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June 2

Yuki: Alright! I'll ask Arata-san!
Yuki: If it's Arata-san, I'm sure...
Yuki: Hm? I'm sure...
Yuki: ...
Yuki: Why did I think of asking Arata-san?
(Yuki: I kind of felt like it, but...)
(Yuki: Intuition? But why?)
Yuki: When he was diving, I was impressed.
Yuki: When he was standing on the diving board, he looked sharp and cool.
Yuki: But normally he's like that. Laid back, or rather, carefree.
(Yuki: He's in the year above me, but he doesn't seem dependable.)
Yuki: Hmm. Arata-san, huh...?
Yuki: He was cleaning the cat litter.
(Yuki: Even though no one asked him to, it was for self-satisfaction, he said, smiling.)
Yuki: But I understand that too.
(Yuki: When I was doing the student council work, I heard it a lot.)
(Yuki: It's all chores, and it must be boring, they said.)
(Yuki: But I didn't think so.)
(Yuki: I had enjoyed it.)
Yuki: Maybe it's the same for Arata-san.
Yuki: But asking him all of a sudden, I wonder if he'll say okay...
(Yuki: Besides, what does Arata-san think about the school closing?)
(Yuki: I think Arata-san doesn't want this school to close.)
(Yuki: So maybe he'll be my partner?)
Yuki: Agh! Thinking doesn't help anything!
Yuki: I'll try asking Arata-san directly!

Yuki: Arata-san!
Arata: My my, Ace-kun, what's the matter?
Yuki: Uh, um, do you have some time after practice?
Arata: That's fine. I still have a little more.
Yuki: Then I'll wait!
Yuki: I have something important to tell you, so please!!
Arata: Important...
Yuki: Yes!!
Arata: Huuuh. Now I'm kinda nervous.
Yuki: Anyway, um, I'll wait.
Arata: Got it.
Yuki: *sigh*
Yuki: Since I'm here, I'll stay out of the way a bit and watch.
Yuki: Uwah, that person is diving facing backwards!
Yuki: And he spun while twisting his body! It's very different from Arata-san, and seemed more dynamic.
Yuki: Oh, Arata-san is next.
(Yuki: He jumped!)
(Yuki: Even when I was watching before, I saw different ways of diving and spinning, but...)
Yuki: Arata-san's dives look natural, or rather, he seems kind of relaxed.
Yuki: It's really beautiful.

*time passes, evening*

Arata: Sorry to keep you waiting.
Arata: What's the matter? You look like you're having trouble, Ace-kun...
Yuki: Arata-san! Please be in the Bell One with me!!
Arata: Huh?
Yuki: Please!!
Arata: Um... Ace-kun? What... does that mean...?
Yuki: I'm telling you, um, I want you to be my Bell One partner.
Arata: Ahh...
Arata: Whaaaa!!
Yuki: A, Arata-san?
Arata: Why? Why, of all things?
Arata: The fate of BL School is going to depend on the results of the Bell One, isn't it?
Arata: Why are you trying to make someone like Arata your partner for such an important match?
Yuki: Why, well...
(Yuki: Why Arata-san?)
(Yuki: That's what I was thinking about before too, but...)
Arata: Why?
Yuki: Ummm...
Arata: ...
Arata: Ace-kun.
Yuki: Y, yes!
Arata: It'll be terrible if you make such a scatterbrained request.
Yuki: Huh...
Arata: There lots of other dependable people and exceptional people at this school.
Arata: For something so important, saying 'just cuz' is a no-no.
Yuki: Oh... um...
(Yuki: It's true, now that he says it's just because, he's right.)
(Yuki: Since, after all, I came here without anything conclusive.)
Yuki: Urgh...
Arata: Ace-kun.
Yuki: I'm sorry. Hehe.
Arata: No prob.
Arata: It'll be terrible if the school closes.
Arata: Since you're the school's Ace-kun, you must be at your wit's end.
Yuki: At my wit's end, I guess I am...
Arata: Now, now. Shall we sit on that bench?
Yuki: Yes...
(Yuki: I was at my wit's end, I guess.)
(Yuki: That's right. Maybe I was at my wit's end because I have to hurry and choose a partner.)
Yuki: This is going to decide the survival of the school...
Arata: Yeah. So the person who becomes your partner should be someone dependable.
Arata: Who would be best, I wonder?
Yuki: Umm...
Yuki: Who would be good...?
Arata: Someone in the student council?
Yuki: Kuya-san and Takato-san?
Arata: They're both really exceptional, aren't they?
Arata: Since they're in the student council with you, you're friends, right?
Yuki: Right.
Arata: I think no matter which you choose as a partner, you're sure to have a good result.
Arata: And another amazing one is Joker.
Yuki: That's right. He's the leader of Durak, and popular...
Arata: What's awesome about Joker is that he can get things done that normal people can't do, even coercive things, I guess.
Yuki: He certainly can.
Arata: Doesn't he?
Arata: Speaking of Durak, there's also Sono-Sono and Hayaya.
Yuki: Sono-Sono, you mean Sonoda-san?
Arata: Yeah. But Sono-Sono may not do it for free.
Yuki: You mean money?
Arata: If it's not money, it's still compensation.
Arata: As for Hayaya...
Yuki: Um... He's strong but I'm not so sure he would accept...
Arata: But If Joker tells him to do it, he absolutely will.
Yuki: Right...
Arata: Is it a bit hard to ask the guys in Durak?
Yuki: It's not really that, but...
Arata: Then why don't you try asking?
Arata: If it's those three, whichever one becomes your partner, I think you'll be invincible.
Arata: Since we're talking about a partner, I guess cooperation is important.
Arata: Then, what about another first year, like Tomomo...?
Arata: You also eat lunch with Reo-Reo, don't you?
Yuki: Yes, well...
Arata: How about it? Is there someone good?
Yuki: No...
Arata: There isn't?
Yuki: N, no! That's not what I meant!!
Yuki: Since they're students at this school, everyone is amazing and has their own field of expertise!
Yuki: But somehow I can't decide...
Arata: Hmm. So you're torn.
Yuki: Argh! Geez... what should I do?! There's no more time!
Arata: Take it easy, take it easy.
Yuki: But...
Arata: Arata will help you too.
Yuki: Right...

*time passes, night*

Arata: ...So, someone like O-Taka-san is really smart, right?
Yuki: Right...
Arata: If you're looking for reflexes and endurance, then it's definitely Hayaya.
Yuki: Umm...
Arata: And then...
*Yuki's stomach growls*
Arata: Just now, was that you, Ace-kun?
Yuki: Yes...
Arata: When it comes to gluttony, Ace-kun is the best!
Yuki: That has nothing to do with the Bell One. Probably...
Arata: It's already dark, let's go back.
Yuki: Right... I'm sorry, making you stay with me.
Arata: It's fine, it's fine.
Arata: Anyway, how about going back and eating Dora-chan's food, and thinking about it overnight?
Yuki: Yes. I'll do that.

(Yuki's room)
Yuki: What Arata-san said is right.
(Yuki: Kuya-san and Takato-san, and the guys in Durak...)
(Yuki: This school is filled with amazing people.)
Yuki: But that time, I chose Arata-san as my partner.
Yuki: Umm...
Yuki: Why was it Arata-san?
(Yuki: Why not someone else?)
Yuki: Who should I...?
Yuki: What kind of person do I want to fight with me in the Bell One?
Yuki: When I think about it, Arata-san's face appears first.
(Yuki: Why...?)

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