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june 27

(school path)
Kuya: Welcome back! Yuki! Chiba-sempai!
Yuki: Everyone. What about class?
Joker: What about nothing. Anyway, we were worried about you.
Yuki: Oh, sorry.
Takato: Really, you're so carefree...
Takato: Even at the beginning of summer, it's dangerous to spend the night on a mountain without equipment.
Takato: Even though you contacted us, of course we were worried.
Joker: There you go.
Takato: Are you alright? You didn't get a chill?
Yuki: I'm fine. Chiba-san was with me.
Joker: And you, Hayato?
Chiba: I'm sorry I worried you. Myself is also fine.
Chiba: Because Asahina was with me...
Joker: Hmm.
Joker: So you were fine even with such light clothing.
Chiba: Yes.
Yuki: Last night, we went back to the bus stop over there, but after all, the last bus had already left.
Yuki: Of course, we didn't remember how to get back to the station, so we camped out at the bus stop.
Yuki: I didn't consider at all that everyone might be worried or anything, um...
Yuki: I'm sorry!
Chiba: It's not your fault.
Chiba: It was myself's fault.
Chiba: When you get down to it, it's because myself flew off...
Yuki: It couldn't be helped back then.
Joker: The point is, the two of you left without thinking, isn't it?
Yuki: Yes...
Chiba: Myself is very sorry for worrying you.
Kuya: Don't worry about it, Chiba-sempai.
Kuya: Joker's just pouting because Chiba-sempai didn't contact him!
Joker: Not really. Since it's Hayato, I thought it was nothing to worry about.
Kuya: Yuki called me!
Kuya: Too bad, Joker.
Chiba: You bastard... are you insulting Joker-sama?
Yuki: Huh? Chiba-san?
Joker: Yeah. That's right. This time you can finish him off.
Chiba: Yes, sir...
Yuki: Why is everyone getting excited!?
Kuya: That's right! After all, I wouldn't have Chiba-sempai any other way!
Kuya: Good! Let's battle it out!
Joker: Oh, before that. Hayato, are you okay now?
Chiba: Yes. I'm fine now.
Joker: So it was nothing but a big fuss.
Chiba: Yes...!
Joker: Then, go play to your heart's content.
Chiba: Yes, sir.

CG: Kuya and Chiba duel
Kuya: Let's go, Chiba-sempai!
Chiba: Come at me!
end CG

Yuki: Chiba-san! Kuya-san! Both of you, please stop it!
Joker: Isn't it okay? Let them do what they like.
Joker: They're always like that.
Yuki: Oh... Well, that's true.
Yuki: Go for it, Chiba-san!
Chiba: Yeah!
Takato: Really...
Takato: What are you doing after having camped out?
Takato: Chiba, Kuya. If you can do things like that, go back to class.
Yuki: Huh, class?
Takato: Is something inconveniencing you?
Yuki: Yes!
Yuki: But, I've... gotten hungry...
Chiba: Well... myself too.
Joker: Then let's all go eat.
Yuki: Agreed!!
Chiba: Thank you!
Joker: There, it's decided. I'll have Eiji make something.
Joker: I think he can at least do that.
Yuki: Yay!!
Kuya: Speaking of Sonoda-kun, the Manchu Han Imperial Feast.
Yuki: Excuse me?
Kuya: It was the winning prize in the Gourmand Cup!
Yuki: Oh, that!!
Joker: Ah-ah. You remembered.
Joker: Poor Eiji.
Kuya: Alright! Then we'll have him make it now!!
Chiba: Now?
Kuya: That's right!
Kuya: It'll be a celebration of you two coming back safe and Chiba-sempai's problem being solved!
Kuya: This is the perfect opportunity!
Takato: That's true.
Joker: Then, that's it. Shall we go?
Yuki: We're going?
Joker: Isn't it okay? It's the perfect opportunity, he said.
Yuki: But it will take time.
Takato: That's right. From the point of arranging the ingredients, several hours...
Yuki: Several hours!?
Yuki: I want to eat right now...
Chiba: Myself too...
Kuya: Then I'll email Sonoda-kun right away.
Joker: No, no. This is something where we should go to the cafeteria and talk to him directly.
Joker: I wonder what face Eiji will make when he hears this. It would be a waste to miss it.
Yuki: Oh, geez...
(Yuki: With Joker-san, it's only natural, but Kuya-san and Takato-san are definitely enjoying this too, aren't they!?)
Chiba: Asahina.
Chiba: Why don't the two of us go eat ramen?
Yuki: Oh! That's good!!
Yuki: Right now, that's way better than the Manchu Han Imperial Feast!
Chiba: Good. Then...
Yuki: Huh?
Joker: How naughty. What are you two being all sneaky about?
Yuki: Oh no, we're not being sneaky.
Chiba: Joker-sama. Myself is...
Joker: I won't allow just the two of you to slip away and eat together.
Yuki: But I'm hungry. I was thinking it would be nice to eat right away.
Chiba: Myself too, I'd rather pass on something that takes time today...
Joker: No.
Kuya: That's right, Yuki. The guests of honor have to be at the big party.
Takato: You were really looking forward to the Manchu Han Imperial Feast, weren't you?
Joker: There, it's decided.
Yuki: Haha...
Joker: Come on, let's go to the cafeteria.
Yuki & Chiba: Yes...
(Yuki: That's how Chiba-san and I came back to school.)
(Yuki: We led the same school life at our BL School as we did before the Bell One started.)
(Yuki: We went back to our everyday lives!)

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