gakuen heaven 2

Professor Ito's Special Someone translation

Key #1: Niwa Tetsuya

Niwa: Geez, what a hassle... I can't believe he'd steal money from an old lady.
Keita: King!
Niwa: Yeah! Sorry to keep you waiting, Keita!! I turned that purse snatcher over to the police.
Keita: I was surprised. You suddenly shouted 'thief!' and ran off after him. Are you okay?
Niwa: Of course. Who do you think I am?
Keita: I know you're strong, but you could have been in danger if he had a knife or something...
Niwa: I'm fine. As you can see, nothing happened.
Keita: Thank goodness. You never change, do you, King? ...Oh!
Niwa: Hm? What is it?
Keita: That reminds me, I've been calling you King for a while now...
Niwa: Is that all? I don't mind if you still call me that.
Keita: Haha, sorry. It just slipped out...
Niwa: Now that you mention it, it's been a long time since anyone's called me that. Only the guys at BL School did.
Keita: That's right. I kind of felt exactly the same as back then, maybe it's because I'm going to BL School every day.
Niwa: BL School, huh. That takes me back. Are you still having fun there?
Keita: Yes. The students now are doing a good job in their own way. After all, you were originally student council president, are you worried about the school?
Niwa: Well, I guess. Besides, that place is important to me.
Keita: It's completely the same for me. There's a bit of an issue at BL School right now, but I'm sure the current students can overcome it.
Niwa: I see. If that's how you feel, I'm sure it'll be fine.
Keita: Right! I believe in everyone.
Niwa: That sincerity of yours hasn't changed a bit.
Keita: Huh? Really?
Niwa: I think that's what's good about you. You start off by believing in everyone as a given, before you consider things like reasons and circumstances. Have you mostly gotten used to being a teacher?
Keita: Not completely. I still have a ways to go, and honestly, I still can't quite believe that I'm a real teacher.
Niwa: You'll be fine. I guarantee it.
Keita: I hope so.
Niwa: What? You don't believe in yourself?
Keita: Well, I just became a teacher this spring. I don't know what's going to happen in the future.
Niwa: You really can't know the future. Actually, I never thought you'd get a job before I did.
Keita: That reminds me, how did you do on the exam?
Niwa: I'm still waiting for the results.
Keita: I hope you're accepted.
Niwa: Well, it'll be alright. I think, odds are I got accepted. I studied this whole last month without even seeing you.
Keita: Just as I'd expect! Even though it's tough to become a federal official, you got through the nearly one month preparatory period.
Niwa: Only...
Keita: Is there some problem?
Niwa: If I'm accepted now, I'll probably become a career bureaucrat...
Keita: Is that bad?
Niwa: Well, it is. If I do, I'll end up in the same office as my dad. I'd rather be on patrol, or a motorcycle officer.
Keita: That's true! You would look good in a uniform.
Niwa: Right? You think so too?
Keita: Yes...
Niwa: Hm? What's the matter?
Keita: ...I think you're really cut out to be a police officer. But I don't want you doing anything too dangerous.
Niwa: What are you saying, Keita? This is me we're talking about. I'd never do anything dangerous.
Keita: That's not true! You really overestimate your abilities!
Keita: You did it just now. If that purse snatcher had a weapon, you could have gotten hurt...
Niwa: Hey, Keita, you're worrying too much...
Keita: That's how it makes me feel!! Do have any idea how I felt when I suddenly heard that the person dearest to me was volunteering to go abroad to clear landmines!? And for two years! Have you thought about how worried I was while I was waiting in Japan!?
Niwa: Ugh... sorry. But, I felt it was something I had to do right away, so I couldn't sit still. B, besides, it wasn't just doing dangerous stuff, we also dug wells and built schools.
Keita: I know that. And that you're the kind of person who thinks someone has to do it... And that I fell in love with you because that's how you are...
Niwa: I'm sorry...
Keita: I was really, really worried.
Niwa: Yeah. Your feelings got across to me on the other side of the ocean. I thought, this time I'll protect the country where you are.
Keita: King...
Niwa: I didn't come back to make you sad. So I'll definitely be alright. You know I'm the strongest.
Niwa: So cheer up.
Keita: ...Yes.
Keita: Suddenly doing something rash, having a strong sense of justice, being overconfident, all of it is what makes you, you. That's what I love about you.
Niwa: Saying that right to my face... it's making me blush.
Niwa: I also love your sincerity and that you cherish me from the bottom of your heart, Keita.
Niwa: I love you the most in the whole world.
Keita: Me too. I love you the most in the whole world.
Niwa: Alright! It's been a long time since we had a date! Let's enjoy today!
Keita: Right!
Niwa: Then, let's start right away by going to eat.
Keita: That sounds good. Where should we go?
Niwa: A big meal would hit the spot. You've gotten your first paycheck, haven't you? Use it to treat me to something.
Keita: Whaaa? I'm treating you?
Niwa: Whatever. I can't help it since I'm unemployed right now. I'm broke with just the maintenance costs of this bike.
Keita: I'm telling you, please don't sponge off the tiny salary of a new teacher. Let's at least split it...
Niwa: Don't say that. I promise to pay you back once I'm a career bureaucrat, okay? Okay, Professor Ito?
Keita: *sigh*... I have no choice.
Niwa: Woohoo! I'm relying on you for something delicious.

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