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June 2

(Yuki: Sonoda-san is a member of Durak, I'm sure he has plenty of ability.)
(Yuki: And above all, his food is delicious!)
(Yuki: Someone who makes such delicious food can't be a bad guy!)
(Yuki: I'm sure Sonoda-san will help me!)
(Yuki: I'll try asking him to take on the challenge with me!)

*knock knock*
Yuki: Excuse me.
Sonoda: Come in.
Yuki: ...Oh? You're by yourself, Sonoda-san?
Sonoda: That's right. Kiyo and Hayato are out.
Yuki: No, I have business with you, Sonoda-san.
Sonoda: With me? What is it?
Yuki: Um... Sonoda-san!
Sonoda: What? You look so serious.
Yuki: Please be with me in the Bell One Grand Prix!
Sonoda: ...With me?
Yuki: Yes! Please!
Sonoda: You're kidding. I refuse.
Sonoda: If you want to win, you should choose someone else.
Sonoda: I'm sure that Kiyo would help you happily.
Yuki: But I... I want to team up with you!
Yuki: Please, won't you help me?
Sonoda: No.
Yuki: ...Oh no.
Sonoda: I'm not interested in the fate of this school.
Sonoda: I'm not interested in spending my time if I can't get any money.
Yuki: Even so... Even so, I want to team up with you, Sonoda-san.
Yuki: No matter what, it has to be you!
Sonoda: I don't care about your circumstances.
(Yuki: Ugh... Well, it makes sense, but speaking so harshly...)
Sonoda: If the school closes, there's nothing that can be done about it.
Sonoda: I don't see any merit in it for me to waste the effort.
Sonoda: Or are you going to pay me a decent amount for it?
Sonoda: Then that's a different story.
Yuki: ...Money...
Yuki: How much money would satisfy you, Sonoda-san?
Sonoda: It was a joke. I don't think you could pay an amount I would accept.
Yuki: ...Then why do you want money so much?
Yuki: You don't seem like you have money troubles, but you're always going on about money...
Sonoda: If you're going to pry like that, I'll kick you out.
Yuki: Oh, no. I'm sorry...
Sonoda: Anyway, I told you, I'm not helping you.
Sonoda: Even being here is wasting my time. Why don't you hurry and go find another partner?
(Yuki: What should I do...?)
(Yuki: I plucked up my courage to ask him... but he's completely unapproachable.)
(Yuki: Maybe it's impossible to team up with Sonoda-san...)

Give up on asking him.
Be stubborn.

(decision: Be stubborn.)
Yuki: ...No, I won't give up!
Sonoda: What did you say?
Yuki: I want you to be my partner, Sonoda-san!
Yuki: I absolutely, absolutely want you to team up with me.
Sonoda: You're persistent...
Sonoda: Look, you absolutely want to win the Bell One, don't you?
Yuki: Of course!
Sonoda: Then don't get fixated on someone like me. Choose someone who's enthusiastic about it.
Sonoda: I don't have any gratitude or enthusiasm for this school.
Sonoda: Even if I accepted, I'm sure I'd abandon it in the middle or run away...
Yuki: I know I'm saying something selfish.
Yuki: I know it's a contradiction that I want the school to stay open, and I also want to ask you.
Yuki: But no matter what, it has to be you, Sonoda-san!
Yuki: It can't be anyone but you!
Sonoda: But why me!?
Yuki: Because you're the reason I want to protect this school!
Sonoda: ...Wha...?
Yuki: If you're beside me, no matter what pinch I'm in, no matter how much I might want to give up...
Yuki: I think I would always remember the reason I'm fighting!
Yuki: So please stand beside me!
Sonoda: Wait a minute... what are you saying all of a sudden...?
Yuki: No, I won't wait!
Yuki: No matter what happens, absolutely...
Yuki: I want to protect my days of eating your food!!!
Sonoda: ...Wha?
Sonoda: Food?
Yuki: It's the food!!
Yuki: If the school closes...
Yuki: I'll never be able to eat your food at the cafeteria again!
Yuki: I absolutely, absolutely don't want that!
Sonoda: ... *ahem*
Sonoda: That's an amazing appetite...
Yuki: So please! Be my partner!
Yuki: ...Well, I still haven't eaten enough.
Yuki: When it's summer, I'm sure there will be some really delicious cold dishes...
Yuki: In autumn, I want to try eating the dishes full of flavors like mushrooms.
Yuki: And the Christmas and New Year's foods!
Yuki: I still haven't eaten any of it!
Sonoda: ...
Yuki: So I don't want to let the school close like this...
Yuki: I want to eat your food in all four seasons at this school. My favorites, along with everyone...
Yuki: So... somehow, please!
(Yuki: With Sonoda-san at the school, through summer, autumn, and winter...)
(Yuki: I thought we could always be together.)
(Yuki: Ending like this, when it's only just begun...)
(Yuki: ...It's sad...)
Sonoda: ...*sigh*
(Yuki: Ugh... he's sighing.)
(Yuki: He must be shocked, but those are my real feelings.)
Sonoda: ...You're an idiot.
Yuki: ...
Sonoda: ...I understand your passion for food.
(Yuki: Huh?)
(Yuki: Pat pat...)
(Yuki: He's patting my head?)
(Yuki: Could it be he really thinks I'm an idiot!?)
(Yuki: Oh... that's not it...)
(Yuki: Sonoda-san is smiling...)
Sonoda: So you want to protect the school to protect the cafeteria?
Sonoda: I've never heard anything like that, only for the sake of the cafeteria...
Yuki: Not only! Since you're there, it's not only for that!
Sonoda: ...
Yuki: Everyone seems so happy at the cafeteria.
Yuki: Because you're there, there's lots of people who are happy.
Yuki: Because it's you, Sonoda-san...
Yuki: I want you to fight with me.
Sonoda: ...
Sonoda: ...You really are an idiot.
Yuki: ...
Sonoda: But...
Sonoda: That you value my food so much, I'm honestly happy.
Yuki: ...!
Yuki: Then...
Sonoda: Don't get ahead of yourself.
Sonoda: I haven't said I'll team up with you yet.
Yuki: Ugh...
(Yuki: What should I do... I don't have anything else to say.)
(Yuki: If only I could give him one more push...)
Sonoda: ...
Sonoda: ...Anyway, I'll sleep on it.
Yuki: Huh!?
Sonoda: To show my gratitude to you, who values my food so much.
Sonoda: Is that okay?
Yuki: Yes! Of course it is!
(Yuki: Yes! Sonoda-san, who was being so stubborn, said he'd sleep on it!)
(Yuki: Even that's a big accomplishment!)
Yuki: Then, tomorrow I'll come hear your answer!
Sonoda: ...*sigh*
Sonoda: Okay, come to my room.
Yuki: Thank you very much!
Yuki: I really appreciate it!
Sonoda: You don't have to bow your head that many times.
Sonoda: I still haven't decided to do it...
Yuki: Right! Thank you!
Sonoda: ...If you don't watch where you're going, you'll run into someone.
Yuki: Right! Excuse me!

(Yuki: Woohoo!! I was able to move him at least a little bit!)
(Yuki: I hope Sonoda-san gives me a good response tomorrow!)
Yuki: ...Oof...!
Joker: Oops.
Yuki: ...Joker-san!
Joker: You're not watching where you're going, Ace-kun on whom the fate of the school rests.
Yuki: Sorry! I was looking away...
Yuki: It happened just like Sonoda-san said...
Joker: Was there something with Eiji?
Yuki: No, it's nothing!
Joker: By the way, what are you doing here?
Joker: Could it be you came to invite me to be your partner?
Joker: If it entertains me, I'll immediately say okay.
Yuki: Oh, no. I asked Sonoda-san to be my partner.
Joker: Eiji?
Joker: And he immediately refused, didn't he?
Yuki: Well... it's true he refused at the beginning.
Yuki: I begged him and he said he'd consider it overnight!
Joker: Wow... that Eiji did?
Joker: Hey. Why did you think of asking Eiji?
Joker: Could it be that sort is your type?
Yuki: N, no.
Yuki: When I thought about a partner, poof... Sonoda-san came to mind.
Yuki: That's all it was.
Joker: I think inspiration is an important element in the showtime of love.
Joker: Oh well.
Joker: More importantly, I'm surprised he said he'd consider it.
Yuki: I pushed and pushed and pushed...
Yuki: Now that I think about it, my way of asking may have caused him a lot of trouble.
Joker: No matter how much you push, when Eiji says no, he means no. That's the kind of person he is.
Joker: Especially in this matter.
(Yuki: Huh...?)
Joker: Even if the whole school is on your side...
Joker: I thought that out of everyone, Eiji's the only one who would never help you...
Joker: Was my guess wrong?
Joker: So what was Eiji's downfall? I'm interested.
Yuki: I just said what I was thinking.
Joker: Which was?
Yuki: That because I wanted to keep eating his food, I didn't want the school to close.
Yuki: I asked him to be my partner because I wanted to fight for that...
Joker: Ahahahahahahaha!
Joker: You're the best!
Yuki: ...Is something funny?
Joker: I see.
(Yuki: What is this? He's staring at me...)
Joker: Maybe you're...
Joker: A boy with more guts than I thought to play such an amazing card.
Joker: And unconsciously.
(Yuki: An amazing card...? What does that mean...?)
Joker: In that case, it can't be helped. Let me be entertained as a spectator.
Joker: I wonder how your decisions will fall.
Joker: I wish you luck. Good luck! [note!]Joker says "good luck" in Russian, though it should be just удачи. It's represented literally as "good" plus the word for "good luck." Whoops.
(Yuki: ...I don't really get it, but I guess he's supporting me?)

(Yuki's room)
Yuki: ...*sigh*
Yuki: Well, I asked what I asked, but I wonder if Sonoda-san will say okay...
(Yuki: ...Somehow I can't calm down.)
Yuki: I wonder if it feels like this, waiting for a reply to a love confession...
Yuki: ...Urk! W, what am I thinking?
(Yuki: Even though I told Joker-san it wasn't like that!)
(Yuki: But Joker-san told me that just Sonoda-san would never help me...)
(Yuki: What did that mean?)
(Yuki: The way he said it kind of nags at me...)
(Yuki: Is it because Sonoda-san doesn't do anything without a reward?)
(Yuki: Or because he has no concern for the school?)
(Yuki: ...No concern for the school... That's a bit sad...)
(Yuki: Because I like my school life here, and I thought Sonoda-san did too.)
(Yuki: No... I wanted him to like it.)
(Yuki: The place where I first met Sonoda-san...)
(Yuki: This school where I planned to spend time with him.)
(Yuki: He said he didn't care if it closed. I didn't want to hear Sonoda-san say that...)
(Yuki: ...But why does it make me so sad?)
(Yuki: Even though I know that Sonoda-san speaks harshly and is practical...)
(Yuki: But why did I choose Sonoda-san and not someone else?)

Maybe it's because he makes delicious food.
Maybe it's because I'm interested in Sonoda-san.

(decision: Maybe it's because I'm interested in Sonoda-san.)
(Yuki: He makes delicious food, but he absolutely wouldn't make it for free...)
(Yuki: He seems gentle. but he's blunt. I think I'm close to him, but he's distant...)
(Yuki: Maybe I'm interested because he's that sort of person...)
(Yuki: What I thought of when I wanted to protect my school life,)
(Yuki: The face that came to mind was Sonoda-san's.)
(Yuki: ...But I'm not interested romantically like Joker-san said.)
(Yuki: ...Probably, I'm sure.)
(Yuki: But somehow...)
(Yuki: This may be the first time that my chest has hurt like this when thinking about someone...)
(Yuki: ...Please, let Sonoda-san say yes.)
(Yuki: Don't let the time that I spend with Sonoda-san end like this...)
Yuki: God, Sonoda-san, please...

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