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the next day (continued)

(behind the school building)
Yuki: Woohoo!!
Yonezawa: Asahina, great job. And Yagami and Tajima too, great job.
Yuki: You too, Yonezawa-san! Thank goodness, it was just in time!
Yuki: Tajima-san! Your original song was unveiled. How was it!?
Tajima: ...I'm so happy. Thanks.
Yuki: I'm happy too!
Yuki: But if you're saying thanks, it should be to Yagami more than me.
Yuki: Right, Yagami?
Yagami: Hm?
Yuki: We were able to play Tajima-san's new song too because you tied it together with the violin.
Yagami: It was just one song.
Yuki: It couldn't be helped. We were rushing to get set up and were barely ready in time.
Tajima: Still, I'm happy.
Yuki: Yagami had his violin, and I sang.
Yuki: And I'm glad Tajima-san was able to borrow a bass from another band.
Yonezawa: Man, Tajima, you were so persistent. I've never seen you beg so desperately.
Yonezawa: Even though you'd never met before, they ended up lending you their precious instrument.
Tajima: Well...
Yonezawa: That's rare, you're blushing.
Yuki: With Yonezawa-san on drums, we were all together.
Yonezawa: Of course, it helped that drums can't be carried off.
Yagami: Well, we improvised and it just worked out in the end.
Yuki: It didn't just work out! The audience was really into it!
Yuki: And it's all thanks to you!
Yagami: Huh?
Yuki: I can't believe how you arranged the guitar part of the new song for violin.
Yuki: You played it so confidently that I thought you might have actually practiced it in secret.
Yagami: Like I'd do that.
Yuki: It was that amazing. That's why I was able to relax and sing.
Yonezawa: That's right, Yagami.
Tajima: Same here.
Tajima: Thanks, Yagami.
Yagami: No...
??: Yagami!
Omi: I heard it! It was a wonderful performance!
Omi: You finally played the violin again and nothing could make me happier!
Omi: You're going to take up the violin again, aren't you!?
Yagami: Tch.
Yuki: Yagami!?
Yagami: You bastard! How could you do something so sick!?
Omi: Uwah! Wha, what are you...
Yagami: You were the one who hid our instruments!
Yagami: Where did you put them!? Bring them out right now!!
Omi: Eek! I, I, wah!!
Yagami: You bastard...
Yuki: Stop it! Yagami!!
Yagami: Let go! Who else could it have been!!?
Yagami: You bastard! I'll never forgive you!!
Shun: Stop it. He was only following my orders.
Yuki: Huh?
Yuki: Shun-kun!?
Yuki: Huh? Why? Shun-kun, what are you...
Yagami: Hey, Shun. What's the meaning of this?
Shun: You didn't get it just now?
Shun: He hid your band's instruments on my orders.
Shun: That's what I was trying to say.
Yagami: Why...?
Shun: Omi was just a gofer. I told him that if he did as I instructed, you'd come back to the music club.
Shun: He really believed me and did it, the idiot.
Shun: That's all.
Yuki: Wha...
Yonezawa: Harsh.
Tajima: Who is this? Yagami's little brother or something?
Yuki: He's Yagami's friend... but...
Yagami: Hey, Shun. You saying Omi acted on your orders?
Shun: That's right.
Yagami: When did you guys become such good friends?
Omi: *sobbing*
Shun: Be quiet, Omi.
Omi: *sobbing* *hic*
Shun: He was always coming to your room when we were in the hospital.
Shun: Every single day, even though you told him to go away, he stubbornly kept coming to visit you.
Shun: Eventually, you got worn down, so when he came to visit, you snuck out of your room.
Yagami: Since then, huh.
Shun: Right.
Shun: You got involved in the accident because you tried to save me.
Shun: That's why you were hospitalized.
Shun: He knew that and talked to me instead when he couldn't meet you.
Shun: So, that's why we exchanged contact information.
Yagami: That's why you're friends with a grade-schooler?
Omi: But... I... *sob*... *hic*
Shun: Back then, I was the only one who could give him information about you.
Shun: And thanks to these legs, it was perfect, I was wanting a gofer.
Omi: B... but... *sob*. I was so, so worried... *hic*
Omi: You wouldn't see me... I thought it was because of the injury... that maybe the injury was so bad...
Omi: *sob*
Yagami: Tch. You must have seen me when you came stalking me.
Yagami: Did I look like I had injuries I didn't want anyone to see?
Omi: *sob* But maybe where I couldn't see... or something.
Omi: That's why I didn't care who... I talked to anyone who had details about your condition... *sobbing*
Yagami: So that's why you kept tabs on Shun.
Omi: Waaaaah!!
Shun: *sigh* You're all soaked with tears. It's shameful, bawling at your age.
Shun: Anyway, he's really an idiot. When it comes to Yagami, he does anything you tell him.
Yagami: Anything?
Yagami: Does that mean you've had him do stuff before?
Shun: I have.
Shun: Your violin disappeared from your room before, didn't it?
Yagami: ...!
Shun: But later, it was back in your room like nothing had happened.
Shun: I ordered Omi to do that.
Yagami: ...What?
Omi: I'm sorry... I'm sorry...
Shun: He went into your room before and after the violin went missing, didn't he? He brought some sort of present.
Yagami: Oh. That's when. The yakiniku bento. And he did it two days in a row.
Shun: He brought his cello case then, didn't he?
Shun: I had him hide and steal it when you weren't looking.
Yagami: In there...?
Shun: I had him modify an unused cello case to put various things in there.
Shun: I heard. You were really confused, weren't you?
Yagami: Yeah... I even went into the music club room.
Shun: Even though you said you'd quit the violin, you were panicked and looking for it.
Shun: When that happened, Omi was really happy.
Shun: It meant you wanted to play the violin after all. That you hadn't thrown your violin away.
Yagami: Urk...
Yuki: Shun-kun, why!?
Shun: What?
Yuki: Why did you hide the instruments!?
Yuki: Then and today, why!?
Shun: No reason. I was just annoyed.
Yuki: Wha...
Yonezawa: Hey now. That's going too far for a prank.
Tajima: Why you little...
Yonezawa: Now, now, Tajima. Calm down.
Yonezawa: Omi-kun? Yagami and Tajima's instruments are safe, aren't they?
Omi: *sob*... *hic*... They're in my cello case... in the locker.
Yonezawa: See, they're safe.
Yonezawa: Since it wasn't really Omi-kun, but the kid who was behind it.
Tajima: Tch...
Tajima: You, don't do it again.
Yonezawa: Right, right. It was just a kid's prank.
Yuki: ...
(Yuki: I get the feeling that's not it.)
(Yuki: Shun-kun hiding the instruments wasn't just a prank.)
(Yuki: He's not the kind of kid who would do that just because.)
(Yuki: He must have had some reason.)
(Yuki: So I can't. I can't let it drop like this...)
Yagami: Hey, Shun.
Shun: What?
Shun: Urk...
Yagami: I don't care what you do to me. But hands off the other guys.
Shun: ...
Yagami: Do you know how important today was for people like us?
Yagami: You have no idea.
Shun: ...
Yagami: It's only a music festival, but,
Yagami: Experience is something you can only get on stage. So we can't waste even one opportunity.
Yagami: We practiced every single day for that one opportunity.
Yagami: They earned the right to be the focus of attention up on stage with their effort, smug as that sounds.
Yagami: Shun. You don't have the right to get in their way.
Shun: ...
Yagami: If you're annoyed, be annoyed at me. Don't involve them.
Yagami: If you're gonna do something, do it just to me.
Shun: ut... up...
Yagami: Huh?
Shun: I'm saying... your lecture is annoying.
Shun: I... wanted to see you hurting.
Yagami: If you don't like me, you should hit me or swear.
Shun: No! I wanted you to hurt much, much more than that!
Shun: I wanted to... see your face... when your precious instrument was stolen.
Shun: So...
Yagami: Hey, Shun. You...
Yuki: Why!? Why are you trying to hurt Yagami like that?
Yuki: You seemed to be so close with Yagami, why!?
Shun: Are you an idiot?
Shun: Close, close. Even grade-schoolers' friendships are more casual nowadays.
Yuki: Still!
Yuki: Are you saying Yagami did something to you!?
Yagami: Asahina...
Shun: It's because he pitied me...
Yuki: Pitied?
Shun: That's right. He pitied me and quit the violin.
Shun: Even though the ear he lost hearing in could be fixed with surgery...
Shun: Still, he feels sorry for me and won't do it.
Shun: It's just for his own satisfaction. It's annoying!
Yagami: ...Shun. So that's what you thought.
Shun: It's true, isn't it?
Shun: My legs are like this because of the accident and I can't do what I want.
Shun: It's like you feel you owe me for not being able to save me, but I don't want your concern.
Yagami: Who said that?
Yagami: I'm not saying anything like that.
Shun: You're not saying it! But I can tell by looking...
Omi: ...
Yagami: Omi?
Omi: But... isn't it true?
Omi: This kid, even though he's just a child, he can't walk anymore... don't you feel sorry for him?
Omi: You couldn't save him... so you regret it, don't you?
Omi: So you gave in to despair and quit the violin...
Yagami: Why you! Try saying that again!!
Omi: Eek!
Shun: That's enough!!
Yagami: Huh?
Shun: Leave me alone! I don't want your pity!!
Shun: You should hurry up and get your ear surgery and go back to your original life!!
Shun: You were called a prodigy with the violin, weren't you!? You were that good, weren't you!?
Shun: Then you should forget about me and be a violinist or whatever!!
Shun: I'm moving! I'm never seeing you again!
Shun: It's perfect!!
Yagami: Shun. You...
Shun: Of course someone like me can't have a life.
Shun: I need help from someone to go outside, or even take a bath.
Shun: I say I can do it by myself, but I get told it's dangerous so I should avoid it.
Shun: It's so annoying, I'm sick of it.
Shun: All the adults say it. Poor thing, poor thing. But he's so young. That I can't do what I want to do.
Shun: When I answer that I'm not a poor thing, they say a child shouldn't react like that.
Shun: Then how should I react!!?
Yagami: Well... you should react however you want.
Shun: Ha! You think so too. You're sorry that my future was stolen and stuff.
Shun: To heck with future dreams. I haven't thought that far ahead.
Shun: You're lucky. You're talented and your future looks promising, doesn't it?
Shun: You quit the violin and you're having fun with guitar now, right?
Shun: Then, I thought I needed to show you.
Shun: How painful it is to be in a position where you can't do what you want. I'd show you firsthand.
Yagami: That's why you hid the instruments?
Shun: That's right. I wanted to see you hurting!
Yagami: Shun...
Yagami: Ah! Dammit!!
Shun: What? Are you angry? Disgusted? You want to hit me again?
Shun: Then...
Yuki: I don't think it's any of them.
Shun: Then, what is it?
Yuki: Yagami isn't angry or disgusted. And I don't think he wants to hit you.
Yuki: I think he's just really confused.
Shun: ...
Yuki: You've been through a lot of pain and hardship, being in an accident and no longer being able to walk.
Yuki: So I think it's natural that you lament your misfortune and get annoyed.
Shun: You pitied me?
Yuki: Yeah.
Yuki: It's the truth that you've been through a much bigger ordeal than other kids.
Yuki: But, I don't think it will make you happy to make others suffer or wish misfortune on someone.
Shun: You're awfully blunt.
Yuki: Yeah.
Shun: That's just empty words, isn't it?
Yuki: Maybe.
Yuki: But, Shun-kun, you actually know, don't you?
Yuki: What will make you happier than those things.
Shun: Happy? Me?
Yuki: Yeah.
Yuki: Well, your eyes were shining while you were listening to Yagami's performance.
Shun: Wha...
Yagami: Asahina. You...
Yuki: When I was singing up on stage, I could clearly see everyone smiling.
Yuki: I saw your face clearly.
Shun: I wasn't smiling...
Yuki: Yeah. You weren't smiling.
Yuki: But your eyes were definitely shining.
Yuki: I could tell that your heart was moved by Yagami's performance.
Shun: ...
Yuki: After you were in the accident...
Yuki: You couldn't move your body the way you wanted, you were frustrated and in pain, and I think you haven't been able to get that out of your head.
Yuki: But while we were on stage, you had fun.
Yuki: You listened to our music, and even if it didn't make the pain go away, you felt something else besides it.
Yuki: That's what I believe.
Yuki: Am I wrong?
Shun: ...You're, not wrong...
Shun: You're right, I think.
Yagami: Shun. You...
Shun: I listened to all of you perform, and then...
Shun: ...
Shun: I understood...
Shun: For the first time, I understood, Yagami.
Yagami: Understood... what?
Shun: I... heard you playing the violin...
Shun: Listening to you all play and sing so happily... I was annoyed.
Yagami: Hey...
Shun: But it's true, isn't it? Even though you should have been in trouble without instruments, you were so happy, right?
Shun: It sounded so nice and everyone around me was smiling and cheering for you.
Shun: My thoughts were always such a mess, and when I made that Omi guy hide your instruments, I thought I'd laugh at you.
Shun: But despite that, when I saw you on stage, I had fun, you know?
Shun: Do you know how I reacted, what I thought about that?
Shun: The performance that everyone around me was enjoying, I was the one who tried to wreck it!
Shun: I... couldn't take it anymore.
Shun: My paralyzed legs are in the way, therapy is hard, it hurts, I want to run away.
Shun: My parents and teachers and even the guys in class treat me like I'm made of glass, you know?
Shun: I can't make everyone happy. I can't smile at everyone.
Shun: Even if I take it out on my parents, on Omi, or you guys, it doesn't change anything.
Shun: I can't take it anymore!!
Shun: I hate this... hate it...
Yagami: Shun...
Shun: *sobbing* ...Dammit. I'm so lame... *hic*
Shun: *sob*...
Yagami: ...

*time passes*

Yagami: Ah-ah. You really look like you've been crying.
Shun: Shuttup...
Yagami: Your parents will ask what's wrong. They're coming to pick you up, aren't they?
Shun: I told you to shut up.
Shun: Just so you know, I haven't cried once since the accident.
Shun: I'll tell my parents you made me cry.
Yuki: Shun-kun!?
Shun: Whatever.
Shun: Saying it's because your performance was so good.
Shun: It's kind of hard, you know?
Yuki: Uh, um...
Shun: Hehe.
Yagami: Idiot. Say whatever you want.
Shun: I will.
Shun: You know, I'll do my best in therapy.
Yagami: I see.
Shun: Yeah.
Shun: The place we're moving to is close to a university hospital. They say it's kind of famous for that sort of thing.
Yagami: Yeah.
Yagami: ...Shun.
Yagami: You're really not very kid-like.
Shun: Shuttup.
Yagami: But that's what's good about you.
Shun: What's with that arrogant attitude?
Shun: Next time we meet, I'll walk on my own legs.
Shun: Look forward to it.
Yuki: I'll look forward to it too.
Yuki: Take care.
Shun: ...Thanks.
Shun: Oh, right.
Shun: You weren't half bad when you were buying time.
Yuki: Huh?
Shun: I guess it's true that I met it too.
Shun: Something that would change me.
Yuki: Oh...
Shun: Bye, you guys take care.
Yuki: He left.
Yagami: Yeah.
Yuki: I'm looking forward to the next time I see Shun-kun.
Yagami: Right. I'm sure he'll get even brattier.
Yagami: So, Asahina. What did you say to him?
Yuki: It wasn't just to Shun-kun, but to everyone.
Yuki: While we were waiting for you, I gave a bit of a speech up on stage.
Yagami: So, what did you say?
Yuki: Mm. It was off the cuff, so...
Yuki: I thought about it a little, and the rest I just came up with...
Yuki: But, if it got through to Shun-kun, I guess it was a good speech.
Yagami: Ha. Don't flatter yourself.
Yuki: Haha.
Yagami: Well then. I should get going.
Yuki: Where?
Yagami: I'm going to go get my instrument that Omi hid.
Yuki: I'll come too!
Yagami: You don't have to.
Yuki: Why?
Yagami: The music festival is still going on.
Yagami: Since you're here, you should watch the whole thing.
Yagami: Right, student council president?
Yagami: I'll be fine.
*Yagami leaves*
Yuki: Y, yeah...
Yuki: ...Why, Yagami?
Yuki: You seem kind of depressed...

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