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(Yuki: It's been a week since then...)
(Yuki: Sonoda-san did come back to school.)
(Yuki: But...)
student 1: Ahhh... Why did Sonoda-san quit making food in the cafeteria?
student 2: Maybe he burned out with all the things in the Bell One.
student 1: Well, thanks to that, the school is still here.
student 2: I want to eat those special dishes again.
(Yuki: Since Sonoda-san's face wasn't broadcast during the third round, the students don't know about his betrayal.)
(Yuki: The only ones who know are Durak and the student council.)
(Yuki: So, they don't know the reason why Sonoda-san suddenly stopped cooking in the cafeteria.)
(Yuk: Everyone thinks it's strange, and they find it a shame.)
Okaken: *sigh* A cafeteria with only the lunch ladies.
Okaken: It's true that this is just the original way it was, but...
Tomo: That's right. It's not that the lunch ladies' food is bad, but...
Yuki: It's normal...
(Yuki: That's right...)
(Yuki: This udon with fried tofu is of average deliciousness.)
(Yuki: Compared to Sonoda-san's flavor...)
(Yuki: ...It's a luxury I can say that now.)
(Yuki: But the happiness index of lunch has gone down...)
Kuya: Hey, Yuki!
Takato: Hello. May we join you?
Yuki: Go ahead, go ahead!
Yuki: Kuya-san, Takato-san, what do you two think?
Yuki: About the cafeteria now.
Kuya: The cafeteria? Oh, you mean without Sonoda-kun?
Yuki: It doesn't seem strange to you?
Takato: It's just back to the way it was before, so it's not particularly strange.
Kuya: I think so too.
Kuya: Since we're familiar with the cafeteria before Sonoda-kun entered school.
Kuya: Besides, as for Sonoda-kun's cooking, we've mostly eaten plain udon!
Yuki: Oh, I see...
Yagami: Don't be all 'I see!'
Yuki: Yagami! Arata-san!
Yagami: The cafeteria recently is missing something.
Yagami: I don't know if he's tired or whatever from the Bell One, but tell him to hurry and come back.
Yagami: You're the student council president, right? And his Bell One partner.
Arata: Arata also likes the cafeteria with Sono-Sono.
Arata: The yogurt and cheese desserts that Sono-Sono made were delicious, right, Maro?
Maro: Kuku!
(Yuki: Yeah, I understand how everyone feels, but...)
(Yuki: Sonoda-san seems to have a stubborn will...)
Yuki: Oh, Chiba-san!
Chiba: What?
Yuki: What do you think of the cafeteria recently, Chiba-san?
Chiba: What do you mean?
Kuya: About the dishes, since Sonoda-kun is absent.
Takato: Because of that, many of the students feel like it's dull.
Chiba: Sonoda...
Chiba: Recently Joker-sama hasn't been eating much.
Chiba: He says the food at the cafeteria doesn't suit his tastes...
Okaken: I see, he's even stopped catering special dishes to Joker-san...
Chiba: Yeah.
(Yuki: That's right, Joker-san said that anything other than Sonoda-san's food tastes bad...)
(Yuki: Maybe the generic flavor of the lunch ladies' food can't satisfy him.)
Yagami: Okay, Asahina? You'd better persuade Sonoda!
Yuki: Um... But I wonder if he would listen to me.
Chiba: I beg you, for Joker-sama's sake.
Arata: And for Maro.
Maro: Kukuku!!
Tomo: It's a desperate situation, can't you try doing something?
Tomo: Even you can't think this is a good situation, right?
Yuki: Right...
Yuki: But Sonoda-san is surprisingly stubborn, I wonder if he'd listen to a direct plea...
Yuki: I have to think of a plan...
Okaken: Please, Asahina-kun!
(Yuki: ...I know!)
(Yuki: I'll try talking to that person!)

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