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june 14

Yuki: He's not here...
Tomo: What is it?
Yuki: It's Yagami. Class has started, but he hasn't shown up yet.
Tomo: That happens all the time, doesn't it?
Yuki: Yeah. You're right, but...
Yagami: ...Hey.
Yuki: He's here.
Teacher: Yagami. Hurry and take your seat.
Yagami: Humph.
Tomo: See?
Yuki: Thank goodness.
(Yuki: I've been thinking about what Omi-san said last night ever since.)
(Yuki: That Yagami was in a traffic accident and lost hearing in one ear.)
(Yuki: Omi-san said that Yagami stopped playing the violin after the accident.)
(Yuki: When he told me that Yagami originally played the violin in the music club...)

(flashback - club wing)
Yuki: Then, could it be that you got into BL School because of the violin?
Yagami: ...I guess.
Yuki: Oh, but now you're in the light music appreciation group playing only the guitar... so why...?
Yagami: ...
Yuki: ...You don't want to say?

(Yuki: After all, was that because of his ear, I wonder?)
(Yuki: Yesterday was the first time I've seen Yagami so angry.)
(Yuki: But I don't think it's something I can ask him about casually...)
(Yuki: I'm worried and curious about Yagami...)
*bell rings*

Yuki: Morning, Yagami.
Yagami: Hey.
Yuki: Although, it's already noon.
Yagami: To me, it's still morning. Ah, I'm beat.
Yuki: ...You're always like that.
Yagami: Huh?
Yuki: Nothing.
Yuki: Anyway, it's lunchtime, let's go eat.
Yagami: Screw it, too annoying.
Yuki: What are you saying? Food is important.

(decision)[note!]It doesn't matter which choice you make here, so we translated both! Each one has different information about Yagami, so you might want to read both. Go outside to meet Keita, or to the cafeteria to meet Arata. :3
It's nice to eat outside sometimes.

(decision: It's nice to eat outside sometimes)
Yuki: It's nice to eat outside sometimes.
Yagami: Outside? That's exhausting.
Yuki: But the weather is so nice, it would be a waste not to go outside.
Yagami: It doesn't matter where you eat, it's all the same.
Yuki: Come on, come on. First let's go to the school store!
Yagami: Hey! Asahina! Don't pull!!

Yuki: Hey, Yagami. Over here, over here. That bench is free!
Yagami: You don't have to be in such a hurry, no one's gonna take it.
Yuki: But if we're going to sit, it's better for it to be a nice spot, right?
??: Hey, are you about to have lunch?
Yuki: Professor Ito! Are you eating outside too?
Keita: No. It's that I saw Yagami-kun while walking.
Yuki: Yagami?
Yagami: What do you want, teach?
Keita: You were late today. I told you to inform me in advance if you were going to the hospital, didn't I?
Yagami: Tch. So annoying.
Yuki: Hospital...
Yuki: Yagami... Is there something wrong?
Yagami: Not really. It's just that I go for exams sometimes since the accident. It's no big deal.
Yuki: I see... So you were late today because you had an exam at the hospital...
(Yuki: He wasn't cutting class or oversleeping.)
Yuki: Oh!
Yagami: What? Don't yell of a sudden.
Yuki: I remembered. The day I came to the school.
Yuki: Was that what it was that day too?
Yagami: What that day?
Yuki: The day I first came to school.
Yuki: Yagami, you came into the classroom late, didn't you? But Professor Sakaki wasn't mad.
Yagami: Ah. I might have.
Yuki: You did, you did. Did you go to the hospital that day too?
Yagami: I don't remember, but maybe. What does that have to do with you?
Yuki: Professor Sakaki wasn't mad at you being late, so I thought maybe you were so scary that even teachers respected you.
Yuki: But that wasn't it, Professor Sakaki didn't say anything because you had a reason.
Keita: Haha. Even Yagami-kun is no match for Professor Sakaki.
Yagami: Tch. Hey, teach.
Yagami: Quit running your mouth.
Keita: Sorry, sorry.
Yagami: Hah. So damn careless.
Keita: Next time, contact me, don't forget.
Yagami: I'll remember.
Keita: Sorry for interrupting before lunch. Bye now.
Yuki: Oh, right.
Yagami: ...So annoying.
Yuki: So that was it... I misjudged you.
Yuki: But, you're still going for exams... do you have side effects or something?
(Yuki: ...Is he getting his ear treated maybe?)
Yagami: Huh? I said it was no big deal.
Yagami: My head hurts sometimes. So don't screech in my ear.
Yuki: Oh, yeah. ...I got it.
(Yuki: He kind of... seems fine though.)
(Yuki: Am I worrying too much?)
Yagami: Anyway, if we're gonna eat, let's hurry up and eat.
Yuki: Mm...
Yagami: What? Don't stare at people's faces.
Yuki: S, sorry, Yagami.
Yuki: Hey...
Yagami: What?
Yuki: ...
Yuki: Nevermind.
(Yuki: I guess it's not worth bringing up again.)
Yagami: Hah?
Yuki: It's nothing.
Yuki: Anyway, I'm glad you're your usual self.
Yagami: Huh? You're not making sense.
Yuki: I was honestly freaked out by how you blew up last night.
Yuki: I'm a bit relieved seeing you talk normally now.
Yagami: Hah. Is that all?
Yagami: Don't talk about me like I'm a wild animal.
Yuki: Haha.
(Yuki: Still...)
(Yuki: Why was he so angry last night?)
(Yuki: He doesn't seem especially angry talking about the accident like this.)
(Yuki: At first he brushed off what Omi-san was saying as stupid too.)
(Yuki: It's kind of like he really lost his temper in the middle...)
(Yuki: Umm...)

Let's go to the cafeteria.

(decision: Let's go to the cafeteria.)
Yuki: Let's go to the cafeteria.
Yagami: I told you I'm not all that hungry.
Yuki: I'm hungry! Come on, food, food!
Yagami: Hey! Don't drag me!
Yuki: Cafeteria! Cafeteria!

student: Hey.
student: That was a close call last night...
Yagami: Hah. Is this The Ten Commandments?
Yuki: The Ten Commandments?
Yagami: It's an old movie. When the old man named Moses walks, the sea parts right in half.
Yuki: Wow.
Yuki: It's true. When you walk, everyone gets out of the way.
Yagami: Shuttup.
Yagami: Glancing at me like that. If they've got a complaint, they should come say it to my face.
Yuki: Now, now, thanks to that, there are seats free.
Yuki: You sit too, Yagami...
Arata: Woohoo. Found an empty seat.
Yuki: Hello, Arata-san.
Arata: Hello, Ace-kun.
Maro: Kuku.
Arata: Hello to you too, Reo-Reo.
Yagami: Hey. How many times to I have to tell you to stop with the Reo-Reo?
Arata: Huh? It's fine.
Yagami: I'll kick your ass.
Arata: Eek, such a scary look. Is that why everyone's scared of Reo-Reo?
Yuki: Oh, that... There was a little something yesterday.
Arata: Hmm?
Arata: But it's been a long time since the mood has been like this.
Yuki: A long time...
Yuki: Now that you mention it, you weren't scared of Yagami?
Yagami: Hey, Asahina. Don't ask stupid things.
Arata: Mm. I guess I never thought he was scary. Since I knew him since he was little.
Yagami: Don't go answering, dumbass!
Yuki: When he was little...
Yuki: Are you and Yagami childhood friends!?
Yagami: No way.
Arata: Nope.
Yuki: Then...
Arata: When I said Yagami was little, I didn't mean age, but height.
Arata: When he started school, he was only 160 centimeters tall.
Yuki: Wha!? He was!?
Yagami: Arata! Stop talking!!
Arata: Yeah. Unlike now, his hair was black. And he wore his uniform properly.
Yuki: Wah! Incredible! I want to see it!!
Yagami: Asahina! Don't get all giddy, dumbass!!
Arata: But everyone must have seen it.
Yagami: Hah. Says you.
Arata: After all, I guess Reo-Reo made a stronger impression after getting into metal.
Arata: Everyone's forgotten the old Reo-Reo.
Yuki: So he's changed that much.
Arata: Mm... Or rather, I guess he didn't stand out before?
Yuki: Yagami didn't stand out!?
Yagami: Hah.
Arata: Yeah. Last year, Reo-Reo only talked to Omin.
Yuki: Omin... oh, you mean Omi-san.
Yagami: Geez...
Yagami: Hey, Arata.
Arata: What?
Yagami: Just so you know, it's not cuz I couldn't make friends.
Arata: Hmm.
Yagami: It's just I wasn't interested in stuff like that.
Arata: So that's it.
Arata: Oh, but 'now' you're interested.
Yagami: Hah? What's that supposed to mean?
Arata: ...Ace-kun.
Yuki: Huh? What about me?
Arata: Hehehe.
Yagami: What, you're creepy.
Arata: Nothing.
Arata: I'm glad, Reo-Reo. You made a friend.
Yagami: *gasp*...
Yagami: Arata! Every damn thing you say pisses me off!
Arata: Owwww! That hurts!!
Yuki: Yagami. That really hurts, stop doing that.
Yagami: Shuttup!!
Arata: Wah. Reo-Reo, that hurts.
Yuki: Geez. Even though I'm talking, they're not listening.
(Yuki: Still... So Yagami was like that as a first year.)
(Yuki: With black hair and around 160 centimeters tall...)
(Yuki: So he was shorter than I am.)
(Yuki: He became the way he is now after he got into metal...)
Yagami: Hm? Asahina. What are you doing staring at my face?
Yuki: Yeah... Hey, Yagami...
Yagami: What?
Yuki: Mm...
Yuki: It's nothing! Why don't you cut it out with kicking Arata-san?
Arata: Right, right. Ace-kun has the right idea.
Yagami: Shuttup.
Arata: I told you, it hurts.
Yuki: Geez...
(Yuki: Yagami changed. After that accident.)
(Yuki: From black hair to red hair, from violin to guitar, from music club to light music appreciation group.)
(Yuki: He's kind of like a different person...)

*time passes*

Yuki: Hey, Yagami.
Yagami: What?
Yuki: Do you have club today?
Yagami: Yeah there is, but it's no big deal if I don't go.
Yuki: I see.
(Yuki: I've just been thinking about Yagami all day today.)
(Yuki: About his accident, about his ear...)
(Yuki: I wonder if that's the reason he stopped going to the music club and quit playing the violin?)
(Yuki: Kind of... it didn't seem like he quit on good terms, since the music club member had a weird distrust of him...)
Yagami: Do you need something?
Yuki: ...Oh, yeah.
(Yuki: I'm worried, but... if I just ask out of curiosity, Yagami will get offended.)
Yagami: What?
Yuki: Oh... if you want, why don't we have a strategy meeting for the last round of the Bell One?
Yagami: Yeah. Fine.

(Yuki's room)
Yagami: So, what are we doing for the strategy meeting? The final round is a test of luck, isn't it?
Yuki: Right.
Yagami: If it's luck, that's your big talent.
Yagami: Just do that the same as usual and it won't be a problem, right?
Yuki: Yeah, alright.
Yuki: ...
Yuki: Ahahahahaha. Somehow, this strategy meeting ended in the blink of an eye.
Yagami: Right.
Yagami: Then, I'm going back to my room.
Yuki: Huh?
Yagami: What, you still want something?
Yuki: Oh, um... well...
Yagami: ...
Yagami: ...If you have something to say, out with it.
Yuki: Huh?
Yuki: Um... how...
Yagami: Idiot. It's written on your face.
Yagami: You've been glancing at me all day, like you've got something to say.
Yuki: Ah...
Yagami: Geez. You're so easy to understand.
Yuki: Thanks...
Yuki: Well... um, you know.
Yagami: What. Be a man and spit it out.
Yuki: Sorry.
Yagami: Huh?
Yuki: It's about the traffic accident that Omi-san mentioned yesterday.
Yuki: It may be rude, but I can't stop wondering about it...
Yagami: About what?
Yuki: You quit the violin because you lost hearing in one ear in the accident, didn't you?
Yagami: Hah. That's none of your damn business.
Yuki: ...Sorry, you're right.
Yagami: Well, that said, it's nothing worth hiding.
Yuki: Huh...
Yagami: I'll explain so you don't get the wrong idea.
Yuki: Thank you!
Yagami: Alright? It's true I was in a traffic accident and still can't hear in my right ear.
Yagami: And it's true that I quit playing the violin after that.
Yagami: But I didn't quit the violin because I couldn't hear in one ear.
Yuki: You mean you can still play even without hearing in one ear?
Yagami: Because for the violin, there's a short distance between the instrument and the ear. As a result, there's even violinists who become deaf.
Yagami: You even practice using earplugs, you know?
Yuki: Huh? Really?
Yagami: Well, it's not impossible. Besides, I was told it can be fixed with surgery.
Yuki: I see! So are you going to have surgery?
Yagami: It's too annoying so no. It's not really causing problems in my everyday life.
Yuki: You're okay with that?
Yagami: Yeah. I'm talking to you without problems, right?
Yuki: That's true. Then, why did you quit the violin?
Yagami: It was a simple discovery. It's just that I discovered metal when I was in the hospital.
Yagami: When I was in the hospital, I had nothing free time, and for some reason I saw it on the room TV.
Yagami: I fell in love with the guitar.
Yuki: So that's it... From what Omi-san said, I just assumed...
Yagami: Geez, forget about that Omi guy's misunderstanding.
Yagami: Listen, Asahina. I decided for myself to start guitar.
Yagami: And to quit the violin, stop going to the music club, and join the light music appreciation group, all of it.
Yagami: That's a simple reason, isn't it?
Yuki: I see...
Yagami: Get it?
Yuki: Yeah. Thank you for telling me.
Yuki: I'm relieved.
Yuki: Now I get that you playing guitar wasn't because you couldn't play the violin anymore.
Yagami: Hah. Where the hell did you get the idea to be worried about that?
Yuki: Haha. You're right.
Yuki: Before, in the cafeteria, the music club members blamed you for stealing a violin or something, didn't they?
Yuki: There was that, so I was a little worried, you know.
Yagami: That's cuz you're an idiot. That had nothing to do with it.
Yuki: Yeah. That's right.
Yuki: And that misunderstanding was totally cleared up.
Yagami: ...Yeah, sorry about that, back then.
Yuki: Come to think of it, that morning you were in the music club's room, looking for something you forgot, right?
Yagami: Ugh...
Yuki: Then shouldn't you have said that to the music club members back then?
Yagami: Well...
Yuki: Yagami? You've been kind of evasive for a while now.
Yagami: ...
Yuki: Did you lie to me?
Yagami: Tch. I don't tell lies.
Yagami: Actually... dammit. Don't tell anyone.
Yuki: I won't tell.
Yagami: Actually... the violin disappeared.
Yagami: So I was looking for it everywhere.
Yuki: The violin, you mean yours?
Yagami: Yeah. I haven't played it for a long time, but it should've been on the shelf in my room.
Yagami: The night before that happened, it disappeared somehow.
Yagami: It's creepy.
Yagami: And, I looked all over my room, but it was gone.
Yuki: So you went to look for it in the music club room first thing next morning.
Yagami: I knew there's no way it would be there, but it was a last ditch effort.
Yuki: But it wasn't there.
Yagami: Yeah.
Yuki: That's terrible! Why didn't you tell me sooner!!?
Yagami: Asahina?
Yuki: I'll help you look for it too! Well, violins are expensive? I'll let everyone know and...
Yuki: Ow. What are you doing!?
Yagami: I told you not to tell anyone.
Yuki: But your violin's disappeared!
Yagami: It showed up. So there's no need to look for it.
Yuki: Huh... it showed up?
Yagami: Yeah.
Yagami: Dammit. I thought it was missing though.
Yagami: After that, I tried looking on the shelf again for some reason... and there it was.
Yagami: It was right there where it's always been.
Yagami: Shit. Was I half asleep? So lame.
Yuki: Ah...
Yagami: What was with that? I really thought it was gone...
Yuki: Yagami...
Yagami: I couldn't help it! I put it right there and it disappeared, you know?
Yagami: Even if I didn't play it, it should have been there.
Yagami: But it disappeared, you know? It doesn't make sense!
Yagami: I was really startled, and then... dammit.
Yagami: Normally I'd never go in the music club room...
Yuki: Yagami, hey.
Yagami: What?
Yuki: Getting that worked up about it means that violin is really important to you, doesn't it?
Yagami: What are you talking about all of a sudden...
Yuki: Well, Yagami, you're different than usual...
Yuki: Like you seem worried...
Yagami: You're an idiot. Me, worried? No way!
Yuki: But that's how you seemed.
Yagami: Tch. What are you saying?
Yuki: That violin is important to you.
Yuki: Even if you don't play it anymore, you like having it there, I think.
Yagami: ...Tch. Important... huh.
Yagami: Listen, Asahina. I started playing the violin when I was two years old.
Yuki: T, two years old? That early?
Yagami: Yeah. It's normal for guys who play the violin to start around three.
Yuki: Amazing...
Yagami: Ever since I could remember, I've always played the violin.
Yagami: Eight to ten hours a day was ordinary. Even cutting into my sleep time.
Yagami: Look. My neck. I haven't played for half a year and the marks still haven't gone away.
Yuki: Your neck? There's a bruise.
Yagami: It depends on if you're predisposed to it, but most guys who play violin have this bruise.
Yuki: Why do you get a bruise there?
Yagami: Look. When you play, you hold it like this with your chin, right?
Yuki: I see. Like that... you get a bruise, and you practice so much it doesn't go away.
Yagami: I told you most have it.
Yagami: The violin is really tough, you have to twist your body and support the instrument with just your chin.
Yagami: That's why everyone starts as a kid.
Yagami: It makes you get used to holding the instrument so it feels natural, while your body is still flexible.
Yagami: So the thing that had become a part of my body before I even knew it went missing.
Yagami: I freaked out, or rather, well... I was also a little sad.
Yuki: Yagami...
Yagami: Hey! Don't get the wrong idea!
Yagami: I'm not playing guitar cuz I'm desperate.
Yuki: Desperate, I never thought that...
Yagami: Look. That's what Omi was saying.
Yuki: Oh...
Yagami: Alright? It's true I stopped playing the violin.
Yagami: But I can play an instrument.
Yagami: That's plenty.
Yagami: Like this.
Yuki: Yagami? Why are you posing like that all of a sudden...?
Yagami: One Two Three Four!
Yuki: Oh... air guitar?
Yagami: How do you like it?
Yuki: Haha. You're just pretending, but I feel like I can really hear your guitar.
Yagami: Right?
Yuki: Yeah.
(Yuki: But...)
(Yuki: I wonder why?)
(Yuki: Yagami was a little strange before.)
(Yuki: Like he forced himself to focus on the guitar...)
Yagami: I decided. To go with just the guitar.
(Yuki: Then why is he saying it like he's trying to convince himself?)
(Yuki: Yagami, you... Are you really okay with quitting the violin?)
(Yuki: Don't you still feel like you want to try playing it?)
(Yuki: I wonder why? Yagami...)

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