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June 7

Yagami: It's finally the second round next week, huh. You better shape up.
Yuki: It's fine. Yagami, I'm surprised you're such a worrywart.
Yagami: What's that supposed to mean? If you screw it up, the school closes. School closes.
Yagami: It's because you're so laid back that we're white-knuckling it.
Yuki: I'm not really trying to be laid back.
Tomo: Still, you didn't seem tense during the first round.
Okaken: I thought so too.
Okaken: Please, don't let this school close.
Okaken: Geez. You should have made me your partner.
Yuki: Everyone, don't worry so much.
Yuki: I really think the second round will be fine.
Yagami: Hey, how the hell can you be so confident?
Tomo: Is getting through the first round making you overconfident?
Yuki: That's not really it.
Yuki: This Bell One is testing intelligence, strength and luck, isn't it?
Yagami: What about it?
Yuki: In that case, strength is next!
Yuki: My partner is Arata-san. He's the swim club's hope!
Yuki: Since I'm with Arata-san, it'll work out somehow!
Yagami: Ah...
Tomo: You do kind of have a point.
Okaken: But isn't calling it swimming somewhat biased?
Okaken: In this case, you should have asked a more invincible athlete to be your partner.
Yuki: That's not true! I feel really glad to have chosen Arata-san as my partner.
Yuki: It's fine. It's fine.
Yagami: Oh... I see.
Tomo: Well, as long as you're okay with it, it's fine...
Yuki: Yeah!!
Yagami: Going 'yeah'...
Okaken: Still, I'm worried...

Yuki: Hello.
swim club member: Hey, Ace. Are you doing student council work?
Yuki: No, we've already finished.
swim club member: Then it's Minase, huh. He's over there talking to the coach.
Yuki: I see.
Yuki: Even though normally, club would already be over by now.
Yuki: There's still a lot of people staying today...
swim club member: It looks like they're done talking.
Yuki: You're right. Thank you.
swim club member: See you.
Yuki: Arata-saaan!!
Arata: Sorry to keep you waiting, Yuki.
Yuki: No, I just got here.
Yuki: Everyone is practicing really late today.
Arata: Yeah. There's a qualifier for an inter-high competition this Saturday.
Yuki: Wha, i, i, inter-high competition!? Then, you'll be too busy for the Bell One!
Arata: It's fine, it's fine. I'll do it like usual.
Yuki: But... you were talking to the coach before.
Arata: Oh. That was just making some arrangements.
Arata: There's a joint camp with other schools the week after next.
Yuki: The week after next?
Arata: Yeah. I guess it's just after the final round of the Bell One?
Arata: I guess it's like a training camp for the upcoming competition?
Yuki: Arata-san, are you going to the camp too?
Arata: Umm... Let me think.
Yuki: Arata-san?
Arata: Hey, Yuki. More importantly, first, let's do our best in the second round.
Yuki: That's right!
Arata: Next is athletics. Then, leave it to me.
Arata: Yah!
Yuki: A handstand!
Arata: Hup!
Yuki: A back flip!!
Arata: How about it?
Yuki: Awesome, awesome! You do it so easily!
Arata: I guess. I am a diver.
Yuki: I see. After all, you're good at acrobatics, aren't you?
Arata: Of course.
Arata: I practice using a trampoline.
Arata: Doing a handstand on the diving board is also a diving technique.
Yuki: Amazing, amazing!
Yuki: Doing a handstand is hard enough, but you do it up on that diving board and then dive!
Yuki: That's too awesome!!
Arata: Hyahaha. Yuki, you're praising me too much.
Yuki: Come to think of it, that diving board is really high, isn't it?
Arata: I guess.
Yuki: I always see it from below, but it would probably seem different if I was actually standing on it.
Arata: Let's see. Maybe it seems higher than when you see it from below.
Yuki: Arata-san! Could I try standing on it?
Arata: It's ten meters. Are you okay with heights?
Yuki: I want to try it! It's where you always stand, isn't it?
Yuki: So I want to, too!
Arata: Really? Hmm...
Arata: If you're not careful and let your foot slip, it's dangerous.
Yuki: Right! I won't goof around!
Arata: Then, okay.
Yuki: Woohoo!!

Yuki: *panting*...
Arata: Yuki. Are you already worn out?
Yuki: I, I'm fine!!
(Yuki: I'm fine... although,)
(Yuki: These stairs are really steep. Or rather, Arata-san is really fast.)
(Yuki: He climbs up so casually, I'm out of breath trying to keep up...)
Yuki: We're at the top...
Arata: Mm. We are at the top.
Yuki: Arata-san... you climb up this and jump, and you climb up and jump again...
Yuki: You do that every day, don't you?
Arata: That's right.
Yuki: Arata-san, your athleticism is amazing.
Yuki: I can really count on you in the second round of the Bell One.
Arata: Hyahaha, thanks.
Yuki: Still,
Yuki: This is ten meters high.
Yuki: That's high.
Yuki: Standing here and diving... and while doing a handstand...
Yuki: It's impossible! I could never do it!!
Yuki: Even though I said I wanted to try it before...
Yuki: If I'd known how high it was, I never would have said it.
Arata: That's right. If you do it just out of curiosity, you'll get hurt, so you'd better not.
Yuki: Right...
Arata: I've heard of amateurs landing on their bellies and breaking bones.
Yuki: ...Uwah. You're not scared, Arata-san?
Arata: I am.
Yuki: Arata-san...
Arata: I've lost my balance and hurt myself several times.
Arata: But the moment the feeling of fear disappears, your body and mind become as light as air.
Yuki: I'm sure... it sounds like it would feel nice if I could dive as well as you, Arata-san.
Arata: Mm...
Arata: When you enter the water right, the water envelops you so gently it's surprising.
Arata: It's the first to praise you, 'well done.'
Yuki: ...
Yuki: Arata-san, you really like diving.
Arata: Like?
Yuki: Yes.
Arata: Like it... I wonder if I do.
Yuki: That's how it seems to me.
Arata: I see...
Yuki: Arata-san, why did you start diving?
Arata: ...Why did I start, huh...
Arata: ...Hey, Yuki. Have you read the story about the bird that became a star? [note!]The Nighthawk Star, a short story by Miyazawa Kenji written in the 1920s.
Yuki: Bird that became a star?
Arata: Yeah. It's a fairy tale.
Arata: He flew up towards the sky, then fell. Flew up, then fell.
Arata: Still the bird didn't give up and kept flying.
Arata: And in the end, his body burned and he became a star.
Yuki: That story... I think I may have read it.
Yuki: Although I've forgotten the details.
Yuki: Do you read a lot of fairy tales?
Arata: None now.
Arata: But when I was little, I was often left at home alone.
Arata: I read the books of fairy tales in the house over and over.
Arata: Although I read that book at my grandma's house.
Yuki: Grandma?
Arata: I was left with her a lot when I was little.
Yuki: I see. You said both of your parents worked.
Arata: Yeah... I really owe her a lot.
Arata: Though once I started going to swim school, I ended up not going much anymore.
Arata: I ended up only reading books for class.
Arata: I probably only remember it well because I read it when I was little.
Yuki: It must have really made an impression.
Arata: When I dive, I don't really know why, but the image of that bird pops into my head.
Arata: Maybe I want to be like that bird.
Yuki: Arata-san...
(Yuki: What is this feeling?)
(Yuki: Somehow... even though Arata-san is standing right in front of me...)
(Yuki: It seems like he's not here.)
(Yuki: Like his heart has flown off somewhere...)
(Yuki: Oh...)
Arata: ...
Yuki: Arata-san!?
Arata: Hm?
Arata: What is it?
Yuki: Uh...
Yuki: Um.
Arata: Hm?

It's dangerous.
Please don't go anywhere.

(decision: Please don't go anywhere.)
Yuki: Please don't go anywhere!
Arata: Huh...
Yuki: Oh...
(Yuki: What did I just say?)
(Yuki: Saying something stupid...)
Arata: Yuki, what's the matter?
Yuki: Oh, nothing...
Yuki: Haha. Sorry.
Yuki: Somehow, when you said you wanted to be like a bird just now, I just...
Yuki: Sorry. That was a just a metaphor, wasn't it?
Yuki: Still, it seems like it made me feel that way...
Arata: Really. Oh Yuki, what are you saying?
Arata: Geez...
Arata: Actually becoming a bird and flying away would never happen.
Arata: I know that much.
Maro: Kuu?
Arata: Right, Maro?
Maro: Ku ku.
Yuki: Haha. Maro's so happy when you pet him, Arata-san.
Arata: Mmm. There, there, Maro.
Yuki: ...
(Yuki: Maro, huh.)
(Yuki: What is this? Arata-san is here because Maro is here...)
(Yuki: It's kind of like Maro is anchoring Arata-san here.)
(Yuki: Wait, what is this? Somehow, since before, I've just come up with weird ideas.)
(Yuki: Why? Is it because I'm here?)
(Yuki: Is it because I'm uneasy being up so high?)
(Yuki: That's why I have nothing but weird ideas...)
Yuki: Arata-san, can we go down now?
Arata: You want to go down?
Yuki: Yes... My legs are feeling a little weak.
Arata: Then, be careful going down.
Yuki: What about you, Arata-san?
Arata: Since I'm already here, I'll dive.
Arata: Here, Maro. Take care of him.
Maro: Kuu.
Yuki: Alright. Here, Maro, come on.
Maro: Kukuu.
Arata: Bye, see you at the bottom.
Yuki: Right.
Arata: Here goes Minase!
Arata: ...
Yuki: ...Oh.
(Yuki: His mood changed in an instant.)
Arata: *huff*!!
Yuki: Oh...
Yuki: ...'Mazing.
Maro: Kuu?
Yuki: Amazing.
Yuki: Since I've only watched from below until now, this is the first time I've seen it right in front of me like this.
Yuki: From this high, and he dove after jumping so high too.
(Yuki: There was no pause or hesitation.)
Yuki: Maro, your owner is amazing.
Maro: Kuku.
Yuki: Really. One moment he vanished, and the next moment he was in the water...
(Yuki: He vanished from in front of me in a moment...)
Yuki: ...
Yuki: I'm such an idiot, just having weird ideas.
Yuki: Let's go down too, Maro.

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