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Sakaki route translation

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June 21

Sakaki: Alright, that’s it for class today.
student #1: That was tiring.
student #2: Good job.
student #3: Oh no, I’m preparing the court today.
Sakaki: Don’t forget your assignment next week.
student #2: Right.
Sakaki: ... *sigh*

(school building, hallway)
Sakaki: The usual school scene.
Sakaki: The usual days... huh.
Sakaki: ...Geez, they bounce back so quickly.
(Sakaki: Just yesterday, they overcame the danger of the school closing...)
(Sakaki: The Bell One Grand Prix that the whole school was dragged into, that started with the proposal to close the school...)
(Sakaki: Yesterday's win signaled the end of the festival-like hustle and bustle.)
(Sakaki: This BL School is a unique school...)
(Sakaki: The students have the right of self-government and bear a portion of the school management.)
(Sakaki: It’s a deep connection, and important decisions involving the management of the school...)
(Sakaki: Are decided by a majority between the board, the director, and the student council president.)
(Sakaki: It’s hardly conceivable that the student council president, as a representative of the students, would normally be given the authority to decide on matters of management.)
(Sakaki: But, the second director, following the will of the founder who respected the independence of the students, established that structure.)
(Sakaki: As proof that he has the authority to vote, the student council president, called the Ace, possesses an armband.)
(Sakaki: Only when he has the armband is he allowed to use his authority....)
(Sakaki: On the other hand, the Sakaki Group, which holds substantial influence on the current board, proposed to close the school.)
(Sakaki: I was sent to this school as a representative of the Sakaki Group, and ordered the student Sonoda to steal the armband.)
(Sakaki: Stealing the student council president’s authority to vote was done to try and force through the proposal to close the school presented by the board.)
(Sakaki: But the students who objected to that proposed to hold the Bell One Grand Prix.)
(Sakaki: And so Asahina, who won the Bell One and proved he was qualified to be the student council president, formally got back the armband.)
(Sakaki: At the board meeting which was held afterward, the student council president and the director declared their opposition, and the proposal to close the school was formally rejected.)
(Sakaki: And so, since I wasn’t able to force through the proposal, I’ll probably have to take responsibility in some form.)
(Sakaki: Since I only assumed the position of assistant director to push the interests of the Sakaki Group, it’s only natural...)
Sakaki: *sigh* It’s time.
Sakaki: ... I guess I’ll go.

(assistant director's office)
Sakaki: Come in.
Tomo: Excuse me.
Sakaki: Kasahara.
Sakaki: Good job at the board meeting.
Sakaki: You successfully voted down the proposal to close the school.
Tomo: Yes...
Sakaki: I entrust the school to you from now on.
Tomo: But, the rest...
Sakaki: You mean my dismissal as assistant director?
Tomo: Yes.... I wasn’t strong enough, I’m sorry.
Sakaki: Why are you apologizing? That wasn’t your responsibility.
Tomo: But....
Sakaki: It was so much of a mess. Not everything could go back the way it was before.
Sakaki: It couldn’t be helped that someone had to take responsibility.
Sakaki: Just that you kept me as a teacher was plenty to fulfill your duty as director.
Sakaki: Besides, my dismissal is deferred a full week.
Sakaki: With this matter, the intentions of the Sakaki Group side on the board have been made clear.
Sakaki: Probably the next selection of board members will be rough.
Tomo: From now on, someone who is prejudiced against the existence of the school won’t be selected.
Sakaki: Yeah.
Sakaki: The Sakaki Group won’t be able to avoid a loss of influence on the board.
Tomo: Yes.
Sakaki: But, until the board is replaced, you have to manage in the middle of a lot affiliated with the Sakaki Group.
Sakaki: In that time, I can’t deny the possibility that the Sakaki Group side will take new measures.
Tomo: Right. Since their aim isn’t to the close the school...
Tomo: As for that, I have a plan...
Tomo: If possible, I’d like your help, Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: What is it?
Sakaki: Whether I help or not depends on what it is.
Tomo: Right...
Tomo: No matter how much we talk in the meeting room, or work behind the scenes, I think something like before might happen again.
Sakaki: That’s right.
Tomo: So we need to let the adults know more clearly that it’s better to keep their hands off the school.
Tomo: So this time, I thought we’ll attack...
Sakaki: So what specifically do you intend to do?
Tomo: I’ll hack into the network the Sakaki Group uses and hijack it.
Sakaki: Oh...
Tomo: And, using it as a hostage, I’ll make them promise to never touch the school again.
Sakaki: That’s a pretty extreme plan for you.
Tomo: At first, I thought I would destroy the research data for Sakaki Pharmaceuticals.
Tomo: Of course, if I did that, I’d be a hypocrite...
Sakaki: I’m sure they’d be expecting that sort of outcome.
Sakaki: But is that okay?
Tomo: What is?
Sakaki: That’s an illegal method. Before, you...
Tomo: ...To be honest, I don’t want to take such measures.
Tomo: But, Yuki and everyone at the school worked so hard for the school to survive.
Tomo: I think I have to be prepared to take at least this much risk.
Tomo: More than anything, this was the only thing I could think of to resist the adults with my own strength.
Sakaki: I see.
Tomo: It’s possible that if I implement it, it will cause all sorts of trouble.
Sakaki: So, I’d like you back me up afterwards.
(Sakaki: Apparently, he’s serious.)
(Sakaki: In the past, Kasahara’s hacking ability was used by his adoptive family to commit a crime...)
(Sakaki: Although he didn’t do it of his own volition, he wouldn’t want to use that ability which caused him such misfortune.)
(Sakaki: He’s probably substantially determined if he’s gone so far as to choose this measure.)
(Sakaki: Does this mean he’s grown enough to have this determination...?)
(Sakaki: Compared to that time...)

-- flashback --

CG: Kazuki and Tomo
(Sakaki: When I first met him, it was right after the previous director died...)
(Sakaki: The second director, the heir of Suzubishi, introduced me to the next director...)
Kazuki: Kasahara Tomo. He’s assuming the directorship.
Sakaki: This brat is the next director? What kind of joke is this?
Kazuki: It’s not a joke.
Kazuki: His last name is different, but he’s the biological younger brother of the previous director, Suzubishi Nao, and he’s scheduled to go to this school starting this spring.
Sakaki: No matter what, he’s too young. The previous director was young, but he’s even younger.
Sakaki: No way, are you going to make him work as the director while going to school?
Kazuki: Coexisting as a student and the director is surprisingly doable.
Kazuki: I have experience.
Sakaki: Though I heard that in your case, you were somewhat older?
Kazuki: Well, back then, taking on that appearance was convenient for various things.
Sakaki: Just what are you planning?
Kazuki: I’m not planning anything. The director is appointed by his predecessor, you know that, don’t you?
Kazuki: The one who appointed him was definitely the previous director, his older brother.
Kazuki: Besides, he consents to assuming the directorship.
Tomo: ...Yes.
Tomo: It’s Brother’s dying wish...
Sakaki: But I don’t think that assuming the role of director in these circumstances blindly is going to go well.
Kazuki: It’s true that right now he’s still feeling the shock of his brother’s death, but when the new school term starts, it won’t be a problem.
Sakaki: Even if he was directly appointed, he’s just a young boy whose blood relative just died.
Sakaki: Doesn’t it hurt your conscience dragging him into this?
Kazuki: No.
Kazuki: Rather, I think it’s good for him right now to give him a goal to carry out.
Sakaki: That’s some cold support.
Kazuki: It’s not my duty to heal him.
Sakaki: And there’s a bit of a problem in his personal history before getting here?
Kazuki: As for that, it isn’t his responsibility.
Kazuki: Besides, I think he satisfies the requirements of ability and talent to perform the job of director.
Kazuki: When I left here, I appointed Nao-kun because I had confidence that he would inherit the ideals of this school.
Kazuki: His brother appointed him because he felt a brilliance that could lead this school in a good direction.
Kazuki: That’s what I think.
Kazuki: Besides, his brother didn’t choose him as the next director just out of compassion or nepotism....
Kazuki: I think you, of all people, know that, don’t you?
Sakaki: Heh, you’re a shrewd man...
Kazuki: I’ve also gone through a lot since I was young.
Kazuki: There’s no need to worry about the handicap of Kasahara-kun’s age, and his external problems.
Kazuki: Since I became his guardian, those trivial faults will work out somehow.
Sakaki: The person who is the candidate for the next president of the Suzubishi Group can’t always be supervising him.
Kazuki: Yes, that’s why I’ve already requested support for him in the school.
Kazuki: From the person I trust the most.
Kazuki: But, I’d like to ask you, since you’re the assistant director and would be the best advisor.
Sakaki: Me an advisor? Rather, I’m his opposition.
Sakaki: I might trick him and discreetly use him. Are you okay with that?
Kazuki: I don’t think you’re serious, but if you want to, go ahead.
Kazuki: Only, you shouldn’t underestimate him too much.
Kazuki: He’s even more stubborn than me....
end CG

-- end flashback --

(Sakaki: Maybe just by virtue of being his younger brother, Kasahara at least had the ability to manage his duties.)
(Sakaki: But, like an emotionless machine, all I saw was him dealing with things in a matter-of-fact way.)
(Sakaki: That’s right, until just a month ago...)
(Sakaki: Of course, I did confirm that he was stubborn.)
(Sakaki: As a result, he may have taken advantage of me...)
Sakaki: Hehe...
Tomo: ... Professor Sakaki?
Tomo: Did I say something weird?
Sakaki: No... Kasahara, I was thinking that you really looked like a director.
Sakaki: Compared to back then.
Tomo: Back then?
Sakaki: When you were brought by the heir of Suzubishi.
Tomo: Haha... It’s true that I’ve changed compared to back then.
Sakaki: If your transformation is the result of the party-loving lot at the school and that spectacle....
Sakaki: Then there may have been a bit of a point to that Bell One.
Tomo: ...I don’t deny it.
Tomo: To me, it didn’t feel very much like a spectacle.
Tomo: When I had just gotten here, honestly, I felt like I didn’t have the capability to be the director.
Tomo: If it wasn’t Brother’s dying wish, I never would have done it.
Sakaki: Oh? And now it’s different?
Tomo: I’m still doubtful whether I’m fit or not, but my attitude has changed.
Tomo: This is all thanks to Yuki and everyone.
Tomo: The student council, Durak, and the other students helped me.
Tomo: If not for that, I think I would have run away a long time ago.
Tomo: Of course, I’m also grateful to you too, Professor.
Sakaki: I don’t remember doing anything you have to thank me for.

-- a knock on the door --

Yuki: Um, it’s Asahina.
Sakaki: Come in.
Yuki: Oh. So here you are, Tomo.
Sakaki: What? Do you have business with Kasahara?
Yuki: No, I heard the board meeting was today, so I was wondering about the results...
Yuki: I called Tomo’s cellphone, but it was off.
Tomo: Oh, I forgot it was off during the meeting.
Sakaki: And so you came here.
Yuki: So, how did it go?
Sakaki: It ended successfully. The proposal to close the school was revoked. Good for you.
Yuki: *sigh* Thank goodness.
Tomo: I told you not to worry.
Yuki: But, I was worried until I heard the result.
Yuki: Oh, but...
Sakaki: Are you dissatisfied with something?
Yuki: No... The problem this time isn’t solved just by revoking the plan to close the school.
Yuki: Tomo said it wasn’t so simple...
Sakaki: Yeah, that’s right.
Yuki: Although I only heard the simple version of the story from Tomo.
Yuki: Professor Sakaki. After all, what was this fuss about closing the school?
Yuki: Even hearing the story I don’t really get it... Won’t you explain the details?
Sakaki: Let’s see...

(decision #1)

(decision #1a: Explain.)
Sakaki: Well, I can’t blame you for not understanding.
Sakaki: Since it involves some complicated circumstances. This is a good opportunity. It’s a bit long, but I’ll explain.
Yuki: Thank you.
Sakaki: To put it simply, the start of this mess was that the Sakaki Group run by my family targeted this school.
Yuki: What do you mean?
Sakaki: Even though it’s within the Suzubishi Group, the business doesn’t have much influence on BL School.
Sakaki: The Sakaki Group took advantage of that and tried to make a profit.
Yuki: Hm...?
Sakaki: The Sakaki Group is a group of corporations that has expanded into diverse businesses...
Sakaki: Like service sector food services and temp agencies, private schools, and medicine, focused on pharmaceutical companies.
Sakaki: But, within the last ten or so years, the Group has been losing money and some divisions have gone into debt.
Sakaki: Then the Suzubishi Group came to the rescue.
Sakaki: Since then, the Sakaki Group has had a business partnership with the Suzubishi Group.
Sakaki: Since Suzubishi also has a deep connection to private schools and medicine, there was merit in it for both of them.
Sakaki: Especially when it comes to private schools, the Sakaki Group are professionals. And so, since the business partnership...
Sakaki: They began by referring teaching staff to the school and offering placement services for jobs for the students, and became involved in the management of the school.
Yuki: Why would they try to close this school despite that?
Sakaki: Of course, at the beginning, the Sakaki Group was sincerely cooperating.
Sakaki: But the Sakaki Group didn’t intend to always be in the shadow of Suzubishi.
Sakaki: They were waiting for a chance to someday get away from Suzubishi.
Yuki: Oh no... Even though Suzubishi helped them?
Sakaki: Suzubishi and Sakaki are similar family owned company groups.
Sakaki: The pride of the people at the top wouldn’t allow them to always bow to Suzubishi.
Sakaki: Then they came across an opportunity.
Yuki: Opportunity?
Sakaki: The change of director.
Sakaki: Before, a direct descendent of Suzubishi worked as the director of this school.
Sakaki: He was a man named Suzubishi Kazuki, the son of the current president of the Suzubishi Group. He's probably closest in line to become the next president.
Yuki: So someone that important was doing it...
Sakaki: Yeah. You could say it was unique.
Sakaki: That change was three years ago.
Sakaki: The one who assumed the position of director in his stead was Kasahara's older brother.
Sakaki: Although he was connected to Suzubishi, he was a distant relation, and adopted, and so the influence of Suzubishi on the school weakened.
Sakaki: There, the Sakaki Group found a vulnerable chink.
Sakaki: Beginning with me, they sent people under their backing to the board, one after another...
Sakaki: Little by little they increased their influence on the board.
Sakaki: Then, the previous director fell ill.
Sakaki: The Sakaki Group planned to make me the next director.
Sakaki: But the previous director noticed those movements and designated his younger brother Kasahara as director.
Sakaki: Designating a completely unknown person was outside of the Sakaki side's expectations.
Sakaki: But they thought Kasahara was better than a talented person on the Suzubishi side being brought in as the director.
Sakaki: It if was an underage, unproven child, they could use him as a puppet and walk all over him.
Sakaki: Because of that, they board consented to have him take the role of director.
Sakaki: That's the drift of what's happened from this spring until now.
Yuki: I understand the details how Tomo became the director...
Yuki: But why is the Sakaki Group trying to close the school?
Yuki: I don't think closing the school has anything to do with the Sakaki Group making a profit.
Sakaki: Then I'll explain that next.
Yuki: Right...
Sakaki: You must know that the Bell Pharmaceuticals research facility is on the school grounds.
Yuki: Yes. It's written in the school entrance pamphlet.
Sakaki: Bell Pharmaceuticals is very distinguished in the pharmaceutical industry.
Sakaki: Due to the number of patents for new drugs they've developed and their effectiveness, they're renowned for having one of the world's leading records of achievement.
Sakaki: This school was originally established with the goal of returning profit to Bell Pharmaceuticals.
Sakaki: And so, in order to cut off the research division from the corporate profits and for security reasons, the research lab was established on this school island.
Yuki: Wow... If I remember correctly, our RA Dora-chan is one of those researchers, right?
Sakaki: Yeah, that's right.
Sakaki: Besides Rajendra, there's several other people at this school who work as both teachers and researchers.
Yuki: I see...
Sakaki: Even within the Sakaki Group, in the division that my older brother manages, there are private schools and a separate pharmaceutical group.
Sakaki: Sakaki Pharmaceuticals hasn't delivered a result in developing a new drug in many years and it's in a lot of debt.
Sakaki: Due to the funds they got from Suzubishi, they were able to somehow continue research, but they don't have any prospects of selling a new drug yet.
Sakaki: They ought to give up on it at some point, but considering the money they've invested, they're in a situation where they can't.
Sakaki: At the same time, someone in Sakaki Pharmaceuticals obtained top secret information from the Bell research lab.
Sakaki: It was that Bell Pharmaceuticals was developing a drug that had the same effect as the drug that Sakaki Pharmaceuticals was researching.
Sakaki: And that research was at the clinical trial stage. In short, it was already at the stage of a safety check in order to sell it.
Sakaki: When they learned that, Sakaki Pharmaceuticals panicked.
Sakaki: Since you could say that research was Sakaki Pharmaceuticals' trump card to recover their losses.
Sakaki: Even though they received funds from Suzubishi, Sakaki and Suzubishi weren't collaborating on research.
Sakaki: Sakaki Pharmaceuticals and Bell Pharmaceuticals remain rival companies.
Sakaki: If that drug ends up being approved first, then they won't be able to gain the enormous profit that comes from developing a new drug.
Sakaki: Even worse, they won't be able to recover the money that has already been spent on research.
Sakaki: The Sakaki Pharmaceuticals side, which was backed into a corner, thought of something.
Sakaki: To destroy the Bell Pharmaceuticals research data using the authority to access the server that only the director of this school has.
Sakaki: Since the data from the Bell research lab is included in the database that is in the server building where the director's office is.
Sakaki: And so, the Sakaki Group, who held control of the board, threatened the director, Kasahara, using the proposal to close the school as blackmail.
Sakaki: If he didn't want the proposal to go through, he was told to access Bell research lab's new drug data and destroy it.
Sakaki: That's the background up to the point that the board submitted the proposal to close the school.
Yuki: So, this talk of closing the school was to threaten Tomo?
Tomo: Yeah... Professor Sakaki's explanation is right.
Yuki: Oh no...
Yuki: But why is there such important data for the research lab at the unrelated school?
Tomo: The director before Brother was a direct descendent of Suzubishi, so it seems he was also the head of the Bell research lab.
Tomo: That's why it's held in the servers here along with the school's information.
Tomo: But I'm not in such an important position right now.
Tomo: Even though I can access the server, I can't even touch the research lab's data.
Yuki: Then, isn't there no point to threatening you?
Tomo: Yeah. That's why nothing happened for a while after I took the position.
Tomo: But, a little bit after you got here...
Tomo: The board found out about me...
Yuki: About you...?
Tomo: That I have the knowledge to do high level hacking.
Tomo: And so they realized that if they could only make me act, even if I didn't have access rights to the research lab, I could still do something about the data.
Tomo: The Sakaki Group took advantage of the incident with my adoptive family and threatened me with the proposal to close the school.
Tomo: When I became the director, my past was kept hidden from the board, so that was enough as a reason to dismiss me.
Tomo: If I was fired and Professor Sakaki took the position of director, the proposal would be accepted and this school would close.
Tomo: I was told that if I didn't want that, I should obey quietly.
Tomo: Still, I resisted, but then your armband went missing.
Yuki: Urgh.... Sorry.
Tomo: It's not your fault.
Tomo: But it really felt like a desperate situation....
Sakaki: Since the right of the student council president was an obstacle to getting the proposal to close the school pushed through.
Sakaki: So on my orders, Sonoda stole your armband.
Sakaki: Actually, as for the armband, the plan was to set up Jokawa as the student council president and steal it via Sonoda...
Sakaki: But Jokawa is not so easily manipulated...
Sakaki: From the school's reports, my older brother has been the author of the plot thus far.
Yuki: In short, it wasn't your desire, you were just obeying your brother's instructions?
Sakaki: Mostly.
Sakaki: Because, in my position, I owe a debt to the Sakaki Group for letting me work as a teacher as I've wanted up to now.
Sakaki: To an extent, I had no choice but to obey.
Sakaki: Nevertheless, even I'm reluctant to lose my place of employment.
Sakaki: And so I created a spark, and I thought I'd see what you students would do.
Yuki: A spark...?
Sakaki: You received a movie of your armband being stolen, didn't you? It was that.
Yuki: Oh!
Tomo: I'm sure that if it hadn't been for that movie, we wouldn't have managed to hold the Bell One.
Sakaki: It got the Bell One held, didn't it?
Yuki: Oh!
Sakaki: Everything since then, you already know.
Yuki: So that's what happened...
Sakaki: With the way this school got dragged into the affairs of adults, that Bell One wasn’t a complete farce.
Sakaki: Since I was also in the position of being on the Sakaki Group side.
Sakaki: That you guys proposed the Bell One and fought in it served the purpose of withdrawing the proposal to close the school.
Yuki: I see, then it was worth it doing my best.
Sakaki: However, it doesn't end everything.
Yuki: Huh?
Sakaki: As I explained before, the Sakaki Group hasn't achieved their goal yet.
Sakaki: Just because they failed this time, I don't think they'll give up so easily.
Sakaki: There's a good possibility that they'll think of another method to threaten the school.
Yuki: Oh no!
Tomo: That's why I came here too.
Tomo: To think of some countermeasures for the future with Professor Sakaki.
Yuki: So that's it.

It's not necessary to explain.

(decision #1b: It's not necessary to explain.)
Sakaki: No, it's not necessary to explain.
Yuki: Huh!? Please tell me.
Sakaki: You heard the simple explanation from Kasahara, didn't you?
Sakaki: Then I have nothing to add.
Yuki: Aww, man...
Sakaki: That's all I have to say about that. Alright?
Yuki: Yes...

Yuki: Then please let me help too!
Sakaki: Hm?
Yuki: Well, I'm the student council president of this school.
Yuki: As student council president, isn't there anything I can do for this school?
Tomo: Yuki, it's fine.
Yuki: But I want to help!
Tomo: You've already done more than enough.
Tomo: Leave the rest to me and Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: No, he's right...
Tomo: Professor Sakaki?
Sakaki: Since he's here and he says he'll help.
Sakaki: Then I won't hesitate to have him help.
Yuki: Please tell me anything!
Sakaki: Anything? Then, take care of these.
Yuki: Huh? These are... printouts?
Yuki: There's an awful lot of them...
Sakaki: Sort these by student ID number and put them in order.
Yuki: Huh? But, aren't these math problems?
Yuki: ...Um, is this your personal work as a teacher...
Sakaki: That's right, is there a problem?
Yuki: Well, when I said I wanted to help, it was to protect the school from the Sakaki Group...
Sakaki: If you help with that, then I can devote that time to school-related work.
Sakaki: Don't you think that's plenty of reason to help with my work?
Yuki: But...
Sakaki: Besides, it's not like classes stopped because the Bell One happened.
Yuki: Well, that's true...
Yuki: But, is it okay to let a student see homework printouts?
Sakaki: No need to worry. Those are for the hard and ultimate classes.
Sakaki: There's no problem with you seeing, since you're in the regular class.
Sakaki: Anyway, you wouldn't understand it.
Yuki: Urgh... Well, I guess you're right...
Sakaki: Then, please take care of it.
Yuki: Riiight.
Sakaki: Kasahara. Let's continue the conversation.
Tomo: Yes.
Sakaki: About the hacking you mentioned before, just taking control of the network and threatening them is too mild.
Sakaki: They might just strengthen their security.
Tomo: I'm aware of that.
Sakaki: And, if they got proof of our unauthorized access, it might become even more blackmail material.
Tomo: I think I can at least not leave any trace of access.
Sakaki: In that case, while you've got control of their network, strike their Achilles' heel.
Sakaki: You should at least do that.
Tomo: Achilles' heel...?
Sakaki: Yeah.
Sakaki: If you got some information that, if revealed outside of the Sakaki Group, would cause trouble, it would put us at an advantage.
Tomo: But, could I find something so convenient right away?
Sakaki: No problem. I have a guess as to where to aim, and I'll guide you.
Tomo: Thank you.
Tomo: But is it okay for you to go that far?
Sakaki: Hm?
Sakaki: That's not something for you to worry about.
Tomo: But...
Sakaki: I've already opposed the will of the Sakaki Group.
Sakaki: It's a little late to be worrying.
Sakaki: Besides, unlike you and your brother, we're not that close.
Sakaki: So don't worry about it.
Tomo: ......
Sakaki: Let's leave it here for today.
Sakaki: As for the matter before, I'll tell you another time.
Tomo: Alright. I'll also continue my preparations.
Sakaki: By the way, your hands have stopped moving, student council president.
Yuki: Oh. Right...!!
Yuki: Somehow, you're so director-like, Tomo...
Tomo: What. You don't have to look so surprised.
Tomo: Is that that rare that I do my work properly?
Yuki: Yeah, very!
Tomo: Now see here, you...
Yuki: Oh, but I don’t mean it to tease you.
Yuki: Rather, I admire you, or I found it impressive.
Tomo: How should I take that?
Yuki: It’s praise.
Tomo: ...Oh well.
Tomo: Anyway, I may need help from the student council and Durak later.
Tomo: I’ll rely on you then.
Yuki: Yeah! Leave it to me.
Tomo: Thank you, Yuki.
Tomo: Then, Professor Sakaki. I’ll be going now.
Sakaki: Yeah.

-- Tomo leaves --

Sakaki: He’s finally looking like a director.
Yuki: You’re right.
Yuki: But during class, he still skips and sleeps as usual.
Sakaki: But if he’s doing what he has to do, there’s no problem.
Yuki: It seems like it’s Tomo’s nature to just make a half-effort.
Yuki: So, if he’s doing his best on his director work, maybe the rest can’t be helped....
Yuki: But, you know... I think it would be best if he did things properly after all...
Yuki: But, Tomo doesn’t looked pained anymore, like at the beginning of the Bell One...
Yuki: So, I think maybe it’s okay the way he is now.
Sakaki: I see.
Yuki: Still, I’m really glad...
Sakaki: About what?
Yuki: Well, I found out you didn’t really want to close the school...
Yuki: When I found out you were an ally of the school, I was happy.
Sakaki: An ally...?
Sakaki: I don’t know about that.
Yuki: Huh?
Sakaki: This time, I played the role of informing you about the school closing, as a representative of the Sakaki Group.
Sakaki: But it’s simply that I didn’t agree with the Sakaki Group, so I was just on your side by chance.
Sakaki: So it was just in hindsight that I was your ally.
Yuki: ......
Sakaki: It's true that I also opposed raising the proposal to close the school, threatening Kasahara, and trying to make a profit.
Sakaki: But it was different with the fate of the school.
Yuki: Different...?
Sakaki: During the Bell One, depending on how you students reacted, I might have decided to reluctantly close the school.
Yuki: But, in the end, you let us win.
Yuki: That must have been because the actions of us students reflected our desire to protect the school, in your eyes.
Sakaki: Who knows...
Sakaki: But if that’s what you want to think, go ahead.
Yuki: Right!
(Sakaki: It’s a little bit different than being an ally of the school or wanting to protect it...)

-- time passes --

Yuki: Professor Sakaki, I’ve finished sorting the printouts!
Sakaki: Yeah, good job.
*stomach rumble*
Yuki: Oh...
Sakaki: That’s a very impressive sound.
Yuki: Hahaha, it looks like I got hungry...
Sakaki: I see, it’s already this late.
Sakaki: Let’s go. Come with me.
Yuki: R, right! Wait, come with you, where...?

Yuki: Professor Sakaki. Is this...?
Sakaki: As you can see, it’s an oden stall.
Yuki: Huh! Then, are we...?
Sakaki: I’ll treat you, as thanks for helping.
Yuki: Woohoo!!
Sakaki: It makes you that happy?
Sakaki: It’s only oden.
Yuki: Of course I’m happy! Well, this stall is off-limits to us students!!
Yuki: Every once in a while, I passed by and enviously watched the teachers eating.
Sakaki: I see.
Sakaki: Come to think of it, this place is off-limits to students unaccompanied by an adult...
Yuki: Why can’t students go...?
Yuki: I think if lots of customers came, the stall would be more profitable...
Sakaki: Because this place serves sake.
Sakaki: Besides, it would be bothersome if you students swarmed the place and then the original customers, the teachers and staff, couldn’t get it.
Sakaki: Unlike the students at the dorm, there is no cafeteria for teachers and staff.
Yuki: I see...
Sakaki: So I’m only bringing you this time. Don’t tell the other students.
Yuki: Of course I’ll keep it a secret!
Sakaki: It would be annoying if it got out and other students sponged off me.

owner: Welcome!
Sakaki: It’s two. Do you have seats?
owner: They’re free.
Sakaki: I’ll take sake and an assortment of your choice.
owner: Coming up.
Yuki: Oh. Professor Ito and Dr. Matusoka!
Matsuoka: Oh my, that’s an interesting combination.
Keita: True. Both of you, over here, sit, sit.

CG: Sakaki, Yuki, Keita, and Dr. Matsuoka at the oden stall
Yuki: Woohoo! Let’s eat!!
Yuki: Hot. Munch munch... Mmm, this fried fishcake is awesome!
Keita: It’s delicious, isn’t it? The other ingredients are also pretty good.
Yuki: Yes! I want to try them all!
Keita: So, Professor Sakaki. What brings you here so late?
Keita: It’s rare that you bring someone.
Sakaki: Because of the Bell One, my class preparations piled up.
Sakaki: He helped me. So this is in thanks.
Keita: I see. So it’s a reward for helping. You’re surprisingly kind, Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: “Surprisingly” is uncalled-for.
Keita: Ahaha...
Yuki: What about you, Professor Ito and Dr. Matsuoka?
Matsuoka: I ran into Professor Ito just as I was coming back from work.
Matsuoka: The conversation turned to “why don’t we eat dinner here?”
Keita: It was still bright when we got here, but I got deep in talk with Dr. Matsuoka.
Yuki: What were you talking about?
Matsuoka: Seeing your efforts in the Bell One, we were remembering things about when Professor Ito was a student.
Keita: It was fun reminiscing.
Sakaki: Were you drinking?
Keita: Of course not, this is oolong tea.
Yuki: Professor Ito, so you don’t drink.
Keita: It’s not that I don’t drink, but I’m not really good with alcohol. Dr. Matsuoka also has oolong tea.
Matsuoka: Because I commute by motorcycle.
Yuki: Wow, so you ride a motorcycle. I can’t really picture it.
Yuki: Huh, but, Dr. Matsuoka, you’re wearing a doctor’s coat.
Matsuoka: Yeah, I still have work left to do, so after this, I’m going back to the school.
Yuki: I see.
Keita: Come to think of it, wasn’t it hard helping Professor Sakaki?
Yuki: Yes, well, in its own way...
Keita: Since Professor Sakaki prepares individual homework for the students in his classes.
Yuki: That’s right. Before when I saw the printouts I was sorting, I learned it for the first time.
Yuki: For the hard and ultimate classes, the problems that appear are different depending on the student.
Yuki: Since I’m in the regular class, I didn’t realize it until now, but why is that?
Sakaki: I don’t teach anything but the basics for regular. A standard lesson is plenty.
Sakaki: But, for hard and ultimate classes, I have students who are relatively serious about learning.
Sakaki: In order for them to level up, it’s more effective to focus on their individual weak points.
Sakaki: If you want to solve personalized problems, advance to the hard class.
Sakaki: It’s not boring in that class.
Yuki: N, n, no! It’s all I can do to just follow the lesson in the regular class.
Yuki: Advancing to the hard class on top of that would be impossible.
Sakaki: It would.
Yuki: Urgh... Agreeing so quickly is kind of depressing...
Keita: It’s okay. When I was in school, I was all regular.
Keita: The top rank at this school is students chosen from the whole country. Even if you don’t advance, you don’t have to be depressed.
Yuki: You’re right.
Keita: Besides, you’re amazing, Professor Sakaki.
Keita: Just the preparations for the regular class lessons are all I can handle.
Keita: Making separate questions at an individual level, or to match weak points, would be impossible for me.
Keita: Although I know it’s for the sake of the students...
Matsuoka: Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Professor Sakaki's care is getting through to the students very much.
Yuki: What do you mean?
Matsuoka: I often hear complaints about Professor Sakaki’s class from the students who come to the nurse’s office.
Matsuoka: Of course that the class is hard, but they also often say that the tests are even worse, at a savage level.
Yuki: Huh, are they that hard?
Sakaki: Don’t worry, the regular class doesn’t get anything more than the level of the lesson.
Keita: Come to think of it, Professor Sakaki is famous for making tests that no one can get 100% on.
Yuki: That no one can get 100% on...
Yuki: Does that mean it’s too hard? Or are there questions that can’t be answered or something?
Keita: That’s not it. This year is special, but normally, only the hard and ultimate students take Professor Sakaki’s tests, right?
Yuki: Yes. Everyone is really smart.
Keita: He puts problems that are easy to miss for those sorts of bright students.
Keita: He makes problems with the approach that’s hardest for the students to conceive.
Yuki: Amazing...
Keita: Isn’t that right, Professor Sakaki?
Sakaki: It’s simply that I like to take the lot that think they’re smart down a peg.
Sakaki: There’s a lot of guys at this school who overestimate their abilities and get cocky...
Sakaki: Through my tests, I let them taste frustration and the harshness of the world.
Keita: Professor Sakaki... It’s because you talk like that the students criticize you behind your back.
Matsuoka: As a result, the students learn precisely in a way that really stretches their abilities...
Matsuoka: If you don’t properly explain that intention, they’ll stay with their misunderstanding.
Yuki: That’s right.
Yuki: Even around me, everyone calls him a sadist and slavedriver.
Sakaki: Hmph, let them say what they like.
Sakaki: I didn’t really become a teacher to be liked by the students. It’s fine.
Keita: But, I think being friends with the students is important, don’t you?
Sakaki: I’ll leave scoring points with the students to you.
Keita: Saying things like that again...
Yuki: Umm.
Sakaki: What is it, Asahina?
Yuki: You might not mind it but...
Yuki: But I think, I wish you would tell us what you were thinking more.
Sakaki: And then what?
Yuki: Well, as a teacher, you take into consideration the school and the students.
Yuki: Not just in class, but even in the Bell One and stuff.
Yuki: I want to let everyone know that more.
Keita: I know. I agree with Asahina-kun too.
Keita: Although, when a student is in trouble, I end up treating them with kid gloves...
Keita: That may not necessarily be right.
Keita: You have to think carefully about how to best deal with each student.
Keita: I think how you deal with the students is a form of kindness.
Yuki: I see...
Keita: That’s why I think Professor Sakaki takes far better care of the students than I do.
Sakaki: You’re giving me too much credit.
Keita: That’s not true.
Sakaki: Anyway, that sort of thing is annoying, so I leave the class to Professor Ito.
Sakaki: I have my hands full with lessons and my work as assistant director.
Keita: Well, didn’t you bring Asahina-kun here today?
Keita: I think you are nice after all.
Sakaki: My bringing him here isn’t kind like you’re talking about.
Sakaki: I just felt pity because Asahina’s stomach growled so loud I was astonished.
Yuki: Ahaha... haha...
Sakaki: But, there is some truth to what Professor Ito says.
Yuki: So, from now on are you going to show more kindness?
Sakaki: No. As a teacher, that’s the wrong way to thank a student.
Yuki: Huh?
Sakaki: Teaching you, and preparing special personalized homework would be more for your sake.
Yuki: No, thank you!!
Sakaki: Don’t be shy. Even without that, you came to school a month late.
Yuki: That’s true, but thanking me with oden makes me much happier!
Yuki: Munch munch munch...
Sakaki: That’s right, don’t hold back. I’ll teach you as much math as you like.
Keita: In that case, I’ll teach you history.
Yuki: You too, Professor Ito!
Matsuoka: Then, for me...
Yuki: You too, Dr. Matsuoka!
Yuki: I’m fine with oden!!
Yuki: Oh, mister! I want more radish and fried tofu and chikuwa and mochi-stuffed tofu and egg!
owner: Coming up!
Sakaki: Asahina, you’re asking for too much.
Sakaki: I did tell you I was treating you, but there’s a limit to things.
Yuki: But it’s really delicious!
Sakaki: But the stuff here just tastes normal.
Yuki: It may be normal to you teachers, but to me, it’s special.
Yuki: Since you said it was just this time, didn’t you?
Yuki: Then this might already be the last time I come here.
Yuki: Besides, this stall feels like I’ve come to a secret adult place.
Yuki: So maybe it’s like it tastes more delicious than usual.
Keita: Oh, I know what you mean.
Keita: This stall was here when I was a student at BL School too.
Keita: Even back then it was off-limits to students.
Keita: And so I always longed to come to this stall back then too.
Yuki: Come to think of it, Professor Ito and Dr. Matsuoka, you’re graduates of this school.
Keita: Yeah. What about it?
Yuki: When you were students... What was it like?
Matsuoka: Well...
Matsuoka: Even though we’re both graduates, Professor Ito and I didn’t go to the school at the same time...
Matsuoka: Next time you come to the nurse’s office, I’ll show you some old pictures of Professor Ito and his friends.
Yuki: Really? I want to see them!
Keita: Huh, Dr. Matsuoka, you have pictures?
Keita: Please don’t. If you show him the old pictures, I’ll lose my dignity as a teacher...
Sakaki: Ito, when did you ever have dignity?
Keita: Professor Sakaki, that’s mean.
Matsuoka: Teehee...
Matsuoka: Oh... Seeing you like this, you two are similar.
Yuki: Similar?
Keita: Me and Asahina-kun?
Matsuoka: Yeah.
Keita: Wait a minute. I’m not a glutton like Asahina-kun.
Yuki: Professor Ito! I’m not really a glutton...
Sakaki: No, that’s not what it looks like to me...
Yuki: It’s true! I just get hungry fast!
Sakaki: That’s called gluttony.
Yuki: Professor Sakaki!
Sakaki: But I’m glad.
Yuki: Huh?
Sakaki: If you’re similar, even you can at least become like Professor Ito.
Keita: Professor Sakaki!!
Yuki: Haha...
Keita: Nevertheless, Asahina-kun, thank you.
Yuki: Huh?
Keita: The Bell One. You worked hard, didn’t you?
Keita: Thanks to that, BL School isn’t going to close and I’m really glad.
Yuki: Professor Ito...
Keita: I wanted to show my gratitude and that’s why I decided to become a teacher.
Keita: I studied as hard as I could, and I was able to get a job as a teacher at this school.
Keita: And yet, I could have lost the job after only having it for two months.
Matsuoka: I feel the same.
Yuki: You too, Dr. Matsuoka?
Matsuoka: Yeah. I’m also here as a doctor because of BL School.
Matsuoka: My feelings are the same as Professor Ito’s.
Sakaki: Is that how it is?
Yuki: Professor Sakaki... you sound indifferent.
Sakaki: Sorry. Anyway, I didn’t graduate from here.
Sakaki: That’s why I can’t understand this talk of... because it’s BL School.
Yuki: ...Professor Sakaki.
Rajendra: Good evening. Please let me join too.
Yuki: Oh, Dora-chan.
Keita: Good evening.
Rajendra: Mister. Everything looks delicious today too.
Keita: Did you come to eat chikuwabu today?
Matsuoka: Or konnyaku?
Rajendra: I can't decide which.
Yuki: Wow...
Yuki: Dora-chan, you're friends with Professor Ito and Dr. Matsuoka.
Yuki: It's kind of surprising.
Rajendra: Is it? We're good friends.
Yuki: Yes. Well, I never see teachers at the dorm.
Rajendra: I became friends with them here.
Yuki: At this stall?
Rajendra: That's right. Oden is really delicious.
Rajendra: If you eat delicious food together, you're soon friends.
Rajendra: I really like the flavor of Japanese broth.
Rajendra: That's why I come to this stall sometimes.
Keita: Although Dora-chan is always early to bed, early to rise.
Keita: The days you come here, you're up late.
Rajendra: Yes, when I'm up late, it's a flavor I want to eat.
owner: It makes me happy to hear that.
Rajendra: It's true.
Rajendra: At first, I was surprised by the unfamiliar food.
Rajendra: Konnyaku, konnyaku noodles, fish dumplings, kelp rolls.
Rajendra: When I learned that that paste products in oden were made from fish, I was very shocked.
Yuki: You don't have those sorts of things in India?
Rajendra: No. Paste products in India are mostly wheat flour.
Rajendra: Mister, chikuwabu please.
owner: Coming up.
Yuki: So you like chikuwabu.
Rajendra: Yes. I especially like chikuwabu. I really enjoy the flavor of the broth.
Yuki: Then, I'd like chikuwabu too!!
Sakaki: You still feel like eating?
end CG

Yuki: Ah! I'm so full!
Yuki: Professor Sakaki! Thank you for the meal!!
Sakaki: Don't stray on the way back to the dorm.
Yuki: Okay!
Rajendra: It's fine. I'll go with him.
Yuki: Then, good night!
Keita: Good night, Asahina-kun.
Matsuoka: See you tomorrow.
Sakaki: I guess we're also leaving. Ito, you commute from outside the school island, don't you?
Keita: Yes.
Keita: Professor Sakaki, you're at the faculty dorm on the school island, aren't you?
Sakaki: Yeah.
Keita: Um, Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: Hm?
Keita: ...About Kasahara-kun. Thank you.
Sakaki: What is that, all of a sudden?
Matsuoka: Let me tell you my gratitude too. Thank you.
Sakaki: What is it with both of you?
Keita: Actually, Dr. Matsuoka and I were asked by the second director to support him.
Sakaki: Second... you mean the heir of Suzubishi?
Keita: Yes.
Keita: We've been friends with him for a long time.
Sakaki: I see.
Matsuoka: And not just him, his older brother Nao-kun also entrusted us with Kasahara-kun.
Matsuoka: Only, Kasahara-kun isn't the type to complain or talk to others.
Keita: I can't really say I've helped him much other than be worried about him.
Keita: So, it's a real help that you're on Kasahara-kun's side.
Keita: Thank you.
Sakaki: Hey, hey. Wasn't I the one who cornered Kasahara?
Keita: But at the end, you helped him, didn't you?
Matsuoka: Thanks to that, he seems to have gotten over things.
Sakaki: That's not my achievement.
Sakaki: I just tested Kasahara.
Sakaki: If he changed, it's thanks to the students around him like Asahina.
Matsuoka: Nevertheless, you, as an adult, understood him, and since you're in the same position, you supported his work.
Matsuoka: That must have been a big help to him.
Matsuoka: Besides, Asahina-kun has really become a good student council president.
Keita: I think so too.
Keita: He's energetic, and no matter what happened, he didn't give up.
Matsuoka: That's right.
Keita: And Asahina-kun always works his very hardest for the sake of others.
Keita: When I see him like that, I think I'm really glad he's student council president.
Matsuoka: He faces things directly, makes an honest effort for those around him, and steers things in the right direction.
Matsuoka: That's not something just anyone can do.
Sakaki: That's too much praise.
Keita: No it's not.
Keita: I think Asahina-kun did a really good job.
Sakaki: Hmm...
Matsuoka: Before, when I said that Professor Ito and Asahina-kun resembled each other, it's true.
Matsuoka: Especially in how they are straightforward and earnest.
Matsuoka: When I see Asahina-kun, it's like I'm seeing Professor Ito from seven years ago.
Matsuoka: And both of you have good luck.
Matsuoka: I'm sure you might resemble each other in the fundamentals.
Matsuoka: That's why I think he can do special things.
Keita: Hmm. I guess...
Matsuoka: Professor Sakaki, what do you think?
Sakaki: About Asahina...?

(decision #2)
He's just an ordinary student.

(decision #2a: He's just an ordinary student.)
Sakaki: He's just an ordinary student.
Matsuoka: Is that how it is?
Sakaki: Yeah. I don't have any special attachment to any particular student.
Keita: Really, Professor Sakaki, you're so businesslike.

Maybe he's special.

(decision #2b: Maybe he's special.)
Sakaki: Maybe it's true that he's special.
Keita: Huh?
Sakaki: What?
Keita: Oh, no. I just thought it was unusual that you'd call a particular student special.
Sakaki: Is it?
Keita: Yes.
Sakaki: Ability-wise, he's as ordinary as he could be, but he might have something that other students at this school don't.
Sakaki: Seeing him this past month, I sense it too.
Sakaki: Besides, he was the catalyst.
Keita: Catalyst?
Sakaki: That's right.
Sakaki: If it hadn't been for Asahina and the group gathered around him, the Bell One wouldn't have been held.
Sakaki: And, I didn't think I would side with the students in the end.
Sakaki: Asahina coming here has been very meaningful.

Keita: Oh, it's already so late! The bus is going to arrive.
Keita: Well then, I'll be going now.
Sakaki: Yeah.
Matsuoka: Thanks.
Keita: See you tomorrow.
Sakaki: I guess I'll go too.
Matsuoka: Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: Hm? Is there still something else?
Matsuoka: What are you going to do from now on?
Sakaki: ......
Matsuoka: Siding with the students is damaging your relationship with the Sakaki Group, isn't it?
Matsuoka: Depending on the situation, you might not even be able to remain as a teacher.
Sakaki: Possibly.
Sakaki: Well, whatever happens, happens.
Sakaki: I came to this school for my family's convenience after all.
Sakaki: I don't feel any obligation to this school, or have any reason to be attached to it.
Sakaki: Even if I leave here, with no attachment to the place called BL School, it's all the same to me.
Sakaki: Let me ask you in the same vein, even though you're qualified to a be a doctor, why do you stay here?
Matsuoka: Let's see.
Matsuoka: Unlike Professor Ito, it's not gratitude, but maybe a debt...
Sakaki: A debt...?
Sakaki: You mean to the previous director?
Matsuoka: As a doctor, I was in a position to monitor his condition, so there might be that too...
Sakaki: That wasn't anyone's fault. You don't need to feel responsible, do you?
Matsuoka: I know that, but I listened to his desires.
Matsuoka: If possible, I wanted to have the brothers reunite at this school.
Sakaki: I see...
Matsuoka: But my real reason for being at this school might simply be that I'm too comfortable here.
Matsuoka: Well then, I'll be heading back now.
Sakaki: Yeah. Thanks.
Matsuoka: Professor Sakaki.
Matsuoka: If you end up leaving, I'm sure the students will be sad.
Matsuoka: Bye, see you tomorrow, Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: ... *sigh*
Sakaki: Geez...
(Sakaki: Maybe I've stayed here a little too long...)

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