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Later (exact date is no longer given)

(school building, roof)
(Sakaki: The usual school scene...)
(Sakaki: The usual days...)
(Sakaki: The usual after school...)
(Sakaki: Coming back here again...)
Yuki: Professor Sakaki, I found you!!
Yuki: Professor Sakaki, would you like to play baseball!
Sakaki: Baseball?
Yuki: Yes!
Yuki: The weather is so nice today that everyone was saying let's play baseball!
Yuki: Won't you be part of our team? You can be the coach.
Sakaki: Are you going to have such a serious match that you need a coach?
Yuki: Yes, we already have an opposing team.
Yuki: You can even choose a position, left field, pitcher, whatever you'd like.
Yuki: Anyway! I want to play baseball with you, Professor!
Sakaki: Together, huh.
Sakaki: ...Alright.
Sakaki: If I'm going to participate, I'm going to be serious about it.
Yuki: Of course!
Yuki: Everyone! Professor Sakaki said he'll do it!

CG: all the main characters, Yuki holding Sakaki's hand with Sakaki offscreen
Sonoda: Wow. Professor Sakaki, you can play baseball?
Sonoda: Can you even fight along with us youngsters?
Sakaki: Don't be rude. I lean more towards baseball than soccer.
Sakaki: At the very least, I'm better than you, who can only cook.
Joker: Wow, so that's it. Then, Eiji, I'll have you switch positions with the Professor.
Sonoda: Hey, Kiyo, don't just say whatever you want. Third is mine!
Sakaki: Third, huh. That's not bad.
Sonoda: So I'm not handing it over!
Joker: Incidentally, I'm pitcher. And Takato-sempai is catcher.
Sakaki: That's a strange battery.
Sakaki: I feel sorry for the people who have to go up against you two.
Takato: Our opposing team are members of the baseball club. I've investigated all their weak points.
Sakaki: Just as I'd expect.
Takato: It's only natural to develop something of a strategy in order to win.
Joker: Hehehe, I'll throw a gyroball that will make those baseball club guys despair.
Takato: The problem is whether Joker will throw according to my signals or not.
Yuki: ...That may be impossible.
Joker: Well, if I feel like it, I'll obey sometimes.
Yuki: See.
Sakaki: You seem to be having problems with your teamwork before the match...
Kuya: It'll be fine!
Kuya: We'll show you a perfect defense, so it doesn't matter if Joker gets whipped.
Chiba: Don't be ridiculous.
Chiba: Joker-sama will not get whipped!
Chiba: They will all be strikeouts.
Tomo: *yawn* If he does that, it'll make it easy for me.
Sakaki: Where are all of you defending?
Kuya: I'm shortstop.
Chiba: Myself is on second.
Chiba: ...I will protect Joker-sama's back!
Sakaki: First is...
Tomo: Me, I guess.
Sakaki: Hey, who decided these positions?
Kuya: Who was it?
Tomo: Who knows... it just ended up this way?
Sakaki: This is ridiculous. You're completely destroying your advantage.
Yuki: Is this not going to work?
Sakaki: Baseball is a team sport. You gain an opening by utilizing everyone's characteristics.
Sakaki: Fast guys, guys with good arms, smart guys. By arranging them in the optimum positions, you utilize your advantages.
Sakaki: In particular Chiba.
Chiba: What?
Sakaki: Second requires agility and split second judgement, it's impossible for you.
Chiba: No, myself will protect Joker-sama's back...
Sakaki: So play center. Center is also behind the pitcher.
Chiba: ...Alright.
Sakaki: On second vacated by Chiba, Minase, you step in.
Arata: Huh, you're putting me in Hayaya's place?
Sakaki: You're agile and you don't have a bad head on your shoulders.
Arata: I guess.
Arata: Well, I do get better grades than Hayaya, but that's kind of dicey, isn't it?
Sakaki: That's not what I meant. It would be bad to have someone on second who can't observe their surroundings and judge the situation.
Sakaki: You can read people's expressions and act.
Arata: That's a dubious way of putting it.
Maro: Kuu.
Sakaki: Then, shortstop should be someone who can coordinate play.
Sakaki: Which means, shortstop is Asahina. You.
Yuki: Huh! Me, shortstop!?
Sakaki: You're not fast, and you don't have a strong arm, but more than anything, you don't give up.
Sakaki: Anyway, nab the ball.
Yuki: Right.
Sakaki: I'll leave your support to Sonoda on third.
Yuki: Sonoda-san, I'll count on you!
Sonoda: Leave it to me.
Joker: How nice, all the cuties gathered right in the center.
Sonoda: Minase and me and Yuki-kun are the infield.
Sonoda: That's certainly not bad.
Yuki: Let's all do our best!
Arata: Okay.
Kuya: Wait a minute. Where should I defend!?
Sakaki: You're on first.
Sakaki: You wouldn't be bad as shortstop, but Kasahara is unreliable on first. He slacks off.
Sakaki: Compared to him, you're taller and nimbler.
Sakaki: You can catch all the balls thrown to you by the infielders, can't you?
Kuya: I can!
Sakaki: Good. ...And so, you guys.
Yuki: Yes.
Sakaki: Anyway, if there's a grounder, throw it to first base.
Sakaki: He'll manage it somehow.
Kuya: Leave it to me!
Yuki: Certainly, Kuya-san on first may make it easier.
Yuki: Even if we throw slightly off, he'll still catch it.
Arata: O-Sagi-san, O-Sagi-san.
Arata: I'm not very good at ball games, so if my hand slips and I hit you, sorry.
Kuya: It's okay.
Kuya: No matter where you throw, Aratan, I'll show you I'll definitely catch it.
Arata: Yay, thanks.
Kuya: Not just Aratan, everyone too!
Kuya: So don't worry and throw the ball!
Infielders: Right!
Sakaki: That's good for the infield.
Joker: Professor Sakaki, you're surprisingly positive.
Joker: I thought you'd dislike fooling around with us.
Sakaki: I don't particularly like it, but since I'm doing it, I just want it to be perfect.
Joker: Hey, Yuki-kun. Was Professor Sakaki always such an enthusiastic character?
Yuki: I asked him so the Professor is taking it seriously.
Sakaki: Of course.
Sakaki: If you're going to do something carelessly, it's better not to do it at all.
Yuki: Professor Sakaki looks cold on the outside, but inside, maybe he's a hot-blooded teacher.
Joker: Hmm...
Sakaki: Well then, that leaves Yagami and Kasahara...
Sakaki: Hey, Yagami. Have you gained any strength recently?
Yagami: Shut up.
Sakaki: Same as ever. Then, you're in right field.[note!]A 'safe' position to stick bad players into.
Sakaki: Kasahara, you're in left field.
Tomo: Left, huh...
Tomo: Well, that seems easier than first.
Sakaki: Chiba, defend slightly near right field. Cover right field's zone.
Sakaki: Anyway, catch all the fly balls even for Yagami.
Chiba: Alright.
Yagami: Tch, what's with that treatment?
Chiba: Yagami.
Yagami: Yeah.
Chiba: Last year you dropped out of the endurance run in PE class.[note!]1.5km, about a mile, per the school info.
Yagami: ...
Chiba: Myself runs 10 kilometers every day.
Yagami: You're a monster.
Chiba: I'm trained differently than you.
Yagami: ...Yeah.
Chiba: I won't let you take points from Joker-sama.
Chiba: So myself will catch the fly balls.
Chiba: Okay?
Yagami: Geez... fine.
Sakaki: In return, Yagami, indicate to Chiba where he should throw the balls he's caught.
Yagami: Why?
Sakaki: Because if you leave it to Chiba, he's likely to throw them all back to Jokawa.
Yagami: I really wouldn't put it past him...
Yagami: Alright. Hey, Chiba, throw where I tell you.
Chiba: Yeah.
Chiba: I'll leave it to you to use your head.
Yagami: You never change either, hey...
Tomo: Chiba-san, you might as well cover for me too.
Chiba: You run.
Chiba: You're fast, aren't you?
Yuki: That's right. Do your best, track team member.
Takato: Recently, I've heard from Asahina that you've been showing your face at club activities, is that right?
Tomo: Ah, well, that... it just ended up that way...
Sakaki: This is a good opportunity. Show us the results of that.
Tomo: Right, right...
Yuki: Alright, we're like a real team now.
Yuki: That’s Professor Sakaki for you!
Sakaki: I guess.
Joker: That aside, Professor Sakaki, it's about time you stop hogging cute Shortstop-kun's hand, isn't it?
Joker: Or do you want to keep holding it forever?
Sakaki: Well, who knows?
Sonoda: You're not denying it.
Sakaki: Deny nothing, I'm not the one holding his hand.
Sakaki: He's holding my hand.
Yuki: Oh, huh? Professor Sakaki? But your hand... is gripping mine really tight...
Sakaki: Asahina. Who was the one who first gripped whose hand?
Yuki: Me, but...
Sakaki: Look, see?
Sakaki: This guy finds an adult like me more reliable than you brats.
Arata: Hyahahahaha. Professor Sakaki, now you're talking, now you're talking.
Sonoda: So? What position are you playing, Professor Sakaki?
Sakaki: I already did.
Sakaki: My position is already decided, it's the important job of being coach.
Sakaki: So you guys should do your best in the match.
Takato: So you're shifting responsibility to others?
Sakaki: Well, if there's a chance, I'll be a pinch hitter.
Kuya: That's just cherry-picking!
Yuki: That's not fair!
Joker: Well, but that way the odds will change and it might be interesting.
Sakaki: Odds?
Joker: Yeah. The match coming up is on the bookmaker in the net casino.
Joker: Like who will win, what the point spread will be, who will score the winning point and stuff.
Joker: It's more exciting if it's detailed.
Sakaki: You're the same as ever.
Joker: Since you're joining us, you have to be in the match to enjoy it.
Sonoda: But if Professor Sakaki scores the winning point, that's like the house winning.
Sonoda: Sounds good. I'll be hoping that happens.
Yagami: Wait, if that happens, then isn't it unfair that only Durak gets the profit?
Yagami: If you win, give us a share of the profits.
Kuya: That's right, that's right!
Joker: Then, how about the person who gets the most points gets treated to something by the Professor?
Yagami: Oh, that's not too bad!
Yuki: Professor, you're so generous!
Sakaki: Hey, hey. Don't just decide on your own.
Kuya: Now, now, isn't it okay?
Kuya: Please show us the strength of an adult at times like these!
Sakaki: You're mistaking it for an adult's financial strength.
Sakaki: Geez...
Sakaki: It can't be helped. If you win, I'll treat the guy who gets the most points.
Yuki: Alright!
Sakaki: In return.
Sakaki: If you lose, I'm giving you all homework.
Yuki: Whaaaa.
Sakaki: Especially Chiba and Minase and Kasahara.
Sakaki: Prepare yourselves.
Tomo: Why me too?
Sakaki: Because you're the least motivated.
Sakaki: Well, you other two, just watch yourselves.
Arata: Ah, we're in trouble.
Chiba: ......
Arata: Well, well, it will be okay as long as we win, right?
Chiba: We'll win!
Arata: Let's do our best!
Maro: Kuku!
Yuki: Alright, everyone!!
Yuki: Let's all do our best!!
All: Yeah!!
end CG

if Sakaki DID NOT kiss Yuki on the roof

If Sakaki has not kissed Yuki, the route ends here.
Ending #24: A Coach's Direction

if Sakaki kissed Yuki on the roof

(outside, a lit sidewalk)
Yuki: Baseball was fun.
Sakaki: Yeah, it was.
Sakaki: But I never thought you'd be the one to score the most points.
Yuki: I'm surprised too.
Yuki: That I'd hit an inside-the-park home run that cleared all the bases, with the bases loaded and two outs at the bottom of the ninth inning.
Yuki: All I can say is that it really was lucky.
Yuki: Of course, it was also thanks to your direction!
Sakaki: I'm glad you realize it.
Yuki: Still, Joker-san's pitching was amazing.
Yuki: It's the first time I've seen a gyroball thrown in real life.
Yuki: Getting mostly strikes is only what I'd expect from someone who's done shooting.
Sakaki: The baseball club guys looked so despairing.
Yuki: But it looks like he ignored all the catcher's signals after all and Takato-san was grumbling.
Yuki: He said that Joker-san was better at hitting people than throwing at the mitt...
Sakaki: That's just like him...
Yuki: Besides, I was a bit surprised that Tomo stole the bases.
Sakaki: To him, 30 meters probably isn't much of a distance.
Sakaki: Only, after the fifth inning, he ignored all my signals to steal bases.
Yuki: Tomo's really set in his ways...
Yuki: Chiba-san was amazing at bat, and Arata-san had an amazingly acrobatic defense.
Yuki: And Yagami guided Chiba-san really well too.
Yuki: And we could leave things to Kuya-san and Sonoda-san without worrying...
Yuki: All things considered, it was fun!
Yuki: I want to do it again!
Yuki: With you too, Professor Sakaki!!
Sakaki: Does that mean you're after my wallet?
Yuki: Oh no, you're wrong.
Sakaki: Then, can we cancel this? Today's MVP.
Yuki: Wah, you can't! It's special that you were going to treat me!
Yuki: Professor Sakaki, where are you taking me today?
Yuki: The oden stall the other day was really delicious.
Sakaki: Today is different. We're going off the island, so we're going by car.
Yuki: In your car?
Sakaki: Yeah.
Yuki: Where are we going?
Sakaki: Since it's special, I thought I'd have you meet them.
Yuki: Them?
Sakaki: My friends.
Yuki: Friends...
Yuki: You mean, the ones from that picture?
Sakaki: Yeah, that's right.
Sakaki: After they dropped out, neither of them could continue on the path they desired, but...
Sakaki: Afterward, the two of them got married.
Yuki: Married!
Sakaki: Two years ago, they opened a small restaurant.
Sakaki: They sent a notice postcard to me too, but I transferred to BL School and then, you know...
Sakaki: Somehow I missed my chance to tell them where I was working, and I left it like that, not contacting them.
Yuki: I understand why you'd feel it would be hard to say...
Sakaki: Right?
Sakaki: But, this is a good chance.
Sakaki: I thought I would take this opportunity to let those two know what I've been up to lately.
Yuki: That's good! I'm sure they'll both be happy!
Sakaki: I hope so.
(Sakaki: He's sure they'll be happy, huh.)
(Sakaki: He might be right.)
(Sakaki: I'm sure it was me who was the one most hung up on this school...)
(Sakaki: Maybe it was an unconscious sense of guilt towards them that didn't let me get too deeply involved with the school.)
(Sakaki: The one who changed that was probably Asahina. It was you...)
Yuki: They're your friends, aren't they? Then, I'm sure it will be alright.
Yuki: Well, they at least sent you a postcard.
Sakaki: This is the restaurant opening notice postcard.
Yuki: Wow. They're both wearing kimonos, they look great.
Yuki: I wonder what kind of food it is.
Yuki: After all, I guess it's Japanese food.
Sakaki: Probably. This will be my first time going too.
Yuki: It's kind of nice. They both look really happy.
Sakaki: That's my car. Get in.
Yuki: Wah! It's such a cool car! (Note: Not really. From the CG, it's clearly a third generation Prius.)

CG: Sakaki and Yuki facing each other in the car
Yuki: Umm. This is kind of amazing.
Sakaki: What is?
Yuki: Well, the two of us are going to out to eat in your car, right?
Yuki: It's kind of a like a stereotypical date, isn't it?
Sakaki: A date?
Yuki: Oh, I just thought it seemed like it.
Sakaki: What are you saying? This is a proper date.
Yuki: Huh?
Sakaki: That's what I was thinking, were you not?
Sakaki: Weren't you displaying your good luck because you wanted to go on a date with me?
Yuki: Huh, oh no... I, I wasn't. I didn't mean to...
Yuki: Well, it's true that it would be nice if it happened... I thought.
Yuki: I'll do my best for that... is what I was thinking, though...
Yuki: Oh, it's true. I... wanted to go on a date with you, it seems.
Sakaki: I see. I'm glad you were the best too.
Sakaki: I would be sorry to go on a date with someone else.
Yuki: Ehehehehehe...
Sakaki: What's with that creepy laugh all of a sudden...?
Yuki: It's just, I'm happy...
Yuki: When you say that, it makes me... happy, ehehe...
Yuki: Well, Professor Sakaki, you're a teacher, and a man... and really... adult...
Yuki: Th, that's why, that someone like you would go on a date with me is kind of amazing...
Yuki: Oh, it's no good. I just break into a smile.
Sakaki: I see. So you're that happy.
Yuki: Yes, I'm really happy...
Sakaki: I see.
Yuki: Even you're smiling, Professor, aren't you!?
Sakaki: That's right. It's funny.
Sakaki: When I see you grinning, it puts me in that sort of mood.
Yuki: That sort of mood?
Sakaki: When I look at you, and you don't try to hide yourself, or put on airs,
Sakaki: I've started to realize that you're cute.
Yuki: C, c, cute!
Sakaki: Especially when you're flustered like that.
Yuki: F, flustered...
Yuki: Saying it's a date, and I'm cute...
Yuki: If you say things like that, anyone... would get excited...
Sakaki: I wouldn't really say it to just anyone.
Sakaki: I'm saying it because it's you.
Yuki: Professor Sakaki, you're lying again like that...
Sakaki: It's not a lie.
Sakaki: I'm a teacher. What's the use of lying?
Sakaki: Besides, it wasn't a lie when I said I wasn't quitting being a teacher.
Yuki: Well, that's true...
Sakaki: That's right. I have other feelings for you, not just as a teacher.
Sakaki: You're special to me.
Yuki: Special...
Sakaki: What about you, Asahina?
Sakaki: Am I just one of your teachers to you?
Yuki: That's... um...
Yuki: You're... special. Different than the other teachers or my friends...
Yuki: Just thinking about it makes me really excited, and my chest hurts and it gets hard to breathe...
Yuki: I'm sure I... love you, Professor Sakaki.
Yuki: When you were tutoring me, and when you calmed me on the roof...
Yuki: I think I had those feelings inside me...
Sakaki: I see.
Sakaki: Then, I should spend an even more special time with you.
Yuki: Uh, um, special time...?
Sakaki: Just being treated to a meal, or spending adult time with me, which would you like?
Yuki: A, adult... after all, you mean that, and, stuff like that...
Yuki: Uh... um.... Ummmm. Even though you ask me to choose...
Yuki: A meal... adult time...
Yuki: Ummmm...
Yuki: Uuurgh... I can't decide.
Sakaki: Hey now. Are you that conflicted?
Yuki: Professor Sakaki!
Yuki: Um, can't I have both?
Sakaki: Both?
Yuki: Yes. Being treated to a meal, and adult time... both.
Sakaki: *chuckling*
Yuki: Professor Sakaki?
Sakaki: Think about what you're saying. You're so greedy, Mr. Student Council President.
Yuki: I'm greedy?
Sakaki: Yeah. If you put it on the same level as your appetite, maybe it's a bit too soon for an adult romance.
Sakaki: It can't be helped. Just for today, I'll grant you both.
Yuki: Really?
Yuki: Th, then, not just to shut me up, but so that I can understand your feelings...
Yuki: I want you to give me a real kiss!
Sakaki: Yeah, okay.
Sakaki: Do you want to try an adult kiss that will make you fall for me in one shot?
Yuki: Y, yes!
Sakaki: First, slowly close your eyes...
end CG

-- the screen goes black --

Yuki: Mm... Professor...

Ending #23: Adult Time

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