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June 24

(director's office)
*knock knock*
Yuki: I've got the final version ready, Tomo!!
Tomo: That was fast.
Yuki: It was made with everyone's effort.
Yuki: The student council, and Durak, and the other students all pitched in and helped.
Yuki: Here you go. The data's on this disc.
Tomo: Thanks.
Tomo: My preparations are complete too.

CG: Tomo at his computer
Tomo: Well, then.
Tomo: With this, all the preparations are complete.
Tomo: Let's begin the counterattack.
Yuki: ...
Yuki: ...Tomo?
Tomo: What?
Yuki: It doesn't look like anything's happening.
Tomo: On this side.
Tomo: But I think things have gotten very interesting for the Sakaki Group.
Yuki: Just what are you doing?
Tomo: I have that movie you prepared for me.
Yuki: Yeah... It's the BL School promotional movie, a compilation of all the wonderful things about the school.
Yuki: You saw the preliminary version.
Tomo: Yeah, you did a good job.
Yuki: The sports and cultural clubs gave me their full support.
Yuki: Even individual people participated.
Tomo: Like Arata-san's high dive. It was really cool.
Yuki: And there's amazing special effects. The special effects team went all out.
Tomo: And there's even lots of messages from famous graduates.
Yuki: Because Professor Ito asked them.
Tomo: And there's the current students' personal research, music, dance, arts, crafts.
Tomo: There's plenty of footage of stuff that normal people like us don't really understand.
Yuki: Yeah! When I said it was to protect this place, everyone helped.
Yuki: Even while we were filming, people were saying we should add this, and we should introduce that.
Yuki: Everyone gave friendly advice.
Tomo: That's your charisma. As I'd expect from the Ace-sama who protected the school.
Yuki: Oh no...
Tomo: So, right now, I'm playing that movie on the Sakaki Group's computers.
Yuki: You can do that!?
Tomo: I guess.
Tomo: I'm just borrowing their cloud system for a little bit.
Tomo: So I'm using that system and the movie should be playing whether they want it to or not.
Yuki: I don't really get the details, but is that okay?
Tomo: Don't worry. I made it seem like an important announcement from the president of the Sakaki Group.
Tomo: Besides, I'm not really breaking the computers or overwriting any data.
Tomo: It's just that work is stopped while they're watching the movie.
Yuki: Haha... that's kind of amazing.
Tomo: So I'm going to have those guys from the Sakaki Group watch what's good about our school to their heart's content, whether they want to or not.
Yuki: You kind of seem like you're having fun, Tomo.
Tomo: Are you worried?
Yuki: Yeah...
Yuki: I wonder if this will really change the minds of the Sakaki Group people...
Tomo: I don't know.
Yuki: Huh...?
Tomo: But anyway, I think it'll cause a panic among the bigwigs at the top.
*ring ring*
Yuki: Oh...
Tomo: That's probably from those panicked people.
Yuki: Is it okay not to answer?
Tomo: Leave it. There's still about an hour of the movie left.
Tomo: We have to let them appreciate it properly.
Tomo: Well, now the main event begins.
*chair creaks*
Yuki: ...Tomo, what are you doing?
Tomo: Important work.
Yuki: Should I leave?
Tomo: Stay here.
Tomo: You'll be able to see something interesting soon.
Yuki: Something interesting?
*time passes*
Yuki: It's about time for the movie to end.
Tomo: I've also accomplished my objective.
Tomo: He should be here soon...
end CG

??: What is the meaning of this!!?
Yuki: Huh? Who's that?
Tomo: It's my guest.

CG: Tomo at his computer[note!]Yes, this CG gets used over and over for this scene. :p
Tomo: Hello, Vice President Sakaki.
Tomo: I'm always grateful to your younger brother, Professor Sakaki, for looking after me.
Yuki: Professor Sakaki's older brother?
Tomo: Yes. And also the president of Sakaki Pharmaceuticals.
end CG

Sakaki (Yuichiro):[note!]He is never addressed by his given name in Tomo's route, but he's Yuichiro, which means 'first son.' Not surprisingly, the professor's name (Sojiro) means 'second son.' These are extremely traditional, common names, fitting for a family with a great deal of wealth and status. Hey, what's an ordinary student doing in the director's office?
Yuichiro: That armband...

CG: Tomo at his computer
Tomo: Yes, he's the school's student council president, Asahina Yuki-kun.
end CG

Yuki: Pleased to meet you...
Yuichiro: I don't care about that!
Yuichiro: More importantly, what is the meaning of that!?

CG: Tomo at his computer
Tomo: The meaning of what?
Yuichiro: Stop fooling around! You filled our Group's computers with that weird movie, didn't you!?
Tomo: That's cruel, calling it a weird movie.
Tomo: It's just a bit of PR for Bell Liberty School.
Yuichiro: PR, you say?
Tomo: Yes.
Tomo: I think if you see it, you'll realize what a wonderful school this is.
Tomo: We hope the adults who see it grow fond of the school.
Tomo: It's a movie made in the hopes that you'll stop thinking of foolish things like closing the school.
Yuichiro: Ridiculous...
Yuichiro: Stop it right now! Put the computers back to normal!!
Tomo: What a shame... You didn't like it.
Tomo: Then I'll end it now.
Tomo: I've already achieved my objective.
Yuichiro: ...They're back to normal?
Tomo: Why not try confirming it?
end CG

Yuichiro: Ugh...
Yuichiro: It's me. Hm. I see. Alright.
Tomo: I believe they should all be back to normal...
Yuichiro: Do you know what you've done!? This is a criminal act!
Yuichiro: This is flagrant obstruction of business! I'll sue!

CG: Tomo at his computer
Tomo: If you'd like to sue me, feel free.
Tomo: But there's no evidence.
Yuichiro: What did you say?
Tomo: When I stopped the movie, I removed all traces of my access.
Tomo: Of course, there is no damage to the data in the computers.
Tomo: You just thought it was my doing because it was a movie of the school, didn't you?
Tomo: But that movie is already up on a famous message board.
Tomo: Just because you saw it, you can't judge it to be our doing.
Yuichiro: Ugh...
Tomo: If you still say you're going to sue, you'll have to find an expert better than me.
Tomo: But I don't think you'll find any traces.
Yuichiro: Why you...
Yuki: Tomo, that's amazing...
Yuichiro: What the hell is this!? You're trying to retaliate just by showing a movie?
Tomo: Didn't I say it was to have you grow fond of the school?
Yuichiro: That's what makes you a brat... that's absurd!!
Yuichiro: Just what do you think business and school management are!?
Yuichiro: This is not a game!
Tomo: We're not trying to play.
Tomo: Do you think I'd do something so elaborate just to show a movie of the school?
Yuichiro: What?
Tomo: That was just a decoy.
Tomo: I'm betting on this.
Tomo: Yuki, would you hand this man those papers that printed out just now?
Yuki: Yeah, alright.
end CG

Yuki: Here you go.
Yuichiro: What, these papers... *gasp*!!
Yuichiro: These are...!

CG: Tomo at his computer
Tomo: There's several ledgers with two different sets of numbers...
Tomo: I think you know what this means...
Tomo: It might be interesting if this was leaked in your stockholder's meeting.
Yuichiro: How did you get this...?
Tomo: There's also secret files related to other executive scandals...
Tomo: Would you like to see them?
Yuichiro: *gasp*...
Tomo: From your face, you seem to know them.
Tomo: If I let Suzubishi and the media know about this...
Tomo: You're responsible for inviting this result.
Yuichiro: H, how did you know about the existence of these...!!?
Tomo: I'm not exactly without friends.
Tomo: If you know where to look, it's easy to find things.
Yuichiro: N, no way... It was him...
Tomo: In order to obtain this proof, I played that movie and momentarily hijacked your system.
Tomo: If you still want to sue me, feel free.
Yuichiro: ...
Tomo: Now we're even.
Tomo: If you give me your assurance that you won't meddle with the school from now on, I'll pretend I never saw it.
Yuichiro: Urgh...
Tomo: What will you do?
Yuichiro: ...T, then.
Yuichiro: ...Alright. I won't meddle... with this school anymore.
Tomo: That's good. I don't want to use any more dirty tricks like you adults.
Tomo: Please don't underestimate us brats.
end CG

Yuichiro: Grr...
*door slams*
Yuki: You did it, Tomo!!
Tomo: Yeah, it went well somehow.
Yuki: I've reconsidered you, Tomo! After all, you really were cool!
Yuki: That argument before was like what you'd see in a drama. You were so cool, like a different person!
Tomo: Don't flatter me like that. I didn't do it alone.
Tomo: It was thanks to all of you, and Professor Sakaki.
Yuki: Professor Sakaki?
Tomo: Yeah.
Yuki: Was that the friend you mentioned before?
Tomo: Yup.
Tomo: Earlier, Professor Sakaki told me about the information that would be bad for the Sakaki Group.
Tomo: If he hadn't, I wouldn't have been able to gather so much in such a short time.
Tomo: But for now, they won't take the approach of trying to close the school.
Yuki: *gasp*...
Tomo: What is it?
Yuki: N, nothing. It's nothing.
Tomo: Hmm.
Tomo: You've reconsidered me?
Yuki: Well... something like that, I guess?
Tomo: With this, we've reached a stopping point.
Tomo: For the moment, I've achieved the protection of the school that Brother entrusted to me.
Yuki: Hey, Tomo...
Tomo: What?
Yuki: No.
Yuki: Could it be, you're not going to say something like you're going to quit being the director...?
Tomo: Let's see...
Tomo: Originally, I thought if I could protect the school from this crisis, that's all I had to do.
Tomo: And, I think it would be okay to make Professor Sakaki the director now, but...
Yuki: But?
Tomo: I started feeling like trying to be the director a little longer.
Tomo: Even I'm surprised I feel like that.
Yuki: I see...
*Tomo leaves*
Tomo: Yuki.
(Yuki: Hm? Tomo is beckoning me to the other room.)

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