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June 21

Note: The date for this scene is not given in Tomo's route. If you match up events and dates from Sakaki's route, the day in Tomo's route that immediately follows this one (simply called "three days later") has to be June 24, which means this day is June 21. :3

(director's office)
*knock knock*
Yuki: Excuse me...
Yuki: What, it's just you here, Tomo. There was no point in being nervous.
Tomo: No one else really comes here.
Tomo: No one can come into this building without permission.
Yuki: But it's still kind of the director's office.
Tomo: You don't have to add 'kind of.'
Yuki: Haha.
Yuki: So, what do you need? Calling me all the way here...
Tomo: The board meeting just ended.
Tomo: Thanks to you, the proposal to close the school was formally rejected.
Tomo: So I thought I'd inform you.
Yuki: Thank goodness. That's a relief.
Tomo: For now.
Tomo: And the reason I called you here was because I wanted to discuss what to do later.
Yuki: Later?
Tomo: Yeah.
Tomo: We won the Bell One.
Yuki: And we blocked the proposal to close the school.
Tomo: But that doesn't mean everything is settled.
Yuki: Yeah...
Tomo: The Bell One was useful as a front for withdrawing the proposal to close the school.
Tomo: But essentially, nothing's been resolved...
Yuki: You mean what you told me about how the Sakaki Group's target is the Bell research lab?
Tomo: Yeah, that's right...
Tomo: Before the board makes its next move, we make countermeasures against the board... or rather, the Sakaki Group.
Tomo: If we don't, the school will always be in danger.
Tomo: As expected, there was trouble at the board meeting.
Yuki: What did they say this time?
Tomo: There was talk of dismissing Professor Sakaki as assistant director and a teacher.
Yuki: Oh no, even as a teacher...
Tomo: Don't worry. I couldn't stop his dismissal as assistant director, but I made it so he could stay as a teacher.
Tomo: I persuaded them that Professor Sakaki is an excellent teacher, so he's a necessary staff member at this school.
Yuki: I see. Thank goodness...
Tomo: But they're not going to give up with just that.
Tomo: The current board, as long as it has the members it has now, will keep trying new things.
Tomo: Even having Professor Sakaki on our side is nothing but a stopgap measure.
Yuki: They're persistent.
Tomo: It's the influence of huge sums of money. They're desperate.
Yuki: Oh, but Tomo, what about what you said during the final round?
Tomo: What I said?
Yuki: You told Professor Sakaki you had an idea, right?
Yuki: What do you intend to do?
Tomo: I'm going to hack the Sakaki Group.
Yuki: Huh? Hack?
Tomo: Yeah.
Tomo: I pretty much only have the knowledge to do that.
Tomo: I'll destroy their pharmaceutical company's data.
Tomo: If they're going to try to destroy the Suzubishi research data, I'll attack the Sakaki Group in return.
Tomo: And I'll destroy their new drug project.
Tomo: If I do that, I can make them give up on meddling with the school and the Suzubishi Group's new drug.
Yuki: Tomo, I don't know about that...
Tomo: You object?
Yuki: ...Yeah.
Yuki: Tomo, I understand your feelings of wanting to protect the school and the Suzubishi research.
Yuki: But attacking the people interfering is a bit...
Yuki: I feel like that's wrong, after all.
Yuki: That's thinking that it's okay to destroy others to accomplish your objective, isn't it?
Yuki: Then you'll be the same as the people from the Sakaki Group.
Tomo: You're right.
Tomo: I know it's a cowardly move, the same as them.
Tomo: That's why I hesitated...
Tomo: I don't have any proof that I could actually destroy it...
Yuki: If you're hesitant, then don't do it.
Yuki: Even if it goes well, I'm sure you'll regret it.
Tomo: Maybe...
Yuki: But we have to do something.
Tomo: Yeah.
Yuki: Umm...
Yuki: A way to make the Sakaki Group give up...
Yuki: So that they'll stop meddling with this school and the Suzubishi Group's research lab...
Yuki: ...Oh.
Yuki: Hey... listen. How about something like this...?
Tomo: What?
Yuki: I want you to listen without laughing...
Tomo: I won't laugh. Tell me.
Yuki: Yeah.
Yuki: In short, maybe we should try to make the Sakaki Group understand our feelings.
Tomo: Make them understand?
Yuki: Yeah. I think it would be good if the Sakaki Group people learned about BL School and came to like it.
Yuki: If we did that, then maybe they wouldn't think about things like closing the school anymore.
Yuki: I think destroying research to protect the school is wrong.
Tomo: Yeah.
Yuki: But, I haven't thought about a concrete way to make them like the school yet.
Yuki: Umm... to make them recognize the school's good points...
Yuki: Maybe invite them to the culture festival to see the school...?
Yuki: But that's not for a while...
Tomo: See the school...?
Tomo: That's good!
Yuki: Huh?
Tomo: Good idea, Yuki!
Tomo: We can show them the school without inviting them to the culture festival!
Yuki: Really?
Tomo: Yeah!
Tomo: In order to do that, there are some things I want you to prepare for me right now...
Yuki: If there's anything I can do, just tell me.
Tomo: Of course, we'll need help from everyone at the school, too...
Tomo: I give you full discretion as student council president.
Yuki: Leave it to me!
Tomo: As long as you get that ready, leave the rest to me.
Tomo: We'll execute it in three days.
Tomo: What I need you to prepare is...

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