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Sakaki route translation

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June 26

(staff room)
Okaken: And so, if only you used this expression, you could even prove the motionlessness of the aether in absolute space!
Okaken: With this solution I discovered, under all conditions...
Okaken: Aaargh, my god! How could no one have noticed this before!
Okaken: If only this mystery had been unlocked, with my new theory of spaceflight I could have already flown off into the cosmos...
Sakaki: ... *sigh* Hey, Okazaki.
Sakaki: Did you come here to talk about mathematics solutions?
Sakaki: Or did you come here to tell me your extreme occult theories?
Okaken: Oh, no, that's not what I...
Sakaki: Okazaki.... It's true that your viewpoint isn't bad.
Okaken: Right, right!
Sakaki: But, your conclusion is fundamentally wrong.
Okaken: Huh?
Sakaki: Until you can consider things separately from the occult, I'm not listening to you anymore.
Okaken: But, I haven't finished explaining...
Sakaki: If you understand, then go back to the classroom.
Okaken: R, right!
Okaken: Excuse me!!
Sakaki: *sigh* ...
(Sakaki: He's smart, but...)
(Sakaki: He tries to tie everything to his own occult theories...)
(Sakaki: Well, maybe the people who have made great discoveries are all like that.)
Sakaki: Still...
Keita: Huh? Professor Sakaki.
Keita: It's rare that you're in the staff room.
Sakaki: Is it?
Keita: You look tired.
Sakaki: Yeah. From hearing Okazaki’s ridiculous story.
Sakaki: Thanks to that, my precious lunch break is ruined.
Keita: Haha, Okazaki-kun, huh. He's pretty amazing.
Keita: Oh, that's right. Today after school, are you going to attend too?
Sakaki: Attend what?
Keita: The students are having a party as a celebration of this school officially staying open.
Keita: Of course the students, but also the teachers and people who work at this school can all participate.
Sakaki: Oh...
(Sakaki: Come to think of it, Asahina said something about it.)
Keita: I’m looking forward to it....
Keita: As teachers, we don’t really have opportunities to participate in student events, do we?
Sakaki: ... Really?
Keita: Oh, here. It’s a flyer about it. I’ll give one to you too.
Keita: It starts at 6pm in the cafeteria. It’s being jointly organized by the student council and Durak.
Keita: If you’d like, please attend too.
Keita: Well then, I’ll be going.
Sakaki: Yeah.

-- beep of email arriving --

Sakaki: Hm? An email?
(Sakaki: From Naitou...? That’s rare. Since he’s a fellow teacher from my previous school.)
Naitou: I heard a bad rumor about you.
Sakaki: ...... *urk*
Naitou: That when you were at our school, you leaked the problems on the entrance exam, and that you gave guidance for backdoor admissions.
Naitou: I’ll come right out and ask. Is it true?
Naitou: I don't want to believe that someone as diligent as you would do something like that.
Naitou: But I’ve heard inquiries from several schools on this matter.
Naitou: If this is a false rumor, I wanted to let you know.
Sakaki: I see... So this is how it’s going to be.
(Sakaki: It’s probably my brother’s doing...)
(Sakaki: Spreading slanderous rumors about me, significantly hurting my reputation outside this school...)
(Sakaki: Regardless of whether it's true or not, teachers with those sort of rumors circulating about them don’t get hired by anyone... is what it means.)
(Sakaki: I didn’t think there wouldn’t be any revenge, but...)
(Sakaki: I never thought he would do something so childish.)

-- desk phone rings --

Sakaki: This time it's the inside line?
Sakaki: It’s Sakaki.
Tomo: It’s Kasahara. Sorry, but could you come to the nurse’s office right away?
Sakaki: Nurse’s office?
Tomo: Yes. As soon as possible.
Sakaki: Alright.
(Sakaki: Just what could it be, calling me over there...?)

(nurse's office)
Tomo: Sorry for asking you to come so suddenly.
Sakaki: I don't mind, but what's the matter? Summoning me here, are you sick?
Tomo: No, that's not it...
Sakaki: Come to think of it, you did a good job in the matter last week.
Sakaki: By going that far, the Sakaki Group won't be able to threaten you, using the school as a shield.
Tomo: Are you going to be okay, Professor Sakaki...?
Sakaki: Don't worry about me.
Sakaki: The rest is a family matter. It has nothing to do with you.
Tomo: But... actually, since this morning, it seems there's some slanderous talk going around about you.
Sakaki: Wow. As expected, you have sharp ears.
Tomo: Professor, did you already know?
Sakaki: Somewhat.
Sakaki: Who did you hear it from?
Tomo: Just now, from Dr. Matsuoka.
Matsuoka: An acquaintance of mine at another school contacted me. I hurried to tell Kasahara-kun.
Matsuoka: We thought it would be rather inconvenient even mentioning it in the staff room.
Matsuoka: So we called you here.
Sakaki: I see.
Tomo: Of course, Dr. Matsuoka and I don't believe the rumors, but...
Tomo: Somehow, it seems like this rumor has spread to several people related to schools.
Tomo: It seems that a number of emails have been circulating, so I can identify the sender.
Sakaki: That's not necessary.
Tomo: Huh?
Sakaki: I already know the sender.
Sakaki: Most likely, it's my brother's doing.
Tomo: ......
Sakaki: Anyway, it's just a baseless, made-up story. Leave it alone.
Tomo: At least, taking measures to keep it from spreading anymore would be...
Sakaki: That's also not necessary. I already had a bad reputation.
Sakaki: Being called a fiend and a slavedriver didn't start at this school.
Tomo: But in this case...
Sakaki: It's not for you to worry about.
Sakaki: It's what I expected my brother to do.
Sakaki: If my brother buries the hatchet with this level of harassment, it's cheap.
Tomo: But won't leaving it like this hurt your reputation?
Sakaki: My reputation doesn’t matter.
Sakaki: They don’t take away teaching licenses because of groundless rumors.
Sakaki: If I had to say, it might make it hard to get a job at an outside school that was passionate about education.
Sakaki: If, by any chance, I end up adrift on the streets, you should employ your authority as director.
Tomo: As long as I'm director, definitely...
Tomo: Professor Sakaki... I'm sorry. It's because you helped me...
Tomo: If I had been stronger, maybe I could have taken some measure...
Sakaki: I volunteered. Don't worry about it.
Sakaki: If you feel sorry, then attend class more diligently.
Tomo: Huh...?
Sakaki: That's far better than apologizing.
Sakaki: Anyway, get full marks on the next test. I'll consider us even.
Matsuoka: Oh, that's a good idea.
Tomo: Oh no...

(school building, hallway)
(Sakaki: With this, he'll be more diligent, at least a little...)
Sakaki: Well then.
(Sakaki: Hm? Over there is...)

(decision #4)[note!]We recommend viewing these all in one playthrough. Just use the back button to return to this choice in order to view them all. If you are wary of spoilers, do not play/read Yagami's scene until finishing his route.
Jokawa Kiyotada

(decision #4a: Jokawa Kiyotada)
Sakaki: Jokawa.
Joker: Hello, Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: Jokawa. Don't tell Asahina nonsense.
Joker: Huh? What do you mean?
Sakaki: Don't play dumb. You fed him a lie about me quitting teaching.
Joker: Oh.... Come to think of it, I may or may not have said something like that.
Sakaki: Asahina told me he heard it from you.
Joker: Ahaha. But it was a false rumor. So it was alright.
Sakaki: That's not the point.
Sakaki: Anyway, that information hadn't been announced to the outside yet, had it?
Sakaki: How did you know about it?
Joker: We have our own ways of gathering information.
Sakaki: I expect you're planting bugs and hidden cameras?
Joker: Oh no, I wouldn't plant a camera.
Joker: I can see most everything if it's not behind locked doors.
Sakaki: So that means you are planting bugs?
Sakaki: *sigh*...You're too much...
Joker: But, you could selfishly put the existence of our school in a crisis like before.
Joker: I think it's only natural to do that much as a means of self-defense.
Joker: I may not look it, but I am conscious of being in the top position of Durak, who brings the students together.
Joker: Besides...
Sakaki: What?
Joker: It's possible there might be something fun like before, isn't it?
Joker: For that, I always have to have an antenna up.
Sakaki: Jokawa...
(Sakaki: Something fun? That Bell One ruckus?)
(Sakaki: This guy... in the same breath as talking about the crisis over the school's existence...)
Joker: Anyway, since I went so far along with your plan of using Eiji, you can overlook that much.
Sakaki: Geez, you're unbelievable...
Joker: Hehe.
Sakaki: Anyway, if you're going to do it, do it it where it won't be exposed.
Sakaki: If it’s too much to tolerate, I’ll be in a bind, having to fulfill my responsibility as a teacher.
Joker: Thanks for the advice.
Joker: Oh, right. I was thinking of having a Bell One with the students and all the staff participating next time.
Joker: It seems there were a lot of people who wanted to join after seeing Ace-kun fight.
Joker: When it happens, you cooperate too, okay?
(Sakaki: ...Geez, he's unbelievable.)
(Sakaki: It's true that he's an excellent student, but that part about not valuing anything besides what's fun is dangerous in a sense.)
(Sakaki: But, in the end, he allied himself with Asahina by his own judgement.)
(Sakaki: That includes Sonoda...)
(Sakaki: I guess he has his own sense of justice.)
Sakaki: It's fine to have fun, but don't make it so that the adults have to clean up your mess.
Joker: Riiight. I'll keep that in mind.

Sonoda Eiji

(decision #4b: Sonoda Eiji)
Sakaki: Sonoda.
Sonoda: Hello, Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: Have you come to terms with yourself?
Sonoda: Come to terms?
Sonoda: ...Yeah, well, somewhat... you know.
Sonoda: Honestly, I have a mountain of stuff I want to say to you and Kiyo...
Sonoda: Since it ended up like that, I had no choice but to come to terms with it.
Sonoda: The result was already determined.
Sonoda: Apart from that, I can't think of a way to do anything about it.
Sakaki: Heh, you've grown up.
Sonoda: Geez, you're one to talk. Even though you completely used me.
Sakaki: Well, forgive me. It turned out alright.
Sakaki: Think of it as a good lesson.
Sonoda: ...You're a cruel adult.
Sonoda: Normally, I would be giving you a good beating.
Sakaki: Then why aren't you?
Sonoda: ...After that, I met my father.
Sonoda: Anyway, I thought I'd let all my grudges be water under the bridge.
Sonoda: I can't always be looking at the past.
Sonoda: I thought I'd make it my goal to have my own restaurant next time.
Sakaki: So you're going to look to the future?
Sonoda: Pretty much.
Sonoda: Besides, I realized that if I change my way of thinking, this school is a good place to practice for having my own restaurant in the future.
Sonoda: More than anything, since there are people waiting to eat my cooking here.
Sakaki: I'm glad.
Sakaki: Now I won't have to listen to your complaining.
Sakaki: Anyway, treasure the friends you have now. And next time, treat me to a free meal.
Sonoda: Huh? Isn't that backwards?
Sonoda: Give me something back for the work I've done until now.
Sakaki: Alright, alright.
Sonoda: To begin with, I'm making you treat me to at least one hotel dinner, so remember it.
Sakaki: We'll see... my memory is getting terrible recently.
Sonoda: You corrupt teacher!
Sakaki: Haha.
(Sakaki: Somehow, it seems like he's gotten over it...)
(Sakaki: I always believed he'd be unable to be a villain, but...)
(Sakaki: This school has certainly been a good influence on him...)
(Sakaki: Probably, just me and Jokawa wouldn't have been able to change him so much...)
(Sakaki: ...This is thanks to him too.)

Chiba Hayato

(decision #4c: Chiba Hayato)
Sakaki: Chiba.
Sakaki: And Professor Ito?
Keita: You can't, Chiba-kun! Come back to the classroom!
Chiba: I have club, so it's impossible.
Keita: I'm saying you can't. These are remedial classes for failing world history, so don't run away.
Chiba: Myself is not running.
Keita: Oh! Then...
Chiba: I'll go after today's practice is finished.
Keita: Oh...
Keita: That's not how remedial classes work!!
Keita: I'm not letting you leave!
Chiba: ...You're in the way.
Keita: Whether I am or not, you can't.
Keita: In world history, starting off right is essential. If you stumble on the history of Europe in the Middle Ages, you'll definitely run into trouble later.
Keita: Anyway, come back to the classroom. Let's study together. Okay!?
Chiba: I don't have time for that.
Keita: Aah...
Keita: I understand your feelings not wanting to study, but if you don't do it now, you'll be the one who suffers in the future.
Chiba: It doesn't bother me that I can't do my studies.
Keita: Bother you! I'm the one who's bothered.
Keita: You'll absolutely look back and think, if only I'd tried a little harder back then.
Chiba: I will not.
Keita: Ah, urgh...
Keita: Anyway!
Keita: Today, we'll just go up to the German Migration Period, so let's do our best together just that much!
Keita: If we finish up to there, you can go to your club.
Chiba: Impossible. The tournament is coming up.
Chiba: Club is first.
Keita: I told you!
(Sakaki: They’re never going to agree.)
(Sakaki: Chiba doesn't think he needs to study.)
(Sakaki: With someone like that, explaining about the importance of remedial classes is useless.)
(Sakaki: With him, it's probably useless as long as Jokawa doesn't order him to.)
(Sakaki: It's a heavy burden for Professor Ito.)
(Sakaki: It can't be helped.)
Sakaki: Hey, Chiba.
Keita: Oh, Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: If you hate studying that much, then get organized and hurry up and graduate.
Sakaki: If you slack off on your grades, you might even fail.
Sakaki: If that happens, you'll be at school an extra year.
Chiba: Fail...
Keita: That's right, Chiba-kun. You don't want to fail, do you?
Keita: Come on. Let's go to the classroom together.
(Sakaki: With this, even he will attend the remedial classes.)
Chiba: ......
Chiba: Myself doesn't mind failing.
Chiba: Bye.
Keita: Chiba-kun!?
Keita: Huh, no way! Hold it! I said wait!
Keita: Sorry, Professor Sakaki. Excuse me!
Keita: Chiba-kun!
Sakaki: Ha...
(Sakaki: What was with Chiba?)
(Sakaki: Does he have some reason he wants to fail?)
(Sakaki: ...I don't get it. Geez...)

Sagimori Kuya

(decision #4d: Sagimori Kuya)
Sakaki: Sagimori.
Kuya: Hey, Professor Sakaki! Guten Tag!
Sakaki: You seem to be enjoying yourself as usual.
Kuya: Of course!
Kuya: Every day is full of thrills at this school.
Kuya: There's no way not to enjoy it!
Kuya: Or, Professor, are you not having fun?
Sakaki: It's not all fun.
Kuya: That's rough.
Sakaki: Not enough for sympathy. It's like that for everyone.
Sakaki: You'll understand when you're a little older.
Kuya: No, that won't happen. I'll always enjoy myself.
Kuya: My whole life, I'm sure!
Kuya: Since that's how I live.
Sakaki: Good for you.
Kuya: Yeah!
Sakaki: I'd like to hear you say the same thing in twenty years.
Kuya: Fine.
Kuya: Then, let's have a class reunion in twenty years.
Sakaki: A class reunion?
Kuya: As for the place, here is fine. It'll be at this school!
Kuya: If we're talking about twenty years, everyone will be an adult. I'm sure it will be interesting.
Kuya: Oh, I know. Let's bury a time capsule now for that day.
Kuya: Yeah. It's a good idea, if I do say so myself!
Kuya: Why don't you do it with me, Professor Sakaki? The time capsule.
Sakaki: I'll pass.
Kuya: Really? That's a shame.
Yuki: Kuya-san! It's time to go.
Kuya: Oh, darn!
Kuya: Well then, Professor Sakaki. I'll be going now, excuse me.
Kuya: But please be sure to attend the class reunion!
Sakaki: Hey...
Kuya: Which means, Professor, until then, take care of this school!
Kuya: Yuki! Masatsugu! Listen to this!
Kuya: Just now, I made a wonderful plan with Professor Sakaki!!
Sakaki: Hey...
Sakaki: That boy...
(Sakaki: I don't know what he's talking about, but he sure is having fun.)
(Sakaki: With them, it's possible that no matter how many years pass, they may always have fun.)
(Sakaki: If it's them...)

Takato Masatsugu

(decision #4e: Takato Masatsugu)
Sakaki: Takato.
Sakaki: Hey, Takato.
Takato: Hello, Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: How is it? With the Bell One, has your frustration with the board been reduced a little?
Takato: No, not really.
Takato: I still don't know if the board will truly change or not.
Sakaki: I see.
(Sakaki: He never changes.)
Takato: Students may make the school traditions,
Takato: But, in the end, the ones who choose the students are you adults.
Sakaki: What are you trying to say?
Takato: Whether as teachers, or as assistant director, all of you have stayed at this school longer than the students.
Takato: Then, I'd like you adults to not abdicate your responsibilities.
Takato: So that after we graduate, when we think about how this school has completely changed from when we were here....
Takato: Please fulfill your duty so that we have nothing to lament.
Takato: I'll be looking forward to it.
Takato: Well then.
Sakaki: So he just said what he wanted to say...
(Sakaki: It's his usual hostile attitude...)
(Sakaki: But, well...)
(Sakaki: I'll keep his expectations in mind.)

Minase Arata

(decision #4f: Minase Arata)
Sakaki: Minase.
Arata: Oh, hello.
Arata: And, goodbye.
(Sakaki: I haven't had him in my class, but he's rather enigmatic...)
Arata: Oh, that's right.
Arata: Hey, hey, Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: What do you need?
Arata: Oh, nothing much.
Maro: Kuku.
Sakaki: Mm...
(Sakaki: He has his pet with him again?)
Arata: One question.
Sakaki: Is it a question about math?
Arata: Of course not. Arata is in the regular class.
Arata: I'd never, ever ask the ultimate class teacher Professor Sakaki about math.
Sakaki: Then, what is it?
Arata: I was wondering if there was something behind the Bell One.
Sakaki: Behind?
Arata: The school is being closed.
Arata: As big an announcement as that was, I thought it was awfully nice to give it up if Ace-kun won the Bell One.
Arata: I wondered if there was some deep, dark secret that the general students didn't know about.
Sakaki: Minase...
Maro: Kuku?
Arata: Oh, never mind, never mind.
Sakaki: Huh?
Arata: It's an adult situation that can't be told to the students.
Arata: Isn't it?
Sakaki: ......
Arata: I don't really want you tell me the truth.
Arata: Only, I want you to know this.
Sakaki: What is it?
Arata: That time, wondering if our school would close,
Arata: It really stressed out all the students.
Arata: You and the board members know that, don't you?
Sakaki: I guess so.
Arata: Then don't forget it.
Sakaki: Minase...
Arata: That event took only a few weeks.
Arata: But, during that time, there were a lot of students who were about to have important matches and contests.
Arata: Well, that stuff may not matter to adults, however.
Arata: That's all Arata wanted to say.
Arata: Take responsibility, Professor, and teach well from now on.
Arata: Well, though Arata probably won't be taking Professor Sakaki's class.
Arata: Bye, Professor Sakaki.
Maro: Kuku, kukukuu.
Sakaki: ......
(Sakaki: I thought he was just an eccentric person who took his ferret to the swim club, but...)
(Sakaki: So he's a person who can speak his own opinion like that.)
(Sakaki: Or did even something about him change during the Bell One?)
Sakaki: Hmm...

Yagami Reon

(decision #4g: Yagami Reon)
Sakaki: Yagami.
Sakaki: *oof*...
Yagami: Oh, sorry. Did I hit you?
Sakaki: Yeah. Be more careful while you’re carrying an instrument.
Yagami: I said I was sorry. I was just thinking about stuff.
(Sakaki: Did he not hear me when I called him...?)
(Sakaki: Come to think of it, he does have residual damage in one ear from an accident...)
(Sakaki: He's been late or absent from class several times, because of going to the hospital.)
Yagami: What is it, Sakaki? You still have a problem? I apologized, didn't I?
Sakaki: No.
Sakaki: How is your ear?
Yagami: Huh?
Yagami: Oh, my ear.
Yagami: I decided to get surgery.
Sakaki: I see.
Yagami: Since you're asking about it, did you hear from my mother that I was refusing surgery?
Sakaki: Yeah. I am in charge, after all.
Yagami: Hmm..
Yagami: Well, because of that, I'll be taking a vacation soon, so thanks in advance. See ya.
Yagami: *humming*
(Sakaki: Come to think of it, when I was tutoring Asahina, he said something about singing in Yagami's band.)
(Sakaki: His defiant attitude seems to have lessened, so something about him has changed too.)
(end Yagami)

(Sakaki: Something has changed.)
(Sakaki: Something inside the students at this school...)
(Sakaki: Is it because they overcame the crisis of the school closing that had the whole school in an uproar?)
(Sakaki: No, it's probably not just that...)
(Sakaki: But, if that uproar became an opportunity for each student to change in some way...)
Sakaki: Then maybe there was a little meaning in that ridiculous farce...
(Sakaki: If that's true, maybe it can atone for dragging everyone into it...)
Sakaki: ...Of course, that would be too convenient.

(courtyard, evening)
(Sakaki: The celebration is probably warming up right about now...)
Sakaki: *sigh*...
(Sakaki: This picture turning up...)
Sakaki: Geez, it's ironic.
Yuki: Professor Sakaki!!
Sakaki: Hm?
Yuki: I found you. So here you are.
Yuki: Oh, that picture. It's the one I found when you were moving out of the assistant director's office.
Sakaki: More importantly, aren't you in the middle of a party?
Yuki: That's right.
Sakaki: Then what are you doing here?
Sakaki: You're the star of the party, aren't you?
Yuki: Oh no. This time everyone is the star.
Yuki: I'm just the one who brought it up.
Sakaki: Come to think of it, it was organized by the student council and Durak.
Yuki: Right!
Yuki: The other teachers are all waiting too.
Yuki: So, hurry up and come too, Professor Sakaki!
Sakaki: No, I...
Yuki: It seems like Sonoda-san has prepared some extremely delicious food.
Yuki: If you don't hurry, it will be gone.
Sakaki: Then, even more, this isn't the time for you to be here, is it?
Yuki: That's right!
Yuki: Then hurry, Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: I'm fine.
Yuki: Huh! You come too, Professor.
Yuki: Today, there's alcohol for the adults.
Sakaki: Hey, hey. Aren't I the one responsible for trying to close the school?
Sakaki: How can you let even the villain participate?
Sakaki: You don't want to ruin the celebratory mood, do you?
Sakaki: Look, if you understand, then hurry and go back.
Yuki: But...
Yuki: I don't want to go back by myself!
Sakaki: Hey.
Yuki: But in the end, you were on our side, weren't you?
Yuki: So that doesn't matter anymore.
Sakaki: But you're the only one who feels that way.
Yuki: Then today's celebration is a perfect opportunity.
Yuki: Let's show everyone the real Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: The real me? What's that?
Yuki: That Professor Sakaki is on the side of us students.
Sakaki: I don't know about that...
Yuki: What does that mean?
Sakaki: It's true that in the end I acted in a way as to be on the side of the school.
Sakaki: But it just happened to turn out that way.
Sakaki: Actually, I didn't decide which side to be on until the very last minute.
Yuki: That... may be true, but...
Sakaki: I wasn't trying to protect the school.
Sakaki: Because I hate this school.
Yuki: Hate... why?
Sakaki: ......
Sakaki: ...That's right. This is a good opportunity, so I'll tell you.
Yuki: Yes...
Sakaki: It's the story of a certain three students.

CG: Sakaki and Yuki sit and talk
Sakaki: The three were going to a consecutive middle to high prep school.[note!]This means that the students did not have to take/pass an entrance exam to get into the high school, unlike they would normally.
Sakaki: At that school, the policy was to cram as much as possible in exchange for an expensive tuition.
Sakaki: The goal was to produce society's top elite.
Yuki: ......
Sakaki: Those three were two boys and one girl.
Sakaki: Let's see... we'll call the boys Alpha and Beta, and the girl, Theta.[note!]Sakaki could have used any variables, but alpha, beta, and theta are commonly used in mathematics. Attention to detail! ♥
Sakaki: They liked quizzes and puzzles, and one way or another, were always together.
Sakaki: Alpha's family had lawyers and bureaucrats and politicians, a so-called elite family.
Sakaki: Inevitably, he too wanted to have elite academic achievements.
Sakaki: Even though it was tough, he had a quick mind, and in class, he was excellent at understanding and responding, and his reasoning skills were exceedingly high.
Sakaki: His specialty was geometry problems and puzzles, and he liked the challenge of high level problems that no one else could solve.
Sakaki: He was the type you could call a genius.
Sakaki: But for some reason, his grades on tests were always bad.
Sakaki: He was satisfied if he got an average grade, but usually it was below that.
Sakaki: He especially didn't get good marks in liberal arts subjects.
Yuki: Huh? Why is that!?
Yuki: Wasn't he a really excellent student?
Yuki: Or was he irresponsible just about tests...?
Sakaki: No, he took tests seriously.
Sakaki: He was always so diligent that he was too diligent.
Sakaki: But no matter how seriously he dealt with it, he couldn't get the grades.
Sakaki: He had another reason...
Yuki: Another reason...?
Sakaki: ...Dyslexia. A reading disability.
Yuki: Reading... disability?[note!]The way Yuki says this, just repeating the sounds, indicates that he does not understand the term or its meaning at all.
Sakaki: Well, it's not very well known in Japan.[note!]This is unfortunately true, especially in the early 2000s when Sakaki and his friends would have been in middle school. This is an interesting article:
Sakaki: It's a type of learning disability in which, because the brain has difficulty recognizing characters, you can't read very well.
Sakaki: That's why, even though he had no problem with intellectual ability or comprehension, when characters were involved, he had a problem.
Yuki: So that's why he couldn't do tests.
Sakaki: ...Yeah.
Sakaki: If only the cause had been known, he could have chosen learning methods that coped with it.
Sakaki: But, that school didn't have a system that would notice it.
Sakaki: All they did was judge on the basis of test results.
Sakaki: And so, despite that he had high abilities, he was judged an irresponsible student.
Sakaki: And his family viewed him as a failure.
Yuki: Oh no...
Sakaki: Because his family put emphasis on just grades even more than the school.
Sakaki: He would always say, if only I could get into BL School.
Yuki: Oh...
Sakaki: BL School could let him pursue his own strong points in his own way.
Sakaki: He thought, then, on top of no longer being scolded by the people around him, he would be recognized.
Sakaki: His two friends encouraged him.
Sakaki: Saying, 'it will be okay, Alpha, you're the smartest out of all of us, I'm sure you'll get your Platinum Paper.'
Sakaki: But his wish wasn't granted.
Yuki: ......
Sakaki: Instead, the Platinum Paper arrived at Beta's house...
Sakaki: Beta's intelligence was no match for Alpha, but his test grades were respectable.
Yuki: So, what happened to Beta-san?
Sakaki: He didn't go to BL School.
Sakaki: Since his parents managed the school they were attending, he thought it was only natural to continue on to high school there.
Sakaki: More than anything, he didn't want Alpha to know the truth.
Sakaki: So he tore up and threw away the Platinum Paper he received...
Yuki: Could it be, this Beta-san is...?
Sakaki: And, his one hope dashed, Alpha couldn't endure the pressure from those around him and ended up dropping out.
Yuki: Dropping out...
Sakaki: When he learned that he had dyslexia, it was a long time after he had left...
Sakaki: As for Theta, one-size-fits-all cram classes that didn't try to expand individual abilities,
Sakaki: And a school system that didn't realize a student had a learning disability,
Sakaki: She felt resentment towards those things.
Sakaki: Therefore, so that no one would have to pin their hopes on maybe going to a school that was like an urban legend...
Sakaki: She became a teacher, with the hope of creating an environment where everyone could receive the same education.
Sakaki: Similarly, Beta, whose parents managed schools, became a teacher.
Sakaki: On the other hand, he thought she could never make her ideals become reality.
Sakaki: Theta worked desperately to make her ideals become reality.
Sakaki: But, after all, there's a limit to what a mere teacher can do.
Sakaki: Eventually, she dropped out too...
Yuki: Beta-san, who was left... what happened to him?
Sakaki: He didn't pursue ideals. He conducted intense high level classes, just the way the school management wanted.
Sakaki: As a result, it churned out enough excellent students to raise the school's reputation.[note!]Sakaki uses an incredibly unflattering word for 'churned out.' It's literally 'excreted.'
Sakaki: But it was only a small handful out of all the students.
Sakaki: Behind the scenes, there must have been many who dropped out...
Sakaki: But, to achieve the desired result, it couldn't be helped.
Yuki: Professor Sakaki...
Sakaki: Then one day, the topic of transferring him to BL School came up.
Sakaki: The school that you could say was the root of all the evils that controlled his friends' lives.
Sakaki: In his heart, he felt resentment, but he thought he wanted to see for himself what kind of place it was.
Sakaki: And so, he accepted the transfer to that school...
Yuki: So the teacher who transferred was you, Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: ......
Sakaki: That teacher conducted the same classes at BL School as he had at the prep school.
Sakaki: But the result was completely different than at the previous school...
Sakaki: Even shoots of the same plant are all different.
Sakaki: There are those that stand back up when stepped on. Those that stay bent. And among them, even those that get stronger for being stepped on.
Sakaki: Maybe the difference is an inborn ability.
Sakaki: Or maybe it's thanks to their environment and the people around them, or maybe simply a matter of mood.
Sakaki: He didn't know the reason.
Sakaki: But, maybe there was something different about the people who were chosen by this school.
Sakaki: It's true there are some excellent parts about the ideology of this school, but it also holds many problems.
Sakaki: This school's ideology and policies. Its arbitrary entrance system.
Sakaki: Additionally, the previous director's expectations that foisted adult problems on a child like Kasahara...
Sakaki: There were also things like that he couldn't accept.
Sakaki: He simply wanted to teach a lesson.
Sakaki: To all the students who attend here, about how privileged an environment they are in.
Sakaki: Being at this school, you tend to forget.
Sakaki: That your life at this school is built on the backs of the many failures who were not chosen to be here.
Sakaki: And so, announcing the proposal to close the school, and going along with the wishes of the Sakaki Group, was a bit of revenge.
Sakaki: As a result, you all showed me something that was beyond my hopes and expectations.[note!]This is an intentional shift from speaking about himself in third person back to first person.
Sakaki: That's why I decided to side with you.
Sakaki: But that was for my own personal reasons, not for the school or the students.
Sakaki: You stopped me from taking the initiative, but...
Sakaki: Originally, once I fulfilled my obligation to the Sakaki Group to a certain extent, I planned to quit.
Yuki: ......!?
Sakaki: This really is a good school.
Sakaki: In the quality of the students, and as a place to work as a teacher, you couldn't ask for more.
Sakaki: But there are a lot of people outside the school who didn't receive that privilege.
Sakaki: That's why, after I quit, I intended to follow in my friends' footsteps and use my experience here at other schools.
Sakaki: But it seems even that would be difficult now.
Yuki: What do you mean...?
Sakaki: A bad rumor has spread about me outside.
Sakaki: That I worked unethically at my previous school.
Yuki: What!? Who would do something so cruel?
Sakaki: My older brother.
Sakaki: It's a sort of retaliation for me not listening to his orders and siding with the school.
Sakaki: Thanks to that, there's no hope of getting re-employed outside this school.
Sakaki: Even though I was here for revenge for those who dropped out.
Sakaki: Right now, this is the only place I have.
Sakaki: Geez, it's so ironic.
Sakaki: That was a bit of a long story, but that's why I came here.
Sakaki: So that's why I'm not in the mood to celebrate with you.
Sakaki: Do you understand?
Yuki: But!
Yuki: Then, Professor Sakaki, I think you don't need to keep letting everyone think badly of you!
Yuki: I don't understand complex things like education or how things should be!
Yuki: But whether you're worthy to be at this school, or belong here or not...
Yuki: You don't have to think about those things!
Yuki: I like you, Professor!
Yuki: So, if possible, I want you to stay at this school from now on!
Yuki: Now that I've come to this school, I want to become a person who can be involved, for everyone's sake.
Yuki: Everyone has supported me, been so nice to me...
Yuki: They've let me have fun, and made me happy.
Yuki: That's why, similarly, I want to make everyone happy too!
Yuki: I don't have any talents except my good luck, but...
Yuki: That's why I think I want to share that with everyone too!
Yuki: At first I thought it was because I was student council president that I had to work hard for everyone.
Yuki: But now, it has nothing to do with being student council president.
Yuki: It's because I love everyone at this school that I feel that way from the bottom of my heart!
Yuki: That's why, Professor Sakaki, now that you've come to this school...
Yuki: I want you to fully enjoy your school life here!
Yuki: After all, since you're a member of this school too.
Sakaki: Asahina, you...
Yuki: Professor Sakaki.
Yuki: If you look at this situation from another perspective, then now you've become a member of the school in a real sense.
Sakaki: ...I guess.
Yuki: Then from now on, prepare yourself and fully enjoy BL School with all of us!
Yuki: Have lots of fun, enough to make up for your friends too!
Yuki: Okay?
Sakaki: ...You may be right.
Yuki: Then, let's start over...
Yuki: Welcome, Professor Sakaki! To our BL School!
Yuki: I welcome you from the bottom of my heart.
(CG changes: Sakaki pats Yuki's head)
Yuki: Wah!!
Yuki: Professor Sakaki...
Sakaki: ...Geez, you're so...
Sakaki: Straightforward... or maybe shockingly positive...
Yuki: Ehehehehe...
Sakaki: Since you've gone so far, it can't be helped.
Sakaki: I give up, will you count me in as one of the foolish lot at this school?
Yuki: Alright!!

if Sakaki kissed Yuki on the roof

Sakaki: Since there are cute students who care about me like this.
Yuki: Hehe...
Sakaki: Thank you, Asahina.
Yuki: No, that's not...
Yuki: Well, you saying that so formally makes me embarrassed...
Sakaki: Really?
Yuki: But I only have the image of you saying stern things...
Yuki: It's rare that you thank me, so...
Yuki: And, um... when you're nice to me, it makes me remember...
Sakaki: Remember what?
Yuki: Um... when you kissed me... and stuff...
Sakaki: Come to think of it, I did do that.
Yuki: 'Come to think of it' ...Professor, it was that trivial to you!?
Yuki: No, well... it may have been to you, but!
Yuki: After all, um, I don't have much of that sort of experience, so... it's embarrassing, or, um...
Sakaki: ...You're so frustrating.
Sakaki: Do you want me to do it again?
Yuki: ...Oh, Professor Sa... kaki...
??: Whoaaa, ahem, ahem.
Yuki: Huh...?
end CG

(courtyard, evening)
Yuki: Uwaaaah! So, Sonoda-san!?
Sonoda: Could it be, am I interrupting?
Yuki: N, n, no! N, n, not at all...
Sakaki: Yeah, you're interrupting. What did you come here for?
Sonoda: Teehee, still, it's just as I'd expect of you, Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: What is?
Sonoda: You're so unpopular that you've finally ended up even trying to make a move on any student within reach.
Sakaki: Now see here, you...
Yuki: Of course not... I think there's no way the Professor is unpopular!
Sonoda: That's the part you're bringing up?
Sonoda: Well, whatever.

if Sakaki did not kiss Yuki

Sakaki: ...You're so honest.
end CG

??: Oh, so here you are.
Yuki: Oh. Sonoda-san.

Sonoda: So? What are the two of you doing looking gloomy?
Sakaki: It's none of your business.
Sonoda: Anyway, if you don't come, it’s awkward for me, Professor Sakaki.
Sonoda: If you're not in the cafeteria, I'm the only one who looks like a villain and it's really uncomfortable.
Sonoda: My accomplice needs to be there.
Sonoda: I even prepared your favorites. If you don't come, you'll regret it.
Sakaki: I see.
Sonoda: Besides, if you keep Yuki-kun all to yourself the whole time, everyone will be mad.
Sonoda: Since Yuki-kun isn't there, everyone is tired of waiting and getting ready to start a riot.
Yuki: Huh, really!?
Sakaki: Good grief. It can't be helped.
Sonoda: Don't 'good grief' me.
Yuki: Come on, Professor Sakaki! Let's hurry and go!!

Yuki: Sorry to keep you wait...
Arata: Ah. Professor Sakaki, you've finally arrived.
Joker: Just what were the two of you doing alone?
Joker: Today, of all days, you can't hog Yuki-kun.
Joker: Even though I was trying to make it fun for everyone.
Yagami: You two sure are showing up late. If you don't hurry, the food's gonna be gone.
Sakaki: ......
Yuki: Look, Professor Sakaki. Everyone's been waiting.
Sakaki: Yeah...
Kuya: Yuki! Professor Sakaki! You're finally here!
Kuya: Come on, Professor. Come over with everyone else.
Sakaki: No, I...
Kuya: It's not like you to hesitate. Isn't it, Masatsugu?
Takato: That's right.
Kuya: Parties are for bringing people together. Aren't they, Masatsugu?
Takato: Yes...
Kuya: Everyone here wants to get to know you, and thank you.
Kuya: But, until now, they haven't found the chance to say it. Don't you think so, Masatsugu?
Takato: That may be true.
Kuya: So...
Kuya: Don't you think this party would be a good opportunity? Right, Masatsugu?
Takato: ...So why are you waving at me?
Kuya: Because this is your chance to become friends!
Takato: Ah...
Sakaki: He doesn't look like he wants to be friends.
Takato: That's right.
Yuki: Takato-san!
Takato: ...But.
Takato: Professor Sakaki.
Takato: The game is about to start. If we don't have enough people, we can't begin.
Takato: Without you.
Sakaki: ......
Takato: Everyone is waiting for you.
Sakaki: I see.
Yuki: Takato-san isn't very honest with his feelings...
Kuya: Seriously.
??: ...Professor.
Sakaki: Kasahara, what is it?
Tomo: Do you have a minute?

(scene break, still in the cafeteria)
Sakaki: What is it? Bringing me to the corner like this.
Tomo: There's something I wanted to give to you.
Tomo: This.
Sakaki: Documents?
Tomo: I should have waited until tomorrow, but I wanted to give them to you as soon as possible.
Sakaki: This is...?
Sakaki: A draft of Bell Liberty School reforms?
Sakaki: Did you write this?
Tomo: No, that was something my brother left.
Sakaki: Nao did?
Tomo: Yes.
Sakaki: Why are you giving it to me?
Tomo: Brother's diary was in the director's office.
Sakaki: A diary?
Tomo: Inside, my brother wrote his thoughts on that draft.
Tomo: That they may be idealistic now, but he wanted to put them into practice someday.
Tomo: And that to accomplish these reforms, your help would be indispensable.
Sakaki: ......
Tomo: Reading this draft, I feel the same way.
Sakaki: But I'm not assistant director anymore.
Tomo: Even so, I want to give it to you.
Tomo: So please accept it. Think of it as Brother's last request.
Tomo: When the board members are newly elected, I intend to nominate you for assistant director again, so,
Tomo: I'll have you reinstated as assistant director soon.
Tomo: After all, this job is too much for me.
Tomo: I think I'd like to have you assist as an auditor, from a bit of an opposing position.
Sakaki: ......
Sakaki: ...Geez, both brothers saying the same thing...
Tomo: Huh?
Sakaki: No... it's nothing.
(Sakaki: Plan to revise the current selection method of Bell Liberty School entrants...)
(Sakaki: To leave enrollment based on the school's current selection, as well as the students' tuition and class fees free as they currently are.)
(Sakaki: To newly introduce a quota for general self-recommendation for enrollment on the condition that a portion of the class fees are paid out-of-pocket, apart from the present quota for selecting exceptional people.)
(Sakaki: The goal of having that system is to allow students to enroll who cannot be selected by the school's current selection method.)
(Sakaki: And, as for the curriculum after enrolling, so that that students can receive an equivalent education without distinction due to the way they enrolled.)
(Sakaki: Also, to examine a scholarship system for the out-of-pocket costs.)
(Sakaki: About the management.)
(Sakaki: To newly establish a management committee made up of several student representatives, apart from the current board.)
(Sakaki: With the aim of having the management of the school be run by the students themselves in the future...)
Sakaki: This is...
(Sakaki: From a quick look, this is completely a blend of my and Nao's ideas...)
(Sakaki: He... left something like this, did he...)
Tomo: How is it, Professor Sakaki?
Sakaki: If you're just going to make the proposal, it's simple.
Sakaki: But putting this into practice will be fairly difficult.
Sakaki: Besides, there's a lot of things in there that have to be put more realistically.
Tomo: Yes, I'm keenly aware of that.
Tomo: Still, since Brother entrusted it to me, I want to somehow get it into shape with my own hands.
Tomo: And, no matter how hard, or how long it takes, I want to make it reality.
Tomo: Not just because Brother entrusted it to me, but because it's my own desire.
Sakaki: I see.
Tomo: Will you help me?
Sakaki: ...It can't be helped. Since you've gone that far, I'll help you somewhat.
Tomo: Thank you.
Tomo: Then, I'm going back to the others.
(Sakaki: ...Geez, you've really done it.)
(Sakaki: You foresaw what I would do when shown something like this.)
Sakaki: Heh...
(Sakaki: Things really have changed these last few months.)
(Sakaki: Him, and the other students here...)
(Sakaki: But maybe I'm the one who's changed the most.)
(Sakaki: It's all thanks to...)
Yuki: Everyone! Are there enough cards for the game to go around!?
All: Yeah!!
(Sakaki: Asahina Yuki...)
(Sakaki: After all, maybe it's his influence.)
(Sakaki: That has changed me, the students, and everyone at this school...)
Sakaki: I guess I'll keep them company a little longer.

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