yagami's birthday

twitter short story (2016)

Here's an extremely short story for Yagami's birthday!

happy birthday, Yagami!

Yuki: Yagami, happy birthday! When I see you so into practicing the violin that you forget to eat and sleep, I think you have amazing self-control, but it makes me worry about your health. Since I made this roast beef sandwich, if you like, eat it when you take a break from practicing. When things settle down, let's go have all-you-can-eat yakiniku again!

Yagami: Thanks for the sandwich. I thought it was annoying that you interrupted practice, but it was ridiculously good. When I go out with you, it's usually going to a live show or eating meat... but is that okay for a date? I don't really know, so next time, I'll go with you where you want to go.

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