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This was a cute little to/from event for the GH2 fanbook release! Yuki sent and received messages from all the main characters. Even including Sakaki, for once! *sob*

August 30, 2016

Yuki: The sale date of 9/1 is finally approaching the day after tomorrow for the "Gakuen Heaven 2 Official Visual Fanbook!" The pages didn't allow us to print the special messages to each character, so we're showing them special here!

Yuki: (to Kuya) You're always so bright and happy, Kuya-san. Because you're here, I feel every day is fun. Although I wish you weren't a third year. ...I say that, but it can't be helped.

Kuya: When you're with me, the world is suddenly kind to me and it's a very tender feeling. You might laugh and call it an exaggeration, but to me, you being there is that amazing. So, forever. I want you to always, always be with me.

Yuki: (to Joker) Let's work together to make BL School a fun school! Although I'd be happy if you would tone down your exciting surprises for me. But seeing you have fun even with that makes me have fun too.

Joker: If I want to say something to you, I'll tell it to you on the spot, so I don't have anything to formally say, though. Just by you being with me, my boring world completely changed. So stay with me from now on and teach me about the world you sense.

Yuki: (to Chiba) Chiba-san, you're so cool when you're doing kendo! I think 'maybe I'll do kendo too', but can I? And, let's go eat ramen again. I'll find a restaurant. It's a promise!

Chiba: I like you, Asahina.

Yuki: (to Tomo) Since you're my dear best friend and like family, I'm really happy that you rely on me. But take class a little more seriously. I get dragged into your mess and get half the scolding.

Tomo: I could tell you thanks, but putting the other things into words is really hard. Is it no good if it's something I can't say to you here, that I can only tell you?

Yuki: (to Sakaki) To an adult like you, Professor Sakaki, I may be a complete brat and seem like an idiot no matter what I do, but I'd be happy if you accepted me someday.

Sakaki: You're definitely a brat, but there's loads of things you can only do now. Treasure them. So that you don't regret it later and become an adult like me.

Yuki: We plan to publish the last half of the messages to everyone tomorrow.

August 31, 2016

Yuki: To commemorate the sale tomorrow on 9/1 of the "Gakuen Heaven 2 Official Visual Fanbook," we're posting the second half of the special messages to each character! The contents of the book and details about the store bonuses are here:

Yuki: (to Takato) I appreciate everything you do for me! If you weren't there, Takato-san, I think we wouldn't get half of the student council documents done. ......I rely on you. You may not like that I say I want to become a levelheaded adult like you, but that's how I really feel. I respect you.

Takato: I'm glad you chose me.

Yuki: (to Sonoda) Thank you for all the delicious food! Just thinking about your food makes me forget about anything unpleasant, and I feel like I enjoy every day!

Sonoda: Thanks for going out with someone as annoying as me. From now own, let me keep making surprising cuisine that will make you smile.

Yuki: (to Arata) From the impression I got when we first met, I thought you were really quirky, Arata-san. I think there might be things I still don't know about you, but that's why I want to be with you more....... I want to experience laughter, anger, and lots of things with you.

Arata: There's also times I think I don't want to be with you. I feel like the more I'm with you, the more exhausting it is. But, ......I don't want you to leave.

Yuki: (to Yagami) The songs I've been randonly humming recently have been the classical music you played. It's like even I've kind of become cultured! I may complain that you won't really hang out with me, but I enjoy that your influence is widening my world.

Yagami: Don't compare me to food. Don't take every opportunity to bite and lick.

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