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June 14

Yuki: Umm...
(Yuki: What's the matter with Tomo? I haven't seen him since the morning.)
(Yuki: I didn't see him in the dorm cafeteria either, and he hasn't even been to class...)
Yagami: What's up? It's odd.
Yuki: What is?
Yagami: You being alone. What happened to Kasahara?
Yuki: ...Is it that odd that I'm not with Tomo?
Yagami: Yeah. You've been hanging out a lot recently.
Yuki: Now that you mention it, maybe you're right...
Yuki: It seems like he's taking a day off today.
Yagami: What's up with that?
Yagami: I'm diligently attending class and he's cutting.
Yuki: No, we don't know if he's cutting class...
Yagami: Of course he is. He's been doing that the whole time since he started school.
Yuki: Wait...
Yagami: What?
Yuki: Yeah... Ever since I first got here, Tomo's been taking care of me.
Yagami: Yeah. Sakaki picked him to do it, right?
Yuki: Yeah.
Yuki: Even though Tomo thought it was a pain, he taught me a lot of things.
Yuki: There's that too, so we've been together a lot, but I wonder what he was like before I came here.
Yuki: Hey, Yagami. Who is Tomo friends with?
Yagami: Well, Asahina, it's you.
Yagami: That Okazaki guy talks to him, but Kasahara doesn't listen.
Yagami: That's different from being friends.
Yuki: Anyone else?
Yagami: How should I know?
Yagami: I'm not interested in who's buddy-buddy with who.
Yagami: I don't care.
Yagami: Well, I've never seen him hang out with anyone, though.
Yuki: Wow...
Yagami: Wha? What are you doing? Why are you grinning like that?
Yuki: No. Well... I was thinking, maybe I'm Tomo's closest friend.
Yagami: That makes you happy?
Yuki: Yeah, I guess...
Yagami: Ha. What are you, a kindergartener?
Yuki: That's not it.
Yuki: Besides...
(Yuki: I haven't seen him at all since yesterday.)
(Yuki: And we parted like that...)
Yagami: Tch. What's with that depressed look?
Yuki: Sorry, it's nothing.
Yagami: Geez, get a grip. You're the Ace.
Yagami: The future of the school rests on your shoulders.
Yuki: Yeah, that's right.
Yuki: Sorry. I'm going to go clear my head a bit.
Yagami: Yeah, do that, do that.
Yagami: I'm counting on you, Ace.

Yuki: Ace, huh...?
Yuki: That's right. Everyone's future rests on our shoulders.
Yuki: I have to talk to Tomo one more time.
(Yuki: But... Tomo has a point.)
(Yuki: I don't really know Tomo.)
(Yuki: Maybe I have to learn more about him...)
Yuki: About Tomo...
Yuki: I wonder if there's anyone else at this school who knows Tomo well...?
Yuki: Yagami said he hasn't seen Tomo hanging out with anyone...
Yuki: Umm.
Yuki: If students are no good... then maybe I can try asking a teacher?
Yuki: Umm...
Yuki: Alright! I'll try asking him.

Ask Professor Sakaki.
Ask Professor Ito.
Ask the student council.

Note: Asking the student council is the 'correct' choice but we're including the Sakaki decision as well, because it contains some extra info. And, okay, Rahenna loves Sakaki. If you ask Professor Ito first, you'll skip directly to the nurse's office and miss out on the additional info Yuki can get from Takato or Sakaki.

(decision: Ask Professor Sakaki.)
Yuki: Professor Sakaki, won't you tell me about what Tomo was like before I came to the school?
Sakaki: You want to hear about Kasahara?
Yuki: Yes!
Sakaki: Are you an idiot?
Yuki: Huh?
Sakaki: Right now, I'm your opponent. Have you forgotten that?
Yuki: You mean the Bell One, right?
Sakaki: Right. As a representative of the board, I'm the villain trying to thwart you.
Sakaki: What are you doing talking to me?
Sakaki: Haven't you considered I might lie to you?
Yuki: Well...
Sakaki: I might add half-truths about Kasahara to upset you.
Sakaki: You still want to hear?
Yuki: I hadn't thought of that...
Sakaki: I'm appalled. Do you think you can win the Bell One with such a trusting way of thinking?
Sakaki: Besides, if you want to know about Kasahara, you should ask him.
Sakaki: Why aren't you doing that?
Sakaki: If you've even come to ask me, did you have a falling out with Kasahara?
Yuki: Well... that's...
Sakaki: You're trying to find out secrets by coming to me, your enemy, and hiding it from your own partner.
Sakaki: Don't you trust him?
Yuki: That's not true!!
Sakaki: Then what about what you're doing now?
Yuki: Well...
Sakaki: Or, are you trying to get some other information out of me, using Kasahara as a pretext?
Yuki: I'm not!
Sakaki: Really?
Yuki: I never thought about that.
Yuki: But Professor Sakaki, why aren't you siding with the students even though you're a teacher?
Sakaki: Hm?
Yuki: Wouldn't it be terrible for you if this school closed?
Yuki: You'd lose your job...
Sakaki: Good grief. You're so naive.
Sakaki: Adults are in a different position than you guys.
Sakaki: Especially me, I'm in an annoying position where I have to pay attention to saving face and appearances.
Sakaki: That's why I can't act the way I want to, like you students.
Yuki: What does that mean?
Sakaki: Figure it out yourself.
Sakaki: I'm not nice enough to give you all the answers.
Yuki: ...
Sakaki: At least, while you guys are students, you're allowed to act the way you want.
Sakaki: Use the time well.
Sakaki: Bye.
*Sakaki leaves*
Yuki: Professor Sakaki?
Yuki: He left.
(Yuki: I guess it's impossible to get any more from Professor Sakaki.)
(Yuki: Which means, all that's left is...)

(decision: Ask the student council.)

(student council room)
Yuki: Hello.
Yuki: Huh? Just you, Takato-san?
Takato: Yes. Did you have business with Kuya?
Yuki: Not exactly, but...
Yuki: Um, Takato-san. Do you know anything about Tomo?
Takato: Kasahara?
Takato: I think you know him better than I do.
Yuki: Not Tomo now, but Tomo before I got here.
Yuki: Like why did he become the director...?
Takato: Unfortunately, I haven't had any interaction with him.
Yuki: Right...
Takato: Well, if it's about his older brother, the previous director, I know some.
Yuki: About Nao-nii!? What was he like when he was the director!?
Takato: He was gentle and composed and was talkative.
Takato: He had high ideals for the future of the school and was sincere in dealing with those things.
Takato: He was a very good director.
Yuki: I see...
Takato: Have you met him?
Yuki: I did when I was little.
Yuki: He was always reading books and told me lots of interesting stories.
Takato: Because he was a talkative person.
Takato: When we went to the director's office, he would tell us various stories too.
Takato: About the school and about the board, and even such trivial things as what books we were reading and how the day's classes were going.
Takato: But he never once mentioned anything about siblings.
Yuki: I see...
Takato: Do you know that the previous director lost both parents when he was young?
Yuki: I heard from Tomo that they were raised in an orphanage...
Yuki: When I met him, they lived there.
Takato: I see.
Takato: It seems he was taken in by Suzubishi when they found out he was a distant relation.
Takato: He told us, because of that connection, he assumed the directorship while he was young.
Yuki: Distant relation... that means Tomo is too, isn't he?
Takato: Likely.
Yuki: Then why wasn't Tomo adopted too?
Takato: I'm not sure.
Takato: Only, there must be some reason that only the previous director was adopted.
Yuki: I see...
Takato: His death was sudden.
Takato: At the end of spring break, we came back to school and went to the director's office as usual...[note!]Spring break ends around April 6, so this doesn't seem to match up with Nao's canon date of death, March 2. It's possible that no one knew, but Nao would have been conspicuously absent at graduation (end of March) AND it's noted that he was friendly with the student council. So I dunno. *shrug*
Takato: And we found out he had died.
Takato: No matter who we asked, no one would tell us who his successor was.
Takato: Even the entrance information pamphlet had no information about the new director.
Takato: Until that day when we met Kasahara, nobody even knew the name of the new director.
Yuki: I wonder how Tomo felt when he became the director.
Takato: Well... that's not something I know...
Yuki: That's... right...
Takato: ...Asahina. Did something happen with Kasahara?
Yuki: I'm thinking I have to get to know Tomo better, so I can fight alongside him from now on...
Takato: I understand.
Takato: That may be necessary.
Takato: It must be hard, but please do your best.
Yuki: Yeah. Thank you.
Yuki: Thanks for telling me about Nao-nii.
Takato: I also enjoyed talking about him.
Takato: He was a very wonderful person.
Yuki: I see.
Yuki: Then, excuse me.

(Yuki: I didn't learn very much about Tomo...)
(Yuki: Which means, all that's left is...)

Yuki: I'll go ask Professor Ito!
Yuki: Excuse me.
Yuki: Since he wasn't in the staff room... I wonder if he's over there?
Yuki: I'll try going.

(nurse's office)
Yuki: Excuse me.
Yuki: Hello, Dr. Matsuoka. Oh, there you are.
Matsuoka: There you are, you mean Professor Ito?
Yuki: Yes.
Keita: What is it?
Yuki: Um, there's something I'd like you to tell me.
Keita: Something you'd like me to tell you?
Yuki: If you know anything about Tomo, I'd like you to tell me.
Keita: Kasahara-kun? In that case, you know him better than I do, Asahina-kun.
Yuki: But I think there's things I don't know, like how he was before I came to the school.
Yuki: Anything is okay. I want to know him better.
Yuki: I think it's necessary to be a team with Tomo and win the Bell One.
Keita: Asahina-kun...
Keita: ...You really care about Kasahara-kun.
Yuki: Yes.
Keita: Asahina-kun, maybe I should tell you...
Matsuoka: Shall I explain?
Keita: No, I'll do it.
Keita: You chose Kasahara-kun as your Bell One partner, didn't you?
Yuki: Yes.
Keita: Then, do you know that he's not just a student, and he has another position?
Yuki: Yes. But Tomo said that he wanted me to keep it a secret...
Yuki: Tomo's the director of this school.
Yuki: The day before the assembly where the plan to close the school was announced, I went to the director's office.
Yuki: That's when...
Keita: I see. So you knew.
Yuki: Which means, you already knew Tomo was the director.
Keita: Yeah, since he came to the school.
Yuki: Then please tell me.

About Tomo.
About the previous director.

(decision: About Tomo.)
Yuki: Things I don't know about Tomo.
Keita: Let's see...
Keita: First, there's even teachers who don't know that Kasahara-kun is the director.
Keita: Probably, most don't know.
Yuki: But you and Professor Sakaki knew.
Yuki: And since you're not surprised, you too, Dr. Matsuoka...?
Matsuoka: Yeah.
Matsuoka: After Kasahara-kun's older brother died, the school's second director became his guardian.
Yuki: The second... you mean the director before Tomo's brother?
Matsuoka: Right. Suzubishi Kazuki... The only son of the president of the Suzubishi Group, and the closest in line to be the next president.
Matsuoka: Professor Ito and I have been very close with him for a long time.
Keita: So he asked me and Dr. Matsuoka to look after Kasahara-kun.
Keita: He's busy flying around in and out of the country for work, so he hasn't been able to follow up on what's going on at the school.
Keita: He asked us to help Kasahara-kun in his place.
Keita: Although I couldn't do anything but worry about him.
Keita: Even if he's troubled, he doesn't talk to or rely on others...
Matsuoka: That's right. Even if he's hurting, he acts in a way that doesn't show it.
Matsuoka: So all I could do was lend him a bed when he came here to skip class.
(Yuki: So that's why he was sleeping here when I came to the nurse's office...)
Keita: Becoming the director of a school at his age, it must be really hard.
Yuki: That's right. Because Tomo tries not to rely on anyone.
(Yuki: I'm sure even now he's holding in all his painful feelings by himself...)
Keita: I want to do something for him, but...
Keita: I'm just a new teacher to him.
Keita: I only know Kasahara-kun in the context of student and teacher.
Yuki: I see...
Keita: As for other things I can tell you about Kasahara-kun...
Keita: I only know what's in his file, but...
Keita: Not only did his brother die, but his family circumstances are a bit unusual...
Yuki: I heard from Tomo that when he was a kid, he was in an orphanage and he and his brother were adopted out separately.
Keita: I see.
Yuki: But that's all I know.
Keita: Actually, his adoption with the family that took him in was dissolved about half a year ago.
Yuki: Huh!? Really!?
Keita: Yeah, I don't know the detailed reason from the file, though.
Keita: So afterward it seemed he went to stay with his brother, but...
Keita: They hardly had any time together before his brother died...
Yuki: So that's it...
Keita: That's all I know.
Yuki: I see...
(Yuki: He was just going to get to live with Nao-nii again...)
(Yuki: It must have been very painful... I'm sure it's far more than I could ever imagine...)
Yuki: I wonder... if there's anything I can do for Tomo...
Keita: You're seriously worried about Kasahara-kun, aren't you?
Yuki: Yes...
Yuki: But since I don't know Tomo in a real sense...
Yuki: Instead, I think I may have hurt Tomo without realizing it...
Keita: So that's why you came to ask me about Kasahara-kun.
Yuki: Yes...
Keita: ...
Keita: Then, can I ask you a question now?
Yuki: Yes.
Keita: What is Kasahara-kun to you?
Yuki: What is Tomo to me...?
Keita: Right.
Yuki: Well...

My dear best friend.
My dear classmate.

(decision: My dear best friend.)
Yuki: To me, Tomo is my dear best friend.
Yuki: I don't know how Tomo feels about me.
Yuki: But that's how I feel.
Keita: Best friend, huh...?
Yuki: Yes!
Yuki: So I want to help Tomo, even if it's just a little.
Yuki: And I want to know more and more about Tomo!
Keita: I see. In that case...
Keita: Asahina-kun, I entrust this to you.
Yuki: Um... what's this...?
Yuki: An envelope?
Keita: It came from the previous director, Kasahara-kun's older brother.
Yuki: Huuuh!? It's from Nao-nii? What's written in it!?
Keita: I haven't looked inside, so I don't know.
Keita: He said that if Kasahara-kun made a friend who could help him, to give it to that person.
Keita: It seems his brother, on his sickbed, entrusted that letter to Kazuki... the second director.
Yuki: A friend who could help Tomo...
Keita: Asahina-kun, when I saw you, I thought you were the proper person to give this to.
Keita: It seems like Kasahara-kun has opened up to you too.
Keita: Maybe it's a friend and not us teachers who can help him in a real sense.
Keita: So will you accept it, Asahina-kun?
Yuki: Me, have this...
Yuki: Yes, of course!
Yuki: If I can help Tomo!
Keita: Yeah, I'm counting on you.
Keita: I'm sure there's something in there that can help Kasahara-kun.
Keita: I hope you're able to help Kasahara-kun.
Yuki: Yes...
Yuki: Thank you, Professor Ito, Dr. Matsuoka!
Yuki: Well then, excuse me!

Yuki: Here should be good. No one else is around...
Yuki: A letter from Nao-nii...
Yuki: But is it really okay for me to read this?
Yuki: Um... 'To you, who has become Tomo's friend.'
Yuki: If you're reading this, you must have become my little brother's friend.
Nao: First, I have to express my gratitude. Thank you for becoming my brother's friend.
Nao: If you're reading this letter, I'm probably no longer at the school.
Nao: I wanted to do so many things for the students.
Nao: But it seems I only have time to write this letter.
Nao: It's a shame I can't meet you.
Nao: I wanted to talk to you both.
Nao: I've probably pressed a difficult duty onto my brother.
Nao: He will bear the burden of a problem he can't solve on his own.
Nao: Until now, he's been through such hardships. I think I'm a terrible brother for adding more pain.
Nao: But it's the only thing I can do, since I have no time left.
Nao: As you may have noticed, my brother takes everything upon himself.
Nao: And I don't want him to sacrifice himself for others or for the responsibility he's been given.
Nao: Because he's been trying to accomplish that by crushing his own desires.
Nao: His overly gentle nature makes him do that.
Nao: But I think it's bad.
Nao: If possible, I want you reading this to help my brother who is worrying alone.
Nao: I want you to be his ally so he can realize his heart's desire.
Nao: Sorry for foisting my selfish wish on you, but I have no other path left now but to impose upon your good will.
Nao: Please take care of my little brother.
Nao: And I wish that you'll continue to be his friend.
Nao: ...From Tomo's brother.
Nao: PS - There's one more thing...
Yuki: ...
Yuki: ...It's a very Nao-nii-like letter. His kindness hasn't changed at all from before.
Yuki: ...I wanted to see him again.
Yuki: Alright, Nao-nii...
Yuki: I'll absolutely help Tomo...
Yuki: That's right, we can't stay like this.
Yuki: Me or Tomo...
Yuki: Just like Tomo has helped me, I'll help him.
Yuki: Not just for myself and everyone at the school, for Tomo and Nao-nii too!!
Yuki: I absolutely can't let this school close!!
Yuki: Alright! I'll do it!!

(Yuki's room)
Yuki: Umm, even though I said I was going to help him, first I need to get to know Tomo better!
Yuki: What happened during the time that I didn't know Tomo...?
(flashback) Keita: Actually, his adoption with the family that took him in was dissolved about half a year ago.
(flashback) Keita: Yeah, I don't know the detailed reason from the file, though.
Yuki: Maybe something happened to Tomo after I moved and he was adopted...
(Yuki: Maybe Tomo doesn't want me to know...)
Yuki: But how should I find out...?
Yuki: ...Oh, I know!
Yuki: I wonder if it's online?
*type type*
Yuki: There it is!
(Yuki: First, I'll try calling...)
*ring ring*
Yuki: Um, hello. I'm Asahina Yuki who goes to Bell Liberty School.
Yuki: Sorry to ask something so abrupt, but...

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