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June 24 (continued)

(director's waiting room)
Yuki: What is it?
Tomo: Actually, while I was preparing for this, I took another look at papers Brother left.
Tomo: And in there, I found a revision proposal for the management of the school that Brother wrote.
Yuki: Revision proposal?
Tomo: Yeah.
Yuki: What's in it?
Tomo: There are a lot of really bold plans that overturn the way things have been done up until now.
Tomo: There were a lot of different topics, but the ones that stood out were...
Tomo: Maintaining the selection method for exceptional students that the school has used up until now.
Tomo: But also creating a self-recommendation quota for regular students who can afford the tuition.
Tomo: Increasing the right of self-governance of the students, and plans to have the school managed by the students themselves in the future...
Yuki: Wow...
Yuki: So if regular guys like me think they want to enter, they might be able to enroll?
Yuki: Then this school would get even bigger!
Tomo: It's all at the conceptual level now. Putting it into practice would be hard.
Tomo: Even now, the school respects the autonomy of the students, and it's traditionally a very free school.
Tomo: But a situation may come up again where we get tangled up in adults' interests, against the will of the students.
Tomo: It's very likely.
Yuki: You're right.
Tomo: He absolutely didn't want the students' futures to get dragged into it.
Tomo: It said he was looking for a solution so their futures wouldn't be stolen...
Tomo: I could feel Brother's strong will as I read his plans.
Tomo: If possible, I want to put these into practice... is how I feel.
Tomo: Hey, Yuki. As student council president, what do you think?
Yuki: What do I think...?
Yuki: Of course it's great! I think it's a really good plan! I'll help as much as I can!
Tomo: Thanks. I'm sure Brother would be happy too.
Tomo: Thank you, Yuki. ...Truly.
Yuki: What is that, being so formal?
Tomo: That's how I feel.
Tomo: Right now, I still don't have enough knowledge or anything to make this come true.
Tomo: But someday I want to make these revisions Brother left reality with my own hands.
Tomo: Not like before, because it was something Brother left...
Tomo: But of my own will. I feel it sincerely.
Tomo: It's thanks to you that I feel like this, Yuki.
Yuki: Tomo...
Yuki: You've changed.
Tomo: It's thanks to you being there for me.
Tomo: I'm grateful, Yuki.
Yuki: Grateful... Saying that to my face is embarrassing.
Tomo: Really?
Yuki: Yeah...
Yuki: ...
Yuki: You don't have to thank me. We're best friends, so it's only natural.
Tomo: Best friends?
Tomo: Best friends... huh...?
Yuki: What's the matter, Tomo?
Tomo: Hey, Yuki. When you say best friends, do you mean normal friends?
Yuki: Not normal. We're best friends.
Yuki: It's different from other friends. You're a more special friend.
Yuki: You're my childhood friend and you became my Bell One partner.
Yuki: So I think of you as much closer to me than other people.
Yuki: ...Right, you're like family!
Tomo: Family... huh. Then, it's the same as Brother...
Yuki: Tomo?
Tomo: But it's different for me...
Yuki: Huh...?
Tomo: I'm really happy you say that you consider me to be like family.
Tomo: Me too, even if we weren't childhood friends, I consider you very close.
Tomo: But that's probably not in the sense of best friends.
Tomo: Of course, it's also a little different from family.
Tomo: I want to be...
Tomo: Even closer to you... I want to be special.
Tomo: That's how I feel.
Yuki: Huh? Um, special...
Yuki: Wah! Tomo...?
Tomo: Like this.

CG: Tomo kisses Yuki on the couch
Yuki: Mph...
Tomo: ...Mm.
(Yuki: Um... could it be... Tomo's kissing me...?)
Yuki: Mm... ngh...
(Yuki: What is this...? This sensation...)
(Yuki: Even though I'm surprised, I feel like I understand... or rather, like I've always been waiting for this...)
(Yuki: I don't care that Tomo's the same gender...)
Yuki: ...Ngh... ah... Tomo... um, just now...
Tomo: It's a kiss.
Tomo: Yuki...
Tomo: When I say special, I mean special in the sense that I want to do stuff like this with you.
Yuki: Tomo...
Tomo: Does it... bother you?
Yuki: Uh-uh...
Yuki: I'm surprised... but...
Yuki: Somehow I'm happy...
Yuki: Or rather, I accept it...
Yuki: You're my childhood friend... and my best friend... that's what I thought.
Yuki: Knowing each other as children, spending time together...
Yuki: But once I moved, we couldn't meet anymore...
Yuki: When I came to this school... and remembered that you were that Tomo, I was really happy.
Tomo: When you took me to that park, I was also really surprised...
Yuki: That's why I chose you as my Bell One partner.
Yuki: Being in the Bell One and fighting to protect the school with you...
Yuki: In the middle of that, I learned about your painful story...
(Yuki: About Nao-nii's death, and nothing going the way you wanted.)
(Yuki: Despairing and hurting because of the situation the adults around you put you in...)
(Yuki: But you never asked for help....)
Yuki: So I wanted to help you no matter what.
Yuki: I'm sure it was the same for me, it wasn't just because you were my best friend that I felt so strongly...
Tomo: Yuki...
Tomo: I like you.
(Yuki: Tomo likes me...?)
Tomo: Of course, not just as a best friend. I like you in the sense of wanting to kiss you and do even more.
Tomo: How about you?
Yuki: I...
Tomo: Does it bother you that I feel this way about you?
Yuki: Uh-uh...
Yuki: I'm sure, probably, I feel the same way...
Yuki: Tomo, I like you...
Tomo: Yuki...
(Yuki: Tomo's voice... I've never heard it calling my name so sweetly.)
(Yuki: It kind of... makes me shiver.)
(Yuki: Being held and kissed like this...)
(Yuki: I haven't even had this experience with a girl...)
(Yuki: But still...)
(Yuki: I don't mind it at all...)
(Yuki: Doing this with Tomo makes me really happy.)
(Yuki: So I...)
Yuki: Probably...
Tomo: What is that, probably...?
Yuki: Well, I hadn't thought about it until just now.
Yuki: My mind is all muddled, and I can't really put my feelings in order.
Tomo: You don't have to put them in order.
Tomo: Do you feel like you want to kiss me again?
Yuki: Yeah... I do...
Tomo: Me too.
Yuki: Tomo...
Tomo: Mm...
Yuki: Mm... mh... mph...
(Yuki: I was surprised before and didn't understand...)
(Yuki: But the feel of Tomo's lips is... nice...)
(Yuki: More than just touching Tomo, I feel like we're connected...)
Tomo: ...*pant*...
Yuki: Mph...
(Yuki: I feel like all the strength has left my body, like it really...)
(Yuki: Feels good...)
(Yuki: I never want to let go.)
Yuki: *pant*
Tomo: Did you want to stop?
Yuki: Huh? Oh... um...
Tomo: Are your feelings clear now?
Yuki: ...Yeah.
Yuki: Me too... I feel the same way...
Yuki: ...I like you... I think.
Yuki: In the sense of... wanting to kiss you, and stuff...
Tomo: I see.
Tomo: I'm glad.
Yuki: Oh...
(Yuki: Tomo's hand... is petting my hair.)
(Yuki: It's just a little bit, the tips of my hair. It tickles and feels good.)
Tomo: Thanks, Yuki.
Tomo: I feel like I want to kiss you more and more.
Tomo: Can I?
Yuki: Yeah...
Tomo: ...Mm... Yuki...
Yuki: ...Mph, mm...
(Yuki: Yeah, that's right.)
(Yuki: I don't mind it. Kissing Tomo.)
(Yuki: Even though... it's the first time I've actually kissed...)
(Yuki: So we can communicate our feelings with a kiss like this.)
(Yuki: It's like we're sharing each other's body heat...)
(Yuki: I'm being warmed through by feelings of love...)
Yuki: *pant*...
Tomo: *pant*...
Yuki: ...Tomo.
Tomo: Hm?
Yuki: Tomo, you like me, right? Like in a romantic sense?
Tomo: Not like that, exactly that.
Tomo: I feel like I've changed thanks to you.
Tomo: I can't thank you enough.
Tomo: But on top of those feelings of gratitude, I like you.
Tomo: I don't want to give you up to anyone else...
Tomo: ...I want your kind feelings all to myself.
Yuki: ...Me too, I've been desperate for your sake.
Yuki: So that things could be easier for you, so that you could be more free.
Yuki: But I think that was probably for my own sake too.
Tomo: For your sake?
Yuki: Yeah.
Yuki: That's what I wanted.
Yuki: I'm sure it was because I liked you too.
Tomo: Yuki...
Yuki: That's why I worked hard.
Yuki: Now I realize that I was so desperate because it was for the sake of the person I like...
Tomo: Me too.
Tomo: Me too, I worked hard because it was for you.
Yuki: Tomo...
Yuki: We felt the same way.
Tomo: Yeah.
Tomo: I'm glad I love you.
Tomo: I'm really glad it was you I fell in love with.
Yuki: Yeah.
Tomo: Mm.
Yuki: Mph...
Yuki: *pant*...
Tomo: ...Hey, Yuki.
Yuki: What?
Tomo: About what's next...
Yuki: What's next?
Tomo: ...Ummm.
Tomo: We're both guys... how should we do it?
Yuki: ...
Tomo: ...Yuki?
Yuki: I, idiot!! D, don't ask me that!!
Yuki: H, how should I know!!?
Yuki: Anyway, when it comes to stuff like that, that was even my first kiss...
Tomo: Hmm. Your first.
Yuki: ...*gasp*!!
Yuki: Waaaaaah!! What are you making me say!!?
Tomo: So, what should we do?
Tomo: Stop here?
Yuki: Well... um...
Tomo: If you don't want to, we can stop...
Yuki: Um... well... uh...
Yuki: Since we're here, and you, well... Wait... huh? Since we're here, what am I saying...?
Tomo: Haha, I really like that honest part of you.
Yuki: Um... well, um... If you feel like it too... I mean, I, well... then...
Tomo: I told you, I wanted to kiss you, and do even more.
Yuki: I, I heard that, I just didn't think it would be right now...
Yuki: No, but, if I had to say... I... wouldn't mind.
Yuki: Or rather, I feel the same way as you... but... still!!
Tomo: But?
Tomo: ...You do want to, right?
Yuki: Yeah. I guess...
Tomo: Then great.
Yuki: Tomo...
Tomo: I've decided that if there's something I want to do, I'm not going to hold back.
Tomo: So anyway, let's try it.
Yuki: Huh? Try it?
Tomo: Yeah, well. It'll work out somehow.
Yuki: Huh? Huh? It'll work out somehow, that will?
Tomo: It will, it will...
Yuki: So? Huh? Wait...
Yuki: I, is that okay!?
Yuki: Wha...
Yuki: Tomo...!
Yuki: ...

*time passes* 8D

CG: Tomo and Yuki half-dressed on the couch
Yuki: Uuuuuugh...
Tomo: What's the matter, Yuki?
Yuki: You... well...
Tomo: Hm?
Yuki: ...I kind of can't accept it.
Tomo: Why?
Yuki: What was that?
Yuki: Even though you said you didn't know how we should do it.
Tomo: Yeah, I said that.
Yuki: Then how were you so sexy!!?
Yuki: It's not fair! That was cheating!
Tomo: What was cheating...?
Tomo: Besides... you were satisfied, right?
Yuki: Ugh...
Tomo: I was really satisfied.
Yuki: Well, I... was too...
Yuki: Anyway, you said you didn't mind either way, whatever I wanted...
Yuki: In the end, you...
Tomo: What?
Yuki: Don't make me say it! It's embarrassing!!
Tomo: Yeah, yeah, alright, alright.
Tomo: It's alright, so here.
*Tomo stuffs a lollipop in Yuki's mouth*
Yuki: Mgh!?
Tomo: Lick this and get back into a good mood.
Yuki: Mm... hm... candy?
Tomo: What's today's flavor?
Yuki: ...A winner.
Tomo: Good for you.
Yuki: Yeah...
Yuki: Mm, let's see? This is chocolate... and milk...
Yuki: But that's not all. There's something else mixed in...
Yuki: Yeah. It's delicious, and a perfect balance.
Tomo: Is it that delicious?
Yuki: Very...
Tomo: Heh... Looks like you got your good mood back?
Yuki: ...Yeah.
Yuki: Somehow, even I'm a bit surprised, it took just one candy.
Tomo: So it's that much of a winner.
Yuki: ...It really might be.
Tomo: Then I want to lick it too.
Yuki: Huh, but I'm licking it now.
Tomo: It's fine, I'll take some directly.
Yuki: Wait... huh...?
Tomo: Hey, close your eyes.
Tomo: I'll make that candy flavor even sweeter.
Yuki: Alright...
Tomo: ...Yuki.
Yuki: Mm...
Tomo: ...Sweet, isn't it?
Yuki: Yeah... really... sweet.
(Yuki: I kind of feel like I've been sweet-talked, but seeing Tomo's face like this, I can't complain...)
(Yuki: So sweet and happy...)
(Yuki: Well, this...)
(Yuki: Isn't so bad.)
Yuki: ...I love you, Tomo.
Tomo: ...Yeah, me too.
end CG

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