gakuen heaven 2

script translation: omake 3

omake #3: Ninja Training!?

(dorm cafeteria)
Yuki: Umm. After all, we couldn't find him...
Yuki: Where is Hattori-san hiding this time?
Arata: Even though we looked all over the place.
Arata: This school might be big, but isn't it too weird we haven't found him?
Kuya: Sorry, Aratan. You're always helping me.
Arata: Uh-uh. It's fun so I don't mind.
Kuya: Thanks.
Kuya: But dealing with Ninosuke is a headache. He's gotten into the habit of disappearing.
Arata: How many times is it now?
Kuya: It's the fourth time in total.
Arata: Uwah, that many. Even though you go look for him every time, O-Sagi-san.
Arata: How about trying to turn it into an event instead?
Arata: Something like Find the Ace-san Tournament!
Yuki: I see... Maybe we'll try planning it.
Kuya: No... No one would participate, would they?
Yuki: Really? It seems like it would be fun though.
Kuya: Actually...
Kuya: Aratan, you know, don't you? There's been a jinx spreading through the athletic clubs recently.
Arata: Oh, that.
Yuki: What, what?
Arata: They say if you see Yuki before a match, you'll win, but if you see Ace-san, you'll lose.
Yuki: I haven't heard that.
Yuki: ...Could that be why the tennis club and basketball club have been making a lot of requests to the student council recently?
Arata: I think so.
Yuki: What...? I thought it was because they had come to accept me as student council president...
Kuya: There's that too. Don't be so disappointed.
Yuki: Yeah...
Yuki: But where did that jinx come from?
Kuya: It's because you proved your good luck in the Bell One.
Kuya: And they feel they want to share your good luck.
Arata: And. Ace-san has been wearing a mask the whole time, right? A black one.
Arata: It seems unlucky.
Kuya: That's why I told him to stop wearing it, but he wouldn't listen.
Arata: Why is he always wearing it?
Kuya: It shows his feelings of remorse and self-punishment, it seems.
Kuya: And he said he can't show his face to the world, since he couldn't beat Joker even once.
Arata: Huh? I don't think anyone cares though.
Yuki: Seriously.
Kuya: I think so too...
Arata: But, as long as that jinx is going around, there might not be a lot of people who will help look for Ace-san.
Yuki: I see...
Yuki: Then, how should we find him...?
Yuki: Huh? Isn't that Chiba-san over there?
Kuya: ...That's unusual. Chiba-sempai is studying.
Arata: Maybe it's homework?
Yuki: I'll try asking.

Yuki: Chiba-san, hello.
Chiba: ...Hey.
Chiba: Why are you guys sitting here?
Arata: Hayaya, what are you doing?
Chiba: Homework.
Arata: We got homework?
Chiba: ...It's because I didn't go to make-up classes.
Arata: This is world history? Which means, Professor Ito, huh.
Arata: So that's why Professor Ito was looking for you before, Hayaya.
Yuki: Oh, Professor Ito asked me too, if I'd seen you.
Yuki: So he forgave you with homework.
Chiba: ...
Kuya: But... Chiba-sempai, your answer sheet is blank.
Chiba: Ugh.
Kuya: If you like, shall I help? World history is my best subject.
Chiba: ...I will not accept pity from my enemy.
Kuya: It's not pity. It's a trade-off!
Chiba: What?
Kuya: Won't you look for Ninosuke with us?
Chiba: He disappeared again?
Kuya: Yeah.
Chiba: Sagimori. You should leave him alone.
Kuya: Even though you say that...
Kuya: Anyway! Chiba-sempai, you're helping us look for Ninosuke.
Kuya: If you do, I'll teach you world history.
Kuya: That's a fair exchange, isn't it?
Yuki: That's great! With Chiba-san, maybe we can find him.
Arata: Yeah. If we're going up against a ninja, we need at least Hayaya.
??: Oh! Ninja vs. samurai! Fantastic!!
Arata: Oh. Dora-chan. Do you like stuff like ninjas?
Dora-chan: Yes! Ninja, fantastic! It is very exciting!
Dora-chan: I want to become his disciple!
Yuki: Disciple... That's it!!
Kuya: What is?
Yuki: I think the reason we never find Hattori-san is because he's hiding using ninja arts or something.
Yuki: Then, if we could do ninja arts too, we could find him, couldn't we?
Dora-chan: Ninja arts! Us!?
Yuki: Then, since we'd have more people, we'd manage it somehow. I'm sure.
Dora-chan: Great! That is it!!
Dora-chan: I want to do ninja training!
Chiba: ...Training?
Dora-chan: Yes! Being hit by a waterfall, running around with a long ribbon,
Dora-chan: Knocking down bee's nests on purpose, and running from the angry bees, strengthening the legs.
Chiba: ...!
Yuki: Bees might be dangerous.
Dora-chan: Then, how about jumping over hemp sprouts every day?
Yuki: Hemp sprouts? Why?
Dora-chan: The speed hemp grows is fast. You jump over the growing hemp every day. You become able to jump even over a roof.
Arata: Amazing. Dora-chan, you know so much.
Dora-chan: Ninjas are popular even in India.
Dora-chan: I like ninjas too. But there are no more ninjas in Japan. Everyone says so...
Dora-chan: But, there must be. I believed it.
Dora-chan: Even in India, there are yoga masters.
Dora-chan: Levitating and breathing fire, it is easy.
Yuki: Huh!?
Kuya: Really!?
Arata: That would surprise Indians too.
Dora-chan: Yes. I have met them.
Dora-chan: But, yoga masters hide in the mountains of India.
Dora-chan: So I thought ninjas do that too.
Dora-chan: After all, ninjas are hidden! They are undercover.
Dora-chan: I want to talk about it more.
Dora-chan: And I want to do ninja training!
Chiba: Alright...
Chiba: I'll go with you.
Yuki: Huh! You will, Chiba-san!?
Chiba: You're training, aren't you? Myself will do it too.
Dora-chan: Let us do it!
Dora-chan: Adding ninja techniques to samurai strength, it is a power up!
Chiba: Power up...!
Arata: Things have kind of gotten weird.
Kuya: Yeah. But, it's interesting.
Arata: ...Maybe.
Kuya: Alright! Let's do it, everyone! Ninja training!
Kuya: And let's all go out and find Ninosuke!
All: Yeah!!

Kuya: Yeah. We're all here!
Arata: Everyone's fired up.
Chiba: Because it's training.
Dora-chan: I am very excited.
Chiba: Hey.
Dora-chan: Yes?
Chiba: Are you okay?
Dora-chan: About what?
Chiba: I saw that you were on the same team as Joker-sama during the ball tournament.
Chiba: You weren't very good at all.
Chiba: If you push yourself, you'll get hurt.
Dora-chan: I am fine!
Dora-chan: Training is exciting! I have guts!
Chiba: I see.
Arata: Dora-chan is really eager.
Yuki: I'm eager too. Let's all do our best.
Kuya: Yeah!
Yuki: So what are we doing first?
Arata: Right. I have an idea.
Arata: First, I think the person that can do a skill should teach the ones who can't do it.
Yuki: I see! Then, Chiba-san! Please!!
Chiba: Huh? Why?
Yuki: Well, you seem like you would know techniques and skills!
Dora-chan: Oh! Just like a samurai!
Chiba: How should I know!?
Yuki: Oh no... you can't do anything like a rope escape trick?
Chiba: That has nothing to do with kendo.
Dora-chan: How about a mat flip? I love that!
Chiba: Don't compare me to a period drama!
Dora-chan: *gasp*! I understand!
Yuki: Understand what?
Dora-chan: Samurai secrets are closely guarded. They are not revealed to others.
Dora-chan: That is why Chiba-kun can not say.
Dora-chan: Is that right, Chiba-kun?
Chiba: No.
Chiba: Alright? Kendo techniques and ninja arts are different. I don't do that kind of acrobatics.
Dora-chan: Huh?
Yuki: You can't do any.
Arata: What?
Chiba: Ugh...
Kuya: Now, now, everyone! I understand how you feel, but don't be so obviously disappointed!
Kuya: Chiba-sempai is devoted to kendo, he's a fool for kendo! It's too sad to blame him!
Chiba: Shut up!
Chiba: Anyway, Sagimori, what about you?
Chiba: You hung out with Hattori. Can you even show us a single ninja art?
Kuya: I can!
Chiba: What!?
Dora-chan: Really!?
Kuya: But just one.
Arata: Do it, do it!
Yuki: I want to see it too!
Kuya: Alright!
Yuki: ...Kuya-san?
Arata: O-Sagi-san collapsed.
Chiba: What is he trying to do?
Kuya: ...
Chiba & Yuki & Arata: ...
Dora-chan: He is not moving, is he?
Yuki: Yeah...
Arata: I thought there was no way, but I may have figured out where this is going...
Yuki: Me too...
Kuya: Did you see!? This is the ninja art, playing dead!
Chiba: Quit messing around!!!
Yuki: That's right, that's right!
Arata: O-Sagi-san, you can't do any.
Dora-chan: I am disappointed.
Kuya: H, hey. Aren't you guys going a little too far...?
Yuki: But I was really looking forward to it.
Dora-chan: Only a child would be fooled.
Kuya: You say that, but Ninosuke said that there's a technique of playing dead like this to trick the enemy...
Chiba: Fine, then try it one more time.
Chiba: If you can keep it up while being beaten up with a wooden sword, I'll accept it as a ninja art.
Kuya: That would hurt!
Chiba: If you're dead, it doesn't hurt.
Kuya: W, wait! Chiba-sempai!? You look serious!?
Chiba: I am serious. Come on, try showing me your ninja art.
Yuki: Chiba-san! I understand how you feel, but calm down.
Chiba: Tch...
Arata: Anyway.
Arata: If something like that is okay, Arata can do something amazing, you know?
Chiba: You can?
Kuya: What kind of thing?
Arata: Ninja art, the art of summoning.
Chiba: What is that?
Arata: Well, it's just calling animals by whistling through my fingers.
Yuki: Huh!? Arata-san, you can do something like that!?
Arata: Yeah. Want to see?
Kuya: Absolutely!
Arata: Then, I'll do it.
Maro: Kuku!!
Arata: Look! He came!!
Dora-chan: Amazing! That is amazing! Ara-chan!
Dora-chan: It is a beast tamer!
Yuki: Wait...
Yuki: Maro coming happens all the time!
Chiba: That's right.
Kuya: But it's amazing.
Kuya: Think about it! No matter where he is in this big school, he comes when Aratan calls, doesn't he?
Kuya: He can do it because of the strong bond between the two of them.
Yuki: I see.
Yuki: Maro, you really like Arata-san, don't you?
Maro: Kuku!
Arata: Arata really likes Maro too.
Maro: Kuku!
Yuki: You guys are so cute.
Kuya: Yeah, it's love!
Chiba: But it's not a ninja art.
Arata: Huh?
Chiba: That's your pet, isn't it, Minase? Of course it comes when you call.
Arata: Alright. Then, this time I'll call someone else.
Yuki: Someone else?
Arata: Yeah.
Yuki: ...
Chiba: Nobody's coming...
Yuki: Hm?
Kuya: It's cats!
*lots of meowing*
Yuki: Huuuuuh!!
Chiba: Wh, what? This pack of cats!!
Dora-chan: All the cats in the school came!
Wakasama: Meow.
Kuya: Oh, Wakasama. You came too.
Wakasama: Meow.
Kuya: Aratan, you're amazing!
Arata: I guess.
Yuki: Amazing...
Yuki: This is really amazing...
Arata: Hayaya, how's this?
Chiba: Y, yeah...
Chiba: ...Minase.
Arata: What?
Chiba: These guys... are they okay if I touch them?
Arata: Why wouldn't they be?
Chiba: I, I see...
Cat: Meow!
Chiba: Hey, it ran away...
Kuya: Chiba-sempai... If you touch it like that, of course it's going to run away!
Chiba: What did you say?
Yuki: That's right. Um, let's see...
Yuki: Wakasama, stay still for a little bit, okay? ...Oof.
Wakasama: Meow...
Yuki: Here, Chiba-san. Please hold him properly with both hands.
Chiba: Uh...
Chiba: L, like this...?
Chiba: ...So soft.
Yuki: Wakasama is used to it, so he's fine even sitting on your lap.
Arata: And, he's happy if you pet him behind his ears.
Chiba: Behind his ears...
Wakasama: ...*hiss*
Yuki: Oh, if you do it so timidly, it'll end up tickling, so pet him a little more firmly.
Chiba: Pet him firmly...
Chiba: Like this?
Wakasama: Meow...
Yuki: Right, right, like that.
Chiba: Y, yeah...
Wakasama: ...Meow.
Kuya: Chiba-sempai. He's saying pet the other side too.
Chiba: Alright...
Wakasama: Meow.
Chiba: He really isn't running away.
Arata: After all, Wakasama has a different character.
Chiba: Hey, Minase.
Chiba: How do you learn to do this technique?
Kuya: I definitely want you to teach me too!
Yuki: Me too!
Dora-chan: Me too!!!
Arata: Alright. Hayaya, can you whistle through your fingers?
Chiba: Yeah.
Arata: Then, why don't you try whistling while thinking, come here cats?
Chiba: Alright.
*monotone whistle*
Cat: Meow!
Chiba: ...Hey. They ran away.
Yuki: Only Wakasama is left...
Kuya: They were startled, weren't they?
Arata: Huh? That's strange.
Arata: You try it too, O-Sagi-san.
Kuya: Alright!!
*musical whistle*
Kuya: Nothing came.
Yuki: Wakasama is asleep.
Dora-chan: Kuya-kun is being ignored.
Chiba: After all, maybe it was a fluke before.
Arata: Mm. I'll try it again.
Arata: Look, they came.
Chiba: ...
Arata: It wasn't a fluke, was it?
Chiba: Yeah...
Yuki: Hey, hey, Arata-san. Is there like some trick to it?
Yuki: Like the way you whistle through your fingers, or how long you should whistle.
Arata: Umm, I haven't really thought about it much.
Kuya: But it's true that the sound of Aratan's whistling is different than ours.
Kuya: Alright! Let's try practicing so that we can make the same sound as Aratan!
Chiba: Yeah!

Yuki: ...It's no good.
Dora-chan: I can not call like Ara-chan.
Kuya: I got better at whistling, but...
Chiba: Even if you get good at this, if the cats don't come, there's no point.
Yuki: I've been thinking...
Yuki: Maybe this is something only Arata-san can do.
Yuki: I'm sure Arata-san is special.
Arata: I see...
Arata: Sorry I wasn't any help.
Kuya: That's not true! You showed us something cool.
Dora-chan: But if the art of summoning is no good, what should we do?
Kuya: Hmm...
Kuya: ...I know.
Kuya: I'll show you something nice, Dora-chan.
Dora-chan: Shuriken!
Kuya: It has nothing to do with techniques, but you're interested in it, aren't you? Here.
Dora-chan: Oh! It is cool!
Yuki: You had something like this?
Kuya: Yeah! I got it as a birthday present from Ninosuke.
Chiba: Is it real?
Kuya: Of course. Do you want to try holding it?
Dora-chan: Chiba-kun, go ahead.
Chiba: ...It's surprisingly heavy.
Kuya: Because it's made of iron.
Yuki: Me too, me too.
Arata: It seems genuine. It looks like it would hurt if you touched it.
Kuya: The edges are sharp, so be careful.
Yuki: Yeah. Wow, it's pretty thick too.
Dora-chan: Can I throw it?
Kuya: Of course.
Yuki: I'm next after Dora-chan!
Chiba: Let myself do it too.
Kuya: Of course. Everyone takes turns.
Arata: Dora-chan, go for it.
Dora-chan: Then, here I go...
Dora-chan: Toh! [note!]In this scene, everyone is using traditional martial arts shouts/kiai associated with different movements, for example, eih=cutting, yah=throwing, toh=striking or defending, hah=finishing strike
Dora-chan: It is not flying.
Kuya: Dora-chan... is pretty clumsy...
Yuki: I'll make it fly a little farther...
Yuki: Eih!
Arata: After all, it didn't fly very far, did it?
Yuki: I guess it's because it's made of iron? This is pretty hard to throw.
Chiba: Lend it to me.
Arata: Hayaya seems like he'd be really good at it.
Yuki: Do your best!
Chiba: ...Hah!
Kuya: Oh, there you go, Chiba-sempai! It went really far...
Arata: What is that sound?
Yuki: It seems like something fell out of the tree?
Kuya: No way, was it Ninosuke!?
Kuya: ...No, there's nothing there.
Arata: Maybe there was still a cat from before...
Arata: Hey, hey, O-Sagi-san. It would be dangerous if this shuriken hit an animal.
Arata: Let's stop it now?
Kuya: You're right.
Chiba: No. Let me do it a little more.
Chiba: If I keep throwing it, I should get the hang of it.
Dora-chan: I want to do it too!
Dora-chan: You throw it whoosh whoosh and you defeat the enemy!
Chiba: Yeah.
Kuya: Wait a minute! No defeating anyone.
Kuya: Have you guys forgotten? This ninja training was originally to find Ninosuke.
??: Too truuue, too truuue! [note!]The way Ninosuke says this is meant to mimic a bird call. :3
Arata: Hm? I thought I heard something...?
Yuki: Now that you mention it, it was training to look for Ninosuke.
Dora-chan: That was right.
Kuya: Yeah, after all, I knew you'd forgotten!
Chiba: ...
Arata: Hayaya, too bad.
Kuya: Anyway, let's put away the shuriken.
Kuya:It was my mistake for taking out a weapon in front of Chiba-sempai!
Arata: Then, what will we do?
Yuki: Umm, what about like a shadow clone technique?
Arata: Shadow clone technique?
Yuki: Right! If we could do that, it would be amazingly ninja-like!
Kuya: I see.
Arata: But, you know. How can you do the shadow clone technique?
Yuki: Umm...
Chiba: ...Don't you have to move so fast that you can see the afterimages?
Arata: Huh?
Chiba: During a match, you can see the afterimage of the bamboo sword.
Chiba: If you can move that fast, I think you might be able to see a person's afterimage too.
Kuya: That's our Chiba-sempai. Saying the absurd!
Chiba: What did you say!?
Kuya: But, it's a ground-breaking, outside-the-box idea! I like it.
Kuya: Let's try it! Let's test if a person's movements can go faster than a sword.
Yuki: Then, how about repeatedly jumping side to side?
Yuki: Doesn't it seem like it would be easier to see the afterimage if you move a short distance over and over?
Yuki: And I feel like it's perfect for ninja training.
Arata: No objections.
Dora-chan: Everyone, let us do our best!!
Everyone: Yeah!!

Yuki: *panting*... I can't... do anymore...
Arata: Arata is down too.
Kuya: I... give up too.
Yuki: How was it? Did we look blurred?
Dora-chan: It is completely no good.
Yuki: Seriously.
Yuki: Still, we were going all out.
Yuki: I guess the shadow clone technique is impossible.
Dora-chan: But, Kuya-kun and Ara-chan were amazing.
Arata: Although the shadow clone was impossible.
Kuya: After all, our hopes are on Chiba-sempai.
Chiba: Yeah.
Yuki: Huh, you're still doing it?
Chiba: In training, there's no point if you don't keep doing it.
Chiba: If you keep doing it, you should definitely become able to do it someday.
Yuki: That's just like you, Chiba-san...
Yuki: That's right. I feel like you could do it, Chiba-san.
Chiba: Leave it to me.
Chiba: Alright...
Chiba: I'll do it this time!
Yuki: Chiba-san, go for it!!
Dora-chan: Oh! It is faster than before!
Kuya: That's the stuff!
Arata: ...Hey, hey, O-Sagi-san.
Kuya: What is it?
Arata: What kind of speed does a bamboo sword have?
Kuya: I don't know the details of kendo, but a fencing thrust is about about 200km per hour.
Kuya: It's slower than the speed of sound.
Arata: I see. But, after all, that's impossible for a human, isn't it?
Kuya: No, I don't know.
Arata: I wonder if Hayaya could do it?
Kuya: It's possible!
Arata: Yeah, you're right. Do your best, Hayaya!
*quick tapping*
Dora-chan: Please look! The way Chiba-kun looks...
Yuki: He's getting blurred!
Arata: Wow.
Kuya: Look, Aratan! Chiba-sempai is surpassing human limitations!
Yuki: You're getting there, Chiba-san! Just a little more and the shadow clone technique will be perfect!
Dora-chan: Oh! Fantastic! Amazing!!
Chiba: Urk...
Dora-chan: Come on! Here make all the clones do different attacks, ninja-like!
Chiba: Huh...!?
Yuki: Watch out...
Chiba: Ugh...!
Arata: Oops...
Arata: Hayaya... are you okay?
Chiba:...Y... yeah... *panting*
Kuya: Dora-chan. That was really too much of an unreasonable demand just now!
Dora-chan: Oh, sorry...
Yuki: Chiba-san, you're not hurt, are you?
Chiba: No... I'm just, out of, breath...
Chiba: But... it was working.
Chiba: I got a result.
Chiba: If I keep going like this...
Yuki: You're still going to do it!?
Arata: Let's rest a little.
Chiba: No...
Dora-chan: Right. I will prepare snacks!
Yuki: Snacks!?
Dora-chan: Yes! Everyone did hard training and is very hungry.
Dora-chan: Samosas, chicken tikka, pakora, jalebi...
Dora-chan: There is also chai and lassi.
Dora-chan: Eat this and recharge your energy!
Yuki & Arata: Agreed!

CG: Chiba, Yuki, Arata, Kuya, and Dora-chan share Indian food
Yuki: Time to eat!!
Dora-chan: Please eat up. There is lots.
Arata: Thanks, Dora-chan.
Yuki: Hm? This naan is sweet!
Dora-chan: It is Peshwari... coconut naan. Is it good?
Yuki: It's delicious!
Yuki: Are you trying it too, Kuya-san? It goes perfectly with the curry.
Kuya: Thanks. Let's see...
Kuya: It really is delicious!
Yuki: Isn't it?
Yuki: How about you, Chiba-san?
Chiba: I'm fine with the meat... *munch*...
Arata: Hayaya is the kind who's fine as long as there's meat.
Chiba: ...I don't like sweet things.
Arata: The lassi is good though?
Chiba: No thanks.
Yuki: Then, what about a samosa? There's ground meat and cheese inside.
Chiba: I'll take one...
Chiba: ...It's good.
Kuya: Dora-chan, this is awesomely delicious.
Arata: Yeah. Somehow, it's more delicious than usual.
Chiba: ...
Dora-chan: It's natural, after that much training.
Dora-chan: It is said that an empty stomach is the best spice.
Dora-chan: Please tuck in.
Yuki: Right!
Yuki: Still, everyone was amazing.
Yuki: Arata-san can summon animals, and Chiba-san can do shadow clones, and Dora-chan's food is delicious...
Yuki: Especially you before, Chiba-san, you were amazing!
Chiba: ...Really?
Yuki: Yeah!
Yuki: Well, it was shadow clones, wasn't it!? I've never seen someone who can move so fast!
Yuki: If you can do that, Chiba-san, you could even master ninja arts, not just the sword, couldn't you?
Arata: Yeah, yeah. Soon, you really could invent like secret techniques, couldn't you?
Chiba: Hm, hmm... I.. wonder...
Arata: I'm sure you could do it, Hayaya.
Chiba: Yeah...
Chiba: But, Minase, you were amazing.
Chiba: That you can do something like that, I've reconsidered you.
Arata: Huh? It's no big deal.
Yuki: It is!
Yuki: You're the only one who can do something like that.
Yuki: After all, even the cats know that you're really a kind person.
Arata: ...Urk! Yuki... that's too much praise.
Kuya: Hey, Yuki. What about me?
Yuki: Kuya-san, you didn't really do anything special this time.
Kuya: ...Well, that's true.
Arata: You didn't call any cats.
Chiba: And you weren't able to shadow clone.
Dora-chan: All you did was play dead.
Kuya: When you put it all together, it's true, today I wasn't the greatest...
Yuki: It's fine. You're always cool, Kuya-san, so it's fine if you're lacking sometimes.
Kuya: Yuki... You're such a great guy!
Kuya: Alright, in thanks, I'll give you this chicken tikka!
Yuki: Ahaha, thanks.
Yuki: But, as for me...
Yuki: Chiba-san. That samosa looks delicious!
Chiba: Yeah, it's good.
Yuki: Let me have some too.
Chiba: ...Sorry. I already ate it. This was all of them.
Yuki: Huh!?
Dora-chan: There are potato samosas over here.
Chiba: So try to put up with it.
Yuki: Yeah. You're right...
Yuki: An opening!
Chiba: Wha...
Yuki: I'll take Chiba-san's samosa!!
Chiba: Hey, I was eating that.
Yuki: It may be half-eaten, but I want to try one of the ground meat ones.
Arata: Hyahaha!! Yuki got one.
Arata: Wait, Maro's after it too.
Kuya: Hm?
Arata: O-Sagi-san's chicken tikka! Maro, no!
Kuya: That's right, Maro.
Kuya: This has a lot of spices so if a little animal like you ate it, it would be terrible.
Kuya: Sorry, Dora-chan. Is there something here we can give Maro?
Kuya: Not too exciting... if possible, something like plain meat would be good.
Dora-chan: Let me see. Food that does not use spices...
Dora-chan: There is not.
Yuki: Haha. That's Dora-chan for you...
Yuki: Hm?
Dora-chan: What is it, Yuki-kun?
Yuki: Somehow... it seems like there's slightly fewer samosas next to you...
Kuya: Isn't it that you ate them?
Yuki: Uh-uh. I am eating them, but more than that...
Yuki: Wait, this hand...
Ninosuke: Crap!!
end CG

Kuya: Ninosuke! We found you!
Dora-chan: Everyone! Now show the results of the training!
Dora-chan: Chiba-kun! Go right!!
Chiba: Yeah!
Ninosuke: Tch...!
Kuya: You can't run...! Hah!
Ninosuke: Wha!?
Yuki: His cape is stuck to the tree with the shuriken!?
Arata: O-Sagi-san, that's so cool!!
Yuki: After all, you come through when it counts!
Ninosuke: Dammit. Kuya!
Ninosuke: That's the shuriken I gave you!!
Kuya: That's right! The precious shuriken I got from you!
Kuya: I'll make use of it now!
Arata: Okay, then Arata too.
Arata: Maro! Catch Ace-san!
Maro: Kukuuu!!!
Yuki: The cats came too!!
Arata: Everyone, attack!!
Wakasama: Meow!
Yuki: Me too...!
Yuki: Come on, Hattori-san! Please come quietly back to the student council!
Ninosuke: Asahina...
Ninosuke: N, no... I thought I'd go back, but if you'd accept me or whatever...
Yuki: Excuses won't work!
Yuki: Eih!
Yuki: The mask...
Ninosuke: Urk!!
*screen goes white*
Yuki: Uwah!?
Chiba: Ugh!?
Kuya: Ugh... I can't see anything...
Arata: *coughing*... Maro and Wakasama and everyone, retreat...!
Dora-chan: The smoke is getting in my eyes. *cough*

Yuki: Oh... The smoke finally went away.
Arata: Is everyone okay?
Maro: Kuykyuuu. *sneeze*! *sneeze*!
Kuya: He ran away again.
Chiba: That guy doesn't know when to give up...
Dora-chan: But, there is a note left behind.
Ninosuke: 'I have been disgraced, so I am disappearing.'
Chiba: Where did he get that idea!?
Yuki: I guess it's because I took his mask...
Yuki: Maybe he ran because he thought we would see his face.
Kuya: He's such an idiot..
Chiba: What is this, just because his mask was taken.
Arata: But he didn't wear a mask or anything before Yuki came.
Yuki: Huh!? Really?
Kuya: Yeah. He started wearing that mask since the first time he disappeared.
Yuki: You mean, everyone besides me knows Hattori-san's face!?
Chiba: Yeah.
Yuki: Seriously!?
Yuki: Suddenly, I'm kind of annoyed...
Yuki: I wish I had gotten a better look at his face before!
Chiba: Are you that interested?
Yuki: Well, I thought nobody had seen it...
Yuki: What's Hattori-san's face like?
Arata: It's a secret!
Yuki: Huh?
Kuya: That sort of thing is more fun if you discover it yourself, isn't it?
Yuki: Even you, Kuya-san...
Yuki: Alright. Then... let's look for him again!
Yuki: He may have run away today, but there will be plenty of chances.
Yuki: I'll bring Hattori-san back and have him show me what's under the mask.
Yuki: If all five of us work together, I'm sure...
Chiba: Five of us? You're including myself!?
Yuki: Of course.
Yuki: ...Did you not have fun today?
Chiba: That's not it...
Yuki: Then, please help.
Chiba: ...
Kuya: Yuki wins.
Kuya: Well, whatever. I'll help you study since you helped look for Ninosuke.
Kuya: Come on, Chiba-sempai. When we get back, we'll start with world history.
Chiba: Ugh...
Yuki: Do your best, Chiba-san!
Yuki: Since you can do shadow clones, world history should be easy.
Chiba: ...Shadow clone is easier.
Arata: Hey, hey, shouldn't we getting back now?
Arata: It's already getting dark, and I'm sweaty so I want to get in the bath.
Yuki: A bath would be nice.
Kuya: Then let's all go together.
Chiba: Why do you always say everyone, everyone...
Dora-chan: ...
Dora-chan: Well then, this is an extra boxed lunch.
Dora-chan: Since it is an extra, it is okay for anyone to eat it.
Dora-chan: So I will leave it here.
Ninosuke: ...Thanks.
Dora-chan: Hehe.
Dora-chan: Please come back soon.
Dora-chan: And I want you to teach me ninja arts.
Ninosuke: ...I'll think about it.
Dora-chan: Thank you.
Yuki: Dora-chan? What are you doing?
Dora-chan: I am coming!
Dora-chan: Then, excuse me.
Dora-chan: Everyone, wait for me!

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