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June 2

Yuki: It's Chiba-san.
Yuki: Yeah. It should go well with him.
Yuki: After all, he's strong.
Yuki: I don't know what the board is plotting, but if I'm with Chiba-san, I feel like I can't lose.
(Yuki: Besides, Chiba-san is a member of Durak, which controls the school.)
(Yuki: I'm sure he's smarter than me.)
Yuki: Besides, compared to before, I've gotten a little friendlier with him, so he probably won't immediately refuse.
Yuki: ...Probably.
Yuki: Alright! I'll go ask him right away!!

Yuki: Chiba-saaan!
Chiba: What?
Yuki: I have a request! Chiba-san, please be my partner!!
Chiba: Partner?
Yuki: Yes! I want you to be in the Bell One with me!!
Chiba: Why...?
Yuki: Well, because you're strong!!
Chiba: Urk.
Yuki: So please!! I'm counting on you!!
Chiba: Counting...
Yuki: The Bell One is over if I lose. This isn't a fight I can lose.
Yuki: So in order to protect this school, I think I have to team up with someone strong!
Yuki: You're strong, so I want to team up with you!! Please!!
Chiba: I see. You see myself as strong...
Chiba: ...
Yuki: ...
Chiba: ...Fine.
Yuki: Woohoo! Thank you!
Chiba: Only, don't misunderstand.
Chiba: This is because Joker-sama told me.
Chiba: It's because he said to help if something happened to you...
Chiba: It's not for your sake.
Yuki: That doesn't matter! I'm happy! Thank you!!
Yuki: Woohoo!! I got the strongest partner!!
Chiba: Strongest...
Yuki: I'm counting on you, Chiba-san!
Chiba: Y, yeah...
Yuki: Alright, now that this is decided...
Chiba: Hold up.
Yuki: Yes?
Chiba: Come with me.
Yuki: Where to?
Chiba: The Durak room. To report to Joker-sama.
Yuki: Sure!

(Durak room)
Joker: Wooow. So you made Hayato your partner.
Sonoda: Once again, you've made an astounding decision.
Joker: You really are brave in a certain sense.[note!]This is a pun on Yuki's name - Joker uses the word 勇気 for brave, which is the exact same kanji and pronunciation as Yuki's name. Yes, Yuki's name is literally bravery/courage. :3
Sonoda: Seriously.
Yuki: Yes?
Yuki: It's... brave?
Joker: Yeah, you're a hero among men.
Yuki: For what...?
Joker: Well, the first round of the Bell One is a quiz, isn't it? You must know that intelligence is important.
Joker: Despite that, no one but a hero would team up with Hayato.
Sonoda: Agreed.
Yuki: Um, I don't really get it.
Yuki: But since Chiba-san is a member of Durak, he's not just strong...
Yuki: Uh... um... Joker-san?
Joker: Heh heh heh. What is it?
Yuki: No way, does Chiba-san not have very good grades or something...?
Joker: What should we do, Eiji?
Sonoda: Who knows? I'm not gonna say anything.
Joker: You're not going to tell him? But sometimes it's important to know the truth.
Joker: Heh heh.
Joker: Let's see. I guess I've never considered the phrase 'not very good grades' for Hayato.
Yuki: Huh...?
Joker: I've never seen Hayato get anything other than failing grades.
Yuki: Whaaaa!!?
Sonoda: He takes make up classes for failing grades all year round. There's no class except for PE in which he isn't taking remedial classes, right?
Joker: Exactly.
Joker: Anyway, Hayato doesn't feel like studying, does he?
Chiba: Yes.
Yuki: Chiba-san!?
Joker: See what I mean?
Joker: It's only thanks to doing kendo that he hasn't flunked out of classes already.
Joker: You really are amazing, considering teaming up with someone like Hayato.
Yuki: No way...
Yuki: Chiba-san... you said you did nothing but fight a long time ago.
Yuki: On top of that, you have bad grades.
Yuki: That can't possibly mean...
Sonoda: Well, he's what you'd call a problem child?
Yuki: I can't believe it...
Joker: It looks like you don't believe me.
Sonoda: It's that he probably can't trust what you say.
Joker: Huh? What's that supposed to mean?
Joker: But I'm always on the straight path of sincerity.
Sonoda: Don't make me laugh.
Joker: Then I'll show doubting Yuki-kun Hayato's true abilities.
Joker: Hayato. What's the capital of America?
Chiba: ...London?
Yuki: Excuse me?
Joker: How do you read this?[note!]The text shows 有象無象, which is read うぞうむぞう (uzoumuzou), meaning riffraff/small fry.
Chiba: Arizou-nashizou.[note!]Chiba, on the other hand, reads it literally...
Yuki: ...
Joker: Who is the author of Tale of Genji?
Chiba: Minamoto no Yoshitsune.
Yuki: That's wrong! The Genji in Tale of Genji is not the same person as Yoshitsune!!
Joker: Then, who composed 'Fate'?[note!]The first part Beethoven's Fifth Symphony is commonly called 'Fate' in Japan. More info:
Chiba: Fate...?
Chiba: To myself, fate is Joker-sama.
Yuki: Of course it's not that!?
Chiba: What?
Yuki: You're joking, aren't you!? You're just joking along with Joker-san, right!?
Chiba: Joking?
Yuki: No way...
Joker: Now do you understand Hayato's abilities?
Sonoda: Even without so much explanation, normally you should have figured it out from his behavior so far.
Yuki: Is that okay!? Chiba-san! Is that really okay!?
Chiba: There's no real problem.
Yuki: But you only get failing grades, right!? That's not a problem!?
Yuki: No! It's definitely a problem!!
Chiba: It doesn't bother me to not know random facts.
Yuki: It's not random facts! Those questions were common knowledge!!
Chiba: ...I see.
Chiba: But... myself is strong.
Chiba: So it's fine.
(Yuki: ...This is bad.)
(Yuki: This is very bad.)
(Yuki: I might not win the Bell One...)
Sonoda: Yuki-kun, you've gotten kind of pale?
Joker: You don't have to worry so much, it's fine, isn't it?
Joker: Knowledge is only necessary for the first round. The second round is a contest of strength.
Joker: You just need to get through the first round on your own strength.
Yuki: Oh no... But I'm not that smart.
Joker: You're in all regular classes, aren't you?
Joker: Well, do your best.
Yuki: Do my best on my own...
Sonoda: In return, if you're with Hayato, the second round will be an easy win.
Joker: That's right. Hayato's strength is the real thing.
Chiba: Strength...
Yuki: No no no!! This isn't the time to be happy!!
Yuki: Chiba-san! If we don't beat the first round, there won't be a second round!
Chiba: Urk...
Yuki: Ugggh...! And I thought the members of Durak were smart...
Joker: That was your misjudgement.
Sonoda: But, you know, if you're that worried, you should switch partners, right?
Sonoda: You haven't talked to anyone else yet, have you?
Chiba: What will you do?

Team up with Chiba.

(decision: Team up with Chiba.)
Yuki: I'm not going to switch.
Yuki: I want to ask you to be my partner, Chiba-san.
Chiba: But...
Yuki: But Chiba-san, you're really strong!!
Chiba: ...!
Yuki: It's true that, well... the first round may be a tough fight.
Yuki: But if you're there, Chiba-san, I won't lose the second round!
Yuki: When it comes to fighting, I think you're the strongest in the school.
Chiba: Strongest in the school...
Yuki: Chiba-san, will you team up with me?
Chiba: Yeah, well...
Chiba: I guess I could do it.
Yuki: Woohoo! Thank you!!
Yuki: Let's both do our best and win the whole thing!
Chiba: Yeah.
Sonoda: So you're teaming up with Hayato after all.
Sonoda: Even though we warned you.
Joker: Well, it doesn't matter, does it?
Joker: Hayato.
Chiba: Yes.
Joker: Since you've decided to participate, then make sure you win.
Joker: I won't forgive you if you make a poor showing.
Chiba: ...Understood!

(Yuki's room)
(Yuki: I glad I teamed up with Chiba-san, but... I wonder if it'll be okay.)
(Yuki: Maybe I should study and stuff for the Bell One?)
(Yuki: Buuut. What I can do in one or two days won't make a difference...)
(Yuki: ...I know!)
Yuki: I'll go hang out with Chiba-san!
(Yuki: If we're going to fight in the Bell One together, we need to be better friends.)
(Yuki: If we understand each other, we'll be able to support each other.)
(Yuki: Now that it's decided, I'll email him right away!)
(Yuki: Do you have some free time this weekend? There's something I want to talk to you about...)
(Yuki: ...Something like this, I guess?)
Yuki: There, send.
Yuki: I wonder if he'll hang out with me.
*email beep*
Yuki: He responded right away...
sender: Chiba-san
subject: Re: I want to talk to you about something
text: I'm free on Sunday evening. Come to the Marupuchi in front of the station at five.
Yuki: Oh, he said okay! In the evening, huh?
Yuki: But where is Marupuchi?
Yuki: Oh well. I'll find it if I look it up.
Yuki: 'I'll definitely go. I'm looking forward to it.'
Yuki: Yeah, I'm really looking forward to it!!

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