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June 24

(school building, roof)
Sakaki: It's about time for Kasahara's counterattack to start...
Sakaki: I hope you pull it off...
(Sakaki: Kasahara is accessing the Sakaki Group's network...)
(Sakaki: And buying time by playing the PR movie of the school that the students made.)
(Sakaki: He's using that opening to seek out the hidden information...)
(Sakaki: There's no margin for error, but it's Kasahara. I'm sure he'll pull it off.)
(Sakaki: I told him the hint about the hidden file.)
(Sakaki: The rest will depend on the negotiations, but with the way he is now, he'll get through it somehow.)
(Sakaki: As long as that goes well, my brother will stop meddling with this school.)
(Sakaki: I have all of this week until I'm dismissed as assistant director, but I should clean up before then...)
(Sakaki: Nevertheless, it's ironic...)
(Sakaki: On the one one hand is a younger brother inheriting the dying wish of his older brother to protect the school...)
(Sakaki: On the other hand, as for me...)
Yuki: Professor Sakaki!!
Yuki: *pant pant* I finally found you...
Sakaki: Why are you in such a panic?
Yuki: Professor Sakaki!! Is it true you quit being a teacher!?
Sakaki: Huh?
Yuki: Before, I heard from Joker-san!
Yuki: He said that 'Professor Sakaki was dismissed as assistant director and fired from the school!'
Yuki: It has to be a lie!!
Yuki: After all, it's because I won the Bell One, isn't it!?
Yuki: I don't want you to end up leaving the school because of that!!
Yuki: What should I do!? I only wanted to protect the school!
Yuki: I wanted to protect the school... and everyone... so...
Yuki: That this would happen... by protecting the school...
Yuki: I never considered it...
Yuki: Still, because of that, that you'd have to quit being a teacher, I had no idea...
Yuki: *sob sob* What will I do... What should I do...
Yuki: I... I...
Sakaki: Ah. Calm down, Asahina.
Yuki: *sob sob sniffle*
Sakaki: *sigh*...Asahina.
Sakaki: Don't cry, Asahina. I'm fine.
Yuki: But... you've been fired... it's not fine...
Yuki: Even though you're... such a good, kind... teacher...
Yuki: I know... this isn't the time to cry... *sniffle*
Yuki: Why am I... so...?
(Sakaki: It's no good. He's not listening to me at all...)

if Sakaki has chosen both 'Maybe he's special' AND 'Are you interested in me?'

(Sakaki: It's too annoying to persuade him while he's like this...)
Sakaki: Asahina, lift your face.

CG: Sakaki kisses Yuki
Yuki: Mmmph!!
Sakaki: ......
Yuki: Ngh, nngh! Ngh!
(Sakaki: This guy... he didn't have to get so out of control. Geez...)
Yuki: Mmmph... mph...!
end CG

Yuki: *pant pant pant*
Yuki: Uh... um... Professor... Sakaki...?
Sakaki: ...Have you calmed down a little?
Yuki: ......
Sakaki: ... *sigh*
(Sakaki: I'd say he's stunned. Well, it's understandable.)
Yuki: Professor...?
Yuki: Um, that just now...
Sakaki: It was a kiss. What about it?
Yuki: ...A kiss...
Sakaki: Do you want me to do more of it?
Yuki: No... um...
Yuki: Why...?
Sakaki: If I didn't do that, you weren't going to calm down.
Sakaki: In fact, you've calmed down, haven't you?
Yuki: I'm calm... or rather, surprised...
Sakaki: In the first place, don't jump to conclusions.
Yuki: Jump to conclusions...?
Sakaki: It's true I was dismissed as assistant director.
Sakaki: But that doesn't mean I was fired as a teacher.
Sakaki: So don't panic.
Yuki: Huh... then, Professor, you're going to be staying at this school from now on?
Sakaki: ...For now.
Yuki: Really!?
Sakaki: Do you think I would lie?
Yuki: I do...
Yuki: Well, you're an adult...
Sakaki: Because I'm an adult, I lie?
Yuki: But, you're good at lying, aren't you?
Yuki: During the Bell One, you pretended to be our enemy...
Yuki: Even from now on, if you seriously lied, I wouldn't be able to see through it...
Sakaki: Well, that's true.
Sakaki: I wouldn't tell a lie that you would find out.
Sakaki: Because I'm an adult. I do unfair and underhanded things, even lie.
Sakaki: Actually, I'm the one responsible for plunging this school into a crisis.
Sakaki: But it doesn't mean I'm a bad adult that would go so far as to even deceive you with a kiss, does it?
Yuki: Oh...

if Sakaki has chosen 'He's just an ordinary student' AND/OR 'Don't think about things that aren't your business'

Sakaki: You idiot, don't go jumping to conclusions.
Yuki: Ngh!!
Yuki: Ow, p, pleez don pinge my nobse!!
Sakaki: Will you listen to me?
Yuki: Yez!!
Sakaki: Fine.
Yuki: Mmph...
Sakaki: I was just fired as assistant director. That doesn't mean I quit being a teacher.
Yuki: Huh...? Really?
Sakaki: That's right.
Sakaki: Geez. Jokawa was teasing you by saying gibberish.
Yuki: Ugh.... Joker-san...

Sakaki: Alright, Asahina? I've stepped down from the position of assistant director.
Sakaki: That's simply that I was taking responsibility for the matter this time.
Sakaki: There wasn't really any way I could be blameless for that.
Yuki: Is that how it is...?
Sakaki: That's how it is.
Sakaki: Although I do regret losing the big private office.
Sakaki: That much can't be helped.
Sakaki: Since you've already come all the way here, you can help me.
Yuki: Huh? With what?
Sakaki: Cleaning up my things in the assistant director's office and carrying them to the staff room.
Sakaki: If you're worried about me, you can at least do that much.
Yuki: Yes!

(assistant director's office)
Yuki: There's less stuff than I thought.
Sakaki: It's my personal things, so that's how it is.
Sakaki: Besides, I'm moving to a desk in the staff room, aren't I? I couldn't manage with much more.
Yuki: Oh.
Sakaki: Come to think of it, how did Jokawa know about my dismissal as assistant director?
Yuki: Huh?
Sakaki: It shouldn't have been announced publicly yet... Did he hear it from Kasahara?
Yuki: Come to think of it, Joker-san talks about wondering if there is anything interesting, and having an information network throughout the school.
Yuki: And so, he said he knows not just about the students in the school, but even the board and teachers.
Yuki: He wouldn't tell me what kind of information network though...
Yuki: But, since it's Joker-san, I'm sure it's amazing!
Sakaki: That Jokawa...
(Sakaki: Has he even put surveillance cameras or listening devices throughout the school?)
(Sakaki: Geez, I don't know what someone so cunning does...)
Yuki: Huh? What's this...
Sakaki: What is it?
Yuki: There's a picture that fell under the desk.
Yuki: Is this yours...?
Yuki: A student? Where's this uniform from?
Yuki: A girl and two boys... oh, this is...!!
Yuki: Professor Sakaki!?
Sakaki: ......urk!
Yuki: The one on the right is you, isn't it! You're young, but you haven't changed much.
Yuki: Is this a picture from your school days?
Yuki: Oh.
Yuki: Please don't take it away so suddenly. I wanted to look at it more...
Sakaki: This is my picture.
Sakaki: From about third year middle school.
Yuki: I knew it!
Yuki: Hey, hey. What was it like when you were in school?
Sakaki: Nothing special.
Yuki: Don't you at least have nostalgic stories?
Sakaki: No.
Sakaki: It was just ordinary school days with nothing worth mentioning.
Yuki: But, Professor, you're smart enough to teach the ultimate class, aren't you?
Yuki: Didn't you receive a Platinum Paper?
Sakaki: ...Asahina.
Yuki: Yes.
Sakaki: You may have received it through something like the whim of the previous director, but...
Sakaki: They are not something delivered so simply.
Sakaki: Maybe you've become oblivious, being at this school and getting used to the exceptional people...
Yuki: Oh...
Yuki: ...Now that you mention it, you're right. Until I came here, I thought it was an urban legend...
Sakaki: Come on, don't chit-chat, take and carry.
Yuki: Right!

(school building, hallway)
Yuki: This box is heavier than it looks.
Sakaki: Because it's just books and papers.
Yuki: Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: What?
Yuki: You're really not going to leave?
Sakaki: You're persistent.
Yuki: Well, I'm worried...
Sakaki: Let me ask you instead, why do you not want me to quit?
Yuki: Huh?
Sakaki: Unrelated to this affair, it's not unusual for teachers to transfer at some point, is it?
Yuki: That may be true, but...
Sakaki: Or is it simply that you don't want it to be your responsibility that I'm fired?
Yuki: That's not it.
Sakaki: Then, what is it?
Yuki: Professor Sakaki, you may be my homeroom teacher, but somehow, a bit... I feel like you're more distant than the other teachers.
Sakaki: Distant?
Yuki: Yes...
Yuki: I feel like you keep your distance with us students, and like we shouldn't get too close...
Yuki: And, when I heard you were trying to close the school as assistant director, you seemed really distant.
Yuki: I wondered why you were trying to close it, and didn't understand it at all, and I was confused...
Yuki: I didn't understand it, and at the same time, I was really sad...
Yuki: So, when I found out you were on our side, I was really happy.
Yuki: Because I realized that it wasn't that you disliked the school.
Yuki: So, I want to be better friends with you.
Yuki: I thought, I want you to teach me lots more and get closer.
Sakaki: And so, thus this sudden love of learning?
Yuki: Not just studying!
Yuki: It's lots of stuff besides that!
Yuki: That's why, when I heard that you may have quit...
Yuki: I thought I couldn't just stand there and do nothing.
Yuki: I started running before I even considered why this was happening...
Sakaki: I'm honored you care so deeply.
Sakaki: But, Asahina, I don't have such noble intentions toward this school as you think.
Yuki: Really?
Sakaki: It's true that I opposed this school being used.
Sakaki: But that doesn't mean I foolishly like this school like you do.
Yuki: ...But...
Yuki: Well, I don't think that's true...

(staff room)
Sakaki: Put the things down here. Thank you.
Yuki: It was nothing.
Sakaki: You should go already. Shouldn’t Kasahara be fighting about now?
Sakaki: Come tell me how you liked it.
Yuki: Oh, that's right. Professor Sakaki! Excuse me!
Sakaki: Yeah.
Sakaki: Well then...

-- cell phone buzzes --

(Sakaki: Is it my turn so soon?)
Sakaki: Yes, this is Sojiro.
Sakaki: ...Understood.
(Sakaki: Good grief, I have to backtrack to the assistant director's office.)
Sakaki: I guess it's time to take final responsibility.

(assistant director's office)
Sakaki: You're already here, Yuichiro-niisan.
Yuichiro: Sojiro! Just what do you think you're doing!?
Yuichiro: I know you helped give that brat director a hint!
Yuichiro: Explain yourself!!
Yuichiro: To begin with, do you understand your position!?
Yuichiro: Why do you think you were sent here three years ago?
Yuichiro: Have you forgotten you bear the Sakaki name?
Yuichiro: What was your original goal!?
Yuichiro: It was to use that brat and make him access the Bell Research Lab data!
Yuichiro: If Suzubishi gets ahead of us because of this affair, not just the pharmaceutical division, but the entire group might be swallowed up by Suzubishi!
Yuichiro: You must know at least that!
Sakaki: ......
(Sakaki: To an extent, I'd imagined this, but he seems angrier than I thought...)
(Sakaki: Well, since I told Kasahara where the information about the Sakaki Group's fraudulent settlement of accounts was, it's only natural...)
Yuichiro: Sojiro! Why don't you say something!?
Sakaki: Even though you tell me to say something, I have nothing to say.
Sakaki: So? What are you going to do with me now?
Yuichiro: What's with that attitude?
Yuichiro: If you weren't my little brother, I would hand you over to the authorities and make you take responsibility.
Yuichiro: Your actions until now have been overlooked because you've acted in accordance with the will of the Sakaki Group.
Sakaki: Overlooked? What has been?
Yuichiro: Even though you're a Sakaki, you've continued this ridiculous job of teaching!
Yuichiro: Don't always be so childish!
Yuichiro: If you're just going to do whatever you want, then quit this place already!
Yuichiro: And come back home and work for the Group!!
Sakaki: ......
Sakaki: ...*sigh*
Sakaki: I respectfully refuse that request.
Yuichiro: What did you say?
Sakaki: As you might expect, I'm no longer at the age where I readily obey my parents' orders.
Sakaki: It's true that up until now, I cooperated out of a debt of gratitude for being allowed to take up teaching at the Group's school.
Sakaki: But I've had enough.
Yuichiro: What are you... saying?
Sakaki: If my teaching job and familial obligations can't coexist...
Sakaki: I'll take the teaching job.
Yuichiro: *urk*...You!! Have you been bribed by Suzubishi?
Sakaki: Bribed?
Yuichiro: It's true that you seem to be an excellent teacher,
Yuichiro: But what does it matter? Can you advance to top a ranked school?
Yuichiro: Just how much value is there in that?
Sakaki: It wouldn't bother me to be reemployed as a teacher.
Yuichiro: It can't be, were you promised a position within the Suzubishi Group!?
Sakaki: That's unlikely.
(Sakaki: ...Geez, this guy never changes.)
(Sakaki: He can't consider a reason for a person to work besides money and position.)
Yuichiro: Then what is the reason!? Answer me! Sojiro!
Sakaki: I may not be much of a teacher, but,
Sakaki: I at least understand what's right and wrong.
Yuichiro: Huh...?
Sakaki: Using the students' futures for personal profit...
Sakaki: A company with that way of thinking shouldn't have anything to do with this school.
Sakaki: To begin with, it's wrong for a person who thinks like you to be involved in education.
Yuichiro: What madness are you spouting...?
Sakaki: Madness?
Yuichiro: You weren't someone who thought that way.
Yuichiro: From the beginning, you must have known that you came to this school for sake of the profits of the Sakaki Group.
Sakaki: People's thoughts change.
Yuichiro: What did you...
Sakaki: If you're angry at me, feel free to disinherit me or sue me.
Sakaki: Since I was prepared for that much when I took action this time.
Yuichiro: *urk*... How dare you, so impudent...
Yuichiro: Fine, Sojiro! Since you've made an enemy of the Sakaki Group, you won't get away with this!
Yuichiro: Don't think you can escape blame and continue being a teacher!!

-- Yuichiro leaves, slamming the door --

Sakaki: ...... *sigh*
Sakaki: Good grief... he's so immature, even doing that...
(Sakaki: He mostly spit out the words I expected...)
(Sakaki: Geez, he's too easy to understand...)
(Sakaki: Even though he's my brother, since our ages are so different, we didn't associate with each other much.)
(Sakaki: So we didn't have any feelings beyond being blood relatives...)
(Sakaki: As I expected, today, he despises me...)
(Sakaki: I anticipated this day would come eventually...)
(Sakaki: So I don't feel guilty about cutting ties with family or worsening the relationship.)
(Sakaki: Maybe I should be happy at the opportunity to be free of those annoying shackles...)
(Sakaki: But since my brother went so far as to say that, he definitely won't leave it at a threat...)

(school building, roof)
(Sakaki: Besides...)
(Sakaki: I never thought I would go this far to support this school.)
(Sakaki: It wouldn't have occurred to me three years ago, when I came to this school.)
Sakaki: Heh...
(Sakaki: In a way, this was exactly what he wanted.)
Sakaki: Suzubishi Nao...
Sakaki: Just what were you thinking...?
(Sakaki: I used to talk here with him.)
(Sakaki: That was about half a year ago...)

-- flashback --

CG: Sakaki and Nao on the roof of the school building
Nao: The view from here is nice.
Nao: Especially the scene at the end of the school day is the best.
Nao: It's like 'the school life.'
Sakaki: What does that mean...?
Nao: Just being able to look at this makes becoming the director here worth it, I think.
Nao: Don't you think so? Professor Saka... *cough*
Sakaki: Do you have a cold...?
Nao: Yeah, a bit.
Sakaki: This sort of thing. All I see is a mundane scene.
Nao: I see. Mundane.
Nao: Maybe.
Nao: But, it's different for me. Since I didn't go to school normally.
Nao: Maybe I think so even more.
Sakaki: Come to think of it, if I remember correctly, you got your degree by correspondence.
Nao: Right. Because this body was a piece of junk.
Nao: Well, even now too.
Sakaki: ......
Nao: So, that's why I think,
Nao: No matter what happens, I have to protect this scene.
Nao: I feel it strongly, from the bottom of my heart.
Sakaki: Is it something that has to be protected that much?
Nao: Of course.
Sakaki: The guys at this school have already been given plenty of a privileged environment.
Sakaki: Do they really need any more done for them?
Sakaki: They should manage for themselves.
Nao: But...
Nao: Just because they're privileged, doesn't mean it's okay for them to be influenced by the interests of adults.
Nao: Because this school belongs to them, the students.
Sakaki: That's idealistic.
Nao: Maybe it is.
Sakaki: Yeah, it is.
Sakaki: No matter what you wish, this school is tainted by corporate interests.
Sakaki: No matter how strong willed you are, or how you try to improve the school, that won’t change.
Sakaki: Besides, even if that were to change, it wouldn't matter to but the small portion of privileged people at this school.
Sakaki: In this country, there are far more people who were passed over by this school.
Sakaki: Trying to improve the school is nothing but a wasted effort.
Nao: That's not true.
Nao: The students who graduate from the school eventually become influential people in society.
Nao: They cover a wide range, politics, economics, arts, and sports.
Nao: I'm sure the influence they exert can change the world.
Nao: Outside the school they're not just students.
Nao: They can change the whole world.
Sakaki: ......
Nao: That's what I believe.
Sakaki: ...Heh, that's a very director-like opinion.
Nao: Isn't it?
Nao: Nevertheless, Professor Sakaki. Don't deny all of my opinions as usual.
Sakaki: I just said what I think.
Nao: I was just thinking maybe you've gradually fallen in love with the school... *cough*
Sakaki: I was sent to this school simply as a representative of the Sakaki Group.
Sakaki: I don't particularly like or hate this school. I don't have any special feelings for it.
Nao: I wonder. I don't think so.
Sakaki: You're mistaken.
Nao: Well, a teacher-like type wouldn't transfer to this school just on family's orders.
Sakaki: Why do you think so?
Nao: Because you're the type who thinks, then acts. I don't think you would do something you thought was useless.
Sakaki: ......
Nao: I think you wouldn't transfer if there was no personal merit in it or you had no goal.
Nao: And there's one more thing.
Sakaki: You still have more?
Nao: I think a person who only came here under orders couldn't teach students so passionately.
Sakaki: I don't remember teaching passionately, however.
Nao: Although, I think, just raising your voice and asserting your own opinions isn't really passionate teaching.
Nao: Is my opinion wrong?
Sakaki: Geez... you just say whatever you want, Mr. Director.
Sakaki: You talk of nothing but idealism, and honestly, it's annoying.
Nao: Really?
Nao: A-ah, I'm thoroughly on Professor Sakaki's bad side.
Sakaki: You just noticed?
Nao: But, I think this sort of thing is nice.
Sakaki: What is?
Nao: That you're directly opposite and antagonistic towards me makes work worthwhile.
Nao: Instead, I feel the challenge of reform.
Nao: That why I want you to always stay at this school.
Nao: And I want you to look at this school from a different viewpoint, as an adversarial auditor.
Nao: Besides, I really enjoy debating education with you like this.
Sakaki: Geez, you... have strange tastes, liking being disliked.
Nao: I think it's true, I do have strange tastes. ... *cough cough*
Sakaki: ...Are you okay?
Nao: That's right! Next year, my little brother is coming to the school.
Sakaki: Through your connections?
Nao: No. He was properly in the selection.
Sakaki: This is the first I've heard that you have a little brother.
Nao: I haven't seen him for a long time now, and since we were adopted out to different families, our last names are different.
Sakaki: I see. Does he fool around like you?
Nao: No. He's very diligent.
Nao: He's too diligent, a fine little brother who is wasted on me.
Nao: He's a kind boy who gives me priority over himself.
Sakaki: I see. So you were the only one with the foolish personality.
Nao: That's right.
Nao: My little brother is really too kind...
Nao: I thought that as long as I was there, he wouldn't do what he wanted, so I sent him out to be adopted before me.
Nao: But instead, he met with disaster.
Sakaki: ......
Nao: That's why, when he comes to the school, I want to do as much for him as I can.
Nao: Since I was adopted by Suzubishi, I've had it so good. I want to match it.
Nao: With this, we can finally be together.
Nao: I'm really looking forward to spring.
Nao: ...Professor Sakaki. If something were to happen to me, take care of my little brother.
Sakaki: What is that?
Nao: You won't?
Sakaki: Don't be ridiculous. I refuse that.
Sakaki: I didn't become a teacher to babysit.
Sakaki: Anyway, I was summoned to this school not to devote myself to it,
Sakaki: Suzubishi Nao. But to drag you down from the position of director.
Nao: Don't say that... *cough cough*
Sakaki: If you have time to ask for such ridiculous things, then hurry and get over that cold.
Nao: Yeah, that's right. Somehow, I can't really get over it...
Sakaki: Anyway, someone who catches colds shouldn't be in a place like this.
Nao: But I want to talk to you, Professor. You don't really come to the director's office.
Nao: Besides... I want to sear this scene into my eyes as much as possible...
end CG

-- end flashback --

Sakaki: ...Geez.
Sakaki: Talking nothing but glib idealism, then up and dying...
Sakaki: Put yourself in the shoes of the person who has had everything forced on him...
Sakaki: Did you even foresee this?
Sakaki: Suzubishi Nao. You...

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