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In episode 11 of the GH anime, Kazuki, Saionji, and Omi review Hiroya's personal profile. It flashes by too quickly to be read (and translations of these screens aren't provided on the official DVDs), but thanks to the magic of screenshots, here's what it says!

Naturally, the 'best friend' mentioned here is Dr. Matsuoka...

hiroya's profile

Personal Information:
• Name - Yoshizumi Hiroya
• Gender - Male
• Birthdate - XXXX.XX.XX
• Address - deleted
• Emergency Contact - deleted

• Both parents are deceased.
• No other relatives.

Association with the Suzubishi Corportation:
• 1990 - School founded
• 1995 - Yoshizumi enrolled
• 1998 - Yoshizumi graduated
• 2000 - Joined the Suzubishi Corporation's pharmaceutical development group
• 200X - Hospitalized due to an accident during an experiment

About the medical accident:
• A new drug developed by Suzubishi was used in Yoshizumi's treatment.
• Unfortunately, Yoshizumi's body had an allergic reaction and he became comatose.
• His life support is very costly.
• As a note, the one who is advising on his medications is his best friend.

Remarks, etc:
• His best friend was his roommate.
• Yoshizumi had a wanderer's spirit that valued freedom and not being tied down by possessions, but his best friend was the type who was always devoted to improving himself.
• They enjoyed living together in their own differing styles, but one day, his best friend decided to go to America.
• They had a fight and Yoshizumi stayed behind, while his best friend left.

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