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This is a limited-scope translation project for Gakuen Heaven Mixed Edition, the 2014 remake of GH that combined the 18+ content from the original PC version with the extra characters and CGs from the PSP version! All text was translated by Marfisa, formatted by Rahenna, and edited by both of us in a joint effort. :)

Translations are provided for personal use only. Please support Spray by purchasing Gakuen Heaven, and use these scripts to read along as you play. (The PC version of GH Mixed Edition is available at AmiAmi.)

DO NOT retranslate this script into another language, add the text to VNR, repackage the script and/or upload it on another site/forum/etc, create a translation patch using this text, or use it for any other purpose except as a reference while playing the game. ♥ Thank you for reading and please enjoy Gakuen Heaven!

translation notes

These are general notes about the translation as a whole. Each route may have additional notes as well.

prologue & common route:

character routes:

bonus content:

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