sonoda's birthday

twitter short story (2016)

Here's a short but cute story about Sonoda and Yuki having a special date for Sonoda's birthday... :3

happy birthday, Sonoda!

Yuki: Sonoda-san, happy birthday! Do you have time right now?

Sonoda: Yeah, it's fine.

Yuki: For my present to you, I made reservations at a restaurant off-campus for tonight. Let's go eat together!

Sonoda: Thanks, I look forward to it. So, what kind of restaurant are we going to? Since you chose it, is it all-you-can-eat?

Yuki: That's what you would think. But it's the restaurant we saw together in this magazine! The modern gas-something-or-other three star French restaurant! [note!]Note: This is probably supposed to be 'modern gastronomy.'

Sonoda: Huh, seriously!? I'm insanely happy, but going to this restaurant together costs almost a hundred times more than a normal place, is that okay?

Yuki: It's okay, don't worry about it. Tada! It's a coupon for two to have the chef's signature full course meal using the best seasonal ingredients!

Sonoda: How did you get this?

Yuki: Hehe, it was the special prize in a lottery. Actually, I thought I'd give you some food I made myself, or some clothes I thought would suit you as a present. But, you wouldn't really like it that much, and even if it wasn't your taste, you'd be happy to spare my feelings...

Yuki: In that case, I thought it would be nice to have some food made by a pro that could satisfy you. But I thought, that sort of restaurant is expensive, and even if I started a part time job now, it wouldn't be in time, and that's when I found it! The lottery!

Sonoda: I see. So that's it.

Yuki: I got it in one try and even I was enchanted by my good luck. Maybe it showed the strength of my feelings for you.

Sonoda: Just your feelings of being that considerate of me make me really happy.

Yuki: Ehehe. Then, let's go!

Sonoda: Wait, are you going to go to the restaurant in that uniform?

Yuki: Huh, is that bad?

Sonoda: It's not bad, but you should wear an outfit that suits the status of the restaurant better. I'll lend you my clothes, so come to my room now.

Sonoda: And, let me hold you properly before we go. I want to express my gratitude to you somewhere we're alone with no one to interfere.

Yuki: Yes!

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