yuki's birthday

twitter short story (2016)

A short event for Yuki's 2016 birthday.

happy birthday, Yuki!

Yuki: Happy birthday to me! And time to eat lunch!!

Chiba: Asahina. Today is your birthday, isn't it? It's Papico.[note!]A brand of ice cream. Let's eat it together.

Takato: Happy birthday. Since the hot days are continuing, let's go to the pool together. I already got tickets for us.

Sonoda: Yuki-kun, are you still hungry? I was cooking while I was thinking of what birthday sweets it would be nice to give you and made way too many kinds. Since I made them, I thought why don't I make it an all-you-can-choose sweets buffet? Come on, eat up as much as you like!

Sakaki: Asahina, have this. It's an egg-shaped puzzle. Since it's you, you'll probably sink into summer break and spend every day not thinking about anything. Use your head a little so you don't come back with your brain still on vacation. If you solve it, come bring it to me. I'll at least give you advice on your summer break homework.

Kuya: Hyvää syntymäpäivää, Yuki![note!]Happy birthday in Finnish. It's such a mistake, not being in Japan on your dear, dear birthday!! I'll do my best to make up for it when I get back, so wait a little longer! I'll bring back a mountain of interesting candy and delicious food you'll like!

Joker: Поздравляю![note!]Pazdravlyaju, congratulations in Russian. I'm sure you like experiences more than a pile of roses. So, I've planned thrilling activities and a ghost tour! I'll let you experience sensations that you've never experienced before in your life☆ It'll be fine, you don't have to worry. I'll be right next to you watching your face.

Yagami: When I went to the summer festival with you the other day, I got tickets to the live show for that band you said ya liked. Anyway, these are your birthday present. Going to a live show together is kinda, or actually, fun as hell for me too.

Tomo: Yuki, happy birthday. Your present is this economy set of fireworks. We can set these off on the roof of the dorm. I got Dora-chan's okay, so let's set them off together now! I think probably everyone will come too, even without calling them.

Arata: Yuki, happy birthdaaay. You're carrying more food than ever today... Rehydrate by drinking this Ramune too. I bought it on my back from the competition today. The bottle is kind of pretty and I thought soda water suits you. Oh... it's not like I'm always thinking about you. I just happened to today.

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