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Tomo route translation

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June 2

Yuki: Alright! I'll ask Tomo!!
Yuki: If it's Tomo, I think he won't hesitate to fight.
Yuki: I wonder where he is?

(school hallway)
Yuki: Not here...
(Yuki: I wonder if he's doing director work?)
Yuki: It can't be helped. I'll try emailing him.
Yuki: Since it's important, I really wanted to ask him directly...
Yuki: Um, "I wanted you to be my partner in the Bell One Grand Prix. Is it okay?"
Yuki: There. Send.
*email beep*
Yuki: Hm? That was fast.
Yuki: Um...
sender: Tomo
subject: You're joking
text: Asking me to be your partner, are you nuts? You're joking, right? Choose someone else.
Yuki: Wait...
Yuki: Hmm, he thinks it's a joke? But I was asking seriously...
Yuki: I'll try sending another one...
Yuki: "I'm not joking, I'm serious. I want to team up with you."
Yuki: Now he should get it. Send!
*email beep*
Yuki: It's a reply.
sender: Tomo
subject: Pick someone else.
text: You want to team up with me because you know I'm the director? I'm just the director because it turned out that way. You won't get any advantage with me as a partner. It's because I know about the Bell One that I really don't recommend teaming up with me. Sorry, but pick someone else.
Yuki: Choose someone else, huh...? Hmm...
Yuki: But I wanted to team up with Tomo...
Yuki: Maybe he has reasons, like his position as director, but...
Yuki: Umm...

Give up and ask someone else.
Call and persuade him.

(decision: Call and persuade him.)
Yuki: Email's not working. Now I'll call directly.
Yuki: Oh, Tomo? It's me.
Tomo: What? I answered your emails.
Yuki: I saw your emails. But I want you to be my partner.
Yuki: I'm asking seriously. It has nothing to do with you being the director.
Yuki: I want to team up with you.
Tomo: ...
Yuki: Tomo...
Tomo: ...Hey, Yuki. are you losing it because too many things have happened all of a sudden?
Yuki: I'm not losing it.
Tomo: But you're losing your cool.
Yuki: Well, a little...
Yuki: There's no way I can be calm with my armband being stolen and being told the school is going to close.
Tomo: There, see?
Tomo: Alright, Yuki? There's still three days until it starts, right? Calm down and think it over carefully.
Tomo: If you want, I'll at least help you find a partner.
Yuki: But I want to team up with you, Tomo!
Tomo: I told you. Why me?
Yuki: Well...
(Yuki: I didn't think as far as a reason...)
(Yuki: But I thought it had to be Tomo...)
Tomo: I wrote it in the email. I'm just an average student who happened to become the director.
Tomo: This school's full of more outstanding people who can help you.
Yuki: I told you, being the director or being outstanding has nothing to do with it!!
Tomo: Right, right. I'm busy, so I'm hanging up now.
Tomo: Bye.
Yuki: Hey, Tomo!
Yuki: He hung up...
Yuki: Uuuuugh...

(Yuki's room)
Yuki: After all, I can't think of anyone else but Tomo.
Yuki: That Tomo's the director, that there's people who are more outstanding...
Yuki: That stuff doesn't matter, I want to team up with Tomo.
(Yuki: When he asked me why, I couldn't think of an answer.)
Yuki: ...Umm.
Yuki: I wonder if there's some way to persuade him...
Yuki: Alright! I'll sleep for today, and tomorrow I'll make another attack!!
Yuki: I'm not going to give up, Tomo! I'll absolutely persuade you!
Yuki: Now that that's decided, I'll hurry and go to bed.
Yuki: Still...
Yuki: I wonder why I want to team up with Tomo so much...
Yuki: ...
(Yuki: Even though Tomo is right, there's other outstanding people...)
(Yuki: Still, I think Tomo is best.)
(Yuki: I feel like I should team up with Tomo, or rather, he's the best fit.)
(Yuki: That sense... why do I get it?)
(Yuki: Umm...)
(Yuki: ...)
(Yuki: ...)
(Yuki: ...)
Yuki: Oh!
Yuki: I remembered!!
Yuki: I see. So that was it.
Yuki: That's why I feel that way about Tomo...

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