gakuen heaven 2

script translation: omake 2

omake #2: summoning!

Yuki: *humming*♪
Yuki: Ah, the weather is so nice...
Yuki: It's a peaceful ordinary day...
Yuki: It's like the crisis the school was in recently never happened.
Yuki: I'm not busy with student council work, so let's fully enjoy this peaceful day.
Yuki: Hm? Something was shining from up there.
Yuki: What could it be...? It looks like there's someone on the roof.
??: Yuki.
Yuki: Hm...? Oh, it's you, Tomo.
Yuki: What are you doing?
Maro: Kuku!
Yuki: And that's Maro, isn't it? Arata-san's pet.
Tomo: Yeah.
Yuki: Why do you have Maro with you?
Tomo: Because I was asked to bring him.
Yuki: By Arata-san?
Tomo: No.
Yuki: Then by who?
Tomo: ...Umm, it would take a while to explain.
Tomo: Yuki, are you free right now?
Yuki: Yeah... I don't really have anything special to do.
Tomo: Then come with me.
Yuki: Huh?
Tomo: You'll see when you get there.
Yuki: So, where are we going?
Tomo: The roof.

Tomo: Okaken, I borrowed Arata-san's weasel.
Maro: Kuku. Kukyu.
Yuki: Oh, Maro?
Okaken: Oh, Maro-kun, we've been waiting!
Joker: Ah, he's here, he's here.
Yuki: Okaken? And Joker-san.
Okaken: Asahina-kun. You're here just in time. You're about to be able to witness something amazing.
Joker: Hey, Yuki-kun. You came to observe too?
Yuki: Yes. Tomo invited me.
Joker: Wow, so you brought him.
Tomo: Explaining would have been too annoying, so I just kinda.
Joker: Well, this sort of thing is better with more manpower.
Yuki: So, what is this?
Tomo: He said it was some sort of experiment...
Yuki: Maro and Okaken and Joker-san? And Okaken is fiddling with some mysterious machine...
Okaken: Hmm. No matter how much I try, there's a tricky error in the calculations.
Joker: Never mind that, why don't you try it?
Okaken: No, no, these adjustments hold the key to success. I have to carefully go over them again and again...
Yuki: ...Somehow, Okaken is really fired up.
Joker: By the way, what Oka-chan is adjusting right now is the launching pad.
Yuki: Experiment? Launching pad? And you need Maro... n, no way...?
Joker: Oh, you get it? We're going to launch the weasel high into the sky from there.
Yuki: Whaaa!! Y, y, y, you can't, absolutely not!!
Yuki: Tomo, did you bring Maro knowing they were going to do something so horrible!?
Joker: ...Hehe.
Joker: Ahahahaha...
Yuki: Joker-san. What's so funny!?
Yuki: Launching Maro, I'll never let you do something like that!
Tomo: No, listen, Yuki... Calm down...
Yuki: How can I be calm with this!?
Tomo: Phew... cut it out and start paying attention.
Tomo: That was one of Joker-san's usual jokes just now.
Yuki: Huh? A joke?
Joker: Ahahahaha. It really is worth teasing you.
Yuki: Huh... Then, when you said you're launching Maro...
Joker: It was a lie. I wouldn't do something like that.
Joker: Despite how I seem, I'm an animal lover.
Joker: I wouldn't do something like that to such a cute little guy, right, Maro-kun?
Maro: Ku?
Yuki: ...*sigh*, thank goodness.
Yuki: Still... You tricked me again...
Yuki: But then, why do you need Maro?
Tomo: It seems he's going to act in place of the radar for the experiment.
Okaken: Kasahara-kun. This isn't an experiment, it's a summoning!
Okaken: I borrowed Maro-kun for one reason...
Okaken: That is, to utilize his special ability that the gauges I prepared don't have.
Yuki: Special ability? Maro has?
Maro: Kuku?
Okaken: Yes, Maro-kun possesses a special ability that humans have lost in their long evolution.
Okaken: The sixth sense... in short, animal intuition!
Yuki: Oh, I see...
(Yuki: He doesn't have to act so self-important about it...)
Okaken: Especially a ferret, because even while they're pets, compared to dogs and cats, they still have their carnivore instincts left.
Okaken: He'll be extraordinarily excellent as a radar!
Maro: Kuku, kyu!!
Okaken: Oh. He's running around the launching pad! Which means, does he sense something strange?
Yuki: Umm, he just looks like he's playfully running around to me...
Okaken: We're finally about to step into the realm of the unknown, leading humanity to a new era...
Okaken: Alright, I'll do the final check. Electric pulse. Light pulse. No abnormalities. And then...
Okaken: This device's transmission signal and the radar reception signal... check. Perfect.
Okaken: The GEOS is at 45,000 nanoteslas. Currently, sunspot activity appears to be normal...
Yuki: ...I have no idea what you're saying...
Tomo: ...He seems to be off in his own world...
Yuki: After all... what is this? He said it was summoning...
Tomo: I'm telling you, don't ask me...
Joker: Unidentified Flying Object.
Yuki: Huh? Uniden... uh... um...
Joker: Taking the initials, it's U.F.O..
Yuki: U.F.O., you mean a UFO? [note!]This is a bit tough to show in the translation, but the acronym 'UFO' is read as if it's an ordinary word in Japanese, and it's pronounced you-foe. Yuki is thrown off by Joker speaking the actual letters of the acronym, the way a native speaker of English would say it: you-eff-oh.
Joker: Right. That's what Oka-chan is calling.
Yuki: UFO...!
Yuki: He can call something like that!?
Joker: Who knows?
Joker: Although things would get interesting if one really did come.
Yuki: That's amazing... or rather, is he serious, Okaken?
Joker: He seems very serious.
Joker: Still, he's what you would call a waste of talent.
Yuki: Haha...
Tomo: It's true he's smart, but the way he uses it and the direction are completely wrong...
Yuki: You're right. Apart from PE, Okaken is in all ultimate classes...
Yuki: Come to think of it, what was he recognized for that he got into the school?
Tomo: I heard it's because he created a high-dimensional search tool or something or other...
Yuki: A high-dimensional search tool, is it that thing Okaken is fiddling with right now?
Tomo: Probably.
Yuki: What kind of thing is it...?
Tomo: No, I don't really know either.
Joker: It's a next generation search tool that combines two dimensional information and three dimensional information... is what I've heard.
Yuki: Combines two dimensions and three dimensions...? That doesn't make any sense.
Tomo: That's normal.
Tomo: I asked for details too, but I couldn't understand it at all.
Joker: It seems to be a subject among experts who say it's an innovative concept.
Joker: But the concept is too unconventional and it's not suited to practical applications.
Joker: Basically, it seems it catches even things it shouldn't...
Yuki: Things it shouldn't?
Joker: ...Like ghosts.
Yuki: Huh? Ghosts?
Tomo: Seems like it. That's why people other than Okaken can't use it, I've heard.
Yuki: I see...
Yuki: But, Okaken is pretty amazing...
Yuki: Using such amazing technology for this is kind of a waste...
Joker: Rather than saying it's wrong, I think it's because he's pursuing this direction that he's gotten results.
Joker: From the start, it was like his goal was to prove the existence of things that don't exist.
Yuki: Really?
Joker: According to what he's told me, it seems it started when he encountered a bizarre phenomenon when he was a kid.
Joker: He did it in the process of creating devices to detect UMAs, ghosts, different dimensions.
Joker: He really is one where there's a fine line between genius and something.
Joker: He harbors the potential to get to places that an ordinary serious researcher couldn't reach...
Joker: Really, I'll never get tired of watching someone like Oka-chan.
Yuki: Really? Routinely listening to him spouting knowledge would get tedious...
Joker: I think he's much better than guys who act and speak while watching other people's expressions.
Joker: It's more interesting to watch people who put their own free ideas into action however they like.
Yuki: Well, it is like Okaken to go his own way.
Yuki: I kind of think Okaken is a little cool now.
Tomo: Do you seriously think so?
Yuki: ...Maybe it's my imagination?
Tomo: It is your imagination.
??: Well. This is an odd lineup.
Yuki: Hm...?
Yuki: Oh, Professor Sakaki.
Yuki: Professor, did you come to watch too?
Tomo: ...No, I don't think that's it.
Sakaki: I came to smoke a cigarette.
Sakaki: What are you guys doing here?
Yuki: We're U... *mph*
Tomo: Oh, um, we're helping with Okazaki-kun's experiment...
Tomo: In order to write a report examining the relationship between energy and propulsion, it seems he's experimenting with launching a rocket.
Tomo: Idiot, if you tell the truth, he might make us stop.
Yuki: Oh, right.
Sakaki: I see. It's good to be diligent with your studies.
Yuki: You don't mind if we do an experiment here?
Sakaki: Yeah, I don't care.
Sakaki: Jokawa is here, and as long as you don't cause any trouble, it's no problem if it's part of a student's research.
Yuki: Phew, thank goodness...
(Yuki: Of course we can't tell him we're summoning a UFO...)
Sakaki: Well, whatever occult experiment you guys are doing is none of my business, is it?
Yuki: Huh?
Yuki: Occult... you figured it out?
Sakaki: It involves Okazaki, doesn't it? I can generally imagine.
Sakaki: He even twists my class into his occult nonsense.
(Yuki: ...That's Okaken for you.)
Yuki: Actually, we're doing an experiment to summon a UFO.
Sakaki: Heh... a UFO. Ridiculous.
(Yuki: ...He snorted at it.)
(Yuki: After all, I guess Professor Sakaki doesn't believe in them.)
(Yuki: And I wonder what everyone else thinks about the existence of UFOs...)
(Yuki: Should I try asking?)

Ask Joker if he believes in them.

(decision: Ask Joker if he believes in them.)
Yuki: Um, Joker-san, do you believe UFOs exist?
Joker: Me?
Yuki: Since you came here to watch, I wondered if you might.
Joker: Umm... I'm not sure...?
Joker: If I had to say, I just I don't believe in them at the moment.
Yuki: Really!?
Joker: Since I've never seen a UFO.
Joker: My rule is not to believe in things I haven't seen.
Joker: In that sense, I don't believe the occult stories Oka-chan tells me either.
Yuki: So that's it...
Joker: You're surprised?
Yuki: Yes... You seem to like those sorts of stories, so I thought maybe you believed them.
Yuki: You're pretty practical.
Joker: I guess. I can see better than other people, but I've never seen anything occult.
Joker: I like the genre itself and it seems interesting, so I think if it's possible to see something, I'd like to see it.
Joker: So I'll believe it when I see it with my own eyes.
Yuki: So that's your way of thinking, Joker-san.
Joker: If I had to say, I guess I like hearing stories from people who believe things like that.
Joker: That's why I love stories about things like urban legends, UFOs, and ghosts, that don't fit our existing common knowledge.
Yuki: Ghosts too...?
Joker: What I like better is watching people who are afraid of stories like that, though.
Yuki: Haha...
Joker: By the way, I've been wondering for a while, but did you do to your shoulder...?
Yuki: Huh?
Yuki: I didn't really do anything...
Joker: There's a bloody handprint on it.
Yuki: Whaaa!!?? Are you serious!?
Joker: Just kidding.
Yuki: Oh, you tricked me again...
Yuki: Geez, please stop it. I thought my heart would stop...
Joker: Hehe.
Joker: It's way more fun this way.

Ask Tomo if he believes in them.

(decision: Ask Tomo if he believes in them.)
Yuki: Tomo, do you believe in UFOs?
Tomo: Huh?
Yuki: Which is it?
Yuki: You came here on your day off, so I guess you actually like this sort of thing...
Tomo: Listen...
Tomo: Whether I believe in them or not isn't the issue.
Yuki: Really?
Tomo: Anyway, I didn't come here to see a UFO.
Tomo: It was just that I was already here taking a nap.
Tomo: For some reason, before I knew it, I'd been made the gofer.
Yuki: So then you got dragged in by Okaken and Joker-san...
Tomo: Normally, no one thinks to come to the school building's roof on a day off...
Tomo: I'm a victim whose precious time spent peacefully relaxing on the roof was ruined.
Tomo: Well, with this, I wouldn't be able to nap.
Tomo: Every once in a while they make me go along with something ridiculous like this.
Tomo: As revenge, I dragged you in too, since you were wandering around nearby.
Yuki: Revenge, hey...
Tomo: So I don't believe in unscientific things like UFOs and the occult.
Yuki: You have no dreams...
Tomo: Of course not.
Tomo: I don't get my hopes up over things that may or may not exist.
Tomo: To begin with, there's no point in having dreams or aspirations, or unrealistic ideas.
Tomo: Better than false hope that something might exist...
Tomo: If you don't hope or believe from the beginning, you won't get hurt when it doesn't come true.
Yuki: Well, that's true...
Yuki: Don't you at least think it would be interesting if it were true?
Tomo: I don't.
Tomo: It's like being betrayed by believing itself.
Tomo: In that case, I won't believe in anything, have any hopes, or any dreams.
Yuki: Betrayed... aren't you exaggerating?
Tomo: Anyway, do you think Okaken has ever summoned a UFO even once?
Yuki: No... I don't think he has.
Tomo: See?
Tomo: Honestly, I would have gotten discouraged a long time ago.
Tomo: If you ask me, I'm surprised you can honestly believe all sorts of things.
Yuki: Haha...

Ask Professor Sakaki if he believes in them.

(decision: Ask Professor Sakaki if he believes in them.)
Yuki: Professor Sakaki, do you believe in UFOs?
Sakaki: Me?
Sakaki: No way. Do you think a grown man would believe in that stuff?
Yuki: Haha. After all, you're right.
Yuki: Come to think of it, Professor Sakaki, so you're a smoker.
Sakaki: Yeah. I'm a total villain in this world that's demonized tobacco.
Sakaki: It's because smoking is prohibited in the staff room. I have to come all the way here.
Sakaki: Now the only place in the whole school I can smoke is this roof.
Sakaki: It's a pain in the neck, but at least I can smoke, so I have to live with it.
Yuki: That's rough.
Sakaki: Seriously.
Yuki: Come to think of it, Professor, were you working even though today is a day off?
Sakaki: Yeah, teachers have a mountain of things to do.
Sakaki: Even with just a few people, I can't really smoke in the staff room where it's prohibited.
Sakaki: Still, you guys, so you're seriously summoning a UFO...
Yuki: Sorry for doing something that's not related to studying.
Sakaki: No, I don't really mind that you're doing it.
Yuki: Huh?
Sakaki: You can only be uselessly obsessed with ridiculous things like this when you're a student.
Yuki: Ridiculous...
Yuki: I just happen to be here, but I think Okazaki-kun is serious.
Yuki: If a UFO really comes, I want to see it too.
Sakaki: I'm not denying what you're doing.
Sakaki: I'm just already a hardheaded adult.
Sakaki: At this school, that sort of nonsense thinking is allowed by the word independence.
Sakaki: As long as you don't neglect your basic studies, you can do what you like, whether it's UFOs or whatever.
Yuki: ...After all, you really are an adult, Professor.
Sakaki: Naturally.
Yuki: I wonder if I won't care about things like that when I'm an adult.
Sakaki: Who knows, it depends on the person.
Yuki: I see...

Ask Okaken for more details.

(decision: Ask Okaken for more details.)
Yuki: Hey, Okaken. I know you're summoning a UFO, but explain it in a more concrete way.
Yuki: Just seeing it, I don't get it at all.
Okaken: Of course I will!
Okaken: I see, I see, Asahina. After all, you truly support me!
Yuki: No, a supporter, you don't have to exaggerate it like that...
(Yuki: Oh, I might have just pressed a bad switch...)
Okaken: Well then, I will answer your expectations and give you a careful and thorough explanation!
Okaken: This experiment is based on information that says when UFOs appear, they disturb the surrounding magnetic fields.
Yuki: Uh-huh...
Okaken: By amplifying this built-in triaxial magnetic sensor, I'm measuring changes in the magnetic field with a magnetic field detector...
Okaken: Generally, when you assume the magnetic field generated by a UFO is a dipole field, you apply the inverse cube law.
Yuki: A, ah...
Okaken: Therefore, when changes to the magnetic field occur, due to the Faraday effect, there's a possibility that abnormalities will occur in the visual field.
Okaken: So I installed special sensors in the camera of my Foo Fighter 23.
Okaken: This senses changes in nanoparticles and automatically corrects for them...
Yuki: O, Okaken? Wait a minute!
Okaken: Do you have a question about the sensor?
Yuki: No, that's not it...
Yuki: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Okaken: Sorry, it was too difficult for you. Then first, I'll explain the Faraday effect...
Yuki: Oh, I told you, that's not it... Anyway, what's a Foo Fighter 23?
Okaken: That's a good question, Asahina-kun.
Okaken: The Foo Fighter 23 is my newly developed drone, an unmanned pseudo-UFO!
Yuki: Pseudo-UFO? That machine you're fiddling with?
Okaken: That's right!
Yuki: Then, at least explain that simply...
Okaken: Uh, first, the name Foo Fighter came about when the Allied Powers in World War II...
Yuki: No, skip where it came from...
(Yuki: Just the explanation of where it came from would take all day...)
Okaken: I see. Then, I'll explain about the airframe.
Okaken: This Foo Fighter 23 is equipped with a special camera and sensor, and can be remote controlled from this tablet.
Okaken: And what's remarkable is that this emits a message pulse.
Yuki: Message pulse?
Okaken: Yeah, it emits a message that can get through to the unknown lifeforms onboard the UFO.
Okaken: And the plan is to get the UFO that receives this pulse to come here.
Yuki: Um, in short, this mock-UFO will transmit in alien speech and it will summon a real UFO here.
Okaken: Exactly!
Yuki: But will that really work?
Okaken: Of course it will! My theory is perfect. This time, it will definitely work!!
Yuki: This time...?
Yuki: Oh, I see.
Yuki: Foo Fighter '23' means that the 22 before failed, huh...
(Yuki: I wonder if that's okay?)
Yuki: Come to think of it, I heard from Joker-san before that you've seen a mysterious phenomenon?
Okaken: Oh, that story...
Okaken: It's not a very interesting story, so I haven't told very many other people...
Yuki: If it's okay, I'd like to hear it.
Okaken: Well, since you sympathize with my occult journey, I guess I can tell you.
(Yuki: I don't really sympathize with his occult journey though...)
Okaken: It happened when I was in grade school. There was a factory in the neighborhood that had fallen into disuse and been abandoned.
Okaken: It was a famous haunted spot and there was no end of people who went inside as a test of courage.
Okaken: Even though I was told I shouldn't go there, my curiosity won out and I went there with my dog, Adam.
Okaken: The moment I reached the area with the abandoned factory, suddenly a dazzling light shone down from the sky...
Yuki: And then, and then?
Okaken: That's all.
Yuki: Huh? What do you mean?
Okaken: Actually, I don't remember what happened after that at all.
Okaken: When I came to, the abandoned factory had collapsed beyond recognition.
Yuki: And you were okay?
Okaken: Yeah... Despite how big of a collapse it was, I was completely unhurt.
Okaken: But all the remained of my dog Adam was his collar, he had suddenly disappeared.
Yuki: Oh no...
Okaken: I just had the vague memory that Adam had saved me when I was swallowed by the light...
Okaken: I don't know whether that was a dream I had or reality...
Okaken: But since that day, I decided to investigate and pursue occult phenomena throughout the world.
Okaken: If that was a UFO abduction, then maybe I can see Adam again.
Yuki: So that's why you like the occult...
Yuki: Then if this UFO summoning is successful, you'll be one step closer to your dream.
Okaken: I'll absolutely make it work. This time I have Maro-kun's help.
Maro: Kuku?
Yuki: I hope it works. I'm supporting you.
Yuki: I don't really want to see a scary monster or ghost, but a UFO sounds like fun.
Okaken: Yeah. I accept your passionate spirit! Alright, this time I'll make it work!
Yuki: Yeah!

Okaken: Come on, Asahina-kun. All the preparations are in order.
Okaken: You call out too, in order to receive our visitors from space.
Yuki: Call out... what should I say?
Yuki: Umm... UFO-san, UFO-san, please come here...
Okaken: No, no!
Joker: Yuki-kun. That sounds like you're summoning at a seance.
Yuki: Oh, right.
Okaken: That's right, even if you speak Japanese to them, they wouldn't understand!
Yuki: Then what should I say...?
Okaken: This is the time-honored way to call a UFO!
Okaken: Ventla. Ventla. Space people...[note!]An obvious homage to the summoning scene in the first episode of Urusei Yatsura. XD
Yuki: Ventla, is that a magic word?
Okaken: It's not a magic word. It's a word that means a spaceship, in alien language.
Okaken: It's a word that UFO contactee Mr. George learned from an alien.[note!]George Van Tassel was a famous ufologist and the author of I Rode A Flying Saucer, in which he detailed his contacts with aliens.
Okaken: He's a person who had the rare experience of exchanging information via telepathy with the captains of various spaceships and...
Yuki: Um... that's enough explanation.
Okaken: I see, then you join us too!
Okaken: Ventla. Ventla. Space people.
(Yuki: Space people... Even though Japanese is no good, English is okay?)
Okaken: Hey, I can't hear you!
Yuki: R, right!
Yuki & Okaken: Ventla! Ventla! Space people!
Yuki & Okaken: Ventla! Ventla! Space people!
Okaken: Now, launch! Go! Foo Fighter 23!!
Yuki: Wah... wawah...

CG: Sakaki, Tomo, Yuki, Okaken, and Joker on the rooftop
Yuki: It flew!!
Tomo: Oh, it flew.
Joker: Yeah. It flew. It flew.
Sakaki: Whoa, it really can fly.
Maro: Kuku, kuku!
Okaken: Heh heh heh. Naturally.
Okaken: My greatest masterpiece would never not fly!
Yuki: Haha. Maro. Are you happy that Okaken's UFO flew too?
Maro: Kuku!
Okaken: It's not Okaken's UFO! Call it Foo Fighter 23!
Okaken: Anyway, you're about to see Foo Fighter 23's real worth!
Okaken: Message pulse send!
*UFO makes noise*
Yuki: Whoaaa, that's kind of amazing!
Tomo: It's like I've stepped into a world of special effects.
Okaken: Now, all that's left is to wait for a UFO to appear!
Okaken: Come on, all of you call out towards space together!
Okaken: Ventla! Ventla! Space people!
Yuki & Joker & Okaken: Ventla! Ventla! Space people!
Okaken: Kasahara-kun, you call out too!
Tomo: Huh, why me too?
Okaken: The more people, the higher the success rate for summoning a UFO!
Yuki: Tomo. You want to see a real UFO, don't you? Call out.
Tomo: Give me a break...
Yuki: Tooomo.
Tomo: Fine, fine, I get it.
Okaken: Come on, let's go one more time.
students: Ventla! Ventla! Space people!
students: Ventla! Ventla! Space people!
students: Ventla! Ventla! Space people!
Sakaki: Heh... youth...
Sakaki: *exhale*...
students: Ventla! Ventla! Space people!
Yuki: Aliens, come on, come on!
Maro: Kuku! Kuku, kuku!
Maro: ...Kukyu!?
Maro: Hiss!! Hiss!!
Yuki: Hm? Maro. What is it?
Yuki: He was running around happily before, but he suddenly stopped...
Tomo: It looks like he's threatening something.
Joker: Maybe he sensed something?
Okaken: Oh, is it finally coming!?
Maro: Kukya!!
Yuki: Wah, Maro, what's the matter? Suddenly clinging to my leg...
Maro: Kuu, kukyuu...
Yuki: Maro? What is it?
Tomo: He seems kind of really panicked, doesn't he?
Yuki: Is something happening...?
Joker: Somehow that weasel radar seems to be accurate.
Joker: For a while now, that pseudo-UFO's spins seem to have gotten weird.
Yuki: Huh?
Okaken: Oh, oh, oh, oh my god!
Yuki: Huh!? What!?
Okaken: The received pulse, it's showing all abnormal values! I've never seen values like this!
Yuki: What does that mean?
Okaken: Maybe we've finally summoned one...
Yuki: Really? It's not broken or anything?
Okaken: No! It's impossible!! The buoyancy device is functioning normally.
Joker: It looks like it's spinning faster than before.
Okaken: No way... Is something coming closer!!?
Yuki: Huh, is it really a UFO...?
Okaken: It's coming, it's coming...
Tomo: Hey now, are you serious...?
Joker: *whistle*♪ Things have gotten interesting.
Yuki: Huh?
*sizzle* *pop*
Tomo: Isn't it kind of starting to move weird?
Okaken: Wh, what...!!
Sakaki: It really is starting to zigzag.
Joker: And it looks like smoke is coming out...
Okaken: Th, that can't be...
Okaken: Hey, respond, Foo Fighter 23!! Why aren't you moving according to my commands!?
Yuki: What is it, Okaken!?
Okaken: The controls aren't working...
Okaken: No, rather than the controls not working, it's like someone stole control...
Okaken: Is this their doing...?
Yuki: Wh, what did you say!?
Tomo: Hey, Okaken, there's seriously a dangerous amount of smoke coming out...
Okaken: Uwaaah!!
Yuki: Wah! It caught fire!!
Tomo: Hey, isn't it going to fall?
Joker: It's really blazing.
Joker: Like this, it will crash into the school building, won't it?
Joker: Kaboom!
Sakaki: As you'd expect, that would be no laughing matter.
Joker: At all.
Tomo: Better the school building than having it crash on the track or courtyard where there are people. That would be terrible.
Yuki: Okaken, do something.
Okaken: Even if I wanted to do something, the controls!!
Yuki: Uwaaah, what should we do!!?
Yuki: I just won the Bell One and protected the school, now something else happens...
Joker: Why don't I do this?
Yuki: J, Joker-san? You took out your gun, what are you going to do?
Joker: I'm going to shoot it down.
Joker: It's an emergency, so I can go ahead, right, Professor Sakaki?
Okaken: Shoot it, you've got to be kidding!? Joker-san!? Professor Sakaki, please stop him!!
Sakaki: I'm pretending I didn't see anything, so you guys take care of it.
Yuki: Wait, Professor...
Tomo: More importantly, shouldn't we get out of here? It's dangerous here.
Joker: Ah-ah. The opinions are all over the place.
Joker: What should we do, Ace-kun? You decide.
Yuki: Uh, um...

Don't shoot it!

(decision: Don't shoot it!)
Yuki: Don't shoot it!!
Okaken: Th, that's right! You have no idea how much heart I put into Foo Fighter 23!!
Joker: I see... It's true it would a shame to destroy it.
Yuki: Then, Joker-san...
Joker: But it's an emergency.
Yuki: Uwah!?
Okaken: Ah, ah, aaaaaah...
Joker: Problem solved.
Okaken: My Foo Fighter 23.
Yuki: It's in pieces, or rather, in smithereens...
Yuki: ...Okaken...
Joker: Well, it's better than causing an accident.
Yuki: Well, that's true, but...
(Yuki: I tried to stop him, but after all, he wanted to shoot it...)

Please shoot it down!

(decision: Please shoot it down!)
Yuki: Please, Joker-san, shoot it down!
Joker: Okay!
Okaken: Oh no! Asahina-kun!!
Yuki: Sorry, Okaken, but safety takes priority right now!
Joker: There you go.
Joker: It's fine, I absolutely won't miss.
Yuki: Uwah!?
Okaken: Ah, ah, aaaaaah...
Joker: Problem solved.
Okaken: My Foo Fighter 23.
Yuki: Amazing. It was just one shot, but it's in smithereens!
Joker: That was nothing. You've fallen for me all over again, haven't you?
Yuki: Yeah, head over heels!!

Let's run!

(decision: Let's run!)
Yuki: Since it's come to this, let's run!
Yuki: If we stay here, we'll be in more danger than anybody else.
Tomo: Yeah, that's right! All we can do in this situation is hurry and run!
Yuki: Come on, Okaken, Joker-san, Professor, let's flee the roof!
Joker: Flee? This way would be quicker.
Yuki: Wait, Joker-san!
Yuki: Uwah!?
Okaken: Ah, ah, aaaaaah...
Joker: There. Taken care of.
Okaken: My Foo Fighter 23.
Yuki: Uwah. Ow, ow... a piece fell on me!
Tomo: Are you okay?
Yuki: Yeah, thanks for worrying about me.
Tomo: Joker-san, please be careful.
Joker: It's far better than being hit by that burning fake UFO.
Tomo: That's not the issue...
Yuki: Tomo, I'm fine. It was just a graze.
Tomo: You're way too nice. He definitely just wanted to shoot it.
Yuki: Haha, maybe.

Let's see how it goes!

(decision: Let's see how it goes!)
Yuki: Let's watch carefully and see how it goes a little longer...
Yuki: Maybe it really is being moved by an unknown force...
Joker: I don't think this is the time to be saying something so carefree.
Sakaki: That's right, if something happens, it's liable to become my fault.
Sakaki: Alright, Jokawa, take care of it.
Joker: Right, right.
Yuki: Uwah!?
Okaken: Ah, ah, aaaaaah...
Joker: Problem solved.
Okaken: My Foo Fighter 23.
Yuki: It's completely in smithereens...
Sakaki: We had no choice.
Joker: That's right.
Yuki: Okaken... Isn't it good that no one got hurt?
Yuki: I'm sure you can make another amazing UFO.
Okaken: Ughhh...
Sakaki: Normally, I'd give you homework in order to make you take responsibility for this commotion, but I'll overlook it today.
Sakaki: So don't mope like that.
Yuki: Professor Sakaki, I don't think that's going to console him very much...
Sakaki: Really?

Okaken: Aaah, Foo Fighter 23... Reduced to this...
Okaken: A little longer... I just needed a little longer...
Yuki: Okaken... don't be so discouraged.
Tomo: Well, this time, Okaken reaped what he sowed.
Yuki: Maybe you're right...
Okaken: Ugh. My dream... in smithereens...
Sakaki: Your experiment was a failure. You must realize that, Okazaki.
Sakaki: When you fail, you should analyze that failure and learn from it.
Okaken: Yes...
Sakaki: Well then, I've had my smoke, I'm going back.
Sakaki: You guys clean up properly.
Yuki: Right.
Sakaki: See you.
Joker: Still, ah, that was fun.
Joker: Oka-chan, if you do something fun like this, invite me again.
Okaken: Ugh, ugh...
Yuki: Joker-san! I think it's cruel to say that to Okaken right now...
Joker: Then, I don't mind if you plan something for me.
Joker: Well, I'm going back too. Later.
Yuki: He left...
Tomo: I guess I'll take Maro back to Arata-san.
Maro: Kuku!
Yuki: Oh, come to think of it, just what did Maro sense before...?
Tomo: Now that you mention it, that's right.
Yuki: Maybe something really was coming?
Tomo: Like what?
Yuki: You know, a UFO.
Yuki: He said it was showing abnormal values and Maro was panicked too...
Tomo: Well, isn't it good nothing showed up? Peace is best.
Yuki: That's right.
Tomo: Then, do your best cleaning up.
Yuki: Yeah.
Yuki: Come on, Okaken. Don't keep crying. I'll help you clean up.
(Yuki: A UFO, huh... It would have been amazing if one had really shown up, though...)
Yuki: After all, peace is best!
Yuki: Huh...?
*UFO sounds*

Yuki: *humming*♪
Yuki: Ah, the weather is so nice...
Yuki: It's a peaceful ordinary day...
Yuki: It's like the crisis the school was in recently never happened.
Yuki: I'm not busy with student council work, so let's fully enjoy this peaceful day.
Yuki: Hm? Something was shining from up there.
Yuki: What could it be...? It looks like there's someone on the roof.
??: Yuki.
Yuki: Hm...? Oh, it's you, Tomo.
Yuki: What are you doing?
Maro: Kuku!
Yuki: And that's Maro, isn't it? Arata-san's pet...
Yuki: ...Hm?
Yuki: Somehow, I feel like we've had this exchange before...?
Tomo: What's the matter, Yuki?
Yuki: Uh-uh, it's nothing!
Yuki: So, why do you have Maro with you?

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