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June 16

Yuki: ...
Tomo: ...
Yuki: Um...
Yuki & Tomo: Sorry about before!!
Yuki & Tomo: Oh...
Yuki: Ahaha...
Tomo: Haha...
Yuki: We wanted to say the same thing.
Tomo: Really.
Tomo: Sorry about before. Of course you'd get mad, being suddenly told to drop out.
Yuki: Uh-uh, me too. Getting mad at you even though I didn't know anything.
Tomo: No, I said mean things to you too.
Tomo: I wanted to apologize right away, but I couldn't really get it out. Getting an email from you was a lifesaver.
Yuki: Tomo... After all, you haven't changed your mind about wanting to drop out?
Tomo: No.
Tomo: I came here today to try and convince you.
Yuki: I see...
Yuki: I called you here today to try and convince you too.
Tomo: You too, huh.
Yuki: Yeah.
Yuki: I absolutely can't let this school close. It would be terrible.
Tomo: Hey, Yuki... it's only been one month since you came to the school.
Tomo: So why do you want to do so much?
Yuki: Why...?
Tomo: Is this really a place you have to protect so desperately?
Tomo: You just got into the school because Brother, the director, happened to pick up the phone by chance when you called...
Tomo: And the day you arrived, you got the armband from the previous Ace who happened to be there.
Tomo: It's not like you wanted to be student council president in the first place, it was just foisted on you.
Tomo: On top of all that, you're not the director or someone from Suzubishi. You're just a student with no responsibility for this place.
Tomo: Besides, you have absolutely no duty to be desperate for the sake of this school.
Yuki: You're wrong, Tomo.
Tomo: Wrong?
Yuki: Yeah.
Yuki: It's true that I may have gotten into the school by chance.
Yuki: And that I became student council president.
Yuki: But I've never felt like being student council president was forced on me.
Tomo: Yuki...
Yuki: At first, when the armband was given to me, I didn't really get it.
Yuki: But I've been with everyone as the student council president until now.
Yuki: Now I want to protect the school of my own will.
Yuki: That I feel it's precious has nothing to do with whether the time I've spent here has been long or short.
Tomo: So that's how you feel about it...
Yuki: Yeah.
Tomo: I see.
Tomo: Then it can't be helped...
Yuki: ...Tomo?
Tomo: I wanted to try persuading you while also respecting your feelings...
Tomo: But since you're so determined, I have no choice...
Tomo: Right now, I'm going to give the board my decision as director.
Yuki: Does that mean you intend to say you agree with closing the school?
Tomo: That's right.
*Yuki grabs Tomo*
Yuki: You can't! You absolutely can't!! I'll stop you by force!!
Tomo: Yuki... let go!!
Yuki: No... way! I won't let you... agree to close the school!!
Yuki: That's messed up!!
Tomo: I've already told you the reason!
Tomo: I have the authority of the director. Let me do what I want!
Yuki: But why are you being so stubborn!?
Yuki: This isn't like you, Tomo!
Tomo: What is like me!? Just what do I do that's like me!?
Yuki: But what you're saying and doing, that you're only taking responsibility for the students' futures, I don't think that's the only problem!
Yuki: Hey, Tomo. Is there some other reason you said you want to drop out of the Bell One?
Yuki: Isn't it because there's some other bad thing that would happen if we won the Bell One, more serious than the school closing?
Tomo: You...
Yuki: Tomo!!
Yuki: Hey, tell me! We're partners and friends, aren't we?
Tomo: My hand... let go... it hurts...
Yuki: Do you promise to tell me?
Tomo: ...
Yuki: If you don't promise, I won't let go of your hand.
Tomo: *sigh*... Alright...
Yuki: ...Tomo.
Tomo: ...Why did you think that? That there might be another reason...?
Yuki: Because of this.
Tomo: A letter?
Yuki: It's a letter from Nao-nii. I got it from Professor Ito.
Tomo: A letter from Brother!?
Yuki: Yeah.
Yuki: He wrote in the letter that you would take on a big problem that you couldn't solve by yourself...
Yuki: This means you have a problem you haven't told me about yet, doesn't it?
Tomo: This... really is Brother's handwriting...
Yuki: That's right.
Yuki: The letter wasn't addressed directly to me, but it was entrusted to Professor Ito to give to the person who became your friend.
Yuki: It says in the letter that he wants me to help you, since I've become your friend.
Tomo: What? I can't believe Brother left a letter like this...
Tomo: Just needlessly worrying about others during such a difficult time for himself...
Yuki: I don't think it was needless...
Yuki: It's because you were very precious to Nao-nii.
Yuki: It's the same for me. I want to help my dear friend.
Yuki: So won't you tell me?
Tomo: Geez... I'm no match for you.
Tomo: You're right... Just as you said, there's something about this I haven't told you...
Tomo: I'm the reason the board declared they're closing the school.
Yuki: You are?
Tomo: Yeah.
Tomo: Right now, the majority of the people on the school board are affiliated with the Sakaki Group.
Yuki: Sakaki Group?
Tomo: It's a corporation that entered a joint partnership with the Suzubishi Group a few years ago.
Tomo: They're in the service industry and private schools. And they mainly deal with healthcare.
Tomo: A few years ago, they formed a business partnership with the Suzubishi Group because their business was struggling financially.
Tomo: Because they had the know-how from originally dealing with private schools, they got involved in the management of this school.
Yuki: Wow...
Tomo: At first, there were only a few people from the Sakaki Group on the board.
Tomo: From the time that Brother, who wasn't a direct descendant of Suzubishi, became director, they strengthened their influence little by little.
Tomo: Eventually, the goal was to set up someone from the Sakaki Group as director of this school.
Tomo: And so the one they sent as a candidate for director is the assistant director, Professor Sakaki.
Yuki: Professor Sakaki...
Tomo: But it wasn't that simple.
Tomo: When Brother became the director, the second director changed the system for choosing the new director.
Tomo: So that the next director could be named by the previous director.
Tomo: And he similarly decided that important decisions about the management of the school needed the vote of the director, the board, and the student council president.
Tomo: It seemed it was so that even if someone not directly related to Suzubishi became director, they could protect the ideals of the school.
Yuki: I see...
Tomo: Because of that, it wasn't so easy for someone from the Sakaki Group to become director.
Yuki: I have one question. Why does the Sakaki Group want to become director so much?
Tomo: The Sakaki Group wanted the authority that only the school's director has.
Yuki: Authority?
Tomo: The right to access the data that's housed in the server building.
Tomo: Don't you think it's strange? That only the director's office is on the top floor of the server building with such strong security.
Yuki: Yeah, come to think of it... The staff room and the assistant director's office are in the school building.
Tomo: It isn't just school data housed in that server building.
Tomo: The Bell Research Lab that's on this school island also stores its research data there.
Tomo: The Bell Research Lab does research for the Suzubishi Group's pharmaceutical division.
Yuki: Even I know that the research lab is on the school island.
Tomo: It seems the second director was also the head of Bell Research Lab.
Yuki: Hmm. He must have been pretty amazing.
Tomo: Yeah, he is amazing...
Tomo: The research lab data must absolutely not be leaked to the outside.
Tomo: Because it seems that there's things worth an enormous amount of profit, and also things that would be extremely dangerous if they got out.
Yuki: Wow...
Tomo: That's why, for the sake of security, it's completely cut off from the outside and managed in the servers on the school island.
Tomo: In short, you can't hack in from the outside.
Tomo: Only the director manages the security of those servers.
Tomo: That's why the Sakaki Group brought up the discussion of closing the school.
Yuki: Hm? What's that supposed to be? That doesn't make any sense!!
Yuki: What does becoming the director and wanting the authority to access the data have to do with closing the school!?
Tomo: In short, from the beginning, their target was the research lab's data.
Tomo: They never cared whether or not the school closes.
Tomo: When they found out they couldn't become director, they submitted the proposal to close the school in order to intimidate me.
Tomo: Access the research data if you want us to withdraw the proposal.
Tomo: And they said, delete all the research data about a certain drug, and shut down that research.
Yuki: What the heck is that...?
Tomo: It seems that the Sakaki Group's pharmaceutical company is developing a similar drug.
Tomo: Bell Research Lab is further ahead in their research, so the Sakaki Group wanted to shut it down and get their new drug out first.
Tomo: At first, I thought about accepting their demands in order to protect the school.
Tomo: But I couldn't do it...
Yuki: Of course not! You can't do something so wrong!
Tomo: No, it's not about the morals...
Tomo: The new drug under research by the Bell Research Lab may be effective against a certain incurable disease, in addition to its original purpose.
Yuki: Incurable disease...?
Tomo: The disease that stole Brother's life...
Yuki: ...!!
Tomo: It wasn't in time for Brother. But so that there won't be any more people who have to deal with what I went through...
Tomo: I absolutely can't shut down the development of that new drug.
Yuki: Yeah...
Tomo: So I rejected their demands.
Tomo: The result was the current situation. They're trying to shut down the school.
Yuki: How cowardly...
Yuki: But if it's such valuable research, the data must be very secure, right?
Yuki: Just because you can access the server, is it that easy to destroy?
Tomo: No, it's impossible.
Tomo: Because even if you access the server, the data itself has very strong security.
Tomo: Besides, even though I'm the director, I don't have the access code to the research lab.
Tomo: ...But I can do it.
Yuki: ...Huh?
Tomo: And the Sakaki Group found out about it...
Yuki: Found out... about what?
Tomo: ...
Tomo: I told you that I was adopted from the orphanage, right?
Yuki: Yeah...
Tomo: The people who became my adoptive parents managed a software development company.
Yuki: Yeah, I know.
Tomo: You know?
Yuki: ...Actually, you might be mad at me, but,
Yuki: Yesterday, I went to see the head of the orphanage you were at.
Yuki: Sorry for doing it on my own.
Yuki: But... I want to help you no matter what.
Yuki: For that, I thought I had to know what happened to you.
Yuki: So I went to see Haruno-san.
Tomo: I'm shocked...
Yuki: ...Sorry.
Tomo: Or rather, I'm surprised. At your drive.
Yuki: Hehehe...
Tomo: But if you've already heard it, there's no point hiding it anymore.
Tomo: The family that adopted me managed a small company with about ten employees.
Tomo: They developed software to manage information for corporations, and were responsible for managing their cloud systems.
Tomo: As soon as I went there, they started drilling computer knowledge into me.
Yuki: Even though you were in primary school?
Tomo: I guess, but I didn't really mind that part much.
Tomo: Since they clearly said that the reason they adopted me was because they wanted a smart child who could help with the work.
Tomo: I did what they asked because I thought that was the only point to my being there.
Tomo: Since until then I had only thought about wanting to protect my sickly brother...
Tomo: Suddenly losing my purpose, I didn't know what I should do.
Tomo: Forcefully cramming difficult knowledge, I more or less forgot about Brother.
Tomo: So I studied the way my adoptive parents told me to.
Tomo: I didn't know how much they expected of me, but thanks to that, I learned quickly.
Tomo: Once I started middle school, I began helping with the company work.
Tomo: I didn't especially think about what was in them, I just put together and analyzed programs as instructed...
Tomo: They were arrested when it was discovered that they were using them for illegal purposes.
Yuki: ...
Tomo: It seems for a few years, the company's finances hadn't been doing too well.
Tomo: They embedded spyware in the management software they sold to companies to steal information, and sold it on the black market...
Yuki: Yeah, I heard that too...
Yuki: You were forced to be an accomplice...
Yuki: But it couldn't be helped. You didn't know anything...
Tomo: It's true I didn't know...
Tomo: What the things I programmed and the data I analyzed were being used for... and such.
Tomo: Or how much money they were bringing in from it... and such.
Tomo: But that was just because I tried not to know. It probably would have been possible for me to figure it out.
Tomo: I didn't care what I was being made to do or for what purpose.
Tomo: That's why when I heard they were arrested and the adoption had been dissolved, I didn't feel anything...
Tomo: I just felt like I was watching things flow past me...
Yuki: Tomo...
Tomo: I was a minor, so the information was hidden so it wouldn't become public when I came to school.
Tomo: But recently, the Sakaki Group found out.
Yuki: Did they say you're not fit to be the director?
Tomo: If it had just been that, there would be no problem.
Tomo: If anything, it was worse that they found out I had the ability to access the research lab's data.
Yuki: So that's how it's related to what they're demanding from you.
Tomo: Yeah.
Tomo: Even starting the Bell One didn't change the pressure from the board.
Tomo: Since I've continued to refuse like this, they've threatened me even more without caring what happens to all of you...
Yuki: So that's you said you wanted to drop out.
Yuki: Now I understand what it meant when you said you were the reason, and the Bell One was a farce...
Yuki: That's all you kept saying to me...
Tomo: ...
Tomo: Even if we continue together in the Bell One and win the final round, it won't solve the problem.
Tomo: As long as I'm director, they'll just keep setting new challenges.
Tomo: Because of that, everyone at the school may be put in danger again in the future.
Tomo: If I'm forced to resign the position of director, I can't protect everyone at the school and the research data.
Tomo: I thought, if it comes to that, it might be better for the school to be closed now so they can't get their hands on the research lab.
Tomo: I'm such a selfish director.
Tomo: Even though Brother believed in me and entrusted the school to me.
Yuki: That's not...
Tomo: I was so happy when I received the Platinum Paper from the school where Brother was the director.
Tomo: Because I thought I could be with Brother again.
Tomo: ...But it didn't actually happen.
Yuki: ...
Tomo: On his deathbed, Brother named me as the next director.
Tomo: Honestly, I thought it was impossible for me to be the director.
Tomo: Still, I was happy that he entrusted it to me, and I wanted to fulfill his dying wish.
Tomo: His final wish, entrusted to me, was my last connection to Brother.
Tomo: So at that moment, I felt I wanted to protect the school no matter what...
Tomo: But in reality, I couldn't do anything.
Tomo: I was director in name only.
Tomo: It's been the same up until now, I'm just in the position of being used by someone.
Tomo: When I realized that, I didn't know why I was doing anything anymore...
Tomo: Is this enough, how much is enough...?
Tomo: I don't really want to do things to be praised or valued by anyone!
Tomo: But what am I!?
Tomo: What should I do!?
Tomo: Is all I can do is be a yes-man to the board!?
Yuki: Tomo...
Tomo: Hey, Yuki... Is this place really worth so much?
Tomo: Does it have to be protected no matter what...?
Tomo: I kind of don't care about anything anymore...
Yuki: ...
Tomo: It's always been like that.
Tomo: Even if I do my best or struggle, the result is always the same.
Tomo: I don't get anything out of it.
Tomo: The results are already decided without me, and I just bear the burden...
Yuki: ...Tomo.
Tomo: Even when the people around me act with good intent, it's not for my sake.
Tomo: In the end, it's for the convenience of adults.
Tomo: So I have no expectations of the world and the people around me.
Tomo: What's wrong with that!!?
Tomo: If I can run away, I'd rather run away from everything!!
Yuki: But you haven't run away, Tomo.
Tomo: ...
Yuki: Even though you don't like it and it hurts, you haven't run away.
Yuki: You've been doing your best even though the board has been threatening you.
Yuki: You even came when I called you up here.
Tomo: ...
Yuki: Well, if you really wanted to run, you should have gone to cast your vote to close the school without talking to me...
Yuki: But you didn't do that, Tomo.
Yuki: You tried to convince me to drop out of the Bell One.
Yuki: Because you're hurting right now, and worried, and don't know what to do...
Yuki: Even though you feel like you want to run, at the same time, you can't run. You feel like you don't want to run.
Yuki: I guess that's why you're in so much pain.
Tomo: Then what should I do!?
Yuki: You should ask for help from the people around you.
Tomo: Help?
Yuki: Yeah.
Yuki: I think you feel like running to run away from your pain.
Yuki: But that won't change anything...
Yuki: I'm sure even if you run, after all, you'll still be hurting.
Tomo: ...
Yuki: That's why you should ask everyone for help.
Yuki: We should talk with everyone and figure it out together.
Tomo: There's... no way I can do that.
Yuki: If you ask for help, I'll give you my full support.
Tomo: Yuki. You...
Yuki: I think if you're really hurting, it's okay to run...
Yuki: But I still want to go to this school with you.
Yuki: I haven't been at this school very long... but I like this school!
Yuki: I want to stay with everyone here from now on!
Yuki: The welcome party and the ball tournament were really fun.
Yuki: But I want to have more events at this school!
Yuki: And not just events!
Yuki: The daily classes and dorm life are all irreplaceable.
Yuki: Every day here is really precious to me!!
Yuki: And the reason every day is so fun, Tomo, it's you!!
Tomo: Huh...?
Yuki: It's because you're here, Tomo, that every day is fun!
Yuki: It's fun with everyone else too, but I think if you were gone, it would only be half as fun.
Yuki: When I learned you were my childhood friend, I was so happy.
Yuki: That's why I wanted to team up with you no matter what and be in the Bell One.
Yuki: When you accepted me as your partner, I was really happy, I was ecstatic and I thought I understood you.
Yuki: But I was wrong...
Tomo: ...
Yuki: When I realized that, I was really sad and pained.
Yuki: But at the same time, I felt I wanted to know you better and get closer to you.
Yuki: Not as a friend or an ally, but I want to be like Nao-nii.
Tomo: ...Like Brother?
Yuki: Yeah.
Yuki: I want to be closer to you, Tomo...
Yuki: Not as some sort of give-and-take relationship, but worrying about each other and helping each other, as natural as breathing...
Yuki: A relationship where we take each other into consideration and balance each other...
Yuki: Right... like family! That's what I want to be to you!!
Yuki: Of course... that's only if you don't mind...

CG: Tomo embraces Yuki
Tomo: Thank you, Yuki...
Yuki: Tomo...
Tomo: I don't really want to run.
Tomo: I want to do everything I can.
Tomo: I want to fulfill Brother's last request...
Yuki: ...Yeah.
Tomo: But I'm not strong enough.
Tomo: So, Yuki. Help me...!!
Yuki: Of course I'll help you.
Yuki: It's okay. I'll definitely help you.
Yuki: And if I'm not strong enough, we can ask everyone for help.
Yuki: The students of this school will help you.
Yuki: Well, this is BL School!
Yuki: Because this school is full of the most outstanding people in Japan.
Yuki: There isn't anything you have to bear by yourself.
Yuki: Well, this isn't just your own problem...
Yuki: It's already a problem of everyone at this school.
Yuki: So let's all keep this school open together.
Tomo: Yeah, you're right. Exactly.
Yuki: Right?
Yuki: Even if there's another challenge after finishing the Bell One...
Yuki: I think we should all consider it together and find a way to keep the school open if that happens.
Yuki: So don't talk about giving up anymore.
Tomo: Alright... I won't run away anymore.
Yuki: It's fine. It'll work out somehow.
Tomo: Yuki... Again, you don't have a reason for believing that, do you?
Yuki: Ehehe, I guess not.
Yuki: But when I have this sort of feeling, it's usually right.
Yuki: So trust me.
Tomo: Alright. I won't run anymore.
Tomo: You might be able to manage it somehow.
Tomo: It's weird that I'm starting to believe that.
end CG

Yuki: ...Oh, sorry, that was me...
Tomo: ...Geez, you're hopeless.
Tomo: You completely ruined the mood.
Tomo: Well, that's what's nice about you.
Yuki: Haha...
Tomo: Hahaha.
Yuki & Tomo: Ahahahaha...

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