didn't look cool, what would we do?
Yagami: Bye.
Yuki: Oh...
Yuki: Is that okay...?
Yonezawa: It can't be helped.
Tajima: Yeah.
Yuki: But...
Yuki: The real show is finally tomorrow!?
Yuki: I was really fired up for today's final rehearsal!!
Yonezawa: No, that's impressive.
Tajima: We can appreciate your hard work.
Yuki: Not that, it's Yagami!
Yuki: After all, I'm going to bring him back! If we can get in tune again...
Yonezawa: It's fine. It probably won't get better.
Yuki: Huh...
Yonezawa: It's just not working out. So no matter how many times we meet today, you know?
Yonezawa: Sorry, Asahina-kun.
Yuki: Oh...
Yuki: Um, are you not feeling well or something...?
Yonezawa: That's not it. This just happens sometimes.
Tajima: With music... no, with other things too, it happens. There's days where it just doesn't work.
Yuki: Well, I guess...
Yuki: But, no matter what, he didn't have to cancel it like that.
Tajima: It's fine. This isn't the first time that Yagami has canceled like that.
Yuki: Huh?
Tajima: Our sound was all over the place. We were out of tune.
Tajima: On days like that, it doesn't work no matter what you do and you end up cutting rehearsal short.
Yonezawa: We were really surprised the first time. The captain... oh, the previous one. He was kind of annoyed.
Tajima: But in the end, it was for the best.
Yuki: Really?
Yonezawa: Right. Cutting rehearsal short. You reset and the next day, you do it and it works.
Yonezawa: It's mysterious.
Tajima: If no one says it, you continue rehearsing uselessly and just add needless stress.
Tajima: Still, it's hard for the person who is off to bring it up.
Tajima: Yagami says it for the sake of us members.
Yuki: So that's it...
Yonezawa: Yagami has a short temper.
Yuki: Yes...
Yonezawa: But, when he has an instrument, he listens to a person's playing very calmly.
Yonezawa: If you pay attention to what he tells you, even you'll be able to tell that you've gotten way better.
Tajima: If you don't put in enough practice, he'll curse you out and kick you, though.
Yuki: That's just like Yagami.
Tajima: That's right.
Tajima: So it's fine. If he puts it like he did before.
Tajima: I'm sure we'll be able to play well tomorrow.
Tajima: So you don't have to worry either.
Yuki: Yes.
Yuki: I'm a bit surprised.
Yonezawa: By what?
Yuki: Yagami joined the light music appreciation group after you guys, right?
Yonezawa: Right.
Tajima: Yeah.
Yuki: Still, you really depend on him.
Yuki: Listening to you now, it's like Yagami is the leader here, even while the previous captain was here.
Tajima: That's right.
Tajima: I'm really grateful Yagami joined the group.
Yuki: Tajima-san...
Yonezawa: Well, you are especially.
Tajima: Yeah...
Tajima: We were a death metal band until just a while ago.
Tajima: That was the favorite of the previous captain, the vocalist.
Tajima: Actually, I always wanted to do hard rock. But the captain, you know.
Yonezawa: He kind of made fun of it.
Yuki: Of hard rock?
Tajima: Who knows. Whether he was making fun of me or rock.
Tajima: Whichever one, it wasn't an environment where we could play rock.
Yuki: That's kind of annoying.
Tajima: He's wasn't a bad guy, though.
Yonezawa: Yeah.
Tajima: I'm glad Yagami, the real frontman, decided the direction of the band after the captain left.
Tajima: Yagami likes metal, and I thought he would continue with metal like up till now.
Tajima: But, he let me switch the music I wrote to rock.
Yonezawa: You looked really happy when that happened.
Tajima: Really?
Yonezawa: You did, you did. Even though you normally never crack a smile, your face relaxed and your mouth was like this...
Tajima: Did I make that weird of a face?
Yuki: You looked really happy to me.
Yonezawa: There you go.
Tajima: I see.
Yonezawa: Even for the vocals, Yagami said there's a guy who'd fit in and brought him.
Yuki: Me?
Yonezawa: Yep.
Tajima: You.
Tajima: I should have said this sooner, but thanks for accepting the role of being our vocalist.
Tajima: Thanks to you, the song I wrote has become real.
Yuki: Haha. It's too early to thank me, we haven't even stood on stage yet.
Tajima: But without you, we wouldn't even be able to stand on stage.
Yuki: For me too, it's thanks to Yagami that I can be here.
Yuki: Yagami has given this band his all.
Yonezawa: Though you wouldn't know it to look at him.
Yuki: Since I thought he was a lone wolf, or rather, the type to follow his own path, it was kind of surprising.
Yuki: I'm a member in a band with Yagami.
Tajima: Yeah.
Yonezawa: Of course, you're part of the crew.
Yonezawa: But, I wonder if Yagami is okay with us as his crew.
Yuki: Huh?
Yonezawa: Unlike Yagami, we didn't get into the school because of music.
Yonezawa: So, we're just amateurs, you know?
Tajima: Composing and playing is nothing more than a hobby.
Yonezawa: After all, I think if we were better, we wouldn't be holding him back.
Yonezawa: Cutting rehearsal short like today.
Yuki: Oh no.
Tajima: Actually, it's probably better for Yagami to be with guys who have musical talent.
Yonezawa: Like the music club?
Tajima: Yeah...
Yuki: Hold on, you two! I think you're wrong!
Tajima: Asahina?
Yuki: I think Yagami has a lot of fun doing activities here, regardless of ability.
Yuki: If not, Yagami wouldn't keep doing it.
Yuki: Something that he's not satisfied with.
Tajima: I see.
Yuki: Right!
Yonezawa: Thanks.
Yonezawa: Then, let's leave for today now that we have our confidence back.
Tajima: Right.
Yuki: Sorry. There's something I'm a little curious about... can I go on ahead?
Tajima: Yeah. We'll clean up.
Yuki: Thank you! Then, excuse me!!

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