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June 15

(Yuki: ...This is when we agreed to meet.)
??: Um... Asahina-kun?
Yuki: Y, yes! I'm Asahina Yuki!
??: I'm Haruno, the head of the orphanage. We talked on the phone.
Yuki: Thank you for meeting me today.
Haruno: So it's you. You wanted to hear about Tomo-kun...
Yuki: Yes.
Haruno: So you're also a student at Bell Liberty School with him...
Yuki: We're classmates. He's helped me a lot since I started school.
Haruno: So you're friends with him, aren't you?
Yuki: Yes!
Yuki: He's the friend I rely on most at school, and my partner.
Yuki: ...Actually, I used to live around here when I was in the third year of primary school.
Yuki: Back then, I used to play at this park a lot. Along with his brother too.
Haruno: Oh my, you knew Nao-kun too?
Haruno: When Tomo-kun was here with us, he was always stuck to his big brother. He didn't make many friends.
Haruno: I see... so he had a friend...
Yuki: Yes, back then, I had no idea they were in the orphanage.
Yuki: But after I moved away from here, I didn't know what happened to them...
Yuki: I first found out that his brother had died when I started school.
Haruno: That's right. It's a real shame about Nao-kun. He had just started his job.
Yuki: ...Actually, it seems like Tomo is dealing with difficult circumstances right now.
Yuki: I want to help him if I can.
Yuki: But he rejected me, saying I didn't know anything.
Yuki: I feel like I want to know more about him in order to help him. No, I have to know.
Yuki: So please! Please tell me about Tomo!!
Haruno: I see, so that's it.
Haruno: The children in our care have various circumstances, so we don't talk about it to outsiders.
Haruno: But I might be able to tell you since you care about him so much.
Yuki: Thank you!
Haruno: Where should I start...?
Haruno: Their parents died in an accident.
Haruno: They had no close relatives, so they were placed in our facility.
Yuki: ...
Haruno: Both of them took IQ tests before entering our facility.
Haruno: Both had outstanding scores, but because Tomo-kun was young and active, there were lots of people who wanted to adopt him.
Haruno: But because Nao-kun had a weak constitution, after all, they couldn't be adopted together.
Yuki: So they always stayed at the orphanage?
Haruno: That boy was especially fixated on his big brother, so he absolutely didn't want to be apart.
Haruno: Since Tomo-kun didn't remember his parents, it seemed Nao-kun was like a parent to him.
Haruno: He felt he had to protect Nao-kun.
Yuki: Even when I played at the park, he was very affectionate with his brother.
Haruno: Wasn't he?
Haruno: But Nao-kun convinced Tomo-kun.
Haruno: It wasn't good to always stay at the facility, he needed a proper family.
Haruno: So Tomo-kun got adopted by new parents.
Yuki: What about his brother?
Haruno: Nao-kun was going to stay at his facility until he graduated high school, but he soon had a place to go.
Haruno: The Suzubishi Group who created Bell Liberty School that you attend.
Haruno: We found out he was a distant relation to that Suzubishi-san.
Yuki: So do you mean if you'd found out a little earlier, both of them would have been adopted by Suzubishi?
Haruno: It's possible.
Haruno: And then that wouldn't have happened.
Yuki: That?
Haruno: What I'm about to tell you isn't public information, so please don't tell anyone...
Yuki: Right...
Haruno: The family that adopted Tomo-kun managed a company.
Haruno: It seemed they were looking for a smart boy to inherit it.
Haruno: It was a very wealthy family whose company developed computer software systems.
Haruno: And Tomo-kun had the abilities they were hoping for.
Haruno: But soon, their company fell into financial difficulties and they started doing some really bad things.
Yuki: Bad things...?
Haruno: They weren't selling software to businesses, they were selling insider information stolen from those businesses.
Haruno: As a result, his adoptive parents were arrested and the adoption was dissolved...
Haruno: And it seems they had forced him to participate.
Yuki: Wha!?
Haruno: Even I don't really know the details, but,
Haruno: He helped without knowing that he was committing a crime.
Haruno: After that, he came back to the facility, but he had become a boy who didn't open up at all...
Haruno: About half a year before their crime became public, he set an amazing record in the track club at middle school.
Haruno: It was even in the newspaper. Everyone at the orphanage was so happy.
Haruno: And so we never imagined something like that was happening.
Haruno: He even quit doing track...
Haruno: So I greatly regret that I didn't adopt them out together.
Yuki: I can't believe it...
(Yuki: So that's why Tomo...)
(flashback) Tomo: In the end... no matter where I go, I'm just used for the convenience of others...
(flashback) Tomo: Not just being the director, it's always been like that...
(Yuki: ...Said that...)
Haruno: Since that had happened, we were really happy when the acceptance letter from the school arrived.
Haruno: If he could be together with his brother there, his wounded heart could heal.
Haruno: But that wish didn't come true...
Yuki: ...
Haruno: After he left and went to the dorm, I was really worried because he never contacted us.
Haruno: But I'm relieved. Because he has a friend like you who's worrying about him.
Haruno: This is a request from me. Please be a good friend to him from now on.
Yuki: Yes! Of course!!
Haruno: Please...

(Yuki's room)
Yuki: ...*sigh*
(Yuki: ...I can't believe that happened in Tomo's past.)
(Yuki: ...It's something no one should know.)
(Yuki: But if I sympathized with Tomo like this and dropped out, things would still be hard for him from now on.)
(Yuki: What would Nao-nii do at a time like this...?)
(Yuki: Anyway, I have to talk to Tomo one more time!)
(Yuki: It all starts there!)
Yuki: Alright, first I'll email Tomo!

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