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June 20

announcer: The third round of the Bell One Grand Prix is taking place now...

Sakaki: You've arrived.
Sakaki: Are you really okay with this?
Tomo: Yes. I've stopped being indecisive.
Tomo: I won't do whatever you board members want anymore!
Sakaki: Is that your answer?
Yuki & Tomo: Yes.
Yuki: That is our answer.
Tomo: I won't just obey what other people have decided anymore.
Tomo: From now on, I'll decide for myself what I'm going to do.
Tomo: That way, no matter what happens, I won't have any regrets.
Sakaki: I see.
Sakaki: Then let's begin.
Sakaki: The armband is in one of these boxes. Choose whichever you like.
Sakaki: If you choose the box with the armband inside, you win.
Tomo: That's simple and easy to understand.
Yuki: Yeah...
Tomo: Yuki. By my own will, I'm betting everything on the future you choose.
Tomo: So choose whichever you want.
Yuki: Alright.
Yuki: I'll use all the luck I have to definitely show you a win!
Yuki: For myself, for you, and for all the students!
Tomo: Yeah.
Tomo: It'll be okay.
(Yuki: Oh, Tomo's holding my hand...)
Tomo: I believe in your luck. So you believe in it too.
Yuki: Yeah. Then I'll choose...

-- win Bell One, round three --

Yuki: It's the armband...
Sakaki: Congratulations, you win.
Yuki: Woohoo!!
Yuki: Yay, yay!! Tomo! We won! We won!!
Tomo: Yeah, we won.
Tomo: Now you're the legitimate student council president!
Yuki: Yeah, now we can make them withdraw the proposal to close the school!
Yuki: This school won't close!!
Tomo: That's great, Yuki.
Yuki: Yeah, it's thanks to you believing in me, Tomo.
Sakaki: What's the matter, Kasahara? Shouldn't you be happier?
Tomo: I am happy. Only...
Sakaki: Are you unhappy that I engaged in an honest match without any tricks?
Tomo: Yeah, well...
Sakaki: It's natural that you'd think that.
Yuki: Professor Sakaki...?
Sakaki: Everything from now on is off the record, but...
Sakaki: It's true that I came here as a representative of the Sakaki Group.
Sakaki: But that doesn't necessarily mean that I myself wanted to close this school.
Yuki: Huh, really?
Sakaki: You don't believe me, Asahina?
Sakaki: Well, I'm not surprised...
Sakaki: Because of my position, I accepted the role of villain, and conveyed the wishes of the Sakaki Group as a member of the board.
Sakaki: Personally, I like being a teacher here well enough.
Sakaki: And that's why I left the final round completely up to your luck.
Yuki: ...So that's it!!
Yuki: Then I wish you'd said that earlier!
Sakaki: If that had gotten out, it would have ruined the game.
Sakaki: Besides, personally, I wanted to test his resolve.
Tomo: Me...?
Sakaki: That's right.
Sakaki: If Kasahara had made a foolish choice...
Sakaki: If you guys had run away in the middle, then I really did intend to shut this place down.
Sakaki: But I was able to see for myself your will to fight.
Sakaki: As for the rest, you should handle it however you like...
Sakaki: I'll deal with it somehow.
Sakaki: Of course, I'll need Kasahara's cooperation.
Yuki: That means, you are on the side of the students after all, Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: It just turned out that way.
Sakaki: Well then, my duty is done.
Yuki: Huh? Done...
Sakaki: Because I let you guys win, things will probably get complicated for me.
Sakaki: I'll let the board know the result, and I'll persuade them to give up on closing the school.
Tomo: You're risking your position as assistant director?
Sakaki: I guess. I couldn't care less about being assistant director.
Sakaki: As long as I can stay here as a teacher.
Sakaki: But the real problem comes later.
Sakaki: It'll depend on you.
Sakaki: You understand, don't you, director?
Tomo: Yes.
Sakaki: You may have overcome the danger this time, but the real problem lies ahead.
Sakaki: Just take care of it somehow.
Tomo: I understand. I have an idea.
Sakaki: I see.
Sakaki: Do the best you can.
Tomo: Right.
Yuki: Anyway, we did it, Tomo.
Tomo: Yeah.
Yuki: We won.
Yuki: We protected the school with our own hands!!
*time passes*

Yuki: Mm, we did it, we did it! We really did it!
Tomo: Are you that happy?
Yuki: Of course I am! You are too, right, Tomo!?
Tomo: Yeah, of course.
Yuki: Then you need to show your happiness more!
Tomo: Wah!?
Tomo: Don't grab my hand all of a sudden... Wah! Hey, don't spin me!
Yuki: Come on! I'm happy!!
Tomo: I'm telling you... stop dancing!!
Yuki: Ahahahahaha!!
Tomo: Geez...
Tomo: ...
Tomo: Thanks, Yuki.
Yuki: For what?
Tomo: If you hadn't been here, I'm sure this would have ended with me running away.
Tomo: It's all thanks to you that I can be here smiling now.
Yuki: Oh no... you're embarrassing me, saying it so seriously.
Tomo: No, I really mean it.
Yuki: But it's embarrassing.
Yuki: Still, I'm glad.
Tomo: That we won?
Yuki: Of course there's that too, but also finding out that Professor Sakaki is on our side.
Yuki: This mess divided us into friends and enemies, but Professor Sakaki is a member of the school just like us.
Yuki: If the school had closed, I may have ended up hating him.
Yuki: But I didn't want that. That's why I'm glad he's on our side.
Tomo: That's right.
Tomo: It's possible that Professor Sakaki sensed your feelings and became our ally.
Yuki: I hope so.
Tomo: Still, Professor Sakaki tricked me.
Tomo: He was threatening us so dirtily, but he was actually an ally of the students.
Tomo: He's terrible.
Yuki: You didn't realize?
Tomo: Not at all.
Tomo: You didn't either.
Yuki: Not at all.
Yuki: But you were the most surprising.
Tomo: What about me?
Yuki: Well, you're normally such a lazy slacker.
Yuki: But you're actually amazing.
Tomo: I guess. Of course, I couldn't really be lazy this time.
Tomo: But you're overestimating me too much. That win was thanks to you.
Yuki: That's not true.
Yuki: You say it's thanks to me, but I think it was thanks to you.
Tomo: Then it was thanks to both of us.
Yuki: Yeah.
Tomo: Although, we got through the Bell One, but it doesn't end here.
Yuki: You mean what Professor Sakaki was saying at the end of the final round?
Tomo: Yeah.
Tomo: Even if he persuades the Sakaki Group to accept the results of the Bell One...
Tomo: I don't think the Sakaki Group is going to stay quiet from now on.
Tomo: I'm sure they'll make some other move.
Yuki: ...
Tomo: Before that happens, we need to make a move.
Yuki: But, do you have a plan...?
Tomo: Well, for the most part...
Yuki: Then if there's something I can help with, I'll do it.
Yuki: Don't hesitate to ask.
Tomo: Yeah, you saying that is a big help.
Tomo: I'll be counting on you, now-genuine Ace-sama of BL School.
Yuki: Yeah!
Yuki: But for now, anyway, let's enjoy our Bell One win!
Tomo: Yeah, you're right.
*cell phone rings*
Yuki: Oh, the phone.
Yuki: Yes, it's Asahina...
Yuki: Alright. Thank you. I'll be right there.
Yuki: There.
Tomo: You're being called away?
Yuki: Yeah, by Kuya-san.
Tomo: Another student council chore?
Yuki: Wrong.
Yuki: It's our celebration party.
Tomo: Celebration party?
Yuki: Yeah. Everyone is holding it to celebrate our Bell One win.
Yuki: You come with us too, Tomo.
Tomo: No, I don't really care. You're the one who protected the school, so you go and celebrate.
Yuki: What are you saying? We both won today.
Yuki: So let's go, let's go. Everyone's waiting at the cafeteria.
Tomo: I told you, I'm fine. I'm not cut out for stuff like that...
Yuki: Just come on, come on.

Yuki: Come on, go in.
Kuya: One, two...
everyone: Kasahara Tomo-kun, happy birthday!!
Tomo: Huh?
Yagami: Don't go 'huh.' You look like an idiot.
Arata: Hyahahaha. Were you surprised? Were you surprised?
Takato: It looks like the surprise was a success.
Kuya: Yeah, a huge success!!
Tomo: Birthday? Mine...?
Yuki: Today's your birthday, isn't it?
Tomo: ...
Joker: Huh? Did we get it wrong?
Sonoda: It has to be right, assuming the student register isn't wrong.
Tomo: But why...?
Yuki: I asked everyone.
Tomo: You did?
Yuki: Yeah.
Yuki: A little while ago, I realized that the final day of the Bell One fell on your birthday...
Yuki: If we were able to win the Bell One and hold a celebration...
Yuki: I told everyone I wanted to celebrate your birthday.
Yuki: We kept it secret to surprise you.
Tomo: I am surprised...
Tomo: And I'd completely forgotten it was my own birthday...
Yuki: Then it really was a surprise!
Yuki: I'm really glad we won the Bell One.
Yuki: It wouldn't be much of a birthday if we'd lost.
Yuki: So let me start over.
Yuki: Tomo, happy birthday!!
Tomo: ...Thanks.
Kuya: Congratulations, Kasahara-kun!
Kuya: Here's a present. Take it!
Tomo: Oh, thanks...
Yuki: Wow! It's a bouquet of roses!!
Kuya: When it comes to presents, that's the simple approach, right?
Tomo: Thank... you...
Takato: Congratulations from me as well, Kasahara. If you like, please use this.
Yuki: Uwaa, a fountain pen! Good for you, Tomo.
Tomo: Yeah, thank you, Takato-san...
Joker: Right, we're next.
Joker: Happy birthday, Kasahara-kun.
Joker: This is a present from me.
Yuki: Candy?
Yuki: And just one piece?
Joker: It's Russian candy.
Joker: You like candy, don't you? Yuki-kun told me that you're always licking some.
Yuki: The candy Tomo likes is lollipops.
Joker: I see. But this is really delicious, so try it.
Tomo: Thanks...
Tomo: What's this...?
Yuki: There's a flash drive along with the candy?
Joker: And it has top-secret information I've independently gathered while in Durak.
Joker: From students to teachers, even board members, lots of hidden things...
Joker: I thought you'd find it very delicious, Mr. Director.
Tomo: Joker-san!
Joker: Hehe, it's up to you how you use it. Use it or don't, whatever you like.
Joker: I want to keep having fun at this school, so I'm grateful to you.
Joker: I look forward to continuing to work with you.
Sonoda: What suspicious conversation are you having in secret?
Yuki: Sonoda-san.
Sonoda: Since it's Kiyo, he must have given you something useless.
Sonoda: I'm giving you something more practical. Here you go.
Tomo: An envelope?
Sonoda: There's meal tickets inside.
Sonoda: And there's a special coupon that says you can make a request of any dish you like.
Sonoda: You can eat anything you like made by a genius cook like me. Aren't you happy?
Yuki: Uwaaah, you're so lucky, Tomo...
Tomo: Thanks.
Sonoda: Huh? That's a weak reaction. Aren't you happy?
Tomo: That's not what I mean...
Yuki: In that case, why don't you request the Manchu Han Imperial Feast?
Yuki: And then you can share with everyone!
Sonoda: No... I'd rather pass on that...
Yuki: But you said it could be a request for anything...
Sonoda: Anyway, this wasn't a present for you...
Tomo: ...It's fine for it to be something Yuki wants to eat.
Yuki: Woohoo!!
Sonoda: Argh, I wish I hadn't done that...
Joker: Eiji, you reap what you sow.
Joker: Hayato, you got a present too, didn't you? Aren't you going to give it to him?
Chiba: Yes...
Chiba: It was sudden, so I couldn't find something good. But it's a social obligation.
Chiba: It's something stupid.
Tomo: ...Thank you.
Chiba: It's really stupid.
Joker: If Hayato says it's stupid, it's really stupid, so be prepared.
Yuki: Haha... I look forward to seeing when you open it later.
Tomo: Y, yeah...
Yuki: Come on, next, next.
Yuki: ...Okaken, what is that?
Okaken: Heh heh heh. It seems in just one glance, you've realized how wonderful it is.
Okaken: As a matter of fact, it's a replica of a kappa mummy that is actually in Matsuura Brewery in Imari, Saga Prefecture!!
Okaken: Even though it's a replica, I actually went through great pains to get this.
Okaken: Originally, a kappa is a famous type of monster, but from the shape, I think it might be a misidentified grey-type alien...
Yagami: Argh!! Stop right there!
Okaken: Uwaaah!!
Okaken: What are you doing, Yagami-kun!? Right now, I'm explaining my wonderful present...
Yagami: What's wonderful!? Who the hell would be happy to get a thing like that!!?
Okaken: I'd cry with joy!!
Yagami: Only you would, dumbass!!
Yagami: Just hurry and get it outta here! It's gross, that shriveled thing!!
Okaken: Calling it shriveled is rude!!
Yuki: You two, cut it out...
Arata: Hyahahaha. It's fine, it's fine.
Arata: Here, Tomomo, a present. It's a sleep accessory.
Tomo: Oh, thanks...
Tomo: Thank you.
Arata: What are you saying? Thank you is my line.
Tomo: Huh?
Arata: You won the Bell One for us, didn't you?
Arata: Thanks for protecting the school.
Tomo: No, that's...
Arata: Ace-kun, you too. Thanks.
Yuki: It's thanks to Tomo doing his best with me!
Arata: See?
Tomo: Thanks...
Arata: What about you, Reo-Reo?
Yagami: ...I guess. I'm grateful.
Yagami: I really would have been bad if this place closed...
Yagami: So here!! A birthday present!!
Tomo: Wah!?
Yuki: Hey, Yagami, don't hand it over so roughly. It's a present, right?
Yagami: Shut up!
Tomo: Thanks, Yagami.
Yagami: Y... yeah...
Dora-chan: Tomo-kun! I am also very grateful!!
Yuki: Dora-chan!
Dora-chan: The present from me is this delicious birthday food I prepared!!
Dora-chan: I made it with Sonoda-kun's help. Please eat a lot!!
Yuki: Uwaaah, I can't wait!
Tomo: Thank you.
Dora-chan: I am happy that you are happy!
Dora-chan: From now on, everyone is together. This school will not close.
Dora-chan: I am very happy.
Keita: I'm really happy too.
Tomo: Professor Ito...
Yuki: Professor, you came too!
Keita: Of course, I had to come congratulate you too.
Keita: You two worked really hard. Thank you so much.
Keita: This is my alma mater, it's an important place that changed my life.
Keita: So I'm really happy it's not closing.
Keita: So, Kasahara-kun, this is a birthday present from me.
Tomo: ...An alarm clock?
Keita: When I was a student, this woke me up reliably.
Tomo: Thank you.
Yuki: Good for you. With this, you absolutely won't be late anymore.
Tomo: Right.
Keita: Kasahara-kun, I'm really glad you have a lot of good friends. Treasure them.
Tomo: Yes, I will.
Keita: Oh, sorry. I'm getting a little too emotional...
*Keita leaves*
Dora-chan: What is it? Professor Keita?
Yuki: Professor Ito... This place is really important to him.
Tomo: Yeah, that's right.
Tomo: I'm really glad we protected this place.
Yuki: Oh, that's right. Last is the one from me.
Yuki: Here, your birthday present.
Tomo: Yuki...
Yuki: They're shoes for track practice. I had a hard time secretly finding shoes in your size.
Yuki: Now that everything has been put in order and have calmed down, you should properly participate in your club.
Yuki: That night, when I saw you running, I thought you were really cool.
Yuki: So I was thinking I want to see you running in front of everyone from now on, not in secret.
Tomo: Yeah... thanks.
Tomo: Thanks for the shoes.
Tomo: ...Yuki.
Tomo: I'm really... thankful for today.
Tomo: I'm glad you're my friend.
Yuki: Ehehe. I'm glad you're my friend too!
Yuki: Come on! This is Tomo's birthday party!
Yuki: Let's all enjoy it!!
everyone: Yeah!!

Key scene, unlocks Key 03 (Suzubishi Kazuki)
Happens only if Yuki asked Keita for advice and chose "a classmate" when he mentioned his MVP Battle partner.
Yuki: Huh? That person over there is...
Tomo: What is it, Yuki?
Yuki: Over there, outside in the courtyard. Is that Professor Ito?
Tomo: Looks like it.
Yuki: He seems to be talking with someone? I wonder who it is?
Tomo: Is there someone there?
Yuki: There was. Right now, they're in the shadows so you can't see, but I was sure someone was there before...
Yuki: It was a person wearing an expensive-looking suit, around the same age as the professor. It was a person I've never seen before, though...
Tomo: I wonder if it's one of Professor Ito's coworkers.
Yuki: I wonder...
(Yuki: Somehow, it seemed more intimate than a coworker...)
(Yuki: Oh well.)
Yuki: Oh, it looks like there's still some dessert over there. I'm going to go get some.
Tomo: You're still eating!?

(school path)
Yuki: The party was fun!
Tomo: Yeah, it was fun...
Yuki: Hehe, I'm glad you had fun, Tomo.
Yuki: Even though in the middle, it became a celebration instead of a birthday party.
Yuki: But it felt like everyone genuinely had fun.
Tomo: Yeah.
Yuki: Let's do something like that again!
Yuki: What should we do next time, I wonder...
Yuki: Hey, Tomo, what do you think...
Yuki: Tomo...?
Yuki: What's the matter? You've been quiet the whole time...
Yuki: Could it be that this sort of thing doesn't really make you happy...?
Tomo: ...That's not it. I'm really happy.
Tomo: Only... it's the first time I've ever had my birthday celebrated like this.
Tomo: I don't really know how I should react...
Tomo: I kind of can't put these feelings into words very well...
Tomo: Thank you so much, Yuki.
Tomo: Really, I can never thank you enough.
Yuki: Tomo...
Yuki: If you want to thank someone, thank Nao-nii.
Tomo: Thank Brother?
Yuki: Yeah.
Yuki: ...Actually, today's birthday party was a request from Nao-nii.
Yuki: The letter from Nao-nii that I showed you recently had a second page.
Yuki: It said, I want you to celebrate Tomo's birthday.
Yuki: Because when you had birthday parties in the orphanage, they were held only once a month.
Yuki: He said he wanted to have a celebration just for you.
Tomo: He didn't have to care about that when he was having such a hard time.
Yuki: That's what's so like Nao-nii.
Yuki: And there's one more present.
Tomo: Another one? From you?
Yuki: It's not from me.
Yuki: It's a letter from Nao-nii for you.
Tomo: A letter for me, from Brother...?
Yuki: Yeah.
Tomo: Thanks...
Yuki: Are you going to read it when you get back to your room?
Tomo: No, I'll read it here.
Yuki: Yeah...
Tomo: ...
Yuki: ...
Yuki: ...Tomo?
Tomo: *sniffle*...
Tomo: I'll read. Listen.
Yuki: ...Yeah.
Tomo: "I'm glad. If you have this letter, you must have celebrated your birthday."
Nao: I probably can't celebrate your birthday anymore.
Nao: But if you celebrated today, it's proof that you're surrounded by many people who support you.
Nao: I'm sure you'll be okay, so I won't worry.
Nao: I wish I could have seen you be congratulated by everyone with my own eyes.
Nao: I'm sure you looked very happy.
Nao: That I can't see it is my only regret.
Nao: I entrusted you with the position of director, but you should decide what to do afterward for yourself.
Nao: If you find someone you feel you can entrust the position to, I don't mind if you pass it to them.
Nao: What I hoped for you was not to inherit the role of director,
Nao: But that you would have a fun life at this wonderful school. That's all.
Nao: Finally, let me congratulate you.
Nao: Happy birthday, Tomo.
Tomo: "I'm so happy with how you've grown. From your big brother."
Yuki: It's such a nice, Nao-nii-like letter.
Tomo: ...Yeah.
Yuki: Tomo?
Tomo: ...*sob*...*sob*...
Yuki: Tomo... are you crying?
Tomo: I'm not... crying...
Yuki: Tomo... I think it's okay to cry at a time like this.
Tomo: ...Yuki. ...*sobbing*
Yuki: ...Tomo...
Tomo: ... *sobbing* ... Brother...
Tomo: ...I... *sob* ... It's the first time... I've had such a happy birthday... *sob* ...
Yuki: ...Yeah, I'm glad, Tomo...
Tomo: ...Yeah... Thanks...
Yuki: ...Yeah, I'm glad, Tomo...

(Yuki's room)
*email beep*
sender: Tomo
subject: I'm glad you're there for me
text: Thank you so much for today. I can't thank you and Brother enough for preparing such an awesome day. The very next chance I get, I'll put on the shoes you gave me and run.
(Yuki: Me too, I'm glad you're there for me, Tomo.)

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