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student 1: Did you know? The committee head of B group wants to get into Bell Liberty School.
student 2: Seriously? What is he thinking?
student 1: Look, he's always getting the top grades and so he's pretty confident. It seems like he's desperately studying everything so he can get into that school.
student 2: Studying, huh? It's true he has good grades, but... Isn't it ridiculous? If that's the school he's trying to get into, then he didn't do his research.
student 1: Right? You think so too, huh?
student 2: Well, Bell Liberty School doesn't have an entrance exam. But he's studying for one. He needs to do his research.
student 1: Right? But Bell Liberty School...
?? (Keita): After all, I wish I could get in...

narration: Bell Liberty School.
narration: It's a boys' school that focuses on cultivating the talent of people selected from all over the country who excel in their one talent.
narration: And the graduates have wonderful careers.
narration: Mr. Takato Ryouji started an event company the year before last, and even in this recession, they soon had a yearly turnover of 50 billion. He's called a miracle entrepreneur.
narration: And then there's Mr. Kunishiro Nobuaki, who at 30 years old is the young leader of the project that discovered a new rocket that was announced the other day.
narration: The famous people on the list of Bell Liberty School graduates have careers all over the world.
narration: It's a boarding school but once you get in, everything from your living expenses to your tuition are completely covered for all students. It's like a dream come true.
narration: It's managed by the investments of the Suzubishi Group.
narration: The Suzubishi Group.
narration: The Bell Pharmaceutical Company forms the core, and there is also the Suzubishi Brewing Company, Bell Sports which deals in sporting goods, and Bell Foods, which deals in foods and cosmetics.
narration: And among other things, there's apparel, developing medical software, net banking... it's a group of companies that has expanded across many industries.
narration: They're famous as the sponsor of the Bell Cup in tennis, and the Bell Ski competition that's held every year in Switzerland, and they continue to invest huge amounts of money into things like the space development company established in the will of the previous president.
narration: Bell Liberty School was established as one part of the company business of the Suzubishi Group.
narration: The graduates aren't limited in their advancement, but are even allowed to get a job in one of the conglomerate's businesses, where it's said that even those who graduate from well known, top class universities find it hard to get into the company.
narration: Just for that, there's countless people who want to get into Bell Liberty School.
narration: But there's only one way to get into the school.

CG: Platinum Paper
narration: You can only wait for the day, when suddenly, without any prior warning, the entrance paper, known as the Platinum Paper, arrives.
narration: Since the way of getting into the school is unusual, there's people who don't believe it exists, and it's half become an urban legend.
narration: But it's real.
narration: Even today, you can see Bell Liberty School shining on a manmade island in a scenic harbor, in a place that takes about an hour to get to by car from the central city in the central part of the country.
narration: The Platinum Paper might even be on its way to someone right now.
end CG

(Keita's house)
?? (Keita): I'm home.
mom: Welcome back. Oh, you got an express delivery.
?? (Keita): Express delivery? Did I win something again?
mom: If it's a coupon for a hotel dinner, give it to me again.
?? (Keita): If it's from a hotel. Hey, it's an envelope. It's so thin it would been better as a postcard.
mom: It's a pretty luxurious envelope, isn't it?. Mother's been waiting expectantly for you to get home.
?? (Keita): Listen, we don't know if it's a coupon for a hotel dinner. Um...
?? (Keita): What is this? You are accepted for entrance to our school...
?? (Keita): M, Mom! This is..!?

?? (Keita): *sigh*...I still can't really believe it. That I can go to Bell Liberty...

dad: Transfer? Are you really going to quit the school you're in now?
?? (Keita): Yeah. Well, it's the Platinum Paper from Bell Liberty School! I absolutely don't want to let this chance slip by!
mom: Chance? But you never said that you wanted to go there before.
?? (Keita): Well, I never imagined that I would get the Platinum Paper.
?? (Keita): OI have a bit better luck than other people, but that's all. I don't really have any other talents, do I? So, this...
?? (Keita): I never even dreamed I could get into Bell Liberty.
?? (Keita): But the Platinum Paper was sent to me, right? I want to try taking this chance!
mom: But...
?? (Keita): I want to go no matter what. I know you guys are worried, but I want to test my own strength.
dad: A lucky chance, huh? ...Well, it is true you have good luck.
?? (Keita): Then I can go!?
dad: You've already decided, haven't you? Then do your best.
?? (Keita): Dad, thank you!

(on the bus)
?? (Keita): Bell Liberty School, huh, I wonder what it's like...
bus driver: Hey, why don't you take a seat closer to the front? You'll be able to see the school island soon.
?? (Keita): Huh? Really?
bus driver: Look, you can see it, can't you? That's the manmade island where Bell Liberty School is. Once we go around the next curve, you'll be able to see the bridge.
?? (Keita): Wow, is it a big bridge?
bus driver: No, the bridge itself isn't that big. It's only about two or three hundred meters.
bus driver: But there's ship traffic around here, so the middle splits and it becomes a drawbridge.
?? (Keita): Drawbridge...? Does that mean that if you're not careful, you can be trapped on the island...?
bus driver: Oh, you knew about that? The bridge isn't lowered very often, to keep the students from running away.
bus driver: It's a really brutal education, and locally it's known as prison island.
?? (Keita): Prison island!? I never heard that!!
bus driver: Hahaha! I'm kidding, I'm kidding. You were so happy, I just wanted to tease you a little bit.
?? (Keita): That's mean. For a moment I took it seriously.
bus driver: Wow. Even though you're longing to go to Bell Liberty?
?? (Keita): Well, that's true... I don't really know much about the school except rumors.
bus driver: Rumors, huh... They must have been really good for you to transfer.
?? (Keita): That's right. After all, your tuition and dorm fees are fully covered, and the graduates are all famous.
?? (Keita): And if you successfully graduate, you can work for the Suzubishi Group.
?? (Keita): Anyone would long for that.
bus driver: Right? My son's always talking about it. He's jealous of the guys who go there.
bus driver: Look, it's the bridge.
?? (Keita): Wooow!! ...Wait, mister, watch where you're driving.
bus driver: It's fine, it's fine. How many years do you think I've been a driver? I could drive this road with my eyes closed.
bus driver: But you really are happy, kiddo. It's so rare to have someone transfer at this time, even I was wondering what kind of person was coming.
bus driver: But since it's a student like you, it's worth showing you around...
?? (Keita): Waaah! What!?
?? (Keita): The bus... is floating!?
bus driver: The bridge is up!? No way...
?? (Keita): I, I'm going to dieeee!
*tires screech*
(?? (Keita): ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...I died.)
(?? (Keita): My life... is already... game over...)
(?? (Keita): And... I thought I had good luck...)

(in front of BL School)
?? (Niwa): Hey, get a grip!
?? (Niwa): You! Hey, wake up!!
?? (Saionji): Don't shake him! He could have hit his head!
(?? (Keita): ...Ugh...)
?? (Niwa): Oh! He's alive! Hey, open your eyes!
?? (Saionji): I told you, don't shake him, don't you understand!? Are you okay?
(?? (Keita): ...Huh...?)

CG: King and Queen
?? (Keita): ...Um...
?? (Niwa): Anyway, you seem okay.
?? (Saionji): Yes. Thank goodness.
(?? (Keita): This is... the school? I...)
(?? (Keita): That's right, the bus I was on shook a lot...)
(?? (Keita): I felt like it flipped over but... I'm safe...?)
(?? (Keita): These people...)

The one on the right is cool, but scary...
The one on the left...I heard this was a boys' school, but...

(decision: The one on the right is cool, but scary...
(?? (Keita): The one on the right is cool, but scary...)
(?? (Keita): He's looking at me really seriously... And with his uniform like that, he seems like a tough guy...)
?? (Niwa): Hey, are you okay? Stop being so out of it. Are you hurt anywhere? If you're injured, say so.
?? (Keita): Um, I...
?? (Niwa): ...You don't seem to have any broken bones, but that was a really bad accident. If there's anything, no matter how small, don't hold back and say it.
?? (Keita): Um.. I'm fine. More importantly... just what happened?
?? (Niwa): What? You don't know what happened to you?
?? (Saionji): Of course not. He couldn't really know, since he was inside the bus.
?? (Saionji): The bus you were on was in an accident. Because of Niwa here, the drawbridge was up and you got dragged into it.
end CG

Niwa: That's mean. Kaoru-chan, you're making it my fault?
?? (Saionji): Are you trying to say it's someone else's fault?
?? (Saionji): Anyway, if you guys hadn't gone so far, then the school safety mode wouldn't have activated.
Niwa: Kaoru-chan, don't be so angry.
?? (Keita): Um...
(?? (Keita): So the big guy is Niwa-san, and the pretty guy is Kaoru-chan...huh.)
(?? (Keita): But that accident was Niwa-san's fault?)
Kaoru (Saionji): How could I not be angry? Anyway, you're always so crude and do things thoughtlessly.
Kaoru (Saionji): It was the same this time too.
Kaoru (Saionji):I want to hear how you intended to take responsibility if he had gotten badly hurt or died in that accident.
?? (Keita): Died... Um... was it that bad an accident?
Kaoru (Saionji): Yes. According to witnesses, the bus you were on flew into the air without braking.
Kaoru (Saionji): That bridge opens in the middle and both sides lift on a pivot, that's the mechanism of the drawbridge.
Kaoru (Saionji): Because the back wheels got caught on the edge of the bridge, the bus lost its balance and fell.
Niwa: I heard the bus did a flip in midair, I'm surprised you survived.
Kaoru (Saionji): This is no time for laughter!!
(?? (Keita): Eek... The bus did a flip!?)
Kaoru (Saionji): We also have to put some blame on the bus driver not watching the road, but in this case, instead it was best that he didn't hit the brakes.
Niwa: If he'd hit the brakes badly, right now, you'd be in the middle of the ocean.
?? (Keita): The middle of... Ah!!
Niwa: What is it?
Kaoru (Saionji): After all, are you hurting somewhere?
?? (Keita): U, um! The driver... what happened to the driver!?
Kaoru (Saionji): He's safe. The two of you landed on the luggage that was scattered on the ground. And somehow, on top of a futon.
?? (Keita): I see. I just bought the futon and I hadn't sent it along with the rest of my stuff, so I was bringing it with me...
Niwa: A futon!? You got a futon even though you're coming to a dorm? You're a funny guy.
?? (Keita): Oh... but, I didn't know what I'd need... was that bad?
Kaoru (Saionji): No, there's no problem. I haven't heard of anyone bringing a futon before.
Kaoru (Saionji): But the outcome was fortunate.
Kaoru (Saionji): If that hadn't been there, then one of you might have broken your neck.
(?? (Keita): Uwah... Please don't say something that scary so calmly...)
Kaoru (Saionji): Do you understand the gravity of this, Niwa?
Niwa: ...Sorry, Kaoru-chan.
Kaoru (Saionji): I'm not the one you should be apologizing to. And how many times have I told you to stop calling me Kaoru-chan?
Kaoru (Saionji): Your irresponsibility is the cause of this accident.
Niwa: Hey hey, are you making it all my fault?
Kaoru (Saionji): I'm not saying it's only your fault, but...
Kaoru (Saionji): Who do you think bears the most responsibility, President Niwa?
?? (Keita): ... ... ...
(?? (Keita): They started again, I don't really get it but, they're just arguing among themselves...)
(?? (Keita): Anyway this Kaoru-chan-san is mad at Niwa-san, and the reason is that Niwa-san caused the accident... it seems...)

Try covering for Niwa.
Listen to the full explanation from Kaoru.
I don't know what I should do.

(decision: I don't know what I should do.)
(?? (Keita): It's no good. I have no idea what's what.)
?? (Keita): U, um...
Niwa: Yeah. What is it?
Kaoru (Saionji): Are you hurting somewhere?
?? (Keita): No, that's not it. Well... I don't really understand what happened, so I'd like a proper explanation!
(?? (Keita): Not just the two of them talking to each other.)
Niwa: Well, actually.
Niwa: Ow!! Kaoru-chan! My foot...
Kaoru (Saionji): Oh, excuse me, did I step on you?
Niwa: Ugh... That hurt...
Kaoru (Saionji): He let his friend do something a bit stupid. Because of that, the power at the school went out and the safety mode was activated.
?? (Keita): And so the bridge went up?
Kaoru (Saionji): That's right. It helps that you're catching on.
?? (Keita): Ah...
(?? (Keita): I don't get it, but Niwa-san let his friend do something and that was the reason for the accident..)
(?? (Keita): After all, it's Niwa-san's fault.. I guess...?)
Niwa: Kaoru-chan, you're just giving a summary...
Kaoru (Saionji): In that case, do you have a problem with it?
Niwa: Listen...
Kaoru (Saionji): You're still not going to recognize your responsibility?
?? (Keita): ...

No one got hurt, so it's fine.
I don't want an accident like that to happen again.

(decision: No one got hurt, so it's fine.)
?? (Keita): Um, no one got hurt, so it's fine now, isn't it?
Kaoru (Saionji): Are you okay with that?
?? (Keita): Yes. I'm not hurt anywhere and you said the bus driver is safe.
?? (Keita): And there's no one else crossing the bridge, right? So it's over and done with now...
Niwa: Great! Such a decisive manner. That's what a man ought to be!!
Kaoru (Saionji): What's that supposed to mean?
Niwa: Oh my... Don't snap, Kaoru-chan, it didn't mean anything.
Kaoru (Saionji): I wasn't snapping.
Kaoru (Saionji): It's because you're simple...
Niwa: Don't say that.
Niwa: I like you. What's your name?
Keita: It's Ito Keita.
Niwa: I see, nice name. I'm the student council president, Niwa Tetsuya. This is the treasurer, Saionji Kaoru-chan.
Saionji: I told you. Stop adding 'chan'.
Niwa: I'm glad you came to Bell Liberty School, Keita, welcome.
Keita: Ow!!
(Keita: He didn't have to slap my shoulder with his big hand all of a sudden...)
Niwa: Sorry, sorry. Come on, come with me. I'll show you around.
Saionji: Wait. I'm not entrusting the transfer student to you by yourself.
Niwa: Then, you come too, Kaoru-chan.
Saionji: You don't have to tell me, I was already going to do that.

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